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An important event in the life of children is approaching - the end of school, and, of course, among all the preparation, you must not forget to decide what to give the teacher for graduation in grade 11. And it is worth considering many different options, because there are a lot of teachers whom I would like to thank for the years of continuous work with children and teaching them important knowledge. In the article, we have collected the best gifts for the class teacher at graduation in grade 11 and subject teachers, as well as useful tips that will undoubtedly come in handy for you.

How to choose a gift for a teacher for graduation in grade 11

The PTA basically takes responsibility for acquiring the right surprise, and of course, you need to understand exactly how to choose the right gift for the 11th grade graduation teacher. We have tried to highlight the main points that are worth paying attention to.

    • If you want to think through different options in a calm and comfortable environment and highlight the best ideas from them, then you should start searching in advance, and not before the last call.
    • All custom-made, personalized or photo-printed surprises should be ordered a month or more in advancesolemn event. Then you will definitely have time to pick them up from the master, because before the prom, the load on such orders increases and the waiting time increases.
    • Not only the parent committee chooses what to give the teacher for graduation in grade 11, but the children also want to please their favorite teachers. Here it is worth understanding that the general present from the class will always be more significant and expensive, and the individual one from the child is rather symbolic.
    • The budget plays a big role, you need to clearly determine how much each student will take, then you can select the desired category that suits you in terms of the amount of funds raised.
    • Think about what your teacher is interested in, you might get a worthwhile surprise for her to do, because it's always nice to get a useful thing.
    • The character of the teacher plays a big role in the choice, so for people with conservative thinking, it is more relevant to consider universal gifts, but for a fun and ironic one, you can also buy an original present from the class.
    • Don't forget about the packaging, because it is much more pleasant to receive bright and beautifully wrapped surprises.

    What not to give a teacher for prom in 11th grade

    Before buying this or that thing, be sure to look at the list of unwanted items that should be excluded so as not to put the teacher in an uncomfortable position or offend him with a too frank present. We prepared a selection of ideas that you can’t give a teacher for graduation in grade 11 and this is what we got.

    • Clothes, you can'tguess the exact size, and also quite likely to miss the style. It would be more relevant to buy a certificate in a boutique, where the teacher will independently select suitable wardrobe items.
    • Cosmetics is a pretty personal side of life and you just can't know which brand she prefers to buy the really needed items.
    • Personal items and underwear - by handing this, you will show your disrespect for the teacher, because only a close person can present such things or she can buy it herself, but not the parent committee, especially children.
    • Alcohol or tobacco products - the teacher should always be a positive example for pupils, so you should not hand over such items.
    • Pets. Try to immediately exclude such a gift from your thoughts, and even if the teacher once spoke about the desire to have a four-legged friend, this does not mean that you can choose such a gift for the teacher for graduation in the 11th grade.
    • Too expensive items, of course, collecting even a small amount from each student for a gift to the teacher, it turns out to be quite an impressive result, but handing out vouchers abroad or to a sanatorium is completely inappropriate. You can express your gratitude to the teacher much more modestly, and the surprise will be no less pleasant.

    List of 33 Best gifts for 11th Graduation Teachers

    So it's time to start considering specific options that you can easily hand over to the class teacheror subject teachers. We have compiled a list of the 33 best 11th grade teacher graduation gifts:

    1. Wise Thoughts set;
    2. external hard drive;
    3. tablecloth, embroidered to order;
    4. collector's edition of her favorite author's books;
    5. capacious leather bag for everyday wear, so that notebooks can easily fit in it;
    6. electronic photo frame;
    7. a set of instruments for the tea ceremony with a guide to its proper conduct;
    8. encyclopedia or quality dictionary;
    9. interesting floor lamps in the office;
    10. certificate to the spa;
    11. original style watch box;
    12. coffee service for 4 or 6 people;
    13. outdoor large vase with a bouquet of artificial decorative twigs;
    14. rose in a vacuum flask with additional illumination;
    15. desktop or floor biofireplace;
    16. inscribed diary with a pen;
    17. cutlery set in a handy case;
    18. tea couple;
    19. biometric watch;
    20. portrait composed of words of gratitude from parents and students;
    21. a box of chocolates with the image of a class teacher;
    22. handmade photo album;
    23. picnic bag with dishes for 4 persons;
    24. florarium;
    25. knitting pattern with a set of necessary yarn;
    26. exotic tea or coffee with various pleasant additions;
    27. flip flop portrait;
    28. named powerbank;
    29. useful master class;
    30. large knit plaid;
    31. laptop stand with coolingsurface;
    32. patchwork;
    33. handmade jewelry.

    Thinking over what you can give the teacher for graduation in the 11th grade from the parent committee, pay special attention to the bouquet. It can be ordered handmade in a basket, gift box or any other compositions that will look chic. Profile teachers should also choose flowers, but a little more modestly than the class teacher.

    What to give a teacher for graduation in grade 11 from parents

    Of course, every parent wants to thank the teacher for many years of study, a difficult path, successfully passed exams and just useful instructions, but what to give a teacher for graduation in grade 11 from parents will be relevant? We have tried to select the best ideas so that you can find the answer to your question.

