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So, another birthday is approaching and many people have a question, what to give a woman for 36, 37, 38, 39 years? It is important to remember one thing: you need to choose a future surprise slowly and deliberately. In this article, we will offer various options for possible presents that will definitely please the future birthday girl. Women's age after thirty-five is a great time! Youthful maximalism is behind, but it’s still oh so far before sunset, respectively, and the choice of gifts for a woman at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old requires a thoughtful and thorough approach.

Good advice on choosing a good surprise for March 8

When choosing a surprise, you should take into account the most important points: the character traits of the future recipient of your present, her hobby, marital status, and profession. And one more important point, when choosing a good gift for a woman at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old, never be guided by your own tastes, the preferences of the lady for whom you choose a surprise should always come first! Considering ideas of what to give a woman for her birthday, pay attention to these recommendations:

    • choose a thing for two or threeweeks before the celebration;
    • don't forget the main thing - compliments! Shower them on the lady all day long;
    • beautiful flowers are a timeless classic for women of all ages;
    • it's nice to complement the gift with the lady's favorite sweets.

    Bad gift ideas for ladies

    When choosing what to give a woman for 36-39 years old, exclude unwanted items:

    • even expensive good medicines;
    • faceless souvenirs from the first counter shop;
    • surprises with hidden overtones (everything for body shaping, etc.);
    • empty women's wallet. It can only be given with a bill inside.

    List of 49 best gifts for a lady aged 36 - 39

    There are win-win options that are appropriate in 90% of cases, and we have collected them in this TOP so that you have plenty to choose from! So, our tips and ideas for good gifts for a woman for every taste and budget.

    1. Luxury bouquet
    2. Wall photo collage
    3. Figurines for home decor
    4. Giant soft plush toy
    5. Modern kitchen appliances
    6. Rest in a boarding house or at the sea
    7. Fitness Annual Membership
    8. Dinner at a country restaurant
    9. Family video clip
    10. Going to the theater or to a concert
    11. Two tickets to the movie premiere
    12. Ladies jewelry
    13. Subscription to the pool
    14. Trip to the spa
    15. Favorite book
    16. Nice lingerie (if you're in a very close relationship)
    17. Quality brand cosmetics set
    18. Homemadeanimal
    19. Cute poetic congratulations
    20. Chic dinner service
    21. Temporary tattoo
    22. Picture depicting a birthday girl
    23. An unforgettable trip together
    24. Professional Photoshoot
    25. Edible original candy bouquet
    26. Lady's leather bag
    27. A walk on a yacht or on a boat
    28. New modern gadget
    29. Compact tray table
    30. Set of natural bed linen
    31. Craft kit
    32. Wireless comfortable headphones
    33. Inscribed thermal mug
    34. Indoor mirror with comfortable lighting
    35. Original ladies wrist watch
    36. Crystal fruit bowl or candy bowl
    37. Beautiful and warm plaid with sleeves
    38. Small aquarium with live fish
    39. Portable charger
    40. Set of ladies favorite teas
    41. Kitchen spice set
    42. Fashion Sunglasses
    43. Ladies stylish umbrella
    44. Popular instant camera
    45. Exquisite music box
    46. Electronic Photo Frame
    47. Unusual bouquet of juicy and he althy fruits
    48. Dated diary
    49. Festive delicious cake for the hero of the occasion

    Classic surprise options for ladies

    This is the perfect way out if the future birthday girl is not a very close person to you. So you will not lose, because the classics are always appropriate. What can you give a woman for 36, 37, 38, 39 years old, get acquainted with the ideas:

    • unusualgastronomic set in basket. It includes various delicacies, you can also complement the set with fruit ikebana. No lady can be absolutely indifferent to delicacies, and on the eve of a birthday, such a surprise is especially pleasant and appropriate;
    • certificate to a good women's clothing boutique, cosmetics or perfumery;
    • various decorations. At this age, it is recommended to choose not banal jewelry, but solid silver items;
    • beautiful evening clutch - every lady's dream;
    • Terry or satin robe hand embroidered. He will always please a woman;
    • a set of exquisite glasses will adequately decorate the interior of the house;
    • nice new coffee machine complete with premium coffee bean set;
    • scented bath amenities set (bomb, couple of towels, makeup remover gel, etc.).

