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With the approach of such a solemn day in your family as your sister's birthday, for all relatives, including you, an important question will arise - what to give your sister for 15-16-17 years. One could say that the choice of such a present is absolutely simple, but, as practice shows, trying to find something really amazing for the birthday girl, you can get confused in the choice. This article is designed to help you choose a really good congratulation, because in this article we will not only share the best tips and tricks for finding good presents, but also talk about the coolest gift options and ideas for your sister for 15-16-17 years old.

How to choose a wonderful and interesting gift for sister

A significant day is approaching in your family - the birthday of your beloved sister and, of course, now you are in search of the best present. But how to choose a really cool gift for a sister for 15, 16 or 17 years old, if the profile market offers so many different and cool options. And they say the truth, the larger the range, the more difficult the choice. There are so many interesting and cool things around that couldthe future hero of the occasion would like it, which will be very easy to get lost in all this diversity without competent help.

    • So, the first rule - in no case do not postpone the search for a present for the birthday girl for the last days or hours. This will only complicate your task and you will have to choose from what first caught your eye, in a hurry to prepare everything. Haste in such a task is absolutely superfluous.
    • The second no less important rule, your congratulations should be personal and somehow individualized. It doesn't matter how you do it - choose a handmade postcard for the present or you can find a completely exclusive gift for your sister for 15-16-17 years especially for the birthday girl. The main thing is that your congratulations should be sincere, truly memorable and truly personal.
    • It is also worth noting that it is best to give up the so-called useful things on this holiday. Yes, they will definitely come in handy for the birthday girl, but they are unlikely to bring her so much joy. Congratulations for a young girl should be original, bright and cause her genuine delight, and all the necessary and practical things are purchased sometime later.
    • Young girls love everything colorful and bright, they are perky and cheerful, and therefore your good gift to your sister for 15-16-17 years old should be just as amazing as its future owner. To achieve this effect, you will be helped by cool and boring presentation packaging. For her, you can use gift boxes of different sizes, placing them one inside the other to getcool "matryoshka". You can also pack a present simply with the help of interesting paper, for example, personalized paper or with funny congratulatory inscriptions. Whichever option you choose, the main thing is that it is memorable and bright!

    Note that when going to a birthday party for a young girl, you should never ignore the rule about flowers. It doesn’t matter at all whether this congratulation is being prepared from a brother or sister. The presence of at least a small bouquet or an interesting floral arrangement is a must. If you don’t want to buy classic bouquets, choose cool alternatives to them, which we will tell you about in this article below.

    List of 40 best gifts to wish your sister a happy birthday

    Significantly facilitate the task of finding a present for the future hero of the occasion with our cool list of the best gift ideas for your teenage sister. These options differ, first of all, in their versatility and relevance, they will suit all girls of this age without exception, sincerely please the birthday girls, and will also be very useful and interesting for them. In addition, this list is a selection of really cool congratulations for every taste and budget, which will allow you to find the best option for any occasion.

    1. Cool holder for a mobile gadget in the form of a ring.
    2. Desk organizer for school desktop.
    3. The famous Pandora bracelet.
    4. A set of delicious-smelling bathroom cosmetics.
    5. Stylish youth clutch infavorite book design.
    6. Silver jewelry.
    7. Pendant for a bracelet in the form of a key, a heart or a letter of a name.
    8. Exquisite choker as decoration around the neck.
    9. Luminous garland with photo holders.
    10. Glow in the dark ceiling or wall stickers for interior decor.
    11. Original mug for your favorite drinks with USB warming function.
    12. Cool smiley rug for the room.
    13. Fun foldable emoji keyboard.
    14. Foaming colorful bubble gum bath bombs.
    15. A cat-shaped slate magnetic board attached to the refrigerator.
    16. Sturdy and roomy shopping bag.
    17. Multifunctional pillow tray.
    18. Aquarium for the interior of the birthday girl's room.
    19. Beautiful bedding set with bright print.
    20. Laptop bag.
    21. Quality webcam for PC.
    22. Visit the quest room with friends.
    23. Professional dance courses.
    24. A box of delicious gingerbread cookies with festive confectionery decor.
    25. Handmade chocolates gift box.
    26. Set for making your favorite hot chocolate with marshmallows.
    27. Pink capacious cosmetic bag is quite compact in size.
    28. Colored crayons for short-term hair coloring.
    29. Smoothie glass original shape.
    30. Perfume hand cream scented with your favorite perfume
    31. Warm plaid for home with sleeves and mermaid tail.
    32. A live butterfly that can bemake a cherished wish.
    33. Big soft teddy bear toy.
    34. Firework arranged in honor of the Birthday of the birthday girl.
    35. Named star.
    36. Neon glow-in-the-dark headphones in vibrant colors.
    37. Wireless headphones.
    38. Bright socks with cheerful prints: "Mom's Princess", etc.
    39. Small lunch box for school or university lunches.
    40. Greeting card.

