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When such an important holiday as the coming of age of a loved one is approaching, you need to prepare well and choose something interesting to give your girlfriend for 18 years. On this day, I want everything to be perfect, and only positive and sincere emotions were present for the birthday girl. In the article, we will tell you how to make the right choice, what points you should pay attention to, and, of course, we will offer many different options for birthday gifts for your girlfriend, from which she will be delighted.

How to choose the right gift for a girlfriend for 18 years

Of course, before you go shopping, you need to know exactly how to choose a gift for a girlfriend for 18 years, so that she will pleasantly surprise and please. We tried to put together a selection of the best tips, and they will definitely help you.

    • To begin with, a general rule regarding all holidays, try to prepare in advance and choose your gift not on the eve of the appointed date of celebration. After all, haste never leads to a positive result and there is a great risk of making the wrong choice.
    • Every person on his holiday wants to get a lot of positive emotions, unexpected surprises that can surprise and be remembered, and a teenager on the day of his majoritythat is no exception. Therefore, try to surprise, and for this, come up with a creative congratulation, it’s good if there are a lot of balls and flowers.
    • Do not forget about the beautiful presentation of your surprise, it must be wrapped in wrapping paper. Even if you bought an inexpensive gift for an 18 year old friend, a birthday box will make it more meaningful.
    • Determine how much you can spend on a present. So you will clearly understand which categories of surprises to immediately put aside so that your eyes do not run wide in the large assortment offered by stores.
    • Be sure to take into account the character of a friend, if she is eccentric and likes to experiment, she will be delighted to receive something new and unusual, as well as bright emotions. If the girl is calm and diligent, then the surprise should be appropriate.
    • It is important to consider her hobby. Until the age of 18, most likely, she managed to do a lot of things, try herself in different creative directions, but if she still has a favorite hobby, then it's best to buy a present that will be useful for business.
    • So that when presenting your surprise, not to get confused and say a beautiful speech with bright wishes for the birthday girl, be sure to prepare it in advance. Since many at an important moment, in the presence of a large number of people around, cannot spontaneously express everything they want.

    What can not be given to a girlfriend for 18 years

    When choosing a present for a birthday, you need to know exactly what you can’t give your girlfriend for 18 years, so as not to accidentally upset or offend her. Because on a day like thisevery beautiful lady dreams of a perfect and happy holiday that will go smoothly and flawlessly, and your task is to help.

    • Kitchen utensils - a friend is still a young girl and she has nothing to do with such things, because the time for new adventures in life is just beginning, and obviously they will not pass in the kitchen. Of course, there are exceptions, if she loves to cook and plans to connect her life with this profession, then you can please her with interesting little things.
    • A pet, even if the girl turns 18, she seems to be able to make decisions herself, but if she lives with her parents, then such a gift is first of all discussed with them.
    • Perfume should be chosen with extreme caution, because if you do not know exactly your favorite company and its series of eau de toilette, it will be very difficult to randomly pick up the perfect option.
    • Clothes - it's the same as with perfume, you need to know the style and the exact size. If you have this information, then feel free to buy things, otherwise it's better not to risk it.
    • Means for weight loss or cream to remove defects on the skin of the face will clearly hint to the birthday girl about the shortcomings, and this will definitely ruin her mood on such a holiday.
    • Alcohol - even despite the age of majority, such a surprise is considered bad manners for a beautiful lady.
    • Fake of well-known brands will definitely upset a fashionable and well-versed girlfriend, it's better to consider something else than offend her like that.
    • Money, they alwaysuseful, but more likely to be spent on the wrong thing. If you plan to leave a memory, then it is better to buy a present for the birthday girl.

    Advice, the most important thing is to choose a gift for a girlfriend for 18 years with a soul, showing them how much you love and respect a person close to you.

    List of 33 best gifts for 18 year old girlfriend

    For starters, we have prepared a list of 33 best gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years, it includes interesting and necessary things:

    1. capacious makeup organizer;
    2. wireless headphones;
    3. light silk robe;
    4. picnic set;
    5. illuminated mirror;
    6. multi-tier jewelry box;
    7. handmade jewelry;
    8. an umbrella with a bright pattern that will definitely stand out among the gray mass;
    9. clutch or handbag;
    10. home weather station;
    11. gift certificate to a cosmetics or perfume shop;
    12. openwork underwear set;
    13. aroma alarm;
    14. sushi set for 4 people;
    15. fancy bedside lamp;
    16. handmade soap in a basket with her favorite scents;
    17. manicure and pedicure set;
    18. travel bag if she is studying in another city and constantly has to travel home;
    19. necessary bag for small items or personal care products;
    20. stylish hat and snood;
    21. wireless speaker;
    22. external battery;
    23. warm bathrobe with her name on the back;
    24. photocrystal;
    25. table florarium;
    26. biofireplace;
    27. floor vase with a set of decorative twigs;
    28. coffee maker;
    29. professional makeup brush set;
    30. laptop desk with built-in cooling fans;
    31. graphic tablet;
    32. sport hoop;
    33. exclusive jeans from a famous brand.

