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With the approaching holiday on the occasion of the birthday, many are beginning to actively look for good gifts in particular - what to give a girlfriend for 16 years. It is in this article that you can find the best gift idea that will definitely please the hero of the occasion and bring her sincere joy and pleasure. When preparing this material, we have collected all the most wonderful gift options for a 16-year-old friend's birthday, which will be relevant for this age and fit into your budget.

As we have repeatedly noticed and drew your attention - a girl and a woman at any age should definitely go to the holiday with flowers. It can be a variety of ideas for flower arrangements or variations on their theme. You need to choose what the hero of the occasion will like the most, which one you are going to congratulate.

How to choose a great present for a wonderful girl of 16 years old

Of course, when choosing a gift idea for a 16-year-old friend, you should definitely take into account some tips and tricks that will help you not to make a mistake and buy exactly the thing that will truly delight the birthday girl.

    • First of all, remember that the birthday of such a young girl is always an occasion for a really noisy and cheerful celebration. Presentations in honor of the holiday should be appropriate. Say no to all boring and banal things that will not decorate this celebration right away. Come up with something cool and interesting for your girlfriend that will truly surprise her.
    • In no case do not neglect the interesting packaging for your present. What could it be? For example, it will look super cool if you pack a small thing in several boxes placed one inside the other. So you can wrap almost any compact gift for a girlfriend for 16 years.
    • Given that the US girlfriend is still studying at school or college, gifts that will be related to the school, but at the same time will also be different in the original design, so that it looks festive, beautiful and elegant.
    • If you do not want to buy a traditional bouquet in honor of your girlfriend's birthday, then you can safely replace it with a good and unusual alternative to classic floral arrangements, in this article we will talk about the most interesting of these options.
    • Of course, we are not fans of overly expensive presents that could embarrass the hero of the occasion. An expensive gift can confuse girls, so give preference to cute and interesting things that are of low cost. This is especially true if you are looking for what to give a friend for 16 years.
    • Rest assured, some original giftsgirlfriend for 16 years, in no way inferior to the purchased limits, you can prepare with your own hands. For example, you can bake your own birthday cake or make other treats, you can also create a beautiful photo collage or a birthday newspaper, as well as a birthday card.

    List of 35 best girlfriend gifts

    In this section, we want to present to your attention an excellent selection of the so-called most relevant and best gifts for a girlfriend for 16 years, which you will not be difficult to find in the modern specialized market. In addition, all these ideas are really optimal and most versatile gifts, perfect for congratulating a young girl. In particular, you can give a girlfriend for 16 years:

    1. Camera for your own YouTube vlog.
    2. Pink cap with "My life - my rules!" print.
    3. Photo frame for your favorite photos in vintage style.
    4. Exclusive mobile phone case.
    5. Birthday cake in the form of a doll directly to the table.
    6. Fluffy bunny keychain for backpack or smartphone.
    7. gift box of ingredients needed to make chocolate.
    8. Beautiful box with the birthday girl's favorite sweets.
    9. Cool chocolate card for congratulations.
    10. A whole pack of various American and European sweets.
    11. Set of colored pens with interchangeable refills in different colors.
    12. A pack of ginger honey cookies themed with confectioners.
    13. Kigurumi pajamas in the form of a funny panda orbears.
    14. Pink mask essential for sound sleep.
    15. Cool pillow with sequins for the interior.
    16. A mug that has an unusual shape.
    17. Handmade poster made from shared photos of friends.
    18. T-shirt with rhinestone name print.
    19. A set of bright and colorful hair clips.
    20. Choker with a beautiful colored stone.
    21. Warm and soft pink robe.
    22. A trendy belt made from large silver stones.
    23. Friendship bracelet with themed charms.
    24. Strawberry-scented hair ties.
    25. Beautiful writing pen decorated with pink rhinestones.
    26. Stylish travel book for planning future trips.
    27. Funny emoji keyboard for chatting with friends.
    28. Webcam for laptop and virtual communication.
    29. Big soft toy with postcard.
    30. Fashion speaker.
    31. Fashion cat sunglasses.
    32. Pale pink nail polish.
    33. A set of rings on the phalanges of the fingers.
    34. Effective leg bracelet with interesting pendants.
    35. False eyelash kit for spectacular holiday makeup.

