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Fortieth anniversary is a controversial holiday for every lady. Someone considers this age a new beginning and a second youth, others do not celebrate their fortieth birthday at all, considering this a bad omen. Therefore, what to give a girlfriend for 40 years is a very difficult question, which should take into account her views on life, attitude to the holiday and other nuances. If you are still at a loss and have not yet decided on the idea of a gift for a 40-year-old friend, our article will help you find dozens of successful options that the birthday girl will be delighted with.

Rules for choosing a gift for a birthday girl for 40 years

As we mentioned. Choosing a present for a lady for 40 years is not an easy task, here you need to take into account many nuances, which we will talk about now. Remembering these simple principles of finding and choosing a present, you will definitely pleasantly surprise a friend with any tastes and life priorities. So, when choosing a gift, consider:

  • The attitude of the birthday girl to the anniversary. If a woman does not want to celebrate, is superstitious and is afraid of such an ambiguous date, it is better to buy her a small present and give it after the holiday. So you do not cause unpleasant emotions in a woman, do not force her to celebratea holiday she does not want, but show attention and care.
  • Views on life and interests. If a woman is passionate about home and family - make presents for everyday life, if a woman is obsessed with work, you can give a girlfriend for 40 years some professional literature, accessories for professional activities. The needlewoman can be presented with something for creativity.
  • Financial status of the birthday girl. You should not give a too expensive present to a poor woman, she will be embarrassed. Also consider the degree of closeness of acquaintance, what you can give your best friend will not suit just a friend.
  • Generally accepted norms. It is not customary for ladies to give a thing that hints at age and the presence of diseases. It is also better not to make gifts that are too intimate, for a modest lady this can cause embarrassment.
  • Tastes of the hero of the occasion. Perhaps it seems to you, as a friend, that the lady dresses a little differently, is too modest, or vice versa - she is “younger”, perhaps you are sure that it is time for her to see a beautician or hairdresser. But by presenting a thing as a gift to your liking, and based on your views on life, you will offend the birthday girl and ruin her holiday. You shouldn't do this, even with the best of intentions.

When choosing a gift for your girlfriend for her 40th birthday, do not forget about flowers, this is an important attribute of the celebration! Be sure to present the birthday girl with a bouquet or an armful of your favorite flowers. All ladies love such signs of attention, and coming to an anniversary without flowers is bad manners. Even if a woman does not celebrate her birthday, give her a few flowers alreadyafter the holiday, she will be pleased.

List of 40 best gift for 40th birthday girl

And let's talk about magic numbers, we have 40 cool present ideas for your girlfriend's fortieth birthday. These gifts have been tested by thousands of happy birthday girls, so your friend will love them too. You just have to choose the best of the good options and please the woman. What do we offer as the most successful and versatile surprises? Choose:

    1. Portrait from photo.
    2. Leather gloves.
    3. Sunglasses in a beautiful case.
    4. Orthopedic pillow for comfortable rest.
    5. Beautiful vintage candlestick.
    6. Soft house socks.
    7. Aroma lamp and set of oils.
    8. Copper cezve with coffee set.
    9. Chinese blooming tea gift box.
    10. Jewelry storage stand.
    11. Soft bathrobe with personalized embroidery.
    12. Picnic set.
    13. Beautiful wine glasses.
    14. Leather wallet.
    15. Beautiful flower vase.
    16. Author's cake with themed decor.
    17. Named sports bag.
    18. Elegant women's belt with a beautiful buckle.
    19. Capacitive power bank.
    20. Beautiful breakfast table in bed.
    21. Shower Radio.
    22. Scrapbooking photo album.
    23. Air ionizer with fragrance function.
    24. Decorative interior pillows.
    25. Soft plaid with sleeves.
    26. Soft house slippers.
    27. Photo wall clock.
    28. Bouquet of sweets.
    29. Set for home manicure.
    30. Convenient juicer.
    31. Beautiful umbrella.
    32. Stylish diary in a leather cover.
    33. Capacity flash drive.
    34. Compact bio-fireplace.
    35. Beautiful thermal mug.
    36. Subscribe to an interesting magazine.
    37. Cute socks set.
    38. Romantic dinner at a restaurant for a friend and her husband (beloved).
    39. Dryer for vegetables and herbs.
    40. Set of kitchen textiles in the color of the interior.

