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Almost every family has a wonderful tradition - to give nice little things to relatives and friends in honor of the winter holidays! Every year, the search for an original, practical, spectacular and relatively inexpensive present makes you spend a lot of time walking around the shops, where a lot of wonderful options are offered.

What a gift for your sister for the New Year 2023 to make? How to choose the right thing? The best options for congratulating a sister, from 3 years old to an adult girl or woman, are collected in this article! We hope our selection will help you find the perfect solution for congratulations on the upcoming winter holidays!

gift for 3-5 year old sister

If your sister is only 3-5 years old, an educational toy for a subject or story game will be a great solution. A soft animal, a board game or sports equipment will also be successful. The choice of product depends on which format of relaxation the baby prefers.

We offer the following gift options for my sister for the New Year 2023:

  • Children's kitchen with dishes - the older the girl, the more varied and interesting the set should be.
  • Beauty salon - variations for similarthere are actually a lot of surprises. It can be a hair jewelry box, the first children's cosmetics, a set of combs and a toy hair dryer.
  • Junior Doctor Set - a small suitcase with medical equipment and toy medicines will be a great addition to many story games.
  • Flying Fairy - just one move will make the cute toy soar in the air, thereby winning the attention of a young princess.
  • Store Set - special scales, brushes, toy money, shelves for goods and a whole set of products for sale will turn the nursery into a full-fledged store and let the baby feel like a real seller .
  • LOL doll - a small surprise ball to allow the girl to replenish her collection not only with a new little LOL, but also with stylish accessories for the game.
  • Creative kits - depending on your interests and hobbies, you can present your sister for the New Year 2023 with a soft toy studio (self-tailoring of teddy bears) or a set for creating a chocolate egg (special apparatus will allow you to create a Kinder at home).
  • Baby Born Dolls - an interactive toy with a huge number of additional accessories will make a young lady feel like a real mother. Baby doll knows how to drink, go to the potty, cry.
  • Hello Kitty - absolutely every girl will be happy to receive this chic toy as a gift for the New Year 2023. An accessory designed in white and pink shades of the famous brand.

Choosing,be sure to consider the age category for which the product is designed. Almost all manufacturers indicate on the packaging how long and how many years the game will be interesting and understandable.

gift for sister for New Year 6-8 years

At this age, girls already have specific interests, hobbies and preferences. If you live together, you probably know exactly how she likes to spend her leisure time and what she devotes most of her time to. For those who do not really know about the dreams and desires of a sister, we have prepared gift ideas for the New Year 2023:

  • decoupage set - along with the elements for decoration, it is also worth presenting a stylish box, vase or plate on which she can transfer the drawing;
  • mini-candy factory - if she is already very interested in culinary art, the opportunity to make ice cream or sweets on her own will surely surprise and delight the baby;
  • creativity set - it can be quilling, mandala, tools for creating toys and any other direction of art;
  • electronic diary with a secret - a small case with a lock stores a notepad, pencil, flashlight, ink pen that disappears;
  • pillow-bag with your favorite cartoon character - a stylish accessory has a snake and a lock, and inside there is already a notebook, felt-tip pens, a cosmetic bag and other little things;
  • box for girls - a small box contains everything you need for beauty, or rather a mirror, elastic bands, combs, bracelets, pendants, rhinestones, nail polish,lipstick, etc. In addition to such a spectacular set, you can give the Young Fashionista book, which will contain useful tips and ideas.

