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On the eve of the winter holidays, it has long been a tradition to exchange presents with dear people and, of course, comrades are no exception, but what to give a friend aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 for the New Year would be appropriate. After all, teenagers have a rather limited budget, since it is still too early to earn money on their own and parents give money for any surprises. We have collected various Christmas gift ideas for a friend that you can give with a small amount in your pocket.

How to choose the right gift for a friend 13, 14, 15, 16 years old for the New Year

Before you go shopping, you should decide on the main question, but how to choose a gift for the New Year to a friend of 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old. Since it depends on this whether you will give a really necessary surprise or another trinket that cannot bring any joy to the addressee. We have prepared a small list of tips, and they will help you decide and choose the perfect gift for your friend.

    • For any purchase, go in advance, when there is a full variety of interesting and inexpensive goods on the shelves in stores. After all, the closer the holiday, the less surprises remain with a low price, andrisk, eventually acquiring unnecessary junk.
    • Determine the budget, maybe you started saving money before the holidays or your parents will give it, but you need to know exactly how much you can count on. Then from a wide variety you can choose gifts of a certain price category that you can afford.
    • Age, for teenagers, is a very important indicator, since within one year, interests and hobbies can change dramatically. So the surprise should be age appropriate.
    • Hobby comrade, when thinking about what to give a friend for the New Year, be sure to consider this fact. Every boy by nature loves practical items, and if you buy a thing for his hobby, then it will definitely turn out to be necessary for business.
    • Packaging for boys, of course, does not play a lot of role, and if you are a guy and want to congratulate a comrade, then you can not pack it. But girls better pay attention to this moment, and give a surprise in wrapping paper.
    • Remember what you talked about and what small dreams a friend expressed. Maybe he wanted a new case or a stylish cap. There are a lot of such small wishes, the main thing is to pay attention to them.

    What can not be given to a friend 13, 14, 15 16 years old for the New Year

    For those who plan to choose a super surprise that will be interesting, necessary and original for a friend, you should study the list of what you can’t give a friend 13, 14, 15, 16 years old for the New Year. After all, it is not very pleasant, out of ignorance, to choose a present that does not cause positive emotions. Sobe sure to check out the prepared list of anti-gifts.

    • Soft toys in any design, for a guy this is one of the worst surprises. Even if you are a girl friend and decided to please a friend in this way, then this is clearly the wrong choice.
    • Offensive things, hinting that the boy has some kind of flaw, so you will not only insult the person, but also show your lack of culture and bad manners.
    • Regular office supplies that don't stand out in any way would make a pretty boring Christmas present for a friend.
    • Things for the younger age group will be offensive and unpleasant surprises.
    • Too expensive items, even if it's not expensive for you and your parents can give a good amount for a surprise. By doing this, you will simply make your friend feel uncomfortable and, most likely, he will be scolded by his parents for accepting such a valuable thing. It is better to buy inexpensive gifts for the New Year for a friend no more than 500 rubles.
    • Decorative decorations for the home not the most desired gift for a boy, they do not perceive such things as something important and necessary.
    • Bed linen, blanket or towels will not be appreciated. In most cases, children do not rejoice at such things, for them it is something ordinary that they don’t have to think about

    What to give a friend 13 years old for the New Year

    Thirteen is the age when you already seem to want to be more like adults, but still feel the joy of interesting toys. And choose whatgiving a friend 13 years old for the New Year is quite difficult, especially when there is very little money for a surprise. We tried to choose the best options that you can give to a friend within the amount of 200 rubles.

    • Board games for a large company will please a sociable friend, so you can have even more fun. The stores have a fairly large selection, but the most popular are: crocodile, Friday, twister, monopoly.
    • Metal Constructor, will appeal to a diligent guy who loves painstaking work, and this set will help you master the skill of using real tools.
    • Trinket for a briefcase in a brutal men's style. Such a surprise will dilute the ordinary school look.
    • Interesting puzzle, suitable for his age in difficulty to make it fun to solve and it took enough time.
    • Ledyanka any boy will delight, like a simple device, but indispensable in winter. After all, it is a pleasure to race from a snowy hill on such a thing, it has good grip with snow and glides perfectly from different slopes, picking up great speed.
    • Snow blaster will appeal to every kid, because with it you can arrange a real war in the yard.
    • Model of a ship or aircraft made of wood or plastic to be assembled from small parts by yourself.

    In addition, I would like to note such inexpensive New Year gifts for a friend of 13 years old, which hedefinitely like it:

    • t-shirt with an unusual inscription or pattern;
    • crossbow with suction cups;
    • helicopter on the remote control;
    • 3D puzzle;
    • wood burning kit.