    Surprise ideas for style and looks

    A woman is beautiful, and at the age of 40, she is doubly beautiful, because the appearance, which nature has awarded, adds charm acquired over the years and experience. Naturally, such beauty can and should be emphasized! Therefore, when deciding what to give a girlfriend for her 40th birthday, pay close attention to various presents for style and beauty, for example:

    • Massage foot bath, it will help turn a home pedicure into a real pleasure, useful for both beauty and he alth. A light, relaxing massage will relieve daytime stress and allow the birthday girl to remember you with gratitude more than once!
    • Modern hair dryer, which does not harm your hair, will help you easily make beautiful styling without harming your hair, drying it gently and gently. You can choose a model with additional nozzles, which will further expand the "arsenal of beauty" of your birthday girl.
    • Manicure certificate is useful for every woman! After all, this is a regular procedure, so there will definitely not be an extra gift. Your job is rightchoose a salon and a master, it can be either the birthday girl’s favorite salon, or a new institution where the hero of the occasion has long dreamed of going.
    • Beautiful scarf is a very good gift for a 40 year old friend that will make every look more sophisticated, chic and sophisticated. The lady will 100% like it, especially if you guess her favorite color scheme, and for you, as a friend, this will definitely not be a problem.
    • A set of quality jewelry diversifies the ensembles of the birthday girl. Do not be afraid to give jewelry, it is not only luridly cheap for teenagers, but also truly luxurious - for real beauties at the age of 40.
    • Eau de toilette with your favorite scent will please a woman endlessly! One more bottle of your favorite perfume will never be superfluous.
    • Decorative cosmetics set allows the birthday girl to make stunning makeup on her own. However, to make such a gift, you need to know well the preferences of the hero of the occasion: favorite brands, shades, palettes and textures. But a friend is definitely familiar with such taste piers, so it's up to you to buy and give as a gift!
    • Elegant clutch is the best gift you can give your girlfriend for 40 years. Now evening looks will be unique and there is an ideal handbag for every little black dress or luxurious evening dress.
    • Luxury lingerie is the present every woman dreams of. True, only a really close person, for example, a best friend, can make such a gift. To do this, you need to know the tastesand the size of the birthday girl. If you still have doubts, it is better to give a certificate of a lingerie boutique, and then make a purchase together. So a mistake is impossible, and the pleasure of the birthday girl is guaranteed.

    Useful gifts for home and life

    For a woman at the age of 40, the real value is the house and family, so all the presents for everyday life, comfort and beauty of the house will be received with a bang. In addition, such gifts for 40 years to a girlfriend are appropriate, both from close people and just from a good friend. You can choose presents for everyday life in any price range, which is also very convenient. Take a look, for example, at these options:

    • Elegant floor lamp for the bedroom - it will create a special comfort and aura of relaxation. Just choose a product that will fit into the interior of the bedroom.
    • Natural linen set is a fashion item in the modern home. Such products look rich and elegant, and are also “friendly” with any style.
    • A beautiful indoor fountain will attract prosperity to the house, relieve stress and simply transform the interior, making it more interesting and beautiful.
    • Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning a game and a pleasure instead of a boring chore - a cool gift idea for 40 years to your best friend!
    • Satin bedding set will give you fabulous dreams and true pleasure from the luxury of real satin.
    • A beautiful set of dishes is always relevant in a house where guests are expected and loved. Not a single woman has refused exquisite dishes. Only it must be really unusualand stylish products, not boring floral sets.
    • The dishwasher is every lady's first helper. A woman will take such a gift "with a bang" and will be infinitely grateful to you, like all household members, who did not fail to take into account washing dishes.
    • Rocklet Pot will help diversify the menu and cook really tasty, unusual dishes, no worse than restaurant ones. A lover of pampering loved ones with goodies will love the gift.
    • Beautiful candy bowl - a great option for what to give a friend for 40 years. A beautiful candy bowl will take its rightful place in the house. Just don't give it empty, it's not a good omen.