    Very interesting gifts for study

    In the list of great gifts useful for studying, it would not be superfluous to mention wonderful things that will be a good choice for congratulating a young friend on her birthday. So, good gift ideas for a 16 year old friend's birthday:

    • Notebook with colorful stickers, which is very convenientdistribute the diary, making important notes and notes. Modern stickers are offered in a really huge assortment, they can be of various shapes and colors.
    • Set of notebooks for school or college with cool designer prints. These can be so-called anti-stress notebooks with special coloring pages called mandala. It can also be covers with exclusive drawings and even personalized notebooks. Cool and at the same time absolutely budget and a good gift for a girlfriend for 16 years.
    • Stylish planner, made in delicate pink or light green color, which will be great to use as a planner and diary for important notes, personal thoughts and plans for the future. These gliders usually have many compartments, so they can be driven for different purposes.
    • Notebook with black sheets. It really looks very cool, and your girlfriend will immediately become the owner of one of the most interesting stationery items. In such a notebook, the sheets are really made in black, so, of course, you can write on them only with a special pen with white ink that comes with your present.
    • A stylish folder made of eco-leather in bright colors, which can be used, for example, instead of the usual school backpack. This folder will easily fit all the necessary notebooks, notepads and writing items.

    One small life hack: you can buy several of these gifts made in the same style as a gift for a 16-year-old friend at once, andpack them in a large festive box, mixed with colorful tinsel and marshmallows. You will get a very cool congratulatory box, which has recently been very popular among teenagers.

    Inexpensive options for a wonderful congratulations from a friend

    Are you going to the birthday of your friend or close girlfriend and have a relatively small amount of money to purchase it? Still haven't decided what to give a girlfriend for 16 years, so that it would be cool, fashionable and fully fit into your financial framework? You should not worry, because in this article you can easily find answers to your questions.

    • Colored smoothie glass. Such a glass will be a great accessory for walking with girlfriends. It can be filled with he althy homemade fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, and many other favorite drinks.
    • Foamy bath bombs that dissolves in water and turns into a colorful rainbow foam that smells deliciously like fruit or bubble gum.
    • Holographic coin wallet. This accessory is small in size, so it is as convenient as possible to use, it will fit in any handbag or backpack, as well as in your pocket. The wallet is decorated with cool prints and is interrupted by different colors in the sun.
    • Cool slippers for home made in the form of a colored unicorn or any other animal. For 16 years, you can give a friend funny and comfortable slippers, which the birthday girl will be happy towear. The choice of such slippers is so huge that you can easily find the best option.
    • Handmade soap gift box with a sweet candy scent. Such soap is sold either in souvenir or cosmetic stores, as well as in special soap workshops made from natural ingredients. Not only is it very useful, but it also looks really nice. You can choose a variety of scents and shapes for your future present: from all kinds of flowers to heart-shaped soaps, cute animals, etc.

    Fashion items for an advanced and modern girl

    As a present, you can give a 16-year-old friend a wonderful accessory that will become a fashionable attribute and a true decoration of her images. Among such stylish things, we note, first of all, the following ideas, which have already managed to prove their relevance and popularity:

    • Trendy retro velvet headband. Such accessories can be found in fairly large and at the same time inexpensive brands, for example, Zara. After all, you probably know how often designers in their latest collections flashed wide velvet hoops of various colors. They really can add charm to any outfit, both dressy and casual.
    • Comfortable and beautiful hair bands made of velor. Again, these accessories come in a wide variety of colors, and we strongly suggest that you choose the brightest models, such as the very popular pink or sky blue, bright yellow or green. Similar elastic bandsenjoy the same popularity as their predecessors - spring models. They do not damage the hair at all and look stylish, especially in the wake of the 90s fashion trends. A great solution if you don't know what to give your teenage friend.
    • Hair bandana with prints inspired by various famous brands, like Ermé with a cute horse in traditional orange style, or Louis Vuitton choosing cat prints for their silk scarves.
    • Pins for decorating clothes as well as backpacks. Surely, you already know that such accessories are very often used by teenagers to decorate school uniforms. They are made with a variety of patterns, such icons are colorful and allow you to decorate clothes very cool, including outerwear, for example, denim jackets.
    • High socks for sneakers and sneakers with fun and unusual prints. If you don’t know what to buy for a 16-year-old friend, but want to find a really cool ride for a small amount, we suggest that you pay attention to just such socks with all kinds of inscriptions: “The funniest girl in the world”, “Mom’s princess!”, "Star of all scenes!" etc.

    If you are a close friend of the future hero of the occasion, then most likely you know very well what kind of fashionable little thing a girlfriend would like to receive for her birthday from her friend or girlfriend. If you don’t know, then you can start a thematic conversation and find out, for sure, your future hero of the occasion will not guess that you are not just chatting on various girlish topics, but at the same timetrying to find out as much as possible about the planned congratulations.

    What to come up with interesting instead of traditional bouquets

    There are a lot of cool and original ideas to help you find what to give your best friend for her 16th birthday in honor of her future birthday. Many young girls will be more delighted with some unusual ideas that will be a great substitute for classic bouquets.

