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The first important date for your dear person is approaching, and you absolutely do not know what to give your girlfriend for 20 years, how to surprise and please? Let's figure out together what you can give a girl on her 20th birthday, what points you should pay attention to when looking for the perfect and best gift for a friend on her 20th birthday. We additionally tried to highlight the main tips, pay attention to them, because they will help you make the right decision.

How to choose a gift for a girlfriend for 20 years

It is quite a difficult task to find a present for a beautiful girl, especially if this is the closest and dearest person. I want everything to be perfect on such a day and a smile never left her face. Let's figure out how to choose a gift for a girlfriend for 20 years, and what are the main points to pay attention to.

    • Don't put off preparing for the holiday until the last day, now many people prefer to make memorable surprises and, of course, it takes some time to make them.
    • You need to think about how much you plan to spend on a present in order to set certain boundaries and rationally distribute funds for packaging, a bunch and other little things.
    • Consider when choosing what to give a friend for her 20th birthday, her character, if she is a constrained and withdrawn person, then the classic will be just right, and for an eccentric and cheerful girl, original presents are more suitable.
    • Hobbies play an important role in choosing a surprise, so most likely, if she loves some business, she will undoubtedly be delighted with a present that will come in handy for a hobby.
    • Try to come up with and organize a beautiful congratulation for the birthday girl so that it turns out to be unexpected and unforgettable for her. You can complement your surprise with a handmade commemorative postcard, made to order or by yourself.
    • Be sure to choose bright packaging to make the present look festive. You can use it as a gift box, or just a bag or wrapping paper.

    What can not be given to a girlfriend for 20 years

    Thinking over various universal or original presents, do not forget about the lines that are better not to cross, so as not to accidentally upset the birthday girl. We tried to collect different options for what not to give a girlfriend for 20 years and those items that would be better to think over several times before buying.

    • Pets we would not recommend handing over pets without the consent of the birthday girl, as this is a responsible decision that needs to be approached correctly. Of course, little bundles of happiness always make people happy at first, but later on they can become a burden.
    • Cosmetics better not to buy male friends, because you simply do notyou will be able to understand the whole variety of products offered and buy exactly what the girl uses.
    • Detergents will not be a solid surprise, such gifts for a girlfriend on her 20th birthday will not cause much delight. However, if you decide to buy an expensive set of natural skin care products, you will get a worthy present.
    • Epilator A rather dubious surprise, a girl should still choose such personal things herself.
    • It is better to buy clothes only if you are sure that you will like the choice. Try not to experiment and buy the style familiar to the birthday girl. Do not forget to pay attention to the size, it will be a shame if the thing turns out to be too small or, conversely, hangs like a shapeless bag.
    • Eau de Parfum, if you are the best friend, then you definitely know the preferences of the birthday girl. But for those who do not communicate too closely, it is more relevant to purchase a certificate to the store, with which the girl herself will choose the right fragrance.

    List of 42 best gifts for a girlfriend for 20 years

    For a dear little man, I want to arrange a real holiday on the first important anniversary and we offer to start choosing presents from a list of 42 best gifts for a friend for 20 years, and she will be sincerely glad for each of them:

    1. certificate to a clothing store;
    2. terry bathrobe for home;
    3. music jewelry box;
    4. mirror with LED light;
    5. karaoke microphone;
    6. wireless speaker;
    7. bluetooth headset forphone;
    8. interactive photo frame;
    9. ebook;
    10. table florarium;
    11. stylish sunglasses;
    12. film cube;
    13. irrigator;
    14. home boots made of natural fur;
    15. named towels in different sizes;
    16. small tabletop fireplace;
    17. heated foot mat;
    18. orthopedic pillow;
    19. named pendant;
    20. stylish brooch;
    21. massage certificate;
    22. engraved wrist watch;
    23. leather belt or gloves;
    24. rose in a flask;
    25. juicer;
    26. ironing system;
    27. a small aquarium with fish or turtles;
    28. board game "Mafia";
    29. Yandex station;
    30. jewelry brooch;
    31. a basket with her favorite goodies, it can be sweets or fruits;
    32. decorative sofa cushions;
    33. curling iron;
    34. bean bag;
    35. handmade photo album;
    36. aqua farm;
    37. voluminous slippers in the shape of animal paws;
    38. UV lamp;
    39. laptop table;
    40. beautiful swimsuit;
    41. named shaker for creating different cocktails;
    42. cake to order.

