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The question of what to give a girl 5, 6, 7, 8 years old for the New Year 2023 traditionally burdens the minds of mothers and fathers of beautiful little princesses on the eve of the winter holidays. The closer the cherished date, the fewer ideas in my head. Or, on the contrary, there are many of them, but half of them are no longer new, as they were used for other events. From our article you will draw fresh ideas and be able to pick up an interesting and original gift for a girl of 5, 6, 7, 8 years old for the New Year.

  • TOP 40 gift ideas for the New Year 2023 for a girl

      Soft silicone lamp
    1. Collection of logic problems
    2. 3D drawing board
    3. Animal phone holder
    4. Thermo cup with cartoon character
    5. Toy talking hamster
    6. Set for tricks
    7. Scissors for creating curly paper applications
    8. Toy sewing kit
    9. Mug Snowman
    10. Animal mask
    11. Monkey face backpack
    12. Homemade fluffy socks with Christmas ornaments
    13. Watches
    14. Electric scooter
    15. Skates
    16. Transformer jacket
    17. Long pillow withfunny pictures or photos
    18. Robot Dog
    19. Home shadow theater
    20. Sweet set of several jars of honey
    21. Eco-bar of dried fruits, seeds, berries
    22. Chocopuzzles
    23. Young lady's suitcase with jewelry and makeup bag inside
    24. Stylist set
    25. Poster coloring
    26. Going to the children's entertainment center
    27. Young perfumer set
    28. Piggy bank with code
    29. Glowing Star Map
    30. Neon Light Rainbow
    31. Sweatshirt with colorful pattern
    32. Swedish wall
    33. Book about professions with pictures
    34. Children's fitness bracelet
    35. My Picnic Playset
    36. Panda speaker system
    37. Lollipops Space
    38. Toy warmer
    39. Night light with photos

    What to give a 5-year-old girl for the New Year 2023?

    A gift for a 5-year-old girl for the New Year should not be boring and monotonous. At this age, children show more interest in the world around them than before. Their imagination is actively developing, creativity is manifested, talents are revealed. Here's what you can give a girl 5 years old for the New Year 2023:

    • Children's set of hair clips and hair ties. Want your daughter or granddaughter to look like a real little fairy? Give her a set of hair accessories in a beautiful colorful box. A variety of bows, figurines in the form of fruits will help the girl to be different, but always irresistible.
    • Collection of toys-figures of different breeds of dogs. Such an interesting gift for a 5-year-olda girl for the New Year 2023 will help to remember the names and differences of the breeds of four-legged human friends. Daughter, younger sister or granddaughter will be able to "have" a certain type of dog for their beloved Barbie.
    • Children's backpack with sequins. A bright satchel will turn into a favorite thing - it is convenient to carry toys and store drawings in it. A girl will be happy to take such a backpack with her when she goes to her grandmother or on a trip. For a future first-grader, this is also a good chance for self-expression.
    • Great drawing set. Parents who have noticed their child's ability in the fine arts, we advise you to encourage such interest with appropriate surprises. A large set of colored pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons - that's what an interesting New Year's gift you can give a 5-year-old girl.
    • Create your own pony play set. Sometimes it's good to let your child build their own special toy. Such a set develops creativity, imagination, gives space for creativity. The set includes a buildable pony figurine, markers, hairbrush, hairpin.
    • Plastics for modeling. Develops motor skills, imagination, perseverance. The material is very soft, divided into cubes of different colors. When baked, it hardens, which will allow the child to get interesting decor or decorations.
    • Hair styling kit. A suitable option for those who want to give something useful to their 5-year-old daughter, granddaughter. Using different combs, beautiful hairpins and bows, the baby will hone her skillscreating hairstyles first on dolls, then on yourself.
    • The very first encyclopedia. This book knows the answers to questions that appear in the head of inquisitive princesses. Accessible language will help you quickly grasp the meaning of what is written. Colorful illustrations will complement the idea of the described object or phenomenon.
    • Play set Letters and languages. On New Year's Eve, you can give your niece, goddaughter 5 years old a set for a quick and understandable study of letters. The set contains plasticine, with which the child will be able to fashion the first syllables and words.
    • Soft and beautiful kigurumi pajamas. Let your baby transform into a mouse, a rabbit, a cat, as soon as it's time to go to bed. You can not only sleep in these pajamas - it is also suitable for costume parties and matinees.
    • Children's synthesizer. If a girl has demonstrated an ability for music, it is worth starting with such an instrument. On the synthesizer, the baby will be able to play heard and invented melodies, study the location of notes, and learn consonances.
    • Doll House. A big toy mansion under the Christmas tree will make your child feel like they are in 7th heaven! What little princess wouldn't want to put her beloved Barbie in a cozy home with a bed, armchairs, multiple rooms.
    • Magnetic constructor for assembling a carousel. A girl will be carried away by the process of creating something interesting and grandiose no less than a boy. Magnetic parts are well attracted to each other by the right sides, so the child is unlikely to get confused.