    • Small household appliances, but such a surprise is appropriate to buy only if you know for sure that she needs one or another item, for example: a slow cooker, a bread machine, food processor, air grill, juicer, electric dryer for vegetables and fruits.
    • gift certificate to the Garden and Garden store can be purchased for the owner of her summer cottage or living in a private house. There she will be able to purchase interesting and necessary gizmos.
    • Comfortable chair with an orthopedic effect, in it, sitting at the table, she will feel comfortable and her back will be less tired during the working day.
    • A large basket with various goodies, you can put cheese, caviar, smoked meats, nuts in itand a lot of useful stuff. Be sure to pack so that the products do not wind up.
    • Tickets for a theatrical performance or a concert of your favorite band, which will soon come to tour in your city. Try to get two tickets at once so that the teacher can go with his significant other.
    • Certificate to a perfume shop, where you can choose high-quality branded fragrances that she will definitely like.
    • An e-book so that teachers can read their favorite work in their free time, without having to carry a heavy printed edition.

    If you notice that the teacher's nerves are at the limit at the end of the year, then it will be important to arrange for her a relaxing and restorative course of visiting the float room, where she can just relax.

    I would like to supplement the above ideas with such options for gifts for a teacher at graduation in grade 11, such as:

    • laptop;
    • certificate for a cookware store;
    • grill set will appeal to lovers of outdoor recreation;
    • creative framed photo collage;
    • photo book with the history of the class, where there will definitely be interesting pictures;
    • a gift card for a certain amount to a household appliance store;
    • a set of dishes for table setting for 6, 12 or 24 persons.

    Try, thinking over what you can give the teacher at graduation, do not forget about the memorable side of the surprise. After all, pleasant memories from the presented present must necessarily remain, so that after many years you canwas to remember my favorite guys.

    What to give a teacher for graduation in grade 11 from children

    Not only parents want to prepare congratulations for teachers, but also schoolchildren are actively discussing the upcoming event and trying to come up with interesting presents personally, but what to give a teacher for graduation in grade 11 from children? This section contains quite interesting options that the teacher will certainly like.

    • Each teacher can be presented with flash cards of an unusual shape in the subject matter he teaches. Now there is a very large selection, and you are sure to find interesting options.
    • A thick-bound diary will be an appropriate surprise, because work often involves making various notes.
    • Inscribed pens in beautiful and bright cases - quite an interesting graduation gift.
    • Desk stand for pencils, and to make the surprise not only interesting, but also memorable, you can buy it in the form of a large sharpener and burn out the inscription from whom the present is.
    • Massage chair cover, especially if you have noticed that the teacher often has back pain.
    • A beautiful flower in a pot, you should first study which ones are already in the office so as not to accidentally buy the same ones.
    • Photo frame with a picture of all the guys and, of course, the teacher. It is better to choose it in a classic style, as this option will fit well into almost any interior.

    Here's some morecool last call gift ideas for the teacher from kids that the class teacher would love to receive:

    • fountain pen in case;
    • name pad;
    • deer-shaped jewelry stand;
    • beautiful poster for the office, which was so lacking;
    • set for laying out a picture with crystals;
    • gift certificate to a household chemicals store;
    • IPhone desk lamp, it can be folded compactly and does not take up much space.

    To make the prepared gift for the class teacher from children at graduation in grade 11 even more pleasant and original, add a bouquet from yourself, but not from flowers, but made from soft toys, socks or various sweet treats.

    Classic 11th Grad Teacher gift Ideas

    It's time to consider universal gifts that are equally suitable for many people. We tried to collect interesting ideas for classic gifts for a teacher for graduation in grade 11, which will please your favorite teacher.

    • A high-quality natural wood pointer with a beautiful carved handle will be a worthy present. Additionally, order an engraving from the master, which he will burn an inscription on it from whom the surprise was presented.
    • Big congratulatory cake with separate pieces for students and teacher, and with an interesting themed fondant decoration.
    • Order handmade sweets in a gift wrap, just try to take it in a trusted place withpositive reviews, so you can be sure that only natural ingredients are used in the composition.
    • A large screen projector for viewing presentations or historical films in class.
    • Certificate to a jewelry store for a tidy sum. The teacher will be able to visit the boutique at any convenient time and choose the jewelry that suits her, and maybe even add money and buy a whole set.
    • Big basket of cosmetics Any woman will love it, try to choose according to age.
    • Natural stone table set, it looks very solid and quite comfortable.

    We offer a few more options for what a classic present to a teacher for a graduation party in grade 11 will be relevant:

    • music system for office or school hall;
    • netbook;
    • MFP or printer;
    • classroom refurbishment;
    • engraved wrist watch;
    • money in an envelope, but try to hand it to the teacher discreetly;
    • a set of leather goods in a wooden box: belt, wallet and clutch.

    In addition to the classic 11th grade graduation gift for the teacher, you can also prepare a festive concert where all the children will take part and congratulate both the class teacher and teachers of various subjects.

    gift for graduation in grade 11 with your own hands

    Additionally, we would like to offer you a selection of homemade surprise ideas forteachers who will be received with special warmth. Here is a list of gifts for graduation in grade 11 with our own hands.