    Don't forget the flowers, be sure to get a bouquet of your favorite plants. If she is a conservationist, then try to choose the option in a pot with blossoming buds.

    What to give your best friend for her 18th birthday

    When a dear little man is approaching such an important date - coming of age, then all the excitement with the birthday girl is shared by her best friend. In all the preparation and fuss, you need to remember to choose what to give a girlfriend for her 18th birthday would be appropriate so that not only the memory of a strong friendship remains, but this thing is also useful. It's good that now, thanks to photo printing studios, engraving workshops and ateliers, you can make any ordinary object special. We have prepared a list of the best ideas for memorable gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years.

    • Jewelry, it can be an elegant ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet on hand. When choosing a metal, consider your budget, so you can buy them in silver, gold or platinum. Additionally, a ring or pendant can be engraved.
    • A personalized wallet made of genuine leatherand, choose a bright color, and preferably red shades, because they attractmoney.
    • Quality thermal mug that keeps warm for 12 hours, you can order it with the owner's photo or name.
    • Buy a big and beautiful gift box, put all your favorite sweets in it and be sure to handmade a postcard, your friend with a sweet tooth will be delighted with such a gift for 18 years.
    • Arrange a real flash mob for your girlfriend, let different people surprise her on the way to school. For example, they can give small surprises or say compliments, and at the end of the journey they will arrange a mass dance and a solemn presentation of flowers.
    • Choose beads with natural stones as a gift, which are considered her talisman according to the sign of the zodiac.
    • Handmade photo album, made to order, but you shouldn't present it empty, it's better to fill a few pages with pictures of the birthday girl.
    • Portrait from your photo together, now it is not difficult to find a person who does this kind of work. Choose the size of the picture based on the area of its room, so that the finished version does not look massive or, conversely, too small.

    And also when choosing what to give your best friend for 18 years, consider this list of budget surprises:

    • lunch box in the form of a cool owl or cat;
    • large air mattress "Flamingo";
    • acrylic makeup organizer;
    • voluminous house slippers in the form of a cat, unicorn or panda;
    • waterproof case;
    • lens set forsmartphone.

    The main thing is your presentation, in order to pleasantly surprise a dear little man on this day, prepare a surprise gift for a girlfriend for 18 years. You can make a big ball with presents inside, a congratulatory poster or a banner with her photo and kind words, all this will cause a sea of positive and unforgettable emotions.

    Original gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years

    If you are used to surprise, then you should definitely consider original gifts for 18 years for a friend. It is these things that will cause indescribable delight, because these are not just ordinary classic presents that almost every person has.

    • Arrange a themed photoshoot for a friend. Choose from outdoor or classic indoor shots against a prepared backdrop.
    • Record a song in a recording studio, now this present is very common. You will pick up beautiful lines about your friendship, and all that remains is to put them on the music.
    • Kigurumi pajamas, even an adult girl will like such original, and most importantly, warm clothes.
    • Give your best friend a chic bouquet of sweets, soft toys or a bottle of wine and snacks (cheese, sweets, chocolate, nuts, etc.).
    • Alarm clock for the "owl" will be very out of place, but to make sure she gets out of bed, use the trick and buy a model that runs away or flies away.
    • Warm plaid with sleeves so you can wrap yourself in it and keep your hands free.

    Also considerthe following original, but inexpensive gifts for a girlfriend for 18 years:

    • 2D bag;
    • small aquarium "Hotel";
    • USB flash drive in the form of chocolate, hamburger, shoes or lipstick;
    • LED headphones;
    • weather predictor;
    • eternal pencil;
    • book safe.

    If you know that a friend for some reason is not planning to celebrate the holiday, you should not leave this moment as it is. It's good if you organize a surprise party yourself, where you invite all her close friends.

    List of cheap gifts for girlfriend for 18 years

    Young students do not always have their own earnings, and, of course, scholarships are hardly enough for food or accommodation, so very often, before the holiday, there are big financial problems. But do not despair, we have prepared a list of inexpensive gifts for 18 years old friend that she will be happy to receive.

    • Smartphone case, you can choose handmade, wood with a photo of a friend or a personalized version. Such an exclusive surprise will not leave her indifferent.
    • Board games, for example: jenga, crocodile, mafia or monopoly. And also thinking about what to present to a friend for her 18th birthday, you can consider more relaxed options for adults: drunk roulette, chess or a strip twister.
    • Ring stand in the form of a chic deer with antlers, a large human hand or more compact options: an elephant, a mouse, a cat.
    • Diarysiridescent cover complete with a pen, it will always come in handy at school, work or at home.
    • 3D lamp in the form of a globe, teddy bear or any other animal will look interesting in the room. It doesn't shine too brightly so it won't disturb your sleep.
    • A mug with a cool inscription or a pair of chameleon mugs that change color when hot liquid hits.
    • Tablecloth on the table with funny toasts, so that everyone can always easily find something to wish the birthday girl.
    • Headphones in the form of sushi with red caviar, look very impressive, but are inexpensive.

