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An important date is approaching for your dear little man, but you absolutely do not know what to give your girlfriend for her birthday? We will try to answer this question in the article by offering you a lot of different ideas for any age. It is always pleasant to please loved ones, so any birthday present for a friend should be thoughtful and definitely necessary. And the useful tips collected in our article will help you make the right choice.

How to choose the right birthday present for a friend

You want to receive pleasant surprises for any holiday, and it is important for the giver that the birthday girl receives sincere emotions. But for everything to really work out, you need to think about how to choose the right gift for your girlfriend for her birthday and what points you should pay special attention to.

    • It is always better to think in advance about purchasing this or that surprise, because when you try to consider different ideas without haste, then the purchase turns out to be deliberate and necessary for the addressee.
    • Age must be taken into account, because you can be friends both at 10 and at 50 years old, but the presentations will differ significantly from each other.
    • Budget, don't worryif this year you do not have enough money to buy a significant surprise, we have prepared enough good ideas for inexpensive birthday gifts for your girlfriend.
    • The interests of the birthday girl will play a big role when choosing a present, so you should first of all consider surprises for your favorite hobby.
    • The gift should be exactly what you need, so try to take into account what she would like to receive as a gift for the holiday, for this you just need to remember the conversations in which a friend mentioned the need to buy this or that item.
    • Don't forget about originality, who else but you can pleasantly surprise with an unusual approach, come up with a prank or just congratulate in a non-standard way.

    What not to give a friend for her birthday

    When going to a gala event, of course, you don’t want to upset the birthday girl with a useless and unnecessary surprise, so you should study the list of what not to give your girlfriend for her birthday in order to clearly understand which categories are best to think over several times or even at all exclude.

    • Animals, it's always nice to give small fluffy puppies or kittens, but this decision should not be made on your own. After all, if she lives with her parents, then they may not be happy with such a presentation.
    • Soft toy, of course, when you see it for the first time, the positive is guaranteed, especially if it is large. However, then basically they lie around idle and only collect dust. There will be no benefit from such a gift.
    • Adult friend should notbuy beauty products if you don't know her exact preferences.
    • No offensive surprises, because they can upset the birthday girl, for example, with phrases or nicknames that she really does not like, even if you regard it as a joke.
    • Money, thinking through all sorts of ideas of what you can give your girlfriend for her birthday, this one is worth giving only when she saves up for the thing she needs, or you have already gone over all the most a variety of options and can not find the right one.
    • Stationery will not cause much delight in the birthday girl, as these are the usual things that parents can buy at any time.

    List of 50 best birthday gifts for girlfriend

    So it's time to choose the most perfect present for your birthday girl. We suggest to start with a list of the 50 best birthday gifts for a friend, one of them will surely delight her:

    1. eau de parfum from a famous brand;
    2. stand for storing rings or chains;
    3. electronic toothbrush;
    4. fitness bracelet;
    5. tablet case;
    6. wrist watch with rhinestones in bright color;
    7. handbag or clutch;
    8. a book on psychology or self-development;
    9. massage neck pillow;
    10. bluetooth headset;
    11. silk scarf or warm model;
    12. bedding set, suitable size;
    13. epilator;
    14. diamond painting from photo;
    15. UV drying fornails;
    16. set of personalized towels;
    17. small emoticon-shaped sofa cushions;
    18. cover on chair with massage effect;
    19. lightbox;
    20. aroma lamp;
    21. vacuum cleaner for the car in a convenient case with several different nozzles;
    22. photo wall clock;
    23. certificate to the hardware store;
    24. electronic photo frame;
    25. book;
    26. s alt night light;
    27. flash keychain;
    28. webcam;
    29. screen magnifier for smartphone;
    30. pads in the shape of letters from her name;
    31. bright color laptop bag;
    32. custom soap with pleasant scents;
    33. pair bracelets;
    34. cinema tickets;
    35. heated lunch box;
    36. mouse-stand for rings;
    37. large set of freshly ground coffee;
    38. humidifier;
    39. cosmetics organizer;
    40. purse red color with name engraving to attract financial well-being;
    41. set of essential oils for bath;
    42. sweet bouquet;
    43. ATV ride;
    44. collage of joint shots;
    45. umbrella;
    46. fotoplaid;
    47. hard puzzle;
    48. certificate for Thai massage;
    49. cover for car documents and keychain with state number;
    50. hand-made doll.

    At any age, the beautiful half likes to receive flowers, so when thinking about what is the best gift to give a friend for her birthday, leave a little money for a bouquet, whether it be a modest option orlush basket with an unusual composition.

    What to give a friend for her birthday 10, 11, 12 and 13 years old

    Thinking over a surprise for your loved one, of course, you want her to be surprised and delighted when she receives it, but what to give a friend for her birthday 10, 11, 12 and 13 years old? We tried to choose worthy options, and we hope you will find the perfect present among them.