    • Flower portrait. A very cool and effective idea that will cause real delight in any girl, so you can be one hundred percent sure of such a bright flower greeting. The birthday girl will remember your gift for years to come.
    • Cool floral arrangement, which is mixed with flowers and favorite sweets of the hero of the occasion. Such compositions are made in the form of bouquets or in special congratulatory boxes. Don't look trite or boring.
    • Rose placed in a glass flask. Not only does such a flower look very impressive, it is also a real symbol of strong friendship and love, because it is an exact copy of the flower that the heroine of the famous Disney story about beauty and the beast had. A wonderful gift choice for a 16 year old friend from a friend.
    • A song that you write yourself and perform it on a holiday specially in honor of the birthday girl. Agree, a very unusual and unhackneyed idea for congratulating a girlfriend. With the help of a song, you can tell the birthday girl how much you value your friendship, which, of course, will be incredibly pleasant forgirls.
    • Congratulations on the billboard. You can organize a similar present for a friend from several friends at once, leaving the signature of each of them. On the most congratulatory poster, order a photo of the birthday girl and a beautiful congratulation in verse in the photo salon. This will be a very sweet and touching congratulation, which the girl will definitely remember for the rest of her life.
    • Insta-portrait. Visit the page of the future hero of the occasion on a well-known social network called Instagram, select one of the best photos of the birthday girl there and order it to be printed in the form of a large poster. Then put this poster in a frame and you will get a great portrait, which will be an excellent gift from your best friend for 16 years.

    Various cool makeup options for a 16 year old girlfriend

    We have already looked at many great options that will be useful for you to congratulate the birthday girl on her birthday. Now we want to invite you to get acquainted with the excellent options for presentations in the form of various cosmetics that are really very popular among teenagers. So, what can be a gift for a girlfriend for sixteen years?

    • Shimmer with colorful sequins for the body. Such a tool, presented in the form of a spray, can be used not only for the body, but also for the hair. In addition to sparkles, the shimmer also has a very pleasant aroma, so it can easily replace perfume. The aroma is different: from sweet fruity to refreshing marine. Choose exactlywhat your girlfriend will love the most.
    • Hand cream with moisturizing effect and in a very cool package in the form of a banana with the appropriate smell. Thanks to the fact that such a cream is in a convenient compact package, it will fit perfectly even in the smallest purse or clutch, it can also be hidden in a school pencil case so that it is always at hand all day long.
    • Hygienic balm, pre-holiday to moisturize and protect lips from wind. Such a balm is really very effective, and thanks to the large selection, you can also buy the color you like, for example, with a slight pink tint. In addition, most modern lip balms have a pleasant fruity aroma and taste: strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, Coca-Cola, etc. A really necessary and inexpensive gift for a girlfriend for 16 years.
    • Teenager eau de toilette, which is offered in huge quantities by many joint cosmetic manufacturers. It has a light and completely unobtrusive aroma of fruit and freshness. Such perfumes, as a rule, are presented in colorful and very beautiful bottles, so they will simply look amazing as a present, and later on the table of the birthday girl in her room.
    • Hair Perfume is a special product that gives your hair a pleasant scent. In addition, these sprays also have an excellent caring effect, preventing the split ends of the hair. Agree, just a necessary thing in the makeup bag of any modern young girl with a beautiful mop of long hair.

    If you find it difficult to decide which gift to choose for 16 years old, then you can visit one of the large cosmetic stores and purchase a special gift certificate there. What does such a certificate allow? It is designed for a certain amount, for which its owner will be able to choose a wonderful present for herself and to her own taste.

    All kinds of gifts for your girlfriend and her hobby

    If you have been friends with a future birthday girl for a long time, then, of course, you know a lot about her hobbies and interests. It can be a wide variety of hobbies, for which with our help you can easily pick up a wonderful present, for example:

    • Sport leggings complete with a sports top from the famous American teen delirium Victoria's Secret. You can order such things in numerous online stores that deliver and sell goods from this manufacturer. The Pink collection has a lot of cool teens in a variety of colors.
    • Yoga mat in vibrant yellow or pink. Such rugs can be plain or with cool prints or patterns. There are even nominal models of rugs. They are of high quality and will definitely come in handy for a girl at yoga or while doing sports in the gym, as well as at home.
    • Dance lesson from a titled dancer. A gift for a 16-year-old friend who is fond of modern or classical dances. A professional lesson will help her learn to dance even better and master new coolmovement.
    • A book designed to be kept as a diary or notepad for recording favorite recipes. Why exactly such a notebook will be used by your birthday girl depends solely on her personal wishes and hobbies.
    • Cooking courses, which will be interesting again - that girl who is fond of cooking and tries her hand at cooking various interesting dishes. Attending a class taught by a professional chef is a great opportunity to have fun and learn your birthday.

    Finally, I would like to draw your attention to one fact: no matter which version of a classic or original gift you choose for a 16-year-old girlfriend, not only the thing itself is important, but also how exactly you organize its presentation. It is very important to choose the right and sincere words, but hackneyed phrases in this case will be superfluous. That is why do not try to imitate very pathetic verses from the Internet and write a couple of lines personally from yourself, so that it is individual and truly sincere.

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