    What kind of emotional gifts can be a great choice for a sister

    Let's start, perhaps, with the most original gift for my sister for 15-16-17 years old - and we mean, of course, nothing more than emotion gifts, which in this case can be, in particular:

    • Movie tickets for a funny comedy or romantic melodrama, which the birthday boy will visit with pleasure on his birthday with his girlfriends. And rest assured, she will really have a great time on her holiday.
    • Surprise holiday, arranged especially on the occasion of your sister's upcoming solemn event. It can be a cool foam disco or a fun masquerade ball, or you can also arrange a themed evening based on your favorite TV series, such as Friends. It will turn out a truly creative gift and a really cool decision what to give your sister for 15 years, 16 or 17.
    • gift certificate for a manicure just in the morning before the planned celebrations, so that the birthday girl could shine one hundred percent on her holiday.
    • Professional makeup courses with a qualified makeup artist, because every young girl should be able to make natural and beautiful makeup, emphasizing all her many advantages. It is with this task that your wonderful present for your sister on her birthday will help to cope.
    • Evening walk with friends in a limousine in the evening city. Well, what teenager does not dream of such a wonderful birthday greeting? So we propose to pay attention to such a cool idea, it will be a wonderful choice if you don’t know what to give your sister for 17 years from your brother.
    • Professional photography courses, because today's young girls are so addicted to photography and posting them on various social networks. Now your little sister will be able to create really cool and high-quality content with some professional lessons from an experienced photography master.
    • Cooking classes like pastry classes, as many teenage girls at that age are getting serious about cooking and want to learn how to cook the most delicious and world-famous treats.

    Combined certificate will be the perfect gift choice for a sister for 15-16-17 years old, if you are not completely sure what might be of interest to the hero of the occasion. Such a gift certificate suggests a choice of several types of different offers for entertainment and leisure at once, what exactly to choose - the birthday girl will decide for herself.

    What to treat your beloved sister for 15-17 years on holiday

    Of course, on her holiday, the girl, as before in her childhood, expects to receive many delicious surprises and favorite treats that can be the perfect choice for congratulating the birthday girl:

    • Chocolate figurine in the form of a ballerina or, for example, Cinderella's shoes. Well, isn't this an interesting variation on the favorite treat of all teenagers - chocolate?
    • Chocolate fountain, which will instantly become the centerpiece of the most luxurious table. Such a gift will be a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake, and will look very impressive.
    • Chinese cookies, inside of which there are various notes with compliments, funny predictions or just wise quotes. Such a treat will be a great gift for a teenage sister from her sister. You can even cook it yourself by finding the best recipe on YouTube.
    • Delicious floral arrangement that looks like a bouquet but is made with not only the host's favorite flowers, but also her favorite treats, such as sweets and chocolates.
    • gift box with delicious cupcakes with various fruit toppings. It’s great if such treats also differ in a very bright and interesting confectionery decor. You can order these cupcakes in one of the pastry shops in your city.
    • Chocolate portrait, because a simple portrait for a birthday girl at this age may seem a bit boring, but an edible picture made of natural chocolate issomething that you can give your sister for 15-16-17 years old.

    It is worth noting that sweet presents are such a versatile choice that will definitely please your birthday girl. Sweets can be both the main congratulation for the hero of the occasion, and a pleasant addition to it. In addition, many of the treats can be prepared by yourself, thus making the present absolutely inexpensive.

    What real fashionistas will always love

    Girls are such girls, they will always be happy to receive various accessories as a present, which they need so much in cosmetic bags and handbags to feel even more beautiful. That is why for 17, 15, and also for 16 years, you can give your sister:

    • Stylish pocket mirror, thanks to which you can easily and quickly touch up your makeup or hairstyle at any time. This is a real girly value that is relevant for every girl.
    • A real dressing room mirror with lighting around the entire perimeter. This mirror is very easy to use. You can take it with you on the road or travel. Such a professional highlight helps to make a really good and neat make-up.
    • Famous comb for wet or tangled hair by a famous British brand called Tangle Teaser. A hairbrush that has been recognized by the world's top stylists.
    • A set of temporary tattoos, with which you can create a truly exclusive and unique evening look. Suchtattoos are made in the form of a variety of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
    • Body shimmer from the popular American brand - Victoria's Secret. This cosmetic product is made in the form of a spray with shimmering particles. In addition, the spray also has a pleasant vanilla or coconut aroma. Although this is a very cool, but quite inexpensive gift for my sister for 15-16-17 years old.
    • Beautiful box for storing jewelry and bijouterie of a teenage girl. The box should be distinguished by its original design in order to be a wonderful decorative element of any interior.
    • Soft pink bath bandage Used during various beauty treatments to keep hair out of the face.