    Flowers are a great addition to the chosen gift for a girlfriend for her 20th birthday. Every lady loves such pleasant surprises, and if you choose a bright composition for her, you will undoubtedly please her. To make the bouquet last longer, you can buy it in a box or basket with a floral sponge.

    Classic 20th birthday gifts for girlfriend

    Twenty is a very interesting age, when life is just beginning to gain momentum and there is still so much new to come. Try on this day to please the birthday girl with useful surprises that will come in handy. In this section, we have prepared classic gifts for a friend for her 20th birthday, and added not only the ideas of the necessary universal presents, but also items for care and beauty, so that she always looks chic.

    • Clutch, every girl has a large number of handbags in her set of accessories, but, oddly enough, they are not superfluous. Try to choose the model that your friend was eyeing.
    • Name wallet in bright color. They say that it is the red color that helps to attract financial well-being. When choosing among different options, try to buy with more pockets.
    • Elegant jewelry made of silver or gold, choose them to match the pieces she already owns. An unusually shaped pendant or ring will look great, just find out the exact size.
    • Stylish terry pajamas or an elegant peignoir and dressing gown made of velveteen or silk.
    • Ionizer comb, much nicer to use than a normal comb and your hair will look much better.
    • Professional hair dryer with different attachments for creating hairstyles, and you can also choose a straightener for bangs.
    • Coffee maker will come in handy for a friend who simply cannot start the day well without a mug of invigorating and fragrantcoffee.
    • A device that she can use to whiten her teeth at home.

    Complementing all of the above with a small list of classic gifts for a girlfriend for her 20th birthday:

    • bright silk scarf around the neck;
    • handmade custom jewelry;
    • capacious cosmetic bag with several tiers;
    • electric curlers;
    • wireless headphones;
    • stole;
    • set of beautiful and high quality bed linen;
    • hot foot bath;
    • Apple AirPods.

    Don't want to be just banal? Then it would be appropriate to order a congratulatory billboard in addition to the classic gift for a girlfriend for her 20th anniversary. It is worth choosing the one that will be visible from the windows of the girl.

    What can you give your best friend for 20 years

    I want to please a loved one in some special way, picking up the most original, useful and unusual surprise, but what can you give your best friend for 20 years? We tried in this section to choose a lot of sincere, but at the same time necessary presents, so that they bring some benefit to the birthday girl.

    • Decorative cosmetics set will be a cool surprise, you can try to choose professional palettes with many different shades. After all, this way she will be able to independently create new images for herself.
    • Certificate to a perfume shop or buy perfume yourself, the main thing is to know the preferences of the birthday girl.
    • Unusual lingerie set from a well-known manufacturer,such a surprise will definitely appeal to you, the main thing is not to miscalculate with the size.
    • Set of natural skin care products at home. Now the Letique line is very popular, as in a short time you can see the result of its application.
    • Smart watches will be useful for an active girl who is used to keeping track of her performance, and they also have many other useful functions, thanks to the connection with the phone.
    • Volume plaid, connected with the use of large ropes, it looks very beautiful and unusual, and the hero of the day will definitely like it.

    See some more ideas of what to give your best friend for her 20th birthday will be relevant:

    • snood;
    • massage pad for neck and head;
    • smart scale;
    • a set of panties in a gift box;
    • facial skin care machine;
    • manicure set;
    • handy little backpack.

    Since you communicate very closely, you know exactly all her addictions, desires and secrets, therefore, when choosing a gift for your best friend for her 20th birthday, just try to remember all the wishes she mentioned. After all, not always even the most expensive thing can be the best for her.