    The age of 5 is well suited for learning useful knowledge. As an unusual New Year's gift, a girl can be presented with a master class for a lesson in drawing, clay modeling or creating sweets, for example, caramels on sticks. If your child loves to dance or sing, give them a trial dance or singing lesson.

    What to give a girl 6 years old for the New Year 2023?

    A good present for a 6-year-old girl for the New Year is the thing she dreams about. Each child has his own character, and it must also be taken into account. For example, a baby, who is characterized by perseverance, will suit creative kits, coloring books, albums. A sociable child will be happy to receive a toy that can be played with girlfriends. Here's what to give a girl 6 years old for the New Year, we advise:

    • Magnetic book "Dresses for girls". As soon as a child opens the lid, a special world will open before him. In the box, the girl is waiting for a magnet with a picture of a doll, as well as many parts from which to assemble outfits. Every day, this doll will be able to dress up in something new and even change the color of her hair!
    • Light tablet for drawing. Here's something original you can give for the New Year to a girl of 6 years old who loves to draw. Such a device will expand its possibilities in the fine arts. The light-absorbing layer of the tablet serves as a comfortable canvas for drawing on which pens-flashlights are provided. The girl will be able to depict any figures and patterns.
    • Puzzle set. A great remedy for boredom on frosty evenings when a blizzard sweeps or justif you want variety. It is interesting to collect puzzles alone, in the company of girlfriends and with parents. To make the child interested, choose puzzles on his favorite theme - with cartoon characters or fairy tales.
    • Experiment kit. A useful New Year's gift for a 6-year-old girl will be a model of the solar system, which will help to understand the principles of the change of day and night, seasons. The Chemical Detective Kit will give you an idea of physical phenomena and simple chemical reactions.
    • Children's bag with a bright unicorn. Unicorns are growing in popularity, so little princesses will gladly accept a gift with the image of this fabulous animal. The unicorn handbag is not just a style element, it has several zippered pockets, where it is convenient to store a notebook, pencils, small toys.
    • Children's cosmetics. Children always imitate adults: boys - dads, girls - moms. That is why a 6-year-old daughter for the New Year can be presented with a set of safe and he althy cosmetics, which includes: moisturizing lip balm, gloss, shadows, nail polish. She will be very happy with such a surprise, because now she will have her own magic tools to create a beautiful image.
    • Apparatus for making cotton candy. To enjoy your favorite sweets, now it is not necessary to attend city holidays or go to the circus. A child can prepare cotton wool with your help, using a miniature plastic device with a bowl and a heating element. It only takes 3 minutes to cook.
    • Childrencamera. Here's what you can give your 6-year-old goddaughter, niece for the New Year 2023, spending a little money. Children's camera - a copy of a real camera. He knows how to take pictures, add fun frames - completely ready for the needs of a little photographer. The child will even be able to change modes (gray, negative, black and white, sepia).
    • Wooden constructor A set of doll furniture. Miniature structures in the form of lockers, tables, chairs will bring joy to an inquisitive girl. Now your favorite doll will have a full-fledged kitchen set, an equipped corner in the bedroom and living room.
    • Night light projector of the starry sky. Creates real magic on the walls of the room. Such an interesting gift can be presented for the New Year to a 6-year-old daughter, granddaughter, who is still afraid of the dark and cannot fall asleep alone. Images of stars of different sizes will distract the child from fears and calm them down before going to bed.
    • Wireless karaoke microphone. Parents of little talents, whose voices almost always sound like a pleasant song in the house, should take care of this gift. To use the device, you only need a smartphone or tablet. The microphone connects to them like a Bluetooth speaker.
    • Children's make-up set. Having such a working arsenal at her disposal, the baby will easily make her look mystical for Halloween or magical for the New Year. Having received this set as a gift, the child will easily turn into a sorceress, elf or witch. After the holiday is over, makeup can be easily washed off with water.