At this age, girls strive to be like their mother, their favorite characters from films and cartoons. If you know who she wants to be like, you can give your sister an item identical to the one that her superhero has for New Year 2023!

gift for sister for New Year 9-12 years old

What are girls interested in between childhood and adulthood? In many ways, the interests of a young lady depend on her daily activities and hobbies. Many girls at this age actively collect LOL and Baby Born dolls, while others devote a lot of time to classes in educational circles. If you do not know what she really needs, we offer the following options for a gift to your sister for the New Year:

    • creative kits (knitting, embroidery, weaving etc.)
    • monopoly;
    • twister;
    • hairdo doll;
    • children's experiences;
    • children's backpack or handbag;
    • fitness bracelet;
    • children's jewelry;
    • hairstyle set (hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, combs, etc.);
    • unusual hat and mittens;
    • "Dobble" - a board game where you need to recognize drawings;
    • "Alias" - board game for the whole family;
    • an encyclopedia on topics of interest to her;
    • pajama costume of her favorite character;
    • sports equipment - ball, tennis rackets, jump rope, hoop, etc.

    To understand what to present to her, justanswer the question "How does she like to relax?". Each of the above ideas for a gift for the New Year to a sister can be both successful and not very successful! In many ways, it also depends on how high-quality and modern your present will be. Do not forget that at this age girls are already more demanding and, having received a second-rate game of dubious quality, they may be offended.

    A gift for an adult sister for the New Year 2023

    Choosing a present for an adult sister for the New Year is much more difficult than for a child, and therefore it is worth doing a good reconnaissance before buying. To do this, you must definitely visit her (if she lives separately), chat with her friends and check with her mother if she knows what her sister really needs. If the exploration still did not yield results, we offer the following gift ideas for your sister for the New Year 2023.

    For a subtle and romantic nature:

    • vintage jewelry storage box;
    • signature jewelry;
    • signature bag;
    • purse;
    • purse;
    • clock;
    • fitness bracelet;
    • hat and mittens;
    • soft, delicate plaid or bathrobe;
    • soap with natural herbs;
    • a set of several varieties of tea or coffee;
    • a jar of sweets with a funny inscription: "to relieve stress", "for a real princess", "to treat mood", etc.

    You can also give a cheerful and perky sister for the New Year 2023:

    • dance mat or twister;
    • piggy bank with a funny inscription (on a new iPhone, on vacation forborder, etc.);
    • magic ball;
    • cartoon;
    • a plate or cup with a funny inscription;
    • pendulum for predictions;
    • a box of memories (photo, letter with a funny story, her favorite sweets, clothes).

    A practical and purposeful lady can be given:

    • flash drive in the form of a keychain or decoration;
    • branded thermal mug;
    • toaster;
    • blender;
    • slow cooker;
    • steamer;
    • tea, coffee service;
    • keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    • table lamp, sconce;
    • designer alarm clock, etc.

    An important role in choosing a gift for your sister for the New Year is played by the amount that you are willing to allocate. Remember, too expensive items can make her feel uncomfortable. Especially if the surprise for you is not particularly luxurious. Surely she will be happy with absolutely any sign of attention, even if it is a basket of fruits or just her favorite chocolate.

    Inexpensive Christmas gifts for sister

    If finances do not allow you to spend a lot of money on a present, you should consider modest, but no less pleasant gifts for your sister for the New Year! We have prepared the following collection of ideas for you:

    • kitchen potholders;
    • organizer;
    • case for phone, tablet;
    • fridge note board
    • diary;
    • travel bag;
    • designer christmas ball;
    • interior decoration jewelry set;
    • selfie stick;
    • name cup, pen,notepad.

    If she loves coffee or tea, you can give her an unusual set of different varieties and types of this drink. Also, a worthy present will be sweets with which she can please herself during morning coffee or evening tea.

    Unforgettable emotions as a gift for the New Year 2023

    Tired of presenting banal gizmos? A certificate will be a great solution for congratulating your sister on New Year's Eve! Today, this format of congratulations is extremely popular, and therefore almost all shops, beauty salons and leisure establishments offer gift certificates for their services.

    So, if she loves extreme sports, you can give her:

    • stylish makeup for New Year's Eve;
    • real tattoo;
    • hot air balloon ride;
    • archery master class;
    • training or just a helicopter flight;
    • skydiving.

    A lover of lounging in salons can be awarded a certificate for:

    • full body massage course;
    • SPA with lavender;
    • yoga classes;
    • SPA chocolate;
    • SPA in the dark;
    • aromamassage;
    • anti-stress massage.

