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Girlfriend's birthday is always a wonderful holiday for two, for this celebration, of course, both are preparing with all responsibility, the first is to think about what to give a friend for 36-37-38-39 years, and the second - prepares an amazing holiday to gather his closest friends on it. And in this article we will talk about presents, because, ultimately, a lot depends on their choice on the upcoming holiday: its atmosphere, the mood of the future hero of the occasion, etc. Choosing a gift for a friend for 36-37-38-39 years, of course , stands with all scrupulousness and attentiveness. You can explore many different offers and still get confused in a variety of gift options, or you can read our article - and find exactly what will surely please your girlfriend, because we have prepared only the most promising ideas especially for you.

In a separate category I would like to make such a moment as flowers. Surely, you know that women are waiting for them on any holiday. And do not think that they are expected only from men. To go to a festive event, in principle, is brought to a woman with flowers, andthey can take on a variety of forms. This can be a wonderful independent gift idea for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old, if it is somehow interesting to beat her, or just an addition to your congratulations.

How to choose a gift for a girlfriend and what advice you should listen to

So, very soon that important day will come when you go to the birthday of the birthday girl, but your present has not yet been bought or even invented? Then all the tips listed below will certainly come in handy, and will be very useful while you decide what to buy as a gift for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old.

    • Despite the fact that your friend is no longer a teenager, she probably still loves bright surprises. Therefore, you should not think that only a practical present will please her. Absolutely not, she will be pleased to receive some stylish memorabilia that just looks beautiful as a cool congratulation. If you found one, feel free to choose it as your future gift.
    • For the same reason, you should not think that in this case you can neglect the festive packaging of the present. In no case do this and do not turn your congratulations into something ordinary, predictable and too banal. Better let it be colorful, bright and memorable. Moreover, to achieve such an effect is not so difficult - you just need to choose a beautiful package for a gift for a 37-year-old friend or make it yourself, for example.
    • Not the best options include, for example, also presents fromcategory of medical cosmetics. Yes, your gift in the end can turn out to be very useful and even effective, but handing it over will not be the best moment on the future birthday girl's holiday. Any advice related to solving various cosmetic problems, you can just give a woman sensible advice in your female chatter, but you should not focus on this during the celebration. This is really not the best moment and not the best occasion.

    List of 35 Best Ideas for a Girlfriend on Her Birthday

    Do you know that in this material we want to share with you not only cool and relevant ideas and options for interesting, practical or original gifts for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old, we also want to tell you about the most versatile list of the best presents. Each of these proposed options is something that the hero of the occasion will definitely like, you only need to choose the item that, in your opinion, best suits this occasion and, of course, fits into your budget.

    1. Useful kitchen appliances in various variations.
    2. Stylish set of textiles for the kitchen.
    3. Korean cosmetics set in a gift box.
    4. Eye patches from your favorite beauty brand.
    5. The original beauty makeup blender.
    6. Professional makeup brushes in a special pencil case.
    7. Diffuser with a pleasant aroma for the home.
    8. A set of cute and dainty decorative candles.
    9. Scented body spraysea water from Victoria's Secret.
    10. Stylish beach bag.
    11. Perfume for hair with the scent of oriental spices.
    12. Eyelash curler.
    13. Professional hair dryer without damaging hair.
    14. Certificate for a manicure in the salon for a whole year.
    15. A portrait painted by an artist in Instagram canvas style.
    16. Interior painting, made of natural amber from Swarovski stones.
    17. Decorative fountain for home.
    18. Decorative plaid to decorate the interior of the living room.
    19. Individual photo session with a professional photo master.
    20. Interesting stationery set with lots of accessories.
    21. Floor type vase for living room interior.
    22. An elegant coffee table on comfortable wheels.
    23. Exquisite silver bracelet with pendants in the shape of the letters of the name of the birthday girl.
    24. Stylish brown leather wallet that fits a smartphone.
    25. Small insta style camera.
    26. Set of mugs for tea or coffee for two, four or six people.
    27. Stand under a glass jar for cupcakes or fruits.
    28. Satin or silk robe with embroidery on the back.
    29. Comfortable slippers from the well-known brand Victoria's Secret.
    30. A selection of nail polishes in a variety of vibrant pastel colors.
    31. Jewellery in the form of a choker around the neck.
    32. Bright and eye-catching ear cuff.
    33. Small size hand cream scented with famous perfume.
    34. Lip volume gloss.
    35. Cheerful and unusual rug forbathroom or under the front door.

