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Finding the perfect presents for children is one of the important adult New Year's tasks, but today deciding what to give a girl for the New Year 2023 is a creative and difficult task. The tastes of today's children are very different from what you can remember about your childhood. Therefore, personal experience, outdated by a couple of decades, will definitely not help. To choose the perfect gift for a girl for the New Year, you will have to considerably expand your horizons, and also get to know the recipient herself. Our search recommendations and ready-made gift ideas will also help you.

List of 35 gift Ideas for a Girl for New Year 2012

  1. Light tablet for drawing. It will appeal to a creative girl of any age , even quite an adult, because it will allow you to realize your fantasies in pictures in an unusual way.
  2. Apparatus for making cotton candy. Such an original gift for a girl for the New Year 2023 will turn any day into a holiday.
  3. 3D plastic drawing pen equipped with LED display. Creating unusual three-dimensional drawings can seriously captivate a child of any age.
  4. Unusual electronic piggy bank. Shemay resemble an ATM, only not giving money, but collecting, or a funny animal in a box that will hide coins in a box with its paw.
  5. Water painting kit. Another very interesting surprise for a creative girl who loves to create beauty around herself with her own hands.
  6. Cool wireless earphones that guarantee perfect sound that won't harm your child's hearing.
  7. DIY chocolate making kit. Most girls of all ages love this treat, so making your own sounds like a great idea.
  8. Instagram canvas print photo. This is a great New Year 2023 gift idea for a teenage girl who is already actively sharing her favorite photos on social media.
  9. A princess castle play tent or with social tunnels that are so fun to play in, a great gift for a preschool baby.
  10. Alarm clock with a whiteboard. They will help you wake up on time and never be late for classes, and also make notes to yourself so you don’t forget anything important.
  11. Cool pillow with light in the form of a heart or a funny donut. There are other models of such funny pillows that both a child and a teenage girl will definitely like.
  12. Growing pencils - a great inexpensive gift for a girl for the New Year. It can be presented to a girlfriend, a neighbor or a classmate, a child of friends or acquaintances. After the pencils are completely worn away, the remnantscan be planted and they will grow greens for cooking delicious dishes.
  13. Portable speaker. All teenagers like them, as they love to listen to music anytime, anywhere. A great idea is to buy a waterproof speaker or with light music, there are other interesting models.
  14. Beautiful night light, such as a flower, the Eiffel Tower or a starry sky projector.
  15. Ant farm A girl who loves wildlife will love watching them and looking after her little insect kingdom.
  16. Tubing or cheesecake. Snow slides are one of the favorite winter activities for all children, so any girl, even quite an adult, will like this inflatable bagel.
  17. External battery for recharging gadgets. All modern children use smartphones and other digital devices, so a power bank will definitely not be superfluous. Since this is a gift for a girl for the New Year 2023, you can choose a Christmas tree battery.
  18. Lunch box, decorated with pictures from your favorite cartoon or other design to the taste of the recipient.
  19. Smart watch is a great multifunctional gadget that any child will love.
  20. Board game - a great present to never be bored, even if there is nothing to do with friends.
  21. The mini trampoline is great for play or home workout.
  22. Colorful hair crayons. Bright strands and tips are very fashionable, and such crayonsallow you to change their shades often and without much harm to the hair.
  23. Interactive toy, such as a funny puppy or a popular Furby, will appeal to both little girls and teenagers.
  24. Electronic butterfly in a jar. It is very beautiful and will remind you of pleasant summer days. Such a butterfly looks just like a living one and even moves when you touch the jar.
  25. Jewelry, for example, a pendant in the shape of the first letter of the recipient's name. This is a nice and valuable gift for a girl for the New Year, but due to the high cost, it may not be appropriate if you are not closely related to the recipient.
  26. Instant camera A girl who loves to take pictures will definitely like it, which means most of today's kids.
  27. Virtual Reality Glasses is a popular toy and the dream of all modern children.
  28. Home planetarium. This is not just a toy and entertainment, but also a tool for exploring the world, so a child of any age will like it.
  29. Dance mat - a great gift for a young dance lover and just an active girl.
  30. Smartphone projector to play videos from your phone on a big screen. The girl will be able to watch her favorite cartoons and clips if she is already old enough, or her parents will turn them on.
  31. The braiding tool is a great present for a girl with long hair.
  32. Apparatus “Sweet Thief”. It will please the youngsweet tooth and gambling girl, as this is a small copy of the popular machine from which you can pull toys.
  33. Smartphone lensand to take beautiful and high-quality pictures is a good idea what to give for the New Year 2023 to a girl who dreams of becoming a photographer or blogger.
  34. Magnetic board for drawing and writing with crayons.
  35. Kinetic sand. Since it's winter outside, you won't be able to play in the sandbox, but with such a modern analogue of sand you can play in the house.

How to choose a gift for a girl for the New Year 2023

If the search for a New Year's present unsettled you a little and made you doubt your abilities, it's time to take a break and figure out how to choose the right thing to give a girl for the New Year. First of all, of course, you need to consider different options, and for this it is better to start searching in advance. If the time is already "back to back", then the main thing is not to panic, but try to calmly choose one of the most popular options.