    Perfect birthday present for your loved one

    Would you like to surprise your one and only? Our gift ideas for ladies aged 36-39 will help you. We offer ideas in different price variations:

    • drawing on the pavement under the window of the lady of the heart - unusual and even creative! Surprise your loved one with this present;
    • beautiful holiday fireworks is a fitting end to a birthday;
    • you personally performed a serenade will melt the heart of your beloved instantly;
    • unusual piggy bank of compliments. In a beautiful box, put notes with all the virtues of your lady of the heart;
    • chequebook of deepest desires. It contains all sorts of "services" for the lady: massage, breakfast in bed, generous compliments, etc.;
    • congratulations for a woman, posted in the media (on television, in print, on the nearest billboard);
    • Stylish travel accessories set (luggage tags, travel case… );
    • all kinds of business accessories;
    • money tree will delight a lady who believes in talismans and omens;
    • exquisite silk scarf or stole - fashionable and very elegant.

    As you can see, it's not hard to find a cool classic present for a lady over 35. But it's better, of course, to consider unusual birthday gift ideas, especially if you know the woman well. We need your desire to please your beloved and please her from the bottom of your heart.

    Inexpensive and unusual: our gift ideas for a woman

    The budget for the celebration is very limited? Not a problem, you can always choose a budget and pleasant surprise. So what do we recommend? We select the best inexpensive gift for a woman at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old:

    • useful compact flashlight unusual shape;
    • pretty jewelry box to store numerous jewelry ladies;
    • photobooth fridge magnet that holds up to nine photos;
    • special make-up remover cloth (this is a reusable product). A good and much-needed beauty novelty;
    • cute coasterfor numerous rings funny cat figurine is a nice dressing table decoration for ladies;
    • for a 37-year-old woman, you can give natural handmade soap with a delicate scent in the form of a heart or a beautiful flower. Nice inexpensive gift for your lady;
    • unusual glass for drinks with spectacular lighting. The accessory works in a glass from a conventional battery;
    • beautiful wall mirror framed with many facets.

    All of the above ideas are ideal when there is little money, but you want to please the birthday girl. Read, choose and buy from the heart! By the way, such presents are also appropriate as a sign of attention to an unfamiliar woman, giving an expensive present to whom is simply inappropriate and indecent.

    Delicious birthday gifts for women

    You can't do without worthy gourmet treats for a holiday. So we suggest choosing something unusual and tasty for the future congratulations of the birthday girl. For a birthday, a woman 36, 37, 38, 39 years old can be given:

    • a set of real coffee gourmet - it will be useful to a colleague, friend and sister. The set includes popular varieties of coffee, fragrant natural spices and syrups, as well as a cezve for proper brewing of the drink;
    • fragrant and he althy honey with particles of edible gold. Agree, the thing is more than original. Looks impressive and yet delicious;
    • you can buy natural jams with different flavors as a gift for a woman aged 36, 37, 38, 39. Chooseunusual tastes of champagne with cherries, cherries with cognac, etc. Your birthday girl will definitely like this gift;
    • delicious fortune cookies available from many bakeries. Such an unusual delicacy will pleasantly surprise the lady, because in every cookie she will find a pleasant prediction;
    • pretty package of gingerbread cookies with honey would be nice for a birthday too;
    • natural dark and white chocolate figurines. How do you like this idea: Cinderella's exquisite shoe! Won't a woman appreciate your present?
    • custom birthday option - a couple jars of s alted caramel. It can be added to creams, ice cream or just eat and enjoy;
    • a huge chocolate portrait of a birthday girl is another great birthday gift idea for a woman. To order, select the best shot of the hero of the occasion, according to which the pastry chef will create a masterpiece;
    • Cooking Spice Set is a useful choice for the lady who is fond of cooking. The set includes spices from various countries, beautifully packaged in flasks.

