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In the pre-holiday bustle, you must definitely decide what to give colleagues for the New Year 2023. In the article we will try to sort out different categories of surprises that can be presented to colleagues for the holiday. And also our advice will help you decide on the perfect New Year's presents for your colleagues, so that they turn out to be necessary for them at work or at home, and also to their liking.

How to find the right gift for colleagues for the New Year 2023

Before purchasing a surprise, you should clearly consider how to choose a gift for your colleagues for the New Year 2023, so that everyone will definitely like it. We will try to cover the main points that you should pay attention to while searching.

    • For a heterosexual team, you can purchase universal gifts so that they suit everyone without exception. Or choose surprises depending on the gender of the person, of course, it will take more time, since you have to buy them separately.
    • Pay attention to the average age of the company's employees, if your team consists of young people, then you can choose something from original surprises, but for the older age group it is better to buy classicgifts or something for the workplace.
    • Don't forget about who we will meet this year, namely the Black Water Rabbit. It brings with it global changes for people who want to achieve great heights and we alth. And so that he pays attention to each colleague, put a thematic gift for the New Year 2023 into the prepared present, and it can be a magnet, calendar or keychain.
    • Try to keep the traditions of the holiday, do not be lazy and pack surprises to make them look like New Year's. At work, gifts are exchanged ahead of time, and in this way you set the beginning of the pre-New Year mood and the anticipation of even more surprises and the fulfillment of desires.
    • It's good if you present your gifts at a corporate party, many spend it outside the office, renting a cafe or restaurant. But we recommend ordering it in advance, as the holiday schedule fills up very quickly and in recent days it is quite difficult to find a place for your company.
    • Remember that any surprises for co-workers should be purely symbolic, and do not imply large costs on the part of colleagues. Basically, these are just nice little things or things necessary for the work area.

    What gifts can not be given for the New Year 2023 to colleagues

    And, of course, before choosing a present for sure, you should familiarize yourself with the list of what you can’t give colleagues for the New Year 2023, because it will be annoying if you, wanting to please your colleagues, accidentally offend or even anger them. Therefore, we recommend that you study our selection of forbiddenitems.

    • Personal items, any clothing or underwear is totally unsuitable as a gift. Firstly, you don't know the exact tastes and sizes, and secondly, it is quite difficult for each employee to find an individual item for his style.
    • Personal care products, it is difficult to find a universal option for everyone, since each person is individual and uses the usual products and is suitable for his skin and hair type.
    • Cosmetics or perfumes, as well as in the previous paragraph, are not quite suitable as a gift to colleagues for the New Year. After all, choosing a fragrance will be a difficult task for people who are not so close.
    • Offensive gifts, even if they are presented as a joke surprise. He may accept such a gift and laugh, but in reality it always touches and offends.
    • Women should not buy kitchen utensils, as this will not be a pleasant gift from colleagues, but will only remind them of everyday duties that have already become boring.
    • Intimate things, they can only be given by a close person or partner, but certainly not a colleague from work, so this category should be immediately excluded.

    List of 33 Best gifts for Colleagues for New Year 2023

    For you, we have compiled a list of 33 best gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2023, which they will definitely be delighted with:

    1. Heated lunch box from USB or cigarette lighter;
    2. flash card 16 or 32 GB for easy transfer of information;
    3. powerbank in the form of a mirror forfemale team, and for men - cans of soda;
    4. exotic tea set;
    5. gift basket with different flavors of ground coffee;
    6. umbrella gun;
    7. USB desktop fan;
    8. desktop organizer with A4 paper compartment;
    9. wireless headphones;
    10. eternal pencil;
    11. portable radio;
    12. smartphone stand;
    13. gift set of sweets;
    14. women a certificate to a cosmetics store, and men to car accessories;
    15. massage cape on office chair;
    16. sensor gloves;
    17. set of Christmas decorations with photographs of the addressee and company symbols;
    18. table lamp;
    19. keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    20. hard puzzle;
    21. stapler with an interesting pattern;
    22. pencil stand;
    23. small humidifier;
    24. a set of scented candles with New Year scents;
    25. table perpetual calendar;
    26. notebook with self-adhesive sheets;
    27. gingerbread in a basket;
    28. backlight for reading books;
    29. multi-tool keychain;
    30. foldable car shovel;
    31. wallet-charging;
    32. weather predictor;
    33. foot hammock.

    Please note that if you want to congratulate on the holiday, it is better to buy presents for each employee or give your gift to a person in private. New Year is a family and kind holiday, so it’s not good if someone feels superfluous because of your wrong actions.

    What to give for the New Year 2023 to a female colleague

    For beautiful ladies, you always want to choose something special and tender so that they smile and be happy on this holiday, but what to give to female colleagues for the New Year 2023. In this section, we have collected many options from which they will definitely will be delighted.