    Interesting "school" and "university" presents for little sister

    Because your sister is still in school or already at university, cool things like:

    • A set of stickers and stickers for the glider to make it much more convenient and fun to fly. And the records themselves will be brighter and more colorful.
    • A set of black notebooks that comes with a special white ink pen. Agree, doing homework or writing lectures in such notebooks will be much more pleasant and exciting than in ordinary ones.
    • A handy folder for school or university instead of a backpack. Such a stylish accessory can be made, for example, from naturalskin and will be a great gift choice for a younger sister for 15-16-17 years.
    • Stylish pink planner with a few kinks, motivational quotes, a calendar and additional tabs for keeping important notes and easy planning for the week or month ahead.
    • A set of notebooks with author's drawings, which, by the way, have recently been released by many different brands in collaboration with famous designers. These notebooks look really fashionable, cool and stylish, just like your hero of the occasion.

    Interesting color alternatives: how to surprise your little sister

    Thinking about what gift to give to your sister for 16 years from your brother or what interesting version of the bouquet to choose for birthday girls for 15-17 years, so that it doesn’t look boring at all and certainly not banal and unpredictable? Then we offer you a couple of wonderful alternatives to traditional bouquets and floral arrangements, namely:

    • A bouquet made not of flowers, but of the cutest soft toys that actually looks so cute and touching that it will definitely not leave anyone indifferent one teenage girl.
    • Congratulations to the birthday girl on a big billboard right near the house of the hero of the occasion. This is an excellent choice if you don't know what to give your sister for 16, 17 years old, but want to really impress her.
    • A bunch of colorful helium balloons that will look like a huge colored cloud. Inside each such ball, you can still place a greeting card or a cutecompliment note. It will turn out very impressive and spectacular.
    • Rose in a special glass flask, in which the flower will not fade for many months and will be able to please the birthday girl with its beauty. Surely, the girl will immediately recognize this present, because the famous Disney heroine from the fairy tale had such a flower.
    • A book with a hundred different compliments for the hero of the occasion. Believe me, every girl will be extremely pleased to reread such a book every day.

    The most fashionable birthday gifts for a stylish and cool little sister

    Teenage girls have their own fashion, and it involves a lot of very interesting things that will be a great clue for you what to give your sister for 15, 16 years from a sister or brother.

    • Insta-portrait, which is made to order by printing one of the photos from the social network of the same name. The hero of the occasion will be very pleased to receive such a cool and unexpected gift.
    • Selfie stick to enjoy taking more cool and super cool selfies for various social networks.
    • Pins. Very cool looking icons for clothes and backpacks. For example, they can decorate not only your favorite jeans, but even a school uniform, making it exclusive and stylish.
    • Extra smartphone flash that looks like a ring attached directly to the gadget. The function of such an accessory is to make the pictures even more vivid and of high quality.
    • Pop socket. To buy ina gift for a sister for 15-16-17 years old can be a cool accessory for modern mobile phones, which has a variety of designs and is very popular among teenagers.

    Inexpensive options for a wonderful birthday greeting for sister

    For a holiday, a sister girl can be presented with something very cool, but very inexpensive, which she will definitely like 100%. For example, to congratulate a birthday girl, you can choose such relevant things as:

    • Rug under the door to the room of the birthday girl in the form of a smiley to immediately raise the mood of all the guests of the hero of the occasion.
    • A cool and functional holder for a smartphone, thanks to which using a modern gadget will be even more convenient and comfortable.
    • Glowing stickers in the form of stars, which are glued directly to the ceiling and perfectly serve as a very beautiful and unusual night light.
    • A hygienic lip balm with a glossy pink finish and a delicious bubblegum scent. Great gift idea for a teenage girl from a sister.
    • Aromatic sachets with chamomile, basil or lavender scents designed for wardrobes.
    • A bright pink mat that you can take with you to the beach or to yoga, as well as to fitness and to the gym for a workout.
    • Pendant for handbag, backpack or keys in the form of a keychain, made in the original design. For example, a nominal model of suchproducts.

    Actually, in this article we have listed only the most relevant and cool ideas for organizing a cool birthday greeting for your sister. For 15-16-17 years old, you can give your sister hundreds of really cool gifts, the main thing is to want it! We decided to introduce you only to the most popular ideas that your birthday girl will definitely like and bring her to true delight. In addition, all the above presentation options differ in cost, so you can find the best idea for any, even the most modest budget.

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