If possible, invite the girl to write a letter to Santa Claus. That way you'll know exactly what she's dreaming of.

To choose a good New Year's gift for a girl, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • How old is the recipient. A two-year-old baby, a junior high school student and a teenage girl will be pleased with completely different things, this is obvious and this must be remembered when choosing a present.
  • What the girl likes and is interested in. If she already has her own hobby, it is worth picking upsomething related to him.
  • Features of the character and temperament of the child. An active baby can be given something for sports and outdoor games, and a calm young lady is better to give things for a quiet holiday.
  • How much can your gift cost. You should not give too expensive gifts to children, they will not be able to appreciate it, and parents will be in an uncomfortable position if they cannot respond in kind.

In order for a girl to like a gift for the New Year 2023, you need to try to pick up something original so that no one has exactly the same de. But, if it is, for example, a fashionable toy, girlfriends may have similar, but not exactly the same. Beautiful and unusual packaging will help to give originality to the present. This is very important, because girls usually like everything beautiful.

A gift can be given from hand to hand or hidden under the Christmas tree. In the second case, it is better to accompany your present with a postcard.

Often, adults have the question of whether it is possible to give money to children for the New Year. It depends on the recipient's age and personality traits. Most teenagers will like to get a small amount and dispose of it as they see fit, but a small child will not cope with such a thing. You can also present a certificate from a good store selling children's or teen clothes, digital technology, cosmetics and perfumes.

What to give for the New Year 2023 to a girl under two years old

Such little children do not yet understand the essence of the holiday, but it is impossible to do without a present. In this situation, one can chooseuseful things that will please parents more, for example, good baby food or diapers. If you know that the family will need some of these simple practical things, feel free to give them. Also good and necessary gifts for the New Year 2023 for a girl up to one and a half to two years old will be:

    • Beautiful non-spill mug;
    • Spoons to help determine the temperature of food so as not to accidentally burn the baby;
    • Unbreakable cookware with suction cups that won't fall off the table;
    • Children's lounger or motion sickness center;
    • Room rocker.

    Toys at this age can be given to a child for the New Year, but they should suit the baby at this very moment. Good ideas:

    • Finger paints safe to create once baby learns to sit.
    • Pyramid of cubes or colorful rings - a simple and useful educational toy for everyone.
    • Tolokar - a cool car that you can even ride around the house.
    • Puppet theater to develop imagination and fantasy.
    • Musical push toy. Little children are often afraid to walk without support, and such a toy will help get rid of fear and learn to walk boldly and independently.

    When choosing a gift for such a small child, it is important to check that small parts do not break off and fly off from it, which may end up in the mouth or in the respiratory tract. It is also important to make sure that there are no sharp corners, that the presentation is safe and of high quality.

    What to give for the New Year 2023 to a girl under 6 years old

    At about the age of three, kids already begin to attend kindergarten, actively communicate with the outside world and get to know it. Often their tastes change under the influence of new friends, new interests appear. And even at this age, children already understand what a holiday is and look forward to it, knowing that they are en titled to gifts. They also often draw letters to Santa Claus with their wishes, and they can tell you about their dreams. And our list of successful gifts for the New Year 2023 for a girl 2-6 years old included:

    • Popular doll, for example, from the L.O.L. For the perfect choice, you should find out which doll is now the most sought after among girls of this age.
    • Dollhouse. This can be a traditional home for baby dolls or Barbie, as well as a Peppa Pig toy house, as in a cartoon.
    • My little pony toy. These horses are very popular among girls of this age.
    • Stroller for dolls. If the baby already has a favorite baby doll, you can safely give him not only a stroller, but also other accessories, such as a bath or a crib.
    • Toy kitchen with dishes and household appliances - a great present for a young hostess.
    • A set to play doctor, salesman, hairdresser, policeman and other professions. It would be nice to know in advance who the girl dreams of becoming.
    • Play-Doh set to bring figures to life and create cartoons in the dedicated app.
    • Constructor,age-appropriate theme.
    • Children's musical instrument, for example, a simple synthesizer is a great gift for a girl with good hearing.

    At this age, you can already notice and appreciate the talents, abilities and interests of the child. Therefore, choosing the perfect gift for a girl for the New Year 2023 will be a little easier.

    What to give for the New Year 2023 to a girl 6-8 years old

    A new, very important stage began in the life of the little girl - she went to school. There, children grow up very quickly, learn new things, learn a lot about the world around them. And even at this age, gadgets are usually dense in their lives, because rare parents will let their child go to school without a phone, and computers and tablets are often needed in the classroom. Therefore, now various digital novelties and everything connected with them can be safely given without worrying that the girl will not be useful or that she will not be able to cope with a complex device.

