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The birthday of a sister is always a very big holiday for the whole family. But the main decision that you have to make is what to give your sister for 11-12-13-14 years. Indeed, at this age, children are very sensitive to congratulations and presents, they are looking forward to this holiday with such impatience that, of course, you do not want to disappoint the future birthday girl at all. In this article, we have collected the coolest and most interesting gift ideas for a sister for 11-12-13-14 years old, which will truly delight and interest her.

Despite such a young age, do not forget that you are going to wish a happy birthday to a girl. And what is so important for any girl? Of course, flowers! Therefore, be sure to look for a beautiful and cute bouquet of flowers for the future hero of the occasion.

How to choose the right gift for your little sister

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a gift for your sister for 11-12-13-14 years old, you need to carefully approach this task and devote enough time to the process. Since the rush will be extremely superfluous here and, of course, undesirable. To make it easier for you to deal withtask - we invite you to familiarize yourself with a selection of tips that we have prepared especially for you. These are exactly the recommendations that you really should heed when buying a gift for your sister for 11-12-13-14 years old on the occasion of her long-awaited holiday - her birthday.

    • First of all, let's talk about flowers. We have already mentioned above that this is a mandatory attribute for congratulating girls at any age. Particular attention should be paid to this item if the brother congratulates the congratulations. It is best to choose absolutely unpretentious flowers, such as delicate tulips. Touching bouquets of wild flowers will also look good. You can even prepare such a gift for your sister for 11-12-13-14 years old with your own hands, collecting a beautiful bouquet in your own garden.
    • If you are sure that flowers for your birthday girl will not be very interesting - feel free to choose all sorts of alternatives to them: from delicious arrangements of sweets to bouquets of small soft toys.
    • Separately, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that a girl at this age will be very pleased to receive various goodies as congratulations from her sister or brother. What goodies does your birthday girl prefer? Maybe these are some interesting European or American and world-famous sweets that can now be purchased in modern confectioneries and supermarkets.
    • A gift for a sister for 11-14 years from a sister or brother can be looked for in modern stores of various fashionable toys. For example, close attentionYou can turn to a variety of models of hoverboards and rollers, as well as other transport options. Cool modern toys are also suitable. Their choice depends, first of all, on the specific interests of the future birthday girl.
    • Don't forget that you are going to a girl's birthday, and she is definitely interested in various girly accessories and things. For example, it can be a variety of hypoallergenic baby cosmetics.
    • Younger brothers and sisters can prepare handmade gifts for their hero of the occasion. It's not difficult at all, and there are many different ideas to choose from. For example, a hand-made postcard with a large bouquet of flowers drawn and congratulations in verse will look cool and very touching. Such a card will be an excellent gift choice for a sister for 11-14 years from a younger brother. A variety of festive dried flower arrangements, beautiful drawings and much more, which you, for example, can even prepare at a craft lesson at school on the eve of the upcoming holiday, will also do.
    • Big sisters and brothers can take an example from other relatives and present money as the main present. But so that such a gift does not look very boring for the birthday girl, add some cute little thing or an original souvenir to it, for example, a wallet decorated with rhinestones or sequins.

    Additionally, we would also like to mention that for a birthday girl at this age, not only the present itself is very important, but also how it looks. That's why don't forget toworry about festive gift wrapping for a sister for 11-14 years. Such packaging can be made by hand or purchased, as well as ordered professional packaging in the appropriate souvenir and gift shops. In any case, for packaging you will need colorful paper or various gift boxes or bags. You can complete the decoration with an elegant bow. A great idea would be a present-matryoshka, this is when a gift is hidden in several boxes at once, like a nesting doll. Believe me, printing such a present is very interesting and exciting.

    List of 38 best birthday gifts for your beloved sister

    If it is difficult for you to make your choice, even after reading all the categories of various presents below, you can always choose the best option for giving your sister for 14 years, 13, 12 or 11 in this list. Why are we so sure? Because it is in this collection that all the coolest and most relevant ideas are collected, which, as practice has shown, are really very popular with birthday girls of this age. In addition to the fact that ideas for every taste are offered here, they are also universal in price, since there are options for any budget and even the most excellent, but very cool and inexpensive gift for a sister for 11, 12, 13, 14 years old.