    Solid gifts for the anniversary

    If a lady is not superstitious and celebrates her fortieth birthday on a grand scale, then a present for such a brave lady should be chosen worthy of the anniversary! We offer some cool options that a woman will definitely like:

    • Natural stone jewelry, such as diamond ring, pearl earrings are classic luxury ladies gift.
    • Trip to Paris (Berlin, Rome, Milan) - is it possible to think of a more worthy and impressive gift for the anniversary of a real woman? Send her to the city of your dreams and the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime.
    • Watch with engraving. Ladies' watches are beautiful, sophisticated and elegant, and engraving gives the present significance and sincerity - it turns out the perfect solution for an anniversary.
    • New gadget - excellent, and most importantly - a useful and necessary gift for 40 years from a friend, fromwhich the hero of the occasion will be delighted.
    • Fur product, for example, a coat, a fur coat is also considered a classic gift for an anniversary. A woman will appreciate and fall in love with such a surprise at first sight.
    • Amber icon or picture - a beautiful, exquisite present with an aura of special comfort, extraordinary beauty. Ladies love such things, just choose the plot that is relevant for the birthday girl.

    Creative gifts for non-standard nature

    The forty-year milestone is a period of maturity when you can afford almost any folly. Refuse boring frames and restrictions. If your lady loves a challenge and creativity, is not a boring layman, then she should choose the appropriate gift - cheerful and not boring:

    • Home karaoke set let the birthday girl enjoy singing to her heart's content! A beautiful microphone, a karaoke system and a CD of songs are guaranteed to please the creative mind.
    • The doll in the image of a birthday girl will be a very pleasant and memorable souvenir. You can also buy a heroine of your favorite movie or book as a gift for a girlfriend for 40 years, in general, the doll should be significant for the hero of the occasion.
    • A personalized star - a very unusual and romantic present for a non-standard nature who appreciates beautiful gestures.
    • Tattoo certificate, you can - temporary. If the lady is not ready for a full-fledged tattoo, you can make a henna drawing, it looks very beautiful, but it will only last a couple of weeks.
    • Home Japanese garden will allow you to create andmeditate while caring for a beautiful and stylish composition. This is a home decoration, relaxation for the soul and a creative way to congratulate the birthday girl.
    • Home sauna is a great option to give a friend for her 40th birthday. Now all pleasant bath procedures can be taken at home, whenever your heart desires. And placing a compact sauna in an apartment is not at all difficult.

    Ideas for hobbies and passions

    In addition to work, family and home, a woman should have a personal space filled with hobbies and hobbies. If you want to please her on her birthday, then make a pleasant surprise in the area of \u200b\u200bher interests. For a friend, attention to her hobbies is very valuable. This will bring you even closer. What exactly to give depends on the hobbies of the birthday girl, about which you definitely know more than ours. However, we have prepared a couple of universal tips for you:

    • A beautiful box for needlework will be useful for a lover of sewing and embroidering or knitting, weaving, etc. Now all accessories for your favorite activity will be beautifully and conveniently stored in a special box.
    • Cooking master class will appeal to a fan of cooking and a lover of cooking something tasty. You can choose a pastry course or an interesting master class on working with homemade pasta, or something else original and useful for a woman as a gift for a 40-year-old friend.
    • Certificate for a soap making course or perfume making will allow a lady to learn something new, get creative inspiration and just have fun.
    • Certificate to a craft store will allow the hero of the occasion to get exactly what she wants as a gift! After all, she will choose her present on her own
    • Exotic flower will be a great gift option for a woman who is passionate about plants, gardening. If a lady has a lot of flowers in her house - ask what rare seedling she dreams of and find it - the recipient's happiness will be simply beyond.
    • Tool set for summer cottage or plot - a useful gift for 40 years to a friend who has a summer cottage where she breeds fruit bushes, has broken several beds or flower beds. Thanks to your present, taking care of the “household” will become easier and more enjoyable.
    • A set of beautiful wicker rattan furniture for a porch or a summer cottage will please the lover of relaxing in the fresh air and the fan of decorating the house.
    • A book in your favorite genre will always captivate the avid book reader, choose an interesting bestseller in your favorite genre or a book by your favorite author with a signature.

    Do you want to please a woman with a very useful and pleasant present? Then present a certificate for cleaning services, housewives, cooks, gardeners, etc. This will free up the birthday girl a lot of time for herself and her hobbies, and also help to achieve the perfect fulfillment of worries. The certificate can be both one-time and for services on a regular basis.