    • A notepad with a good lock, in which you can write down various secrets and not be afraid that someone else might read them.
    • 3D bedside lamp will look great in every girl's room, the store has a wide variety, so you will definitely find an interesting one.
    • A bag, on which she herself can create a unique and inimitable pattern with the help of special paints. Such a stylish accessory will complete her look.
    • Twister will appeal to a lover to gather with a large group of friends and have fun playing an exciting game. Other board games can also fall into this category: mafia, jenga or monopoly.
    • Picture, which you will need to paint by numbers yourself, in addition, immediately purchase a frame of a suitable size.
    • A chic bouquet made up of soft toys, such a surprise will delight the birthday girl for a long time, as it will never fade.

    Of course, gifts for a girlfriend for 10, 11, 12 and 13 years old should not be excluded from our additional list:

    • a small vacuum cleaner forkeyboard;
    • aqua farm;
    • electronic piggy bank;
    • unicorn-shaped night light on the wall;
    • mug wire heated coaster;
    • wireless mouse;
    • t-shirt with a cool photo of a friend and a cool congratulations;
    • runaway alarm clock;
    • original desk organizer with built-in small aquarium;
    • a set of chemical experiments for the home;
    • bracelet on hand.

    The beautiful packaging of your chosen birthday gift for a friend plays a big role, because it is much more pleasant to receive unusually designed surprises when they are in bright and unusual wrapping paper, a box, and also a bag.

    Birthday gift list for girlfriend 14, 15 and 16

    At this wonderful age, you want the surprise to be bright and useful, so it's better to present it for hobbies. We tried to choose the most relevant hobbies, and pick up worthy birthday gifts for a friend of 14, 15 and 16 years old, which she can be happy with.

    • A real fashionista can be given a set of cosmetics for a young princess from natural and safe ingredients.
    • Double-sided mirror on a beautiful stand where one side magnifies to better see small details.
    • Scratch-notebook or netbook with unusual drawing sheets is appropriate to give to a talented birthday girl who loves to paint portraits or landscapes.
    • Cool fur headphones, they are sold in different colors,the main thing is to choose the right shade.
    • MP3 player will delight the girl who constantly listens to music on her phone. With it, she can safely save the charge on her gadget and at the same time enjoy her favorite tracks.
    • Blow dryer is best purchased with a variety of modes and attachments to dry your hair and style it right away. A friend who cares about her appearance will be happy with such a surprise.
    • Needlewoman you can look at different patterns of cross-stitch and beadwork, do not exclude the diamond mosaic in a special store.
    • Sporty girlfriend get some merchandise for classes, if the existing one is already pretty worn out, a set of beautiful bright headbands and wristlets, a comfortable T-shirt made of quality material.

    In addition to the above list, buy such interesting and cool gifts for your girlfriend on her 14th, 15th and 16th birthday as:

    • colored crayons for hair, they will help you create different looks every day;
    • ebook;
    • wireless stereo headphones;
    • comfortable bright handbag for the player;
    • beautiful backpack with original pattern;
    • jewelry set;
    • motivational poster in her room;
    • ready set of tools and threads for knitting hats;
    • large inflatable ring in the shape of a bright unicorn or pink flamingo;
    • cosmetic bag with a cool print on a magnetic closure.

    You can additionally prepare a gift for a friendwith your own hands for a birthday of 14, 15 and 16 years, to which she will also be happy, because it was in him that you put your soul and your sincere warm attitude. But you can create a beautiful picture from beads or cross-stitch, a postcard, a photo frame or a collage with joint pictures.

    What to give a girlfriend for her birthday 17 and 18 years old

    Girls at this age are increasingly thinking about boys and their appearance, who else but you can know exactly the wishes of the birthday girl? You can try to embody them and purchase something from our list of gift options for a girlfriend of 17 and 18 years old for her birthday.

    • Certificate to the cosmetics store is useful for every girl to buy the items she needs.
    • Jewelry storage box, you can choose both classic models and something more youthful and modern, start from the taste preferences of the birthday girl.
    • A paid trip to a nail technician, especially if she's been dreaming about it for a long time, but couldn't indulge herself.
    • Hair straightener is useful for those people who constantly straighten their hair, removing any wave. However, here you can buy a classic size or miniature for bangs care.
    • Silver jewelry, for example, a beautiful pendant that will symbolize some important event.
    • Certificate for a make-up master class so that she learns how to properly structure her face and easily create different looks.
    • A set of special gloves for cleaning the skin with plain water, due to their porous structure and special material, they perfectly remove any cosmetic products, and are also safe for the face.
    • Fitness bands Will be useful for an athletic friend who likes to train at home or in the gym and tries to keep fit.
    • Comfortable laptop cooling pad so you can comfortably work, play or do homework behind it. It generates less heat, so it will last longer.

    Thinking about what to give a friend for her birthday 17 and 18 years old, you don’t need to exclude such cool options as:

    • curling iron;
    • wireless music speaker with bluetooth receiver;
    • named powerbank;
    • adjustable weight training dumbbells;
    • big palette with different eyeshadows;
    • pedicure and manicure machine;
    • nourishing cream set;
    • one-piece kigurumi pajamas, complete with voluminous slippers;
    • animal hat;
    • lighted sneakers powered by a special USB cable.

    You can safely consider gift ideas for a girlfriend for a birthday of 17 and 18 years old, related specifically to beauty, care and just stylish items that can complement her image.

