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You are not the first or not the first to be confused by the question of what to give your sister for 20 years. This is a conscious age when its own point of view has already been formed, and it will not work to appease the birthday girl with a trinket. A gift for a sister for 20 years should be modern, useful, original and memorable. If you're running out of options or need fresh ideas, it's time to check out our list!

  • 35 gift ideas for sister's 20th birthday

      Jewelry stand
    1. Set of natural cosmetics
    2. Fun print pajamas
    3. Plaid with sleeves
    4. Tea gift wrapping
    5. Manicure set
    6. Facial Sauna
    7. Music box
    8. Neon light
    9. Traveller Scratchcard
    10. A beautiful scarf or shawl around your neck
    11. Juicer
    12. Hair dryer
    13. Hairstyler
    14. Selfie stick
    15. Smartphone lens set
    16. MP3 player
    17. Portable speaker
    18. Knitted sweater
    19. Annual gym membership
    20. Yoga Set
    21. Hula hoop massage
    22. Roller skates
    23. Chameleon Cup
    24. Laptop bag
    25. Author's case for a smartphone or tablet
    26. Massage honey
    27. Set of aroma oils
    28. Bathroom shelf
    29. Book by your favorite author
    30. Urban backpack
    31. Virtual Reality Glasses
    32. Foreign language audio course
    33. A diary with a cover stylized as a chocolate bar
    34. Bathrobe with back embroidery

    What is a useful, practical gift for a sister for 20 years?

    To choose what is useful, practical to give your sister for 20 years, you need to look at her hobbies. What she prefers is to sit at home in front of a laptop, play a musical instrument for hours, hang out with a noisy group of friends, or learn something new. Girls at this age are open to adventure, but it is not alien to them to strive for beauty or comfort. Sister can be presented on her 20th birthday:

    • Modern gadget. If you have the funds, you can buy a new smartphone for your sister. If you have a little money at your disposal, then you should give your sister an inexpensive, useful gift in the form of wireless headphones, a fitness bracelet, or a phone camera remote control for her 20th birthday.
    • Style addition. A young fashionista will need some beautiful hairpin or headband with a luxurious flower made of pebbles. A sister is unlikely to refuse a stylish baseball cap in a rocker, hooligan or rapper style.
    • Items that create comfort. A large inflatable chair, a beautiful bedspread, a smiley pillow or a hug pillow will create additional comfort inyoung girl's room.
    • Study Assistants. A sister will certainly be delighted with an electronic translator, a beautiful bookmark with a cool figure, a keyboard vacuum cleaner or a creative diary.
    • Practical accessories. You can give your sister for 20 years a bright pink lunch box with several compartments for various dishes. She will also definitely need a compact thermos or a personalized thermo mug.
    • Travel Stuff. Surely, at least once a month, my sister gets out somewhere with friends. Or can she not live without hiking and spending the night in nature? Then she should be presented with a camping lantern, a sleeping bag, a set of camping utensils or a portable fire.
    • Hobby items. Take a look at what a young girl likes? A 20-year-old sister who loves music can be presented with a practical gift in the form of a music player, a disc of your favorite artist or a T-shirt with the band's logo. For a needlewoman, be sure to buy accessories for creativity - knitting threads, pencils for drawing, a box for storing various accessories. A girl who loves games will need a backlit keyboard, a large mouse pad, speakers, a headset for online communication.

    You can give your sister a personalized power bank for 20 years. This compact, portable item allows you to charge your phone when you need it most. It will come in handy in any situation where there is no access to the mains - on long trips, business trips, on vacation. The presence of the name on the case will give the gift individuality,which will certainly bring joy to the birthday girl.

    A couple more ideas on what to give your sister for 20 years practical:

    • To the purposeful birthday girl: organizer, branded business accessory, writing set, pen holder.
    • Traveler: travel suitcase, compass, car navigator, travel cosmetic bag.
    • Intellectual : books on self-development and psychology, a puzzle, a large collection of crossword puzzles.
    • Party girl: sneakers with luminous laces, set of wine or whiskey glasses, fanny pack.
    • Gamershe: graphics card, new console, gaming chair, video camera.
    • Active, sporty girl: fitness training gloves, he althy eating book, sports top or leggings.
    • You can buy dark curtains for the windows for a quiet girl. Being an introvert, she strives for calm and peace. If a girl is fond of growing cacti or some other plants, replenish her collection.

    What is original, interesting to give your sister for 20 years?