    List of inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend for her 20th birthday

    For those who do not have a large sum in their pocket for a surprise, it will be relevant to consider our list of inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend for her 20th birthday. Now the modern market offers many worthy gifts from the budget category, and youyou will definitely be able to find interesting surprises up to 500 or 1000 rubles that can delight the birthday girl.

    • Mug with cool text that you can create yourself. And you can apply it in a photo printing workshop, where there is special equipment.
    • An interesting book if your friend likes to read novels or non-fiction.
    • A bright umbrella will complement her look on a rainy and cloudy day.
    • Set of professional makeup brushes in a gift box.
    • Desktop acrylic makeup stand so that it doesn't fall on the table, but always lies neatly in place.
    • Laptop bag, you can choose from classic neutral color or bright style.
    • A small cosmetic bag with a folding mirror
    • Stylish diary with thick cover and personalized pen included.
    • A beautiful outdoor flower in a large pot if she likes live plants.
    • Colorful stereo headphones cat ears or fur.
    • Bath set: slippers, hat, towel and various essential oils.
    • Belgian chocolate figure box.

    Of course, in a difficult financial situation, you can prepare a gift for your girlfriend for her 20th birthday with your own hands. She will definitely appreciate this approach and will definitely be delighted with the prepared present:

    • photo collage;
    • topiary of bright ropes or coffee beans;
    • video greetings from all close friends;
    • homemade leather bracelet;
    • a set of DIY cabinet aroma pads;
    • sweet bouquet of sweets and lollipops;
    • knitted plaid;
    • record a video and a song for the birthday girl;
    • photo frame-collage;
    • box.

    Handmade gifts for a girlfriend for 20 years are always received with special warmth, because they will remain for a long memory and will constantly delight her. If you do not know at all how to make your idea a reality, then just refer to the training workshops on the Internet.

    What an original present for a girlfriend for 20 years

    Everyone loves to be pleasantly surprised, and when an important anniversary is approaching for a person close to you, you want to make it unusual. And, of course, you need to start by choosing a surprise, but what is the original gift to give your girlfriend for 20 years? Let's look at different ideas, among which you can definitely notice a couple of suitable options.

    • Gather all your friends by midnight near her house, and as soon as her birthday comes, ask to look out the window and congratulate loudly, while launching a colorful fireworks display.
    • Order a unique photo shoot for your friend in the most unusual place, after discussing it with the photographer, because he will be the one who can tell you where to shoot.
    • Portrait of a birthday girl in an interesting image of her favorite star or Empress CatherineGreat.
    • Photo plaid, for it use the brightest pictures that have accumulated in your home collection.
    • Luna bedside table lamp, with congratulatory lines from you on one side and her picture on the other.
    • Flying alarm clock will be able to pull out a real sleepyhead even from the warmest bed.
    • Luminous LED accessories, many interesting items are now produced, such as sneakers, laces, headphones, bracelets, hair extensions.

    One should not exclude such inexpensive, but original gifts for a girlfriend on her 20th birthday, such as:

    • kigurumi pajamas;
    • phone case with her photo;
    • flip flop portrait;
    • animal hat;
    • photo puzzle;
    • foot hammock;
    • aroma alarm;
    • plaid with sleeves;
    • medal with her photograph.

    Order a lot of balloons in addition to the bouquet to brightly present the prepared original gift to your girlfriend for 20 years. You can choose them not with banal inscriptions, but with playful and funny ones.

    gift Ideas for a Girlfriend 20th Anniversary for Passion

    Now in the fast pace of life, almost every person has a hobby and, of course, if you decide to buy a present that is useful for him, the birthday girl will be delighted. We tried to choose the most relevant addictions for young people and picked up gift ideas for their girlfriend for their 20th anniversary for their hobby.