    Birthday gift Ideas for Adult Girlfriend

    When you start earning yourself, you can consider many more different surprises from more solid categories. We triedcollect many interesting birthday gift ideas for an adult friend that should please her.

    • Necessary and useful household appliances for the kitchen: a mixer with different whisks, a food processor, a blender with a large glass, a toaster, a pancake maker, a bread maker, an electric grill and many other necessary appliances.
    • A handy cezve with a copper wooden handle so you can make good coffee at home just like the one served in restaurants.
    • A large terry blanket for a bed or a sofa, it looks very interesting and will definitely come in handy for the birthday girl.
    • A set of hair or body care products
    • A flowerpot with automatic watering system will be a nice gift for a houseplant lover.
    • Stylish sweatshirt you can buy ready-made with a beautiful and unusual pattern or choose a cool image that will be transferred to the fabric in a photo studio.
    • Traveller set would be appropriate to buy for a friend who tries not to sit still and constantly travels to different cities and countries.
    • A coffee machine or coffee grinder will be useful for a lover of an invigorating drink.
    • Pots of different sizes or a frying pan with high sides, it is best to choose one with a non-stick coating and always with a lid.

    Here are some more useful birthday gifts for a friend that will come in handy at home and bringFavor:

    • kitchen scale with monitor;
    • picnic utensil bag for 2 or 4 persons;
    • mat for yoga sports;
    • box with different creams;
    • handmade tablecloth;
    • jewelry;
    • a set of beautiful dishes to serve a festive table in the same style;
    • electric hairbrush;
    • smart watch.

    Surprise not only with a cool birthday present for your best friend, but also with an unusual presentation. For example, it will be relevant to purchase a bunch of helium balloons with cool inscriptions on them or organize an entertaining quest with tasks.

    Original birthday gifts for girlfriend

    Many want to please a loved one with an unusual surprise, but which one to choose and what you need to pay attention to in order for the present to really sincerely surprise the birthday girl. We tried to choose interesting and original birthday gifts for a friend, and do not forget that pleasant emotions can also be attributed to this category, so bright impressions as a present will be very useful.

    • A large box of sweets made to order by a pastry chef with an original design for her birthday.
    • Silicon or wood phone case with a photo of a friend or her name.
    • Flip flop portrait which she will create herself with the included paints.
    • Spa certificate so that the birthday girl can relaxrelax with various treatments and massages.
    • Quest room will appeal to the adventurous.
    • Eternal rose in a flask with vacuum space, it will please the addressee for many years and will not lose its original appearance.
    • Portrait of a birthday girl in company with her best friend, which will be commissioned by an artist via the Internet or from your city.

    For a teenage friend, an original birthday present, we suggest considering from our additional list:

    • notebook with wood cover and beautiful pattern;
    • mini cotton candy maker
    • pair of personalized glasses for your favorite drink;
    • large mug for tea with cool and funny inscriptions;
    • stand for her smartphone in the shape of an astronaut carrying it on his back;
    • plaid with extra sleeves for the convenience of a friend;
    • handmade postcard custom;
    • bright dream catcher she will make herself;
    • luminous LED headphones;
    • gloves for touch phones.

    Any original gift for a friend's birthday is best ordered in advance, so you have time to spare. After all, the manufacture of items is not an easy and fast task, very often the craftsmen are busy and will not be able to urgently fulfill your order.

    List of cheap birthday gifts for girlfriend

    Of course, not every child or adultcan afford to buy any item without any problems for the financial condition. Therefore, we prepared different ideas and chose the best options so that it would be appropriate for you to give an inexpensive gift to a girlfriend for her birthday.

    • A thick-bound name notepad will be useful for both a teenager and an adult girlfriend.
    • Thermo mug, if the birthday girl still goes to school, then you can choose it with a bright pattern, the owner of her own car will use the option with a cigarette lighter wire to warm up the contents at any time.
    • A set of fun hair ties or a voluminous headband, try to choose unique and unusual options so that not everyone can find them.
    • Beautiful photo frame with your photo together, such a surprise will be pleasant and expensive for your best friend, especially if you choose some funny frame that will be remembered by bright memories.
    • Wooden brush with natural bristles for dry skin massage.
    • Set of makeup brushes in a convenient metal or fabric case.
    • A box of cookies, inside of which there will be pleasant wishes or predictions.

    Not to be overlooked is our additional list of inexpensive birthday gifts for a friend that she will be happy to receive:

    • socks with original pattern;
    • eye patches;
    • funny patterned passport cover;
    • shopping bag;
    • monopod;
    • antistress toy;
    • photo album;
    • thermos with mugs in a case;
    • prediction ball;
    • unusual housekeeper;
    • named vase for flowers;
    • mat with a joint picture for a computer mouse.

    Get an inexpensive birthday present for your best friend with a creative twist, such as printing different funny photos of the birthday girl on special paper and wrapping it around the box.

    This is the end of the selection of the coolest and most useful ideas that you can present to your girlfriend for her birthday. To please loved ones is always very pleasant, the main thing is to try to get unexpected, useful and original surprises, then the birthday girl will be definitely happy.

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