    Feelings and impressions are the best present for all occasions

    There are too many material things and gifts in life, sometimes there are not enough colorful emotions andvivid impressions. So give them to your girlfriend, let the present remain in your memory for a long time, bring new sensations and emotions. From such an original gift to a girlfriend for 40 years, she will definitely be delighted. Here are some very good ideas:

    • Certificate for a course of stone massages will allow you to relax, enjoy genuine relaxation, improve your he alth and nervous system. In general, the present will be of great benefit and a lot of buzz.
    • Tickets to a concert or exhibition allow you to have a great time with friends or family. Does the birthday girl have a favorite performer? Then give your friend tickets to his or her concert, that's what will definitely be remembered forever.
    • Subscription for Latin American dances, for stretching or for any other activities that a woman has long dreamed of, but for which there is always not enough time or money. Now, thanks to you, the dream will come true.
    • A trip to the water park for you and your girlfriend is the perfect solution for what to give your best friend for 40 years. You can relax, have fun, laugh a lot and just have a great time!
    • Cool family quest will allow the birthday girl and her family to spend time in an interesting and exciting way by participating in a realistic puzzle. This is a very creative and memorable present.
    • Photo shoot for the birthday girl - a memorable gift from which both cool emotions and cool photos will remain.
    • Party in a limo - a way to catch up with youth, enjoy the fun, real women's revelry, very cool!

    It is possible and necessary to give women money! So the lady can find the perfect gift for herself. Only once you give money, do it beautifully and tastefully, for example, by turning banknotes into a beautiful tree with a money crown, or by collecting them in a box. You can also present a bunch of balloons, each of which has a hidden bill.

    Inexpensive surprises as a sign of attention

    Are you going to make a nice present for a good friend or just a neighbor, colleague? For 40 years, you can give your girlfriend an inexpensive but nice souvenir that will serve as just a manifestation of attention. For example, consider these ideas:

    • Handmade soap basket with pleasant aromas is a beautiful, practical and necessary present. A small basket of soap in the form of flowers and fruits is beautiful and incredibly pleasant.
    • Coffee couple for spouses - a beautiful gift for a married woman, which will make a pleasant surprise for a friend or acquaintance, as well as her soulmate.
    • A bottle of good champagne is always in time. For a greater effect, you need to decorate the bottle at the florist, so the present will be much more elegant and interesting.
    • Chocolate Basket is the perfect gift for a 40 year old friend. This is a polite gesture, a pleasant surprise that does not oblige the birthday girl to anything, but allows you to show respect for her.
    • Wireless headphones will appeal to a music lover, now you can listen to music wherever and whenever you want without wires and other unpleasant sensations.
    • A set of bath cosmetics with flower petals will allow you to arrange a real spa at home. This is a present for every lady, from which your friend will definitely be delighted.
    • Fruit Basket - this is a stylish, but inexpensive gift for a 40-year-old friend, which will allow the lady to enjoy he althy delicacies that do not suffer from the figure and win he alth. In addition, these baskets look very nice and elegant.
    • Illuminated mirror for perfect makeup - a useful thing for the birthday girl, now the birthday girl's makeup will always be perfect, even in poor lighting.
    • Wooden house key holder will allow you to conveniently place the keys for all family members, no longer lose them. Such a thing will also become an exquisite addition to the interior.

    Presents of a business lady

    At the age of 40, ladies, as a rule, have already reached certain heights in their careers and at the same time continue to climb the career ladder. Therefore, presentations for professional activities are more than relevant, we suggest paying attention to the following options:

    • Leather folder with initials makes the image of a business lady solid and irresistible. A woman will definitely appreciate such an idea.
    • Beautiful desktop organizer will allow you to create a comfortable workspace around you, filled with organization and order. Such a present can be chosen in any price category, from inexpensive plastic models to elite metal or stone ones.
    • Chic penfrom the famous brand - a chic solution for an equally beautiful birthday girl. You can even choose a model with precious metals.
    • Functional laptop stand with cooling function is a great birthday present for a 40 year old friend, especially if she spends a lot of time with a laptop for work or for fun.
    • Elegant desktop card holder helps you organize hundreds of cards that are always mixed up and lost.

    Now you definitely won't have problems deciding what to buy for a 40-year-old girlfriend, you just have to choose the most successful idea from several dozen good ones. But do not forget to pay attention also to the packaging, as well as the presentation of the gift, then everything will turn out perfect!

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