    • Create a beautiful wall newspaper for all teachers, where write pleasant congratulatory words of gratitude. It is better to hang it in the most prominent place so that all teachers can read the wishes of the graduates.
    • A bouquet of paper flowers, each with a photo of a student. It will not be difficult to make it, and on the back of the finished buds, do not forget to sign the name and a short but pleasant wish for the teacher.
    • Sweet surprises are loved by many, but to present them in an original way, you need to try. We offer to collect a gift of an interesting form from sweets, for example: a school desk, a large pencil, vases, a piano, baskets and many other options that come to your mind.
    • Make an interesting photo collage where you can collect the brightest moments from the life of the teacher and the class, especially if there were joint trips to nature or to various memorable places. It is best to print the finished work on a large sheet so that all the inscriptions and pictures are clearly visible.
    • Handmade box, you can create such a masterpiece for every subject teacher to please with your attention and express gratitude.
    • Have a real concert where all the teachers will be present. Be sure to try to include every alumnus so that everyone can put in their few lines of thanks andsay goodbye to the walls of your favorite school, which has already become a second home.
    • Come up with an interesting flash mob for the teacher, which she will definitely remember for a long time, especially if everything goes unexpectedly.

    If you don’t know how to prepare a gift for a teacher with your own hands for graduation in grade 11, then you should look at the training workshops on the Internet, which detail the step-by-step steps for making this or that item and indicate all the necessary materials.

    Memorial gifts for a teacher at graduation in grade 11

    Of course, any surprise should leave a piece of warmth and memories of schoolchildren, so it will be relevant to consider memorable gifts for a teacher at graduation in grade 11. After all, you must admit, it is very pleasant after many years to look at the thing and remember each student, watching his changes and achievements in life.

    • Order a figurine from the whole class, made from the photo of the teacher, it will look great on the desktop in the office. You can put pleasant words on the stand and from whom the surprise.
    • Stylish table lamp featuring a lampshade with various snapshots from class life to bring back happy moments when looking at it.
    • A painting by a local artist in oil paints, it can depict both the teacher personally and the whole class. Be sure to put the finished work in a beautiful frame so that it immediately finds a place in the house.
    • Record an interesting video, you can even withfunny moments to make it fun to watch. Collect footage from past years and shoot new ones, be sure to have your teacher present.
    • Photo plaid will be a great surprise, looking at it, she will remember her dear and beloved class.
    • Book a photo session for a young teacher in an informal setting so you can take interesting pictures in nature.

    Here are some more inexpensive, but memorable gifts for the teacher on the last bell in 11th grade. They can be presented as a main surprise with flowers, or in addition to a prepared classic present:

    • a box of sweets in photo wrappers, each of which will show off a picture of a student;
    • medal with teacher's photo inside;
    • photomosaic;
    • gift certificate in hard cover "To the best teacher";
    • wall clock with a picture of the whole class;
    • perpetual calendar;
    • photo plate.

    Try to order graduation gifts for teachers in advance, because in most cases they take a long time to make.

    gift ideas for subject teachers for graduation in grade 11

    And also it is necessary not only to consider different ideas of surprises for the class teacher, but also for other teachers who have been with you for more than one year. Consider the ideas of what to give subject teachers for graduation in grade 11 will be relevant on your part.

    • For a literature teacher it would be appropriate to buy interestingbooks, a gift edition of poems or poems by your favorite author, a certificate for attending a literary event.
    • Physical education teacher you can choose something from the work equipment to replenish the gym, for example: a soccer or basketball ball, rubberized mats for classes, a Swedish wall.
    • Historian will love rare antique items, a reproduction of a famous painting, a book on secret historical research in various fields.
    • Math it will be relevant to purchase a laser pointer, a wall clock with formulas instead of regular numbers.
    • Chemist will love the different cones and kits for experimenting with different ingredients, and you can also get a personalized coat for practical lessons.
    • Geography teacherhand over a ship model or a scratch poster where he will mark the cities that he managed to visit, and the desire to fill all the space will only stimulate productive work.
    • Trudovik can always upgrade existing equipment to make classes more productive for students.

    Additionally, consider another list of gift ideas for a subject teacher for graduation in grade 11 from parents and children:

    • name vase;
    • gel anthill;
    • writing set on the table;
    • calendar for a year with photos of students;
    • globe with backlight;
    • hard wood puzzle;
    • stationery organizer with built-in aquarium;
    • table lamp withdifferent backlight modes;
    • a set of liquids to create a unique perfume fragrance for yourself;
    • a box with a thematic drawing on the inside in accordance with the subject taught.

    If you don’t want to pick up presents, it will be relevant as a gift for subject teachers at graduation in grade 11 to buy a box of high-quality and tasty sweets and a bouquet of flowers.

    In conclusion, I would like to note how many different options you can present to a teacher at graduation in grade 11. Remember, the main thing is not the price of your surprise, but the attention from students and parents. After all, a simple bar of chocolate will be a nice bonus to the bright and shining eyes of children who go into adulthood.

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