    Winter eveningsand nights are famous for deep skies. You can take advantage of this by choosing a telescope as a gift for a 6-year-old child for the New Year. This device will bring you and the girl closer to the secrets of the universe: you can see the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, craters on the moon. The telescope can be used at any time of the year.

    What to give a girl 7 years old for the New Year 2023?

    Preparing an interesting gift for a 7-year-old girl for the New Year is impossible without attention to her interests. The child has already gone to school, made new acquaintances, discovered some talents in himself. When reincarnated as Santa Claus, you need to imagine what the baby would like to see under the tree, which she talks about a lot and often. Here's what you can give a girl 7 years old for the New Year 2023:

    • Children's jewelry box. Surely, a child often watches an older sister or mother who has a lot of interesting jewelry in cute drawers and caskets. It's time to please the girl with a personal storage for earrings, pendants and elastic bands. As a gift, you can choose a box with hearts, rhinestones, pictures.
    • A fun cup. Do you want to give a 7-year-old girl a cool, interesting gift for New Year 2023? Then choose a beautiful cup with images of a fairy tale, a motif from your favorite cartoon or video game. A girl who likes construction toys will be pleased with a cup-constructor. Its design can be changed by adding or subtracting details.
    • Children's pocket mirror. A girl who tries to imitate adult women in everything will be happy to use a compact mirror. ItFits in your purse or cosmetics, it is convenient to take it with you to school or travel. Moreover, models with ears are provided for little fashionistas.
    • Crystal growing kit. An original gift for a 7-year-old girl who wants to feel like a student of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Everything you need is already in the kit - liquid of a special composition, forms, instructions.
    • Notepad with lock. Tto which notebook the child will gladly entrust his secrets. This option is suitable for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who are looking for an inexpensive nice gift for a girl on New Year's Day 2023.
    • Bean bag chair. Comfortable furniture where you can not only sit but also sleep. The bean bag is easy to move, so your daughter or granddaughter will have more options for rearranging at her discretion.
    • Gloves and a scarf with beautiful ornaments. It's winter outside - it's time for snowballs, skiing and skating. Sub-zero temperatures are no reason to deny yourself entertainment. Such warm clothes will protect the baby from wind and frost.
    • A studio for weaving baubles. This is what a creative person who loves to create things with his own hands from an early age loves to create things with his own hands. The studio for weaving baubles will allow you to get bright and different in style bracelets that will attract the attention of not only peers, but also adults.
    • A set of bath bombs. Here's something cool you can present to a 7-year-old girl on New Year's Eve from her uncle and aunt. Safe and beautiful bath toys will give a good mood andhelp you enjoy your bath more.
    • Cosmetic bag in the shape of a cat's face. A great option for a child's first cosmetic bag. A bright and original thing will immediately appeal to a little fashionista. Don't be surprised if the little one doesn't want to part with her.
    • Jar of hot chocolate "For the cutest". A nice inexpensive gift for a child for the New Year 2023 who loves sweets. Even if your daughter or sister is still too young to appreciate the compliment in general, she will like the contents of the jar.
    • A set of non-bursting soap bubbles. We waited - now soap bubbles can keep their shape for 20 minutes! Do not be surprised if all the children from the yard come running to look at this miracle, but my daughter will have new friends.
    • Encyclopedia about animals or plants. The child already knows how to read and extract messages from what he read. An interesting and colorful encyclopedia is a good idea for a New Year's gift for a 7-year-old girl.
    • A set for drawing by numbers. Brings up perseverance, attention. A self-confident artist will like it, a little girl who is just starting to awaken her talents will be pleased.
    • Water ball with Santa Claus inside. A beautiful souvenir that will give a sense of celebration. The idea is good if the child has often seen such balls in films and cartoons and has long dreamed of such a thing.