    • A complete set of all the necessary ingredients for making real mulled wine. This drink is very popular on cold winter days as it is drunk warm.
    • Kettle for loose leaf tea
    • Flower vase, there are never too many. You can choose either with engraving, or consider an option with an interesting pattern, where the owner of the coming year will show off.
    • Flash drive in the form of lipstick, shoes, kitties and other various women's options that will look special.
    • Anti-stress toy useful in difficult working conditions and constant fuss, with its help you can remove the accumulated negative.
    • Decorative cushions for the sofa, it can be just cool options with sequins or with photo printing.
    • 3D home lamp in the form of any animal or teddy bear will appeal to a woman of any age, it looks very impressive, especially at night.

    And also when deciding what to give colleagues for the New Year, you can consider the following options:

    • gadget case withowner's last name;
    • stylish mouse pad;
    • statuette in the form of an award;
    • potted plant;
    • candles in candlesticks decorated with spruce branches;
    • computer mouse in women's style.

    Come up with a congratulatory speech so that the selected present can be interesting to present to the addressee.

    gift ideas for the New Year 2023 for a male colleague

    If it is customary for you to give presents depending on the gender of the employee, then for the strong half we have prepared such gift ideas for colleagues for the New Year 2023 that they will need, because every man is a practical person and wants the thing to be useful and necessary for some business.

    • A bottle of cognac in a gift box or a tube will appeal to the male half of the team, especially an actual surprise before the holidays.
    • Flask for alcoholic drinks, you can choose for each man a specific model that suits him more.
    • Thermos for hot drinks so you can have tea or coffee at any time.
    • Cigarette case for a colleague with a bad habit, buy a personalized version or with a beautiful pattern.
    • Desktop souvenir "Newton's Balls" a man will like it, as it really attracts attention and helps to quickly distract from problems.
    • A basket with different sausages and jerky - just what you need before the long holidays, complement it with a bottle of whiskey or cognac.

    Baddition can be chosen as a gift to a male colleague for the New Year 2023:

    • damask with stacks in the theme of their work;
    • retro shoe care kit;
    • bathrobe;
    • car flavors;
    • large Black Water Rabbit terry towel;
    • keyboard gloves.

    What to give colleagues for the New Year 2023 from the boss

    If you decide to please employees from the enterprise or encourage your department with small New Year's presents, then a rather relevant question arises, but what would be appropriate to give colleagues from the boss for the New Year 2023? We have collected interesting ideas for surprises, and all employees will definitely be delighted with them.

    • Many people expect a small cash reward from their boss, so if you don't really want to choose gifts, give everyone the amount that the company's budget allows for a gift.
    • A mouse pad with a built-in calculator will prove to be a very handy thing in the workplace.
    • Everyone can buy a towel with company logo and a mug for tea or coffee.
    • Collect gift bags with a bottle of cognac and chocolate for men and champagne and a box of chocolates for girls.
    • Glowing "radioactive" soap to order will pleasantly surprise all employees. Give it in a personalized package or with a cool inscription for each individually.
    • Men can be presented with a high-quality thermal mug heated from the cigarette lighter and in addition a postcard,made to order.
    • Money clip is useful for many guys, it is convenient to keep them in your pocket.
    • Invite colleagues to a corporate party at the expense of the organization, where they can relax, leaving aside all worries.

    The presentation from the head should be discreet and preferably with the logo of the company applied, so that it remains as a keepsake of the organization. You can pre-order bags with the company symbol and the image of the owner of the coming year.

    Classic gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2023

    If you're new to work and haven't gotten to know your co-workers well yet, we recommend checking out our list of classic gifts for colleagues for New Year 2023. It offers versatile options that will suit everyone and will be useful in the workplace.

    • A personal engraved diary is a must-have. It is very important for any employee, especially those who work in the office, to write down their plans and make the necessary notes.
    • Card holder with magnetic lid - an interesting and pleasant surprise, it fits quite a lot of cards that will retain their original appearance and look presentable, rather than just lying in your pocket.
    • Whiskey glass with a bullet every man will love.
    • Champagne glasses with a personalized engraving or an interesting New Year's pattern can be bought for the female half.
    • Handmade candy set, because this holiday has been associated withtangerines and sweets, and just such a gift will plunge even an adult into memories.
    • Three-tiered lunchbox is useful if it is customary to carry food from home to work, it will allow you to more compactly collect a full meal of several dishes.
    • Interesting desktop souvenirs, which will attract the attention of visitors and customers with their stylish look.

    In search of what to give colleagues for the New Year 2023, you can consider the following surprise ideas:

    • black rabbit piggy bank;
    • keychain;
    • board with a set of crayons;
    • Watch on hand sticker;
    • stand on the desktop with the applied field for games.

    Tip: even if you exchange different presents at work, still try to keep each individual surprise in a beautiful bag, this creates a festive atmosphere.

    List of personal gifts to colleagues for New Year 2023

    There are situations when real friends are at work and communication goes beyond the office. In this case, before the holidays, I want to somehow please them on my own. We have prepared a list of personal gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2023, in which we have collected surprises for their hobbies. After all, if you decide to congratulate a person personally, then you definitely know his passions and hobbies.