    To cause delight in the birthday girl, you will have to think carefully about the question: what is original, interesting to give your sister for 20 years. You need to pick up such a thing so that every time, looking at it, the girl remembers the very day when you handed it to her. Here is a small list of original, interesting gifts for my sister for her 20th birthday:

    • Smoothie maker. Useful item forgirls leading a he althy lifestyle. Helps you quickly prepare a nutritious drink for yourself and friends.
    • Custom Jewelry. You can order a pendant for your sister from the master with her zodiac sign, the first letter of her name or the logo of your favorite band. As a pendant, you can choose a figurine of an animal or a bird that the girl likes the most.
    • Board game. Something that will help to arrange an unforgettable evening full of impressions at home. A board game based on the acclaimed series "Game of Thrones" or a popular computer game will make your leisure time fantastic!
    • Collectible doll. Even at the age of 20, the girl does not mind playing with dolls! Especially if it looks more like a masterpiece of art than a toy. Tilda doll will appeal to a girl collector or a dreamer.
    • Flower arrangement under glass. It can be presented for 20 years to a sister who loves flowers. Unlike ordinary bouquets, these do not lose color, remaining beautiful and bright.
    • Mini Fountain. It will not only decorate the room, but will become a prevention of stress. At the age of 20, girls often go to extremes, and their mood changes faster than the weather. Indoor mini-fountain will give peace, help you tune in to positive thoughts.
    • Tea gift box. Such an original gift for a sister for 20 years does not require large investments, but it will certainly be appreciated.
    • Personal Hollywood figurine. Let your sister know that she deserves an award! After all, inshe plays the most important role in your life.
    • Bouquet of toys and sweets. A good idea for an unusual birthday present for your 20 year old sister, if she loves sweets as much as she loves soft toys.
    • Banana Headphones. Useful for a girl who loves music.
    • Portrait from photo. Here's what you can give your sister for her 20th birthday if she expects a surprise from you. The portrait should show all the advantages of the birthday girl! And it is better if it is a masterpiece in high-quality processing - semi-antique or, conversely, with modern bells and whistles.
    • Alarm clock with sounds of nature. You've heard the saying that what the morning will be like, the whole day will be like that. This alarm clock will make waking up really unusual. Instead of standard signals, he emits birdsong, recreates the sound of wind and tree foliage.
    • Glowing sky map. A find for a dreamer and a girl who knows a lot about aesthetics.
    • Photo shoot. Every girl wants to feel like a fashion model. A certificate for a photo session will provide her with such an opportunity. The sister will be able to spend the whole day under the flashes of cameras, feeling like a star of glossy magazines.
    • Digital photo frame. You can upload the most beautiful and funny photos to it.

    Photo collage is another option from our list of unusual, original gifts for my sister on her 20th birthday. This is a great opportunity for the birthday girl to look at her life in a positive way. Choose photos that depict childhood,the girl’s youth, dilute them with pictures that capture important events - holidays in the kindergarten, the last call, graduation. The main task is to make a collage that will become a kind of excursion into the past.

    Other Ideas for 20th Anniversary gift Ideas for Sister:

    • cotton candy or popcorn set;
    • chocolate fondue machine;
    • phone tripod;
    • ebook with favorite novel;
    • flash drive with rhinestones;
    • desktop hub in the form of an aquarium;
    • art kit.

    What to give your little sister for 20 years?

    Choosing what to give your younger sister for 20 years, you need to fight in every possible way with the desire to buy something to your taste. Although you are older and more experienced, the only thing that matters is the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl. A gift for a younger sister for 20 years should not be too serious, depressing or evocative of everyday life. But be careful, because at this age a girl may not appreciate "teenage stuff."

    Here's what you can give a younger sister for 20 years from an older sister:

    • Manicure and pedicure set. Now my sister is exactly at the age when you want to please the guys and be the most beautiful. With such a device, the girl will be able to save money, because she can arrange a beauty salon just at home!
    • Master class. What does your sister dream of learning - to play the guitar, sing, or comprehend some exotic dance? Time to help make her dreams come true!
    • Ticketto the concert. Birthday with your favorite music, and if you're lucky, and in the forefront of the stage - an event that will certainly be remembered.
    • Trip to an exotic country. Let little sister see the exotic not in Instagram photos, but in reality.
    • Bakeware. Time to teach your sister how to cook!
    • Unusual jewelry. A pendant with an epoxy resin pendant, earrings made of beads or polymer clay, a wooden ring will please a young fashionista who wants to stand out among her peers.
    • Great encyclopedia of wisdom. A useful gift for a 20 year old little sister that will help her find answers to vital questions.
    • Souvenir diploma. The little sister will be happy to receive such an unusual gift.
    • Sport Juicer Bottle. It will be useful for an active and mobile girl. The manual juicer function allows you to quickly juice citrus fruits.

    From an older sister to a younger sister on her 20th birthday, you can give a skipping rope with a counter or a pedometer. A girl who is closely watching her figure will be delighted with such a present. The main thing is that such good intentions do not have the opposite effect, because the birthday girl can be complex about her forms. If everything is in order with this, then feel free to buy such presents!