    On New Year's Eve, a 7-year-old girl can be presented with a play tent. With it, the child's room will be transformed, and for games and scary stories, a separatediscreet place. A tent is a good option if you often have guests with children. A small company of fidgets can easily fit in such a tent house.

    What to give a girl 8 years old for the New Year 2023?

    A New Year's gift for an 8-year-old girl should be creative, unusual and memorable. Children always look forward to winter holidays with joy and impatience. You can't disappoint them with trinkets. Here is what we offer to give a girl of 8 years for the New Year 2023:

    • Smartphone projector. Projects picture and sound well. With such a device, the girl will be able to watch her favorite videos like in a movie theater. Don't forget to complete this New Year's gift for a girl of 8 with a popcorn machine.
    • Pillow with a photo. How much joy a thing will bring, decorated with pictures of your favorite characters or pictures! Such a pillow will take a special place on the bed and give you strong dreams.
    • Magical gift box. An interesting set in which a little princess will find delicious natural chocolate, a jar of marmalade and a notebook with a Unicorn. Eating sweets can be stretched over the whole vacation, and a notebook can be used as a repository of your secrets.
    • Galaxy Pendant. Don't know what interesting gifts you can give an 8-year-old girl on New Year's Day 2023 if she is interested in jewelry? Even if the little princess is indifferent to her mother's trinkets, such a pendant will get her attention. Inside it is a small universe, with galaxies and planets, which fascinates even adults.
    • Mug with lid and spoon withmuzzle of a cat. A beautiful ceramic cup of bright colors will appeal to your beloved granddaughter and daughter. The child will be proud of this thing and will want to drink tea only from it.
    • Buildable music box. Easy to assemble, but the result is an item that will instantly create a holiday atmosphere. The box can be decorated with figurines of small animals dancing around the spruce.
    • Lava lamp. Used as a lamp and relaxer. It will add more bright colors to the child's room, cheer up. Will be delighted by friends and girlfriends.
    • Children's terry robe. How nice it is to wrap yourself up after water procedures in a soft and warm robe. Such a thing will warm when the apartment is cool. Granddaughter, daughter of 8 years old, you can give a dressing gown with an embroidered name.
    • Glowing Uggs. Warm shoes should not only keep you warm, but also attract attention! Dull gray days and long nights need something bright to dilute, and cool uggs with LED lights are well suited for this purpose. Now the daughter will not have to beg to dress warmer, she herself will want to add such a bright touch to her image.
    • 3D pen. A creative child will like it: in this case, both the process and the result bring pleasure. Ready-made volumetric products can be used as a decoration for a child's room or a toy.
    • Elephant tea infuser made of food grade silicone. A cool inexpensive gift for a girl on New Year's Eve 2023. A bright figurine of an elephant harmonizes beautifully with ceramic and porcelain cups. Helps to drink teagood mood, will not let the tea leaves seep into the drink.
    • Chocolate making set. Sweets are not only nice to eat, but also to cook! Of course, the child will need your help, but how many emotions the process will give. Filling the molds in the form of animals and geometric shapes with a mixture and waiting a couple of hours, you will get a beautiful and useful product.

    With such a stockpile of interesting gift ideas for girls for the New Year 2023, you will be able to prepare a surprise that will not disappoint the little one. Show your imagination, fulfill the dreams of your children, because they are waiting for special presents from Santa Claus.

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