    • When your colleague plays sports and loves to devote time to daily workouts, then you can choose for him such interesting options as: a non-spill bottle, a small bag forthings, a timer on a beautiful string, a microfiber towel that absorbs moisture well.
    • For an avid traveler get a compass, a travel bag, a travel bag for convenient storage of small things, a set of plastic dishes for nature or a travel scratch map on which you can mark those places as a gift , where we have already visited.
    • If a colleague loves computer games, then the best surprise will be a new game or updates for it, a collectible mouse pad with the image of the main characters. Options such as a soft or heated computer chair cover, a table for a laptop or a microphone for talking on Skype or other similar programs may also be suitable.
    • To an intellectual colleague buy for the New Year 2023 from yourself a personal gift in the form of a book on a topic of interest to him, to which he is very curious, and you can also purchase a complex puzzle, magnetic hourglass or small pocket checkers.
    • For a colleague-needlewoman a basket for storing small things or a handy bag with different compartments, a set of threads and a knitting pattern, a small picture by numbers or cross-stitch will suit.
    • If you know that a colleague prefers to experiment in his spare time in the kitchen, preparing different goodies, be sure to choose interesting and useful items for him. For example, stylish s alt shakers in the form of hugging men, hot coasters with the image of the Black Water Rabbit, scissors for quickly cutting greens,holder "Man" for a cover during boiling, a support for a ladle in the form of splashed water.

    And also, when choosing a personal gift for a colleague for the New Year 2023, you can consider the following options:

    • inscribed cufflinks in silver or metal;
    • beer mug signed personally to the addressee;
    • chocolate card;
    • diary with a puzzle;
    • belt;
    • purse or wallet.

    New Year is a holiday when small dreams come true, and it does not mean expensive presents, the main attention is on your part.

    Original gifts for the New Year 2023 to colleagues

    If you are quite close friends with all employees and understand each other's jokes, then you can easily buy original gifts for colleagues for the New Year 2023. They will definitely stand out from the general mass of ordinary options and will appeal to cheerful and ambitious people.

    • Pen with name engraving. If funds allow, you can buy them from the well-known Parker company, but they will look just as good from other manufacturers.
    • Order a photo calendar for each employee, pictures can be taken from social networks. Before the holidays, such works in the photo studio will be ordered quite often, so try to contact them in advance so as not to miss the deadlines, because the production will take time.
    • Desk organizer in an unusual design, where there is an LED light bulb, a pencil holder and a small aquarium for onefish.
    • Girl colleagues can buy a table florarium for the New Year 2023. It looks interesting, and a living corner in the working area will delight beautiful ladies.
    • Golf for the toilet will be a joke gift, but only a person with an excellent sense of humor should present it.
    • Alcohol roulette or checkers can be given in a friendly team, where you are used to gathering with a company after hours.
    • T-shirts for each colleague with an interesting inscription relating specifically to him.
    • Original document covers can be given to each employee so they never mix up where their folder is.

    And also check out an additional selection of options that you can present to a colleague for the New Year 2023:

    • pen with built-in flash card;
    • plaid with sleeves;
    • Headphones with zipper to avoid tangled wires;
    • fortune cookies inside for next year, it's always interesting to know what fate has in store for you;
    • Hollywood star in a beautiful frame;
    • mouse worn on the finger;
    • a set of personalized honey for each employee in the winter will come in handy;
    • stirring mug.

    Remember, if you're contemplating a surprise for an older colleague, it's best to stick to the classics, and try to avoid obscure or comic items, as they can be misunderstood.

    What inexpensive things can you buy colleagues for the New Year 2023

    Notit is always possible to allocate enough funds to purchase a present for colleagues. This section will turn out to be quite relevant when you need to choose what inexpensive things you can buy for the New Year 2023 for colleagues. We have included interesting options that do not require large investments.

    • Magnetic staple holder. It is always problematic to find small items at the workplace, especially when they are urgently needed, and with such a gift you can forget about such a problem.
    • Bookmark for a book in an unusual design, for example, in the form of animals made of paper, felt or even wood. Such a surprise will be small, but pleasant for any employee.
    • A plant in an iron can, after opening it, you will need to plant a seed and then you will have to wait for the results, periodically watering, as indicated in the instructions.
    • A mug with a photo of an employee or a name inscription, you can use it both at work and at home. To complement the gift with a thematic meaning, put a small Christmas toy in each surprise.
    • A set of magnets with pictures of the wearer and a Black Water Rabbit to draw attention to a colleague and bring him good luck and joyful moments in the coming year.
    • Fortune ball will be a fun workplace activity, it's really fun when it turns out to be true.
    • Mug warmer, it works from the USB port and you will always have tea or coffee at a comfortable temperature with it.

    And also from the ideas of inexpensive surprises for the Newyear colleagues can consider the following options:

    • thermo mug;
    • stationery set;
    • 3D puzzle;
    • small photo frame;
    • talisman or charm to the house and workplace;
    • mug with cookie hole.

    In the article, we tried to answer the main question of what to give colleagues for the New Year 2023 and offered many different options that you can choose before the winter holidays. We hope that after reading the article, you were able to find the very necessary and cherished surprise, and every colleague will be delighted with it.

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