    And also when there is absolutely no money for a present, make a gift with your own hands to a friend for 18 years, she will definitely appreciate such a surprise:

    • Edit a real movie for the birthday girl and record video greetings from all the friends and family you meet. By the way, you can ask mom and dad for photos from her very birth to make a complete picture.
    • Make a real topiary, decorate the tree with ribbons, paper or coffee beans.
    • Make a big photo collage, add the funniest and happiest moments from your life there, do not forget to sign different meaningful phrases that both of you can understand.
    • Make a charm or a dream catcher for your friend with your own hands so that she is always protected. And the fact that you made this item will only fill it with positive energy of care and love.
    • If you know how to knit well, then evendon’t think about what to present to your girlfriend for 18 years, you can easily make a stylish hat from Japanese raffia, take a scarf, a cardigan or a warm soft jacket that is pleasant to the body.
    • You can make an anti-stress toy with coffee beans inside. To do this, you will need a stencil of the desired shape (cats, dogs, birds or donuts) on which you will make a bean case.
    • A set of jars for various little things with your pictures. To transfer them, degrease the surface of the glass and cover with ordinary PVA glue, then wet the reverse side of the photo well, so the paper will move away from the picture and it will remain on the surface.
    • Bake cupcakes or a birthday cake for your friend's 18th birthday, she'll definitely love this surprise.

    Advice, on the Internet you can watch and get acquainted with video tutorials or master classes on how to make this or that item. They tell you in detail and point by point each step, you just have to repeat everything and create a gift with your own hands for a girlfriend for her birthday.

    What to give for 18 years to a girlfriend for a hobby

    Most people by this age already have a favorite thing, to which they try to devote a lot of free time. And if you plan to choose the right thing for the birthday girl, then you should think carefully about what to give your girlfriend for 18 years for her hobby.

    • Assiduous girl who loves painstaking work, you can buy a painting from a photograph, which will need to be embroidered with a cross or diamond pebbles. And also you canbuy a convenient basket for storing work trifles or a set of flexible knitting needles for knitting hats.
    • Choosing what to give for an 18 year old sports girlfriend, focus on these things: stylish sneakers in a specialized store or a suit for classes, a subscription for six months or a year to a fitness room, dumbbells , MP3 player for more fun running in the morning.
    • If a girl is an experienced blogger or a beginner, then you can buy her an action camera, an octopus stand for your phone, a portable lamp for the correct setting of light, a large palette with different shades of shadows , interesting pictures of backgrounds for online broadcasts.
    • A birthday girl who loves books and often spends time reading can buy a gift certificate to a bookstore, subscribe to the most popular online portal, where the most different stories are collected, or purchase e-book.
    • Fashionista, who is used to keeping a close eye on her appearance and loves to create new images, you can buy a hair straightener, curling iron, professional hair dryer, electric comb, a set of products with keratin.
    • If a friend really loves to cook goodies, and wants to develop in this business, then give her interesting and original baking dishes, a convenient set of high-quality frying pans with a removable handle, a book unique recipes collected from all over the world, electronic scales for the kitchen, blender or mixer.

    Try before buying a gift for 18 years to inspire a friend to study her things, so as not to accidentallybuy what's already in stock.

    Impression gifts for girlfriend for 18 years

    More and more popular among young people are gifts in the form of emotions, namely, you can choose gifts-impressions for 18 years for a friend. Such positive moments are remembered for a long time and are remembered with special warmth and awe.

    • Pay for a relaxing full body massage - classic, stones, herbal bags or Thai, any of them will help relieve fatigue.
    • Horse riding outside the city through fresh and clean forest will charge you with positive energy, and in such an environment you can think about plans for life and set your goals slowly.
    • Going to the movies for a premiere or a performance by your favorite band or solo artist.
    • For a cultural getaway theater or ballet would be a great idea. It's better to buy several tickets to go together, or she will invite her loved one with her.
    • Quest room "In the Dark" a great option to tickle the nerves of the birthday girl so that she cheers up a little and gets a dose of adrenaline in her blood.
    • Take your friend to go karting where you can drive the little cars to your heart's content. And although they reach speeds of no more than 40 km / h, sitting in them, you will feel like you are rushing much faster.
    • Arrange a surprise in the form of a trip with all your friends to nature, where you can fry a barbecue and have fun in the company of loved ones and dear people.
    • Certificate to attend the master class onsend a topic that is interesting to her, for example, a dance lover, to a lesson with an experienced mentor, where you can learn something new and useful for yourself. For a girl who loves to cook goodies, cooking lessons are suitable.

    Now you are convinced that there are not so few different options that are suitable as a present. In the article, we offered many ideas of what can be presented to a friend for 18 years and how to please her with sincere emotions. We hope each of you could find the very perfect and necessary surprise for the beautiful lady who is celebrating her coming of age.

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