    The most fun and unhackneyed alternatives to traditional bouquets

    Do you want your congratulations to be unusual and stand out brightly at the holiday, but have not yet decided what to give your girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old for her birthday? We also think it's just a great idea! After all, boring presents are no longer in fashion, and you, of course, are a person who is simply obliged to set a good tone for everyone and always. So, most likely, on this solemn day, the birthday girl will receive more than one bouquet as a congratulation. These will be flowers of different types and colors, but what can be their excellent alternative? Believe me, we have several options so magnificent that they will delight not only the birthday girl herself, but also all the guests who have gathered for her holiday. So, are you ready to learn about these cool ideas? Then let's rather study them in detail, because they are worth your closest attention:

    • Rose in a special glass flask. Surely, you will recognize this unique flower from the famous Disney fairy tale. And the flower is really unique. The fact is that it will not wither and lose its beautiful fresh look for a very long time - a week, a month, a year … Every woman, without exception, dreams of such a flower. And it will be an interesting gift idea for a girlfriend for 38 years and for any other age.
    • A rose in a block of ice, and to get it, you will need to really break this ice. In principle, a frozen flower will also be very effective andlook unusual. No matter how the hero of the occasion decides to proceed with it, in any case, your alternative to the traditional bouquet on this holiday will definitely be the brightest and most memorable.
    • A portrait of natural flowers, which is usually made from large blooming rose buds. It is now difficult to surprise many birthday girls with portraits or, even more so, with classic bouquets. That is why we suggest approaching the preparation of a festive surprise with special creativity and ordering an amazing flower arrangement from florists depicting a portrait of the hero of the occasion. Such a "live" picture can have a variety of sizes, but what's for sure - it will look just the same enchanting.
    • Salute, as one of the coolest surprises that you can think of as a gift for a birthday girl. This is the perfect choice if you can not find what to give your best friend for 36-37-38-39 years. Flowers, for sure, on this holiday, the hero of the occasion will have a lot. But a bright performance in the form of fireworks, most likely, will be an unexpected surprise for the woman herself, and for all the guests gathered at her event. Such an extravaganza of colors and flashes is exactly what you need for a great end to the holiday!
    • A live butterfly in a beautiful jar. This living butterfly is a gift that is designed to fulfill all the most secret and innermost desires of the birthday girl. What do I need to do? Just open the jar, whisper to the butterfly about your dreams and let it go free. Everything, your present is the fulfillment of the cherished dream of the birthday girl.Is it possible to come up with something more sweet and touching? We are sure that your hero of the occasion will simply melt from such a magnificent congratulation.
    • A cloud of balloons. It looks incredibly impressive. And if you also put a sincere and sweet compliment or congratulation in each ball, then the gift will not only be spectacular, but also very sincere. The main thing in such a congratulation is as many multi-colored balloons as possible, tied with an elegant ribbon. With such a present, a woman will get simply unimaginable holiday photos, and a smile will not leave her face when looking at such a wonderful gift. A very cute and fun gift for a 38 year old friend.

    Ideas of delicious options for congratulations for a real sweet tooth

    Well, of course, delicious presents are exactly what can be considered the second option in terms of their versatility right after our list of the most relevant and best presents. After all, a delicious congratulation is such an interesting thing that is appropriate at absolutely any age and from absolutely any person, and even more so from a close friend or friend. But tasty gifts for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old should also be cool, be distinguished by the originality of their performance and, of course, a festive appearance:

    • Flower arrangement with delicious sweets. Isn't that cool and isn't it the coolest interpretation of a regular bouquet you can think of. After all, it turns out that such a bouquet will not only look amazingly beautiful in a vase,but some of its parts are also edible, so they can be enjoyed with tea at any suitable moment, and it’s great to surprise guests with such an unusual and very cool treat.
    • gift present made in the form of a festive tin box with several types of jam. You can buy such a cool goodies as a gift for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years. Let's start with the fact that in such presentations, as a rule, there are no too banal tastes. For example, strawberries here are mixed with champagne or chocolate, confectioners added a little whiskey to the apricot, and mint or basil, for example, to the pear. This is very tasty! Another advantage of such a delicious congratulation is that the gift box itself also has an original design. And speaking of the original design, we do not mean just painted flowers. In particular, such gifts based on world-famous literary works are very popular: from Jam Air to Gone with Jam. Well, isn't that cool?
    • Chocolate Fountain. For 36-39 years old, you can give your friend another very spectacular treat for the birthday girl's table. When ordering such a present for the birthday of the future hero of the occasion, you can be sure that he is destined to become the central and most memorable composition of the entire festive table. Such a gift will really look very impressive and it will undoubtedly be to the taste of all the assembled guests, and most importantly, the birthday girl. Traditionally, this delicacy is served with sliced fruits andcheese of your choice.
    • Chocolate figurine in the form of a heart - a sweet and very touching congratulation that will melt the heart of any girl or woman. And age doesn't matter at all. Note that such a present can be very effectively tied to your budget. What do we mean? The fact is that the cost of such a chocolate figurine directly depends on its size. You can order a small heart with the initials of the birthday girl at the pastry shop or ask the pastry chef to prepare a real “sweet masterpiece”, for example, a whole meter high, or maybe more.
    • Champagne Bottle. And then, of course, a reasonable question arose for you: what, in fact, is interesting and original in such a present, because champagne can be purchased at almost any store if you wish? Do not rush to conclusions, because a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old can be given exactly her favorite, and in order for the congratulation to be truly memorable and unforgettable, prepare a special unusual label for the bottle. It is not at all difficult to order it - you just need to contact any photo salon that deals with various types of photo printing. The service, by the way, is quite inexpensive and available for any budget. It will be not only exclusive and one of a kind, but also as individualized as possible, with the help of personalized congratulations in verse and a photo of the hero of the occasion. Even if this drink is drunk on the very first day, the girl will definitely keep such an interesting bottle for a long time as one of the most wonderful memorable souvenirs.