    Excellent universal gifts for the New Year 2023 for a girl of 6-8 years old will be:

    • Twisty Petz bracelets is a super trendy decoration for girls and a cool animal toy like a unicorn or a dog.
    • Mannequin doll (head) for creating hairstyles. At this age, many girls like to comb someone, only mothers are usually not happy with such an idea, so your gift will please everyone.
    • Aquabeads. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary mosaic, which is recommended as an educational toy for kids. But in fact, the beads havefeature: when in contact with water, they tightly stick together with each other. Therefore, aquamosaic allows you to fold unique toys, figurines and even decorations.
    • Skates. In winter, it's time to learn how to skate on the ice rink. If the girl didn’t learn before, she should immediately fix it and present the skates. It is only important to choose the right size.
    • Children's perfume. It's natural at this age that a young lady wants to look good and wear perfume like an adult. water-based baby perfume is cool and safe. You can also give a harmless children's nail polish with a slight sheen.

    The best way to find out what you can give for the New Year 2023 to a child of 6-8 years old is to chat with his peers. If they are all "buzzing" about one, the newest and coolest toy, then it will be the best present.

    New Year's gift for a girl from 9 to 11 years old

    The older the recipient, the more carefully you need to look at her character and interests, trying to find the perfect present. Remember that it is better to give a girl of 9-11 years old something teenage for the New Year 2023 than to offend her with a too “childish” gift. Good gift ideas:

    • Experiment and Experiment Set is a great gift for an inquisitive young lady that will help prepare her for studying chemistry and physics in high school.
    • Microscope or telescope depending on what attracts the girl more - the microcosm or the exploration of the distance.
    • Creation Kit3D models - a great gift idea for a girl who is fond of technology and design.
    • Surprise Chocolate Egg DIY Kit for the little lady who loves to cook and create.
    • Beautiful handbag - a great gift for the New Year 2023 for a girl who loves to dress up and look good.

    If you are looking for a present for an active young lady, you can choose something from sports equipment. Just make sure it's the right one for her.

    What to give for the New Year to a girl of 12-14 years old

    The beginning of adolescence or adolescence is a difficult period for a girl and for her loved ones. It is actively formed as a person, often while violating the rules and boundaries. But there is no other way, because it is necessary to learn as much as possible about this world and to taste it. At the same time, the preferences of adolescents and their interests can change almost at lightning speed. But, if you manage to guess what is better to give for the New Year 2023 to a girl of 12-14 years old, she will remember it for a long time and will be sincerely grateful to you.

    At this age, girls usually want to be or at least seem older, so they will be pleased with gifts "like adults." True, you should not go too far and solemnly hand over your own frying pan. But devices for hair care, manicure sets and other personal care products (within the limits, of course, of decency) will be an excellent present from a loved one. And good universal presents will be:

    • Creation kitjewelry - creativity with benefit, because then the creation of one's own hands can be worn and brag about the original jewelry.
    • Beautiful wrist watch, made in the form of a stylish bracelet.
    • Electronic book. If a girl likes to read or vice versa does not like to carry a bunch of textbooks. One such gadget will successfully replace all school books.
    • Snowboard - a great New Year's gift for a sports girl who loves active and even extreme entertainment.
    • A keyboard for a tablet. All modern teenagers constantly communicate in social networks and instant messengers, so your present will definitely not be superfluous.
    • A cool professional monopod or tripod for a smartphone. Shooting short videos is another popular entertainment for modern children and teenagers, and everything that makes them simpler and better quality will definitely please the girl .

    At this age, the girl will already be able to manage her own money or use a gift certificate from the store, so you can safely give them. Intangible gifts, such as participation in various quests and participation in master classes, will also be appropriate. But keep in mind that entertainment should be in line with the interests of the recipient, her character and temperament.

    Girls of any age love to create beauty around them, so on New Year's Eve they can give them original decorated Christmas tree balls, bright garlands, LED candles and other items to create a festive New Year's decor in the room and house.

    What to give for the New Year to a girl from 15 years old and older

    In the life of a girl, the time called youth has come, and now she can be called a girl and give quite adult useful gifts. Surely she will like a good branded handbag or an eyeshadow palette, a scale with a body composition analyzer or a warm blanket with sleeves for a cozy stay. Also, the girl will be delighted with any high-quality modern gadgets. If you can buy a smartphone, fitness bracelet, action camera, tablet, etc., and they are appropriate in this situation, you can make your child happy with such a valuable gift.

    In addition to those already mentioned, good gifts for the New Year 2023 for a girl over 15 years old will be:

    • Smartphone case with battery and other useful features;
    • Flash drive in the form of jewelry;
    • Home SPA set;
    • Aqua farm with live fish and plant growing kit on top.
    • Compact home trainer;
    • Tickets to a concert of your favorite artist or other cultural event of your choice;
    • Pocket mirror with original lid decorated with rhinestones or illuminated table mirror for perfect makeup.

    When choosing what to give a girl for the New Year 2023, do not forget that young ladies love beauty in everything. Therefore, your present must certainly be elegantly packaged and decorated. Personalized sweets, cookies with pleasant predictions, unusual cake pops and striped holiday cakes will also help to please the girl.lollipops. gifts, a sea of sweets and fun - all this will make the New Year holidays unforgettable.

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