    When deciding what to give a friend for the New Year, do not exclude interesting modern toys. For example, a guy will be delighted with a spinner with different backlight modes, as well as a ball with a spinner flying from the heat of the hand.

    Christmas gift ideas for a 14 year old friend

    This is a turning point for a teenager, when the realization comes that he is already an adult and it's time to start taking full responsibility for his actions. What to buy a friend for the New Year to please him? Many boys at this age have their own hobbies and you can choose a surprise for them. We have prepared a list of various gift ideas for a friend of 14 years old for the New Year for a hobby that he will definitely need for his favorite thing.

    • For an athlete, engaged in sections, you can buy a non-spill bottle, wristbands with an interesting pattern and a headband, an expander for arm muscles, a bag for things, football or basketball.
    • Collector The first thing that comes to mind is an item for an existing collection. At this age, many boys are fond of collecting coins, cars, stickers or other things, so feel free to replenish his collection with the missing items. You can also buy an album or a set of tweezers.
    • For gamers choose the disc with the long-awaited game, the mouse in the form of a caror an airplane, a rug with the image of your favorite characters.
    • Music lover Hand over a CD with the best dance tracks, small wireless headphones, a case for an MP3 player.
    • Intellectual pick up something for general development, for example: a book or an encyclopedia, a small USB microscope for studying various subjects in more detail, a set of a young chemist or physicist with experiments.
    • If a guy often goes hiking with his parents and relaxes as "savages", then give him a quality flashlight, a souvenir knife, a set for swimming under water or a compass.
    • Many boys are into cycling or skateboarding and doing tricks on them. They will come in handy: a bottle holder for a bike, knee pads, a helmet or bicycle gloves.

    Still thinking what to buy a 14 year old friend for the New Year? Check out several options:

    • passport cover with an interesting pattern or funny inscription;
    • prediction ball;
    • puzzle with a secret;
    • sketchbook;
    • The Think Trap book.

    What gift to give a friend 15 years old for the New Year

    The older boys get, the more practical surprises they want. Comrade, like no one else, knows what gift to present for the New Yeara friend of 15 years old would be appropriate, since in ordinary conversations you have repeatedly slipped statements that you need to buy some kind of item. Of course, you won’t be able to count on a big budget for a present, so it’s better to consider the category of inexpensive gifts for the New Year to a friend.

    • Alarm clock is a necessary thing for every teenager, because no one goes to bed on time, and you have to get up early. Using a simple alarm clock on your phone, you can turn it off with one finger. To ensure that a friend wakes up, buy a model that runs away or flies away, then he will definitely have to get out of bed, otherwise the sound signal will not turn off.
    • Solar-powered constructor, it literally comes to life when assembled. Of course, only a diligent comrade can assemble it.
    • Scratch poster of 100 things to do
    • Volumetric slippers in the form of large tanks will warm your friend's feet on winter evenings, besides, such a gift looks quite interesting.
    • For a friend who often loses small items, you can purchase a bluetooth tracker to find them.
    • Fingerboard - an exciting toy, with it you can organize agility competitions together at breaks or in any other free time.
    • Small round aquarium for a few fish, which will easily fit on your desktop. Looking at him calms down the nerves, and they need to spend enough on homework.

    When deciding what's cheap to give a friend 15 years for Christmas, consider our additional list:

    • magnetic darts;
    • mug chameleon;
    • selfie stick;
    • fitness bracelet;
    • pencil case with your favorite characters from a movie or anime cartoon.

    It is customary among friends to exchange useful and necessary things that fall into the budget category. Do not try to purchase an expensive surprise, most likely your message will not be regarded correctly.

    gift for a friend 16 years old for the New Year

    Thinking about different options, opt for classic Christmas gifts for a friend of 16 years old. These are quite universal ideas that are suitable not only for familiar teenagers, but also for unfamiliar people, because these are the things that any guy always needs. We have prepared a list of what to buy a friend for the New Year will be a good idea.

    • Phone holder with built-in speaker
    • Personal wallet, choose compact designs so you can easily take them with you even if you don't have a bag or backpack.
    • Belt - the main thing for a teenager is to be stylish. Choose a buckle with an original design, for example, with a lion, a dragon, a crocodile or just with an interesting abstract pattern.
    • Electronic piggy bank - an unusual gift, no matter how many times you put a bill in there, it's always funny to watch how she smoothly eats the money handed to her.
    • Hoodie with an interesting inscription for a friend,just choose the phrase with which you can safely go out.
    • Organizer with notepad, card slots and multiple pens. These are the things guys want to have to make themselves look more solid.

    And you can also consider such surprises:

    • waterproof radio;
    • boxing gloves;
    • sunglasses;
    • reflective stickers for clothes;
    • table bag for boxing.