    Delicious presents are popular for several reasons - they are appropriate for any degree of acquaintance, and they are also a good omen for the coming year, especially when it comes to sweets. If a birthday girl is given sweets, it means that the year ahead is delicious, successful, “sweet”.

    And what can you prepare for the celebration with your own hands

    To prepare something really exclusive for the future hero of the occasion, we recommend paying attention togifts made by you. Catch our best ideas and options:

    • holiday lunch or dinner, lovingly prepared by you for a woman. Think carefully about the menu in advance to set the table with the lady's favorite treats;
    • a nice breakfast in the morning in bed - a great start to the festive day! Intricately decorate a beautiful tray with flowers, prepare light meals and strong aromatic coffee for breakfast;
    • delicate aromatic lavender sachets. Such a thing will always come in handy in the house and is a chic DIY gift idea;
    • wall fun photo collage - a chic solution for a sentimental surprise in honor of the celebration. He will definitely not leave the birthday girl indifferent;
    • fancy greeting card with cute verses. Of course, you will make it yourself and sign it yourself! A touching present, isn't it?

    Practical ideas also have a right to exist

    Many modern ladies are very practical people. They often prefer everything that they may need at home or at work. So, catch popular ideas of what to give your beloved woman for 36, 37, 38, 39 years old:

    • just a necessary anti-stress pillow in our time;
    • an antique candlestick made of bronze;
    • special holder for book;
    • various small appliances (blender, robot vacuum cleaner, juicer);
    • wireless compact speaker will delight your music lover;
    • set of smallcaskets for needlework;
    • a huge bundle of helium balloons filled with notes or nice little surprises;
    • tea couple with a congratulatory print - a useful and pleasant gift;
    • spinner, which can instantly relieve anxiety and stress - a good answer to the question of what to give an unfamiliar woman for 36, 37, 38, 39 years;
    • unusually shaped fragrance for the room gives comfort and relaxation;
    • kitchen accessories set with name engraving;
    • various accessories into your woman's own car;
    • a set of soft and fluffy terry towels - a super idea for a practical nature;
    • a set of unusual bright pots of different sizes for indoor plants;
    • he althy and fragrant coconut oil for body. It compares favorably with its aroma, and also makes the skin soft and well-groomed;
    • home manicure set is a guarantee of always flawless nails;
    • pretty bath set including natural terry towel, slippers and robe. A wonderful idea for a true lady!

    When deciding what to give a woman for 36 years, do not forget to complement your practical gift with a hand-signed card and fresh flowers. So the birthday will definitely remain in the memory of the hero of the occasion for a long time.

    Fancy surprise ideas for a woman's birthday

    Did you decide not to go the easy way and choose non-banal things? We invite you to consider our ideas. So,original gift for a woman at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old:

    • original oracle ball - a kind of comic prophet! Many ladies are into all things magical so your gift will be appreciated;
    • unusual LED picture, which exactly imitates live fire. It will effectively complement the interior of a lady's house;
    • Newton's balls are trendy these days with a calming effect. They will decorate the workplace of a woman;
    • a picture for painting with real sand - also an original idea for a future present;
    • real hourglass - a great gift for a woman aged 36, 37, 38, 39;
    • all-year subscription to your favorite ladies magazine.

    All of the above original gifts for 36-39 years old will definitely please your birthday girl. But take the time to play with them creatively. So they will be remembered by me for a long time to a woman!