    Inexpensive gifts and the most budgetary options for congratulating a girlfriend

    If you suddenly thought that only an expensive gift would be a good choice for a girlfriend's birthday gift for 36-37-38-39 years old, then you are deeply mistaken, because there are many wonderful and very budget options for a great present .

    • Special make-up mirror, which has comfortable flaps that prevent its deformation, a reliable stand, as well as professional lighting, so necessary for high-quality makeup.
    • Pink headband designed for various bath treatments. It is simply necessary for every woman who starts her favorite cosmetic manipulations. Moreover, such a bandage looks very cute. Not a bad idea what to give a friend for 36-37-38-39 years old.
    • The box made of wood in white, glass or crystal, featuring the most elegant design and designed to store a variety of things, in particular - favorite jewelry and things dear to the heart. Due to its elegant appearance, such a product will become a real decoration of the surrounding interior, giving it a special charm and sophistication. A good choice for deciding what to give a girlfriend for 39 years.
    • Small travel size pleated curling iron that you can easily take with you on any trip and always be able to make amazing styling for everyday as well as evening looks.
    • A set of bath cosmetics in an elegant gift basket.The content of such a cute present can be the most diverse and include a lot of really necessary cosmetics, including: fragrant bath foam, perfume-scented shower gel, heart-shaped soap, dried rose petals, a beautiful inflatable bath pillow and much more. .

    When choosing an inexpensive gift for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old, it is very important to devote enough time to buying it. Let your congratulations be budgetary, but soul, care and love should be felt in it. An inexpensive present is not at all the one chosen in a hurry.

    gifts for a girlfriend that will give the most emotions

    If this year you are determined to truly surprise and delight your future hero of the occasion with the brightest and most unexpected surprise, then as an answer to the question of what to give a girlfriend for 36-39 years for her birthday - we suggest choosing a wide variety of certificates -emotions, namely:

    • Professional makeup courses. Experienced make-up masters conduct such courses, and they will certainly teach the birthday girl how to turn from a beautiful girl into a true ball queen in a matter of seconds, worthy of the most admiring glances. The ability to make beautiful makeup for any occasion is the knowledge and skills that will be useful to absolutely any woman, which is why you can be sure that your gift is right in the top ten!
    • Visit to the SPA center. This is where you can really have a great time and enjoy the upcoming holiday. In a beautifulatmosphere of relaxation and bliss together with the birthday girl you will meet her birthday. Here you can give the hero of the occasion a visit to the sauna, an invigorating massage from a professional massage therapist, delicious treats in the form of herbal tea and other delicacies, etc. as a gift. Well, doesn’t every girl dream of holding her celebration at least once? We are sure that this will be just a wonderful gift that deserves a real standing ovation!
    • Movie tickets. But not ordinary tickets, which, in principle, the birthday girl can easily buy for herself. No, we offer you, as a present, to organize a visit by the hero of the occasion to a special VIP room in the cinema, where he will be only in the selected company of friends and loved ones or a loved one. Here, in addition to traditional popcorn, he will also be served other wonderful treats, such as fruit and champagne. Truly a very good gift for a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old.
    • Beauty salons. Well, what girl would refuse such a present? Of course, any modern girl simply dreams of receiving congratulations as a present for her birthday in the form of an opportunity to visit modern beauty salons, where you can just perfectly prepare for the upcoming holiday and create a brilliant evening look for yourself.
    • Cooking master class, which the birthday girl will really be interested in attending. It is best to find out in advance what kind of culinary trends the hero of the occasion is interested in, and then you can pick up something for the woman as a present.then the most optimal and interesting.

    From all of the above, you can easily find out what you can give a girlfriend for 36-37-38-39 years old, so that it becomes a really good choice and a worthy gift. After all, the traitor deserves only the most pleasant and best presents from you, with the choice of which we will be happy to help you.

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