    1. Bright pink rug for kids room.
    2. Cool design animal mobile phone holder.
    3. Desk School Desktop Organizer.
    4. Aquarium with colorful fish.
    5. Fragrantjewelry with various sweet scents of fruits and flowers.
    6. Pendant for bracelet in the shape of the letter of the name.
    7. Spinner glowing with colorful lights.
    8. Exquisite choker with a large multi-colored stone as a decoration around the neck.
    9. Luminous garland with photo clips for room decor.
    10. Glow in the dark star stickers for ceiling or wall.
    11. The original mug for your favorite drinks based on your favorite movies.
    12. Beautiful pink ballerina print bedding set.
    13. Music box with a ballerina.
    14. A box of delicious gingerbread cookies with festive confectionery decor.
    15. Set for making the most delicious drink - hot chocolate.
    16. Pink capacious cosmetic bag for girly accessories.
    17. Colorful hair crayons for the trendiest hairstyles.
    18. Children's perfume with a light, unobtrusive powdery scent.
    19. Kigurumi pajamas in the form of a cute animal: pandas, bears, etc.
    20. Large plush Teddy bear with name embroidered on foot.
    21. Neon glow-in-the-dark headphones in the most vibrant colors.
    22. A fun and colorful design wireless headphones.
    23. Bright socks with cheerful prints: "The most beautiful little sister", etc.
    24. Small lunch box for school lunches.
    25. Handmade greeting card.
    26. Pocket mirror with prints from the famous Frozen cartoon.
    27. Tea set based on the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast"
    28. Dancing snow ball.
    29. Movie tickets for a funny comedy.
    30. A beautiful hair comb with compact size for a small makeup bag.
    31. Package of world-famous chewing gum called "Love is".
    32. A bouquet made not of flowers, but of small soft toys.
    33. A bunch of colorful helium balloons.
    34. Hygienic lip balm with a hint of pink.
    35. Chocolate figurine in the shape of Cinderella's shoe.
    36. Flash-ring for a modern mobile gadget with a photo function.
    37. A set of cool hair clips embellished with pearls.
    38. Sleep bandage in pink with "Sleep Princess" slogan.

    Delicious ideas for cool and interesting congratulations to sister for 11-14 years old

    What gift would your little sister be most happy about? Of course, all kinds of goodies and sweets that she loved so much. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our best offers in detail and choose the option that suits you best:

    • Chinese cookies, which became famous all over the world for having a cool prediction inside each cookie. Children especially like this delicacy, and they will be happy to eat cookie after cookie to read as many different interesting notes as possible. Let's tell you a little secret, on the Internet you can find a very useful recipe for such a delicacy with dried fruits and honey and cook a cool idea what to give your sister for 13, 14 years or 12 and 11, and be sure that such a sweetnessalso useful.
    • Chocolate portrait as a normal portrait might not be very interesting for a child of that age. And here is a picture made from a photo of a birthday girl made of delicious and natural chocolate - this is exactly what the girl will like incredibly much.
    • A delicious bouquet or a cool composition created with your favorite flowers and the most delicious sweets. Such a bouquet will definitely become the favorite of the birthday girl.
    • Chocolate Fountain, perfect for decorating the birthday party table of the hero of the occasion, focusing on such an amazing and delicious sweet treat that all the kids are crazy about.
    • gift box of delicious cupcakes with different fillings. You can decorate such cupcakes with the help of various confectionery decor, for example, cool inscriptions or personalized chocolate plates look very interesting.

    The main advantage of such a present lies in the fact that it will cost you absolutely inexpensively, so it will be an excellent choice even for the most modest budget. In addition, 11-12-13-14 years old you can give your sister a treat, which is just an addition to the main congratulations, because it is so important for children to treat themselves to something delicious on their holiday.

    Between us sisters: what to give a sister from a sister

    If you don’t know what to choose as a great present and are confused what you can give your sister for 11-12-13-14 years old from your sister, then we suggest you pay attention to such cool and stylish things that you will likeany modern girl of that age:

    • A set of temporary transfer tattoos, which are very easy to wash off, so mom will definitely not scold for such decorations. Tattoos are easily transferred from the picture to the skin and look very possible. They can be of various colors and even decorated with stases.
    • Stylish hairband with cat ears. Now such accessories are very fashionable even among adult girls, so your little sister will definitely be delighted with such a cool present and hasten to immediately brag about it to her girlfriends. Fashionable and original gift for sister for 11-12-13-14 years old.
    • The world famous hair comb from the famous London stylist - Tangle Teaser. What is good about this hairbrush? It easily detangles even heavily tangled or wet hair without damaging it and causing absolutely no discomfort.
    • Beautiful box with a ballerina-shaped handle. A crystal or glass box will look most spectacular and elegant, but a wooden box in pink will also do. Inside such a product, it will be possible to store a large amount of the girl's favorite jewelry.
    • Strawberry scented body shimmer with low gloss. Such a tool can be used for the body so that the skin shimmers beautifully under the sun with pink sparkling dots. The perfect gift for a teenage sister.

    gifts for your little sister's fun time from big brother

    From an older brother, a sister is always waiting as a birthday presentsomething special and we suggest you buy for congratulations on the birthday girl:

    • Hyroscooter - probably one of the most fashionable things among modern children of this age. You can choose a gyro scooter model just for the age of the birthday girl, and even find beautiful options with multi-colored flashing lights. Great gift for younger sister aged 11-12-13-14.
    • Rollers featuring a bright, girly design. As a rule, such videos are made in pink, blue and salad colors. Therefore, young girls will really like it, and they will be happy to ride them during good weather outside.
    • A set of the most popular and famous board games, in which the girl, along with her friends or parents, and, of course, her sister, will play with pleasure in her free time.
    • Creative beading set so that the traitor can create beautiful jewelry for herself and her girlfriends with her own hands. A great choice of what to give for 11 years old sister from brother.
    • A special device designed to prepare various simple culinary recipes. For example, your sister will definitely love the machine for making cotton candy, ice cream or hot dogs.

    gifts for the most fashionable sister for 11, 12, 13, 14 years old

    Surely, your little sister is still that fashionista and fashionista who is interested in the most popular things among her peers. And we also know about such things and therefore we offer them asgreat present:

    • Pins - colorful and fun icons to decorate clothes. Such badges will look very cool on a school uniform or on backpacks, on a denim jacket or your favorite denim skirt. You can choose the theme of these badges and pick up a whole set of such cool accessories.
    • Pop socket. One very cool and impressive looking accessory designed specifically for mobile phone decoration. It will be very cool if you manage to find a pop socket with a print of the first letter of the name of the hero of the occasion, you will get a very symbolic and certainly individual version of the present, which you can safely present to your sister for 14 years from your brother or sister.
    • Insta-portrait, which is performed on the most “liked” photo of the hero of the occasion from the social network of the same name. Such a portrait will look very nice as a decoration of your own room.
    • Cool thermo mug, in which your favorite hot drink, such as tea or cocoa, can be kept for a sufficiently long time without cooling. With such a mug, a girl can go for a walk with her friends or even take it to school.
    • Selfie stick, because you probably noticed how your little sister loves to take beautiful selfies for various social networks. Please her with a very inexpensive gift in the form of a special selfie stick to make the pictures even more beautiful and interesting. A cool choice of what to give your sister for 11-12 from your sister.

    The coolest toys forsisters for 11-14 years old

    At this age, of course, your birthday girl still loves to receive all kinds of toys as presents. Therefore, older brothers and sisters can purchase very fashionable and interesting gifts in honor of her holiday in the form of:

    • Wooden easel will appeal to a girl who enjoys drawing and spends her free time doing this with real pleasure.
    • Dance mat. You can give it to your sister for 12 years as a very interesting birthday present. Such a toy is designed to be connected to a computer or TV with a special program. With the help of such a rug, you can learn to move rhythmically, learn about the most fashionable dance moves and then even arrange a real competition with your girlfriends.
    • Interactive pet because it's likely that your parents won't let you have a pet. And such a toy is very similar to a real kitten or dog. She is really fun to play with, can be walked, and the pet will wag her tail and even make sounds.
    • Doll mannequin used by girls to learn how to do beautiful makeup and cool trendy hairstyles. Then all this can be repeated on yourself. This mannequin comes with a set of different hair accessories and high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics for children.
    • Children's cosmetics. It is distinguished by not very bright colors, in addition, it has been tested by doctors and is completelyhypoallergenic and, therefore, absolutely safe for he alth. For your sister, you can choose several colors of varnishes and lipsticks, hygienic lip balm and even real shades of light pearlescent shades. Really nice gift for sister for 11-12-13-14 years old.

    Very cheap birthday gifts for sister

    Sometimes the budget does not allow buying something expensive, this section will be especially relevant for younger brothers and sisters who are looking for cool and fashionable gifts for a birthday girl on her birthday.

    • Interesting night light for baby's room, which looks like a normal soft toy during the day, and glows with a soft light at night, which is very comfortable and beautiful.
    • Sensor gloves, which were created specifically to allow you to work with your smartphone without removing these gloves. They come in very bright colors and look really trendy and are very inexpensive.
    • Spring bands pink with a slight strawberry scent. These are elastic bands that are designed by a very famous brand and are designed specifically for hair. They do not damage them at all, do not tangle or tear, therefore they are considered a very good accessory. This is really a very cool and inexpensive gift for my sister for 11-12-13-14 years old.
    • Customized mobile phone case design, which can be designed according to your own sketch, for example, with a personalized signature or a photo of the hero of the occasion.
    • Cute little change purse,embellished with sequins and multi-colored stones. Such a wallet has a special fastening ring, so it can even be hooked to a school backpack as an interesting keychain.

    We sincerely hope that in this article you can easily find your beautiful hero of the occasion. In this material, we have collected not only very cool birthday present ideas, but also gifts that differ in price so that you can find the best offer for any budget.

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