    Choosing a gift according to the birthday girl's hobby

    Knowing the interests and hobbies of a lady, it is much easier to choose what will please her. Your main task is to find out the necessary information in advance. So, gift ideas for a woman at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old from a man by interests:

    • needlework is currently at the peak of popularity. Fashionable batik, knitting, weaving openwork lace … What exactly is a woman passionate about? Depending on this, choose a set to create a masterpiece! By giving such a thing, you thereby give many hours of real pleasure;
    • cooking is the passion of many ladies. Of course not worth itpresent another frying pan. But it is very possible to please the master with modern kitchen appliances. Or another great idea is a master class with a famous chef;
    • today a he althy lifestyleis a fashion trend. Ladies at forty-five, like no one else, know the price of he alth and beauty. So a fitness membership will definitely be appreciated;
    • you can present various useful things for the car to the lady-car owner - a new DVR, high-quality car covers, etc;
    • useful and necessary accessories for numerous trips if a woman loves to visit new cities and countries;
    • unusual florarium - a super gift idea for a 36-39 year old woman who is fond of gardening;
    • style. Is your hero of the occasion still a fashionista? She looks great anytime, anywhere, and her way of dressing is just a standard? So the surprise will need an appropriate one. A gift certificate to a good women's clothing boutique or women's accessories will help you out.

    Special gifts for a special occasion

    Is the birthday girl also a very close person for you? Then presenting just traditional gifts is boring. You need something special, a thing that will emphasize the significance of the hero of the occasion. The best gift for a woman you know for 36, 37, 38, 39 years old, what is it? What we offer:

    • chic jewelry is the most important attribute of a modern woman. This is the best option for any age;
    • photo session with the best professional in town. couple of the mostgood images, various decorations - wouldn't this make a lady happy?
    • a video about a woman, which includes a selection of the best sincere congratulations, a couple of good shots, and a video. What hero of the occasion would not appreciate your gesture?
    • travel to an exotic country. If you have money, you can even book a sea cruise to different countries;
    • warm natural fur coat or sheepskin coat. But since now many ladies refuse natural furs, first find out this moment from the birthday girl;
    • the number of luxurious roses, which is equal to the woman's age. Choose a color scheme based on the tastes of the birthday girl.

    When deciding what to give a 38-year-old woman, carefully analyze everything ahead of time. After going through the most important points of your conversations, determine the life values \u200b\u200bof a woman. Well, based on this, proceed further!

    The most impressive emotions as the best present for a woman

    One of the coolest ideas - the brightest impressions, instantly uplifting. Choosing what to give a friend for 36, 37, 38, 39 years old:

    • a trip on a cool river boat (by the way, you can also organize a festive dinner there). This is a super gift idea for a 36-39 year old woman who appreciates romance;
    • a well organized theme party. Choose the style of the event, based on the preferences of the birthday girl. Retro, country, electro, etc.;
    • tickets to the city art gallery, going to the theater - all this a woman needs timefrom time to time;
    • Chinese tea ceremony - the best solution for lovers of Eastern traditions;
    • ride on luxurious horses will win the heart of the lover of these graceful animals;
    • fun friendly snowboard racing (if the celebration takes place in snowy winter);
    • precious unusual decoration in a box with bright live butterflies. She will open your gift - and freeze with delight! After all, many colorful butterflies will fly out of there;
    • a friendly outing picnic is also a great birthday gift idea;
    • pleasing to the heart of any lady shopping in a fashion boutique (just give her a certificate for a solid amount). The woman herself is the best new clothes;
    • at 36, 37, 38, 39 years old you can give a woman master classes from a professional (cooking, Latin dancing, drawing, etc.). The birthday girl will be able to do something new and interesting for her;
    • visiting a beauty salon for a festive evening look;
    • make-up courses that will not interfere with any woman. With them, a lady can easily create any look: from everyday to evening;
    • holiday dinner at the best (even out of town) restaurant. Such emotions are not forgotten for a very long time!

    All ladies at any age love with both ears and eyes. Therefore, delight them with tender poems, songs, as well as an exquisitely packaged really unusual present.

    Many eminent psychologists claim that aboutFor thirty-five years, women's principles and values change dramatically, they become more reasonable and wiser. Therefore, with the approach of the celebration, it is important to think over the future present well. Your birthday present for a woman aged 36, 37, 38, 39 must be perfect. In this article, we have considered many possible options for a future surprise that will definitely please your birthday girl, and at the same time will not remind her of the running years.

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