    • To a girl who has her owncar, you can purchase a fur cape for the front seats, new leather covers, a DVR, a rear-view camera, a set of bright rugs.
    • If a friend loves outdoor activities, then a folding deck chair is exactly what she needs for a comfortable stay, as well as a warm sleeping bag, a tent, a powerful flashlight with a solar battery, hammock, chairs in covers, heated camping mat.
    • Athlete will love quality fitness bands, a yoga mat, a sports top or pants, a pedometer, a bag for things, an expander, comfortable sneakers, a subscription to the pool.
    • For those who are passionate about drawing, you can purchase a professional set of pencils or paints, a comfortable easel, a backlit sand painting table, a large work bag.
    • Many girls are very fond of cooking, and if a friend is no exception, then useful small household appliances will come in handy: a mixer, blender, food processor, electric grill, waffle iron or slow cooker. You can also purchase a set of quality knives or tableware.
    • Needlewoman will be delighted with cross stitch, beads, diamond crystals or ribbons. By the way, they can be ordered from the photo of the birthday girl, so that in the end the finished work turned out to be no worse than a portrait.
    • If she likes to shoot videos or take beautiful shots then buy a camera or camera cleaning kit, tripod, action camera, LED light ring.

    We offer a few more options for inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend for a hobbyfor 20th birthday:

    • massage cape on the driver's seat;
    • magnetic phone holder;
    • fitness bracelet;
    • microfiber towel in special pouch;
    • small player;
    • a set of dishes in a plastic picnic box;
    • wicker basket;
    • scratch notepad;
    • recipe book from a professional chef;
    • a set of rare spices on a beautiful stand.

    Thinking over what to give a friend for a hobby for 20 years, try to take into account the things she already has. Most likely, she shared with you about the need to purchase this or that item, so just try to remember her desires.

    Experience gifts for a girlfriend on her 20th birthday

    Twenty years is the coolest age when you want to try everything or maybe even test yourself to get a sea of positive and unusual emotions. And, of course, if you want her to experience new sensations, then you should consider gifts-experiences for a friend on her 20th birthday.

    • Certificate for skin-friendly treatments at the SPA-salon every girl will be happy to receive.
    • A master class in dancing, needlework, sand painting, pottery, painting, cooking and many other areas will be very useful for those girls who like to develop their talents and do not stand still.
    • Yoga or fitness gift card, especially if she has long wanted to try to spend her free time productivelytime.
    • Riding a quad bike or go-kart and if your friend's birthday falls in the winter, snowmobiling.
    • Quest room with interesting logic tasks, you can go there with friends. Such entertainment will not only bring a lot of positive, but also make you work with your head in order to solve hidden problems as soon as possible.
    • Outdoor horseback riding, if a girl has a significant other, then it is appropriate to present a certificate for two. So they will have a good time together and get a charge of positive emotions.
    • Tickets for the concert of the band, which will soon come to your city. And also many are not averse to spending time in the theater or opera, here just choose according to the interests of the hero of the day.
    • Swimming with dolphins in the pool can charge the birthday girl with positive energy for a long time.
    • Flying in a hot air balloon, but this entertainment is not cheap and is suitable only for those who are not afraid of heights.
    • Certificate to a beauty salon where she can change her usual look. Relevant for a friend who dreams of starting a new life by changing her hairstyle or dyeing her hair a different color.
    • Take charge of organizing a party in her honor, such a surprise will be very unexpected, especially if she did not plan to celebrate the holiday.
    • Training courses on the correct application of makeup, so that the girl knows what make-up is best done for the evening or day and always looked chic.

    Required before you buy a certificate forany entertainment, it is worthwhile to carefully consider whether the birthday girl will be frightened and, in general, whether the chosen gift-impression for 20 years will be interesting to her friend. After all, each person is individual and can have different addictions and desires.

    Well, our selection of ideas for what you can give your girlfriend for 20 years has come to an end, we hope you now know exactly how and with what to surprise the birthday girl so that this day becomes special and unforgettable for her. Be sure to offer help with organizational matters to free her from unnecessary work on such an important anniversary for her.

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