    And here is what you can give your younger sister for 20 years from your older brother:

    • Slippers with animal faces. A cozy present that reveals your concern.
    • USB stand formugs. Sometimes work or games at the computer are so exciting that we forget about the cup of tea or coffee standing next to us. It takes some time, and the drink cools down! Such a coaster will allow the sister to enjoy warm coffee or tea, regardless of the degree of passion for work.
    • Sensory gloves. Such accessories are indispensable in winter, when it is too cold to comfortably use the gadget.
    • Waterproof Case for iPhone. The dream of a girl who chases cool selfies. This case is not afraid of immersion in water.
    • Certificate for skydiving or wind tunnel flight. If all a girl longs for is thrills, it's time to let her have an adventure.
    • Bouquet of balloons. An original gift for a younger sister on her 20th birthday from an older brother. It will be a pleasant surprise for yesterday's girl who adored balloons.
    • Slow cooker. Help little sister cook food without spending too much time on it.
    • Machine for making rolls. This food is loved by young people and, most likely, the birthday girl is no exception. Delight her with the opportunity to cook delights of oriental cuisine at home.

    From an older brother to a younger sister on their 20th birthday, you can present a large wooden box where you can store cosmetics, brushes, hair ties. The birthday girl will also be pleased to receive an electronic notebook, fur headphones or perfume with her favorite scent from you.

    What to give your older sister for 20 years

    It's not easy to figure out what to give your older sister for 20 years. But who better than you to look at the world positively, creatively? Being a younger brother or sister is a privilege, even if before that you considered it a punishment. No one will accuse you of lack of taste or unwillingness to spend money if you buy something simple but effective.

    You can give an older sister for 20 years from a younger sister:

    • Poster with pasted sweets. An original surprise for the sweet tooth! You can decorate such a poster with stickers, playful inscriptions, and then it will turn into a masterpiece worthy of being on the wall in the birthday girl's room.
    • Original photo frame. You can purchase a finished product or use your own creativity. Buy an ordinary photo frame and decorate it with shells, beads, stones. You can even use grains! A few hours of work, and here is an unusual, interesting gift for the older sister on the 20th birthday ready!
    • Big pack of kinder surprises. The 20th anniversary is not a reason to give up childhood joys! Remind this birthday girl by giving her this amazing present.
    • Cool egg fry pan. Stars, hearts or clouds - all this will turn an ordinary breakfast into a real work of art.
    • Cosmetic purse. If it's in your interest to give your sister something practical for her birthday, this is a great option!
    • Volume postcard box. Such a thing will make a good impression! Often in such boxes there is a small leaf where you canwrite sincere wishes.

    Don't fall for the stereotypes: a 20-year-old girl is not yet quite an adult, so gifts aimed at older people can bore her. Most recently she was a little girl, and she still has a passion for soft toys, sweets, games.

    You can give an older sister from a younger brother for 20 years:

    • Picture-lamp with a photo of the birthday girl. Such a stylish solution will surely please the girl.
    • Bamboo bathroom reading table. It will come in handy for a lover to immerse herself in reading right during water procedures.
    • Anti-stress coloring. Drawing such a book will turn into a pleasant pastime. On the one hand, the girl will awaken the hidden artist in herself. On the other hand, relax, because such work captivates with the head.
    • Super fluffy socks. They are warm and also cute. Such a gift from a younger brother for 20 years to a sister who loves everything unusual.
    • Cat head pillow. Useful for travel and long trips.
    • Thermos cup. It can be given as a 20th birthday gift to a sister who is very active and needs to be taken care of.
    • Motivational diary. It will turn into a space for creativity, it will help you look at yourself from the outside. In other words, this is a cool gift for my sister for 20 years, which looks interesting, and in addition is also useful!
    • The Book of Desires - another option for an interesting gift,which can be presented to an older sister for 20 years from a younger brother or sister. In it, she will be able to write down her innermost desires, make plans for the future, share experiences.

    What is an inexpensive, cool gift for a sister for 20 years?

    If you don't have the funds to buy something luxurious, you will have to consider inexpensive fun gifts for your sister in her 20s. A budget present is not necessarily a trinket that is forgotten as soon as the holiday comes to an end. Among the relatively cheap items, there are many cute options that can please the birthday girl. For example, here's something inexpensive, cool, you can give your sister for 20 years:

    • dwarf eco-cube for growing a plant;
    • refrigerator magnetic board;
    • set of several jars of honey;
    • safe book in the form of an English dictionary;
    • decision ball;
    • fortune cookies;
    • unicorn gel pen set;
    • earrings stylized as the moon;
    • mittens-paws;
    • cocktail sweets;
    • table punching bag;
    • cookie pocket mirror;
    • named Hollywood star;
    • flower in a tin;
    • name box of chocolates;
    • designer mug;
    • mirror in a beautiful frame.

    Sister will be delighted with a beautiful piggy bank made in an unusual design. Such a thing will become an incentive to accumulate funds for your dreams or, if these funds are already in the process of accumulation, their safe storage.

    Using our list of gifts for your sister for 20 years, you will be able to pick up a couple of good ideas. The main thing - do not discard playful presents that are more suitable for children. After all, at the age of 20, a girl will be glad to receive a hydro scooter, a swimming mask or a fun kigurumi pajama. It all depends on the interests of the birthday girl. If it is inherent in her to fall into childhood in the best sense of the phrase, give free rein to your imagination. Maybe your crazy idea is exactly what she wants.

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