    List of original gifts for a friend aged 13, 14, 15 and 16 for the New Year

    If you are not used to being like everyone else and your friend fully supports this, then consider the list of original New Year gifts for a friend 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old. We have included useful and necessary things in an unusual design, with them it will be possible to stand out from the general mass of people.

    • Finger drum set is a cool and interesting gift for a music lover. With its help, you can take time at recess playing the instrument.
    • Homemade basketball hoop will fit perfectly into the kid's room, he can throw balls into the basket without getting out of bed.
    • A cap with a light on the visor or stylish luminous glasses will complement and decorate the image of a fashionista.
    • Additional accessories to improve the computer area, they all work from a USB port, for example: a mini vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator for an iron jar, a fan, a lamp with diode bulbs.
    • Key keeper, but not simple, but reminiscent of a real grenade. Sothe keys will always be in place and will not be lost, and it will turn out to be a stylish decoration.
    • Hat with built-in bluetooth receiver, microphone and speaker, you can safely answer calls without taking your hands out of your pocket.
    • 2D bag - a very unusual and cool gift for liberated guys who are used to being noticed. Such a bag will definitely attract the eyes of others.

    You can supplement the above ideas with inexpensive, but original gifts for a friend aged 13-16:

    • laces with LED lights;
    • a mug that stirs coffee or tea by itself;
    • Zipper headphone, no more tangled wires;
    • lizun to remove dirt from the keyboard;
    • USB tea cup warmer;
    • table lamp IPhone.

    Try to present the chosen present in an interesting way. To do this, you can use bright wrapping paper with an unusual pattern.

    gift for best friend for Christmas from girl

    When you have to choose a New Year's gift for a girl's best friend, then, of course, it's more memorable and sentimental items. After all, the weaker sex thinks differently, they want to prepare more personal gifts that will remind you of strong friendship.

    • Watches - this is a good surprise for a guy, of course, at this age you cannot buy original branded models, since their price is too high, but high-quality analogueit is quite possible to purchase up to 500 rubles.
    • T-shirt "Best Friend" or with another inscription that only you can understand. You can also think of paired options for sweatshirts, however, this is a more expensive present.
    • Wrist bracelet made of leather and various metal jewelry, it can be purchased at the store or made by hand using threads, leather clippings and beads.
    • Starry sky night light the boy will need for a restful sleep, by turning it on, you can feel protected and more balanced, smoothly changing landscapes will calm the nervous system and ensure good sleep.
    • Sweet gift for a friend, different sets of biscuits are sold for the holiday, and you can also add candies that he likes to them.
    • A personalized figurine for the best friend for the New Year Oscar will become an interesting memorable accessory and will definitely take pride of place in the room.
    • Wall clock in the form of a car or you can choose a model with a picture, so it will look more colorful.
    • Collage of funny pictures that we managed to capture. You can make it yourself or order it online.

    Also consider themed New Year gifts for a friend of 13, 14, 15 and 16 years old, so that the White Metal Rat will pay attention to a person dear to you and bring him joy, peace and good luck, for example:

    • mug with the symbol of the year;
    • piggy bank in the form of a mouse;
    • ball with snow and photo inside;
    • keychain withWhite Metal Rat;
    • calendar for next year.

    Try to make any surprise somehow connected with the White Metal Rat, because its favor is necessary for every person, whether a child, teenager or adult.

    List of 30 best gifts for a friend 13, 14, 15, 16 years old for the New Year

    If you have not yet made up your mind about your choice, then we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the 30 best New Year gifts for a friend aged 13, 14, 15, 16:

    1. flash card car, superhero, The Da Vinci Code or any other kind;
    2. named phone case;
    3. dumbbells;
    4. webcam;
    5. popcorn machine;
    6. hub in the form of a robot R2;
    7. powerbank;
    8. 3D pen;
    9. chess or checkers;
    10. sensor gloves;
    11. wireless mini speaker;
    12. reflective backpack;
    13. laptop bag;
    14. baseball cap;
    15. named ballpoint pen;
    16. glider;
    17. additional lens for phone;
    18. wireless microphone;
    19. express sculptor;
    20. ant farm;
    21. magnetic whiteboard;
    22. flexible keyboard;
    23. movie tickets;
    24. headphone sleeve in the form of a bullet or skull;
    25. neocube;
    26. smart ring for phone;
    27. spy pen;
    28. transformer flash drive;
    29. bottle in a case with a carabiner;
    30. ecocube.

    In conclusion, I would like to note the options for what to give for the New Year to a friend 13, 14, 15, 16 years oldenough, these are both very inexpensive ideas, and more significant ones, but within a reasonable amount for a teenager. Now you know exactly what present to buy to please a friend on New Year's holidays.

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