    If your sister is an inquisitive person who just loves to discover new knowledge, you can give her a certificate for a master class by:

    • cooking Spanish, Italian, Georgian or any other dishes;
    • horse riding and horseback riding;
    • creating carved candles;
    • Christmas floristry;
    • playing musictools;
    • drawing with different techniques;
    • preparation of cocktails and alcoholic beverages;
    • different types of makeup or hairstyles;
    • extreme driving.

    Does she dream of becoming a model? Give your sister a professional photo shoot for the New Year 2023 to create a portfolio. Loves music? Give tickets to your favorite music group. Likes to discover something new? Send her to a contemporary theater, opera or ballet.

    DIY Christmas gift

    If you are a talented person with golden hands, you do not have to spend money on buying a New Year's gift for your sister! A gift made personally will be a completely successful and really pleasant surprise.

    What could it be? It all depends on what skills you have.

    • If you are good at drawing, give her a portrait or just a pretty picture.
    • People who can write poetry, you can give your sister poetry for the New Year, where some stories from childhood will be told or her best sides will be described.
    • Those who know how to knit or sew can give a stylish new wardrobe item or a useful and practical accessory.
    • Do you know how to bake? Cook her a delicious cake or a box of fortune or wish cookies.
    • If you're good with media, create an original video for her with congratulations from your family or give her a photo collage.
    • An equally nice gift for the New Year 2023 will be handmade soaps that you have prepared yourself.

    Actually, the priceThe gift doesn't matter! Your sister will be happy to meet you on New Year's Eve and will surely be delighted that you have prepared a surprise for her.

    20 Best New Year gift Ideas for Sister 2023

    If among the proposed options you could not find the perfect gift for your sister for the New Year 2023, we offer you to get acquainted with a selection of the most successful and best-selling gifts.

    1. Illuminated keyboard or mouse.
    2. Night sky projector with multiple picture options.
    3. Stash for money or alcohol in the form of a book.
    4. Unusual alarm clock (can fly, has a target).
    5. Unusual puzzle with a photo of a sister or family.
    6. Alcohol chess or table fountain for alcohol.
    7. A recipe book for her favorite cuisine.
    8. USB cup warmer.
    9. Apron with a picture of the sex symbol "Snow Maiden".
    10. Massager for home use.
    11. Hammock for feet.
    12. A living flower in a pot.
    13. 3D lamp.
    14. Mini thermos with an original inscription or pattern.
    15. Sleep mask in the form of a panda, a monkey and any other animal.
    16. Picture, poster, mug with voice.
    17. Cosmetic set (scrub, coconut oil, face mask, etc.).
    18. Cocktail making kit or selfie sign.
    19. Plant and soft toy set.
    20. Manicure set in leather case.

    An important criterion in choosing is age. Something that for a 20-year-old sister will seem cute andquite a pleasant surprise, a woman of 40 will be a useless little thing that will definitely not cause delight!

    Bad Christmas gifts

    No matter how warm and sensual your relationship is, it is still possible to spoil the holiday with an unsuccessful present! So, so that after the winter holiday your relationship will only strengthen, you should not give your sister for the New Year 2023:

    • Thing that would indicate her problem. For example, if she is struggling with being overweight, a scale, tight underwear, or a gym membership could be considered an insult.
    • Living gifts can also be an unpleasant burden. Do not present her with puppies, kittens, birds or rodents. Of course, if you know that she has been dreaming about this pet for many years, you can make an exception and help her take the first step!
    • Items that lead to grief, quarrel, separation. If your sister is superstitious, do not give her knives, watches, empty containers.

    New Year - the time of magic and fairy tales! In this short period of time, it is worth leaving quarrels, misunderstandings and everyday fuss somewhere behind! Give your family as many kind words, attention, help and just care as possible. The main thing is that your gift to your sister for the New Year 2023 be prepared with love, and the rest is not so important!

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