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The question of what to give a girl for 30 years is not only a difficult task for many men, but also challenges relatives who choose a present for a birthday girl. At this age, a person already has a strong system of values, interests and hobbies. Contrary to the misconception that banal gifts are the last thing that should come to mind, one cannot dismiss the fact that many 30-year-old girls are active and slightly crazy natures. We decided to consider all the options and offer you a few ideas, depending on the situation. This will help you choose a gift for a girl in her 30s.

  • TOP 35 gift ideas for a 30 year old girl

      Shawl scarf
    1. USB Lighted Humidifier
    2. Steam mop
    3. Statuette with figurine-symbol of the zodiac sign
    4. Heated Foot Massager Robot
    5. Nordic walking poles
    6. Massage slippers
    7. Desktop Water Dispenser
    8. Safe-cache in the form of a book
    9. Sofa organizer
    10. Cocktail set
    11. Crown Jewelry Stand
    12. Coffee set
    13. Copper Turk
    14. Teapot with Gzhel painting
    15. Teaset
    16. LED pattern
    17. Head Massager
    18. Design mirror
    19. Globe Bar
    20. Fluffy room slippers
    21. Kigurumi pajamas
    22. Lunch container
    23. Applique wall clock
    24. Action Camera
    25. Apparatus for making pie-baskets
    26. Bamboo vase-transformer
    27. USB fan
    28. Keyboard backlight
    29. Certificate for massage or chocolate wrap
    30. Vitaminized spa gloves for soft hands
    31. Travel head pillow
    32. Gymnastic stick with expanders
    33. Light-music lamp-column
    34. Photo frame organizer

    What is a nice gift for a 30 year old girl?

    To decide what to give a girl for 30 years, you will have to take into account many nuances: the character of the birthday girl, her hobbies, lifestyle, marital status. You can’t blindly believe that a pan with a non-stick coating will solve the problem, and every second lady will be delighted with flowers. We offer you a list of gifts for a 30th birthday for a girl, depending on hobbies and marital status:

    • Active girl: air mattress for swimming, barbecue set, picnic organizer bag, beach umbrella in bright colors, multi-tool, roomy urban or hiking backpack , a set of skewers in a case, a monopod, a waist bag, a thermal mug, a ball for playing with a dog, a kite, a subscription to a fitness room.
    • To the hostess: a set of baking dishes, bright color potholders, a set of kitchen towels, beautifultablecloth, tea pair, candy bowl, waffle iron, scrambled egg mold, kitchen scale, vase, bamboo napkins, multicooker.
    • Business lady: stationery organizer, clutch bag, desktop clock sculpture, anti-stress hourglass, pen in an elegant case, business card holder, key holder, diary in leather cover .
    • Creative nature: sketchbook, a set of paints for drawing, anti-stress coloring, drawing crayons, a set of accessories for jewelry, mass for modeling, an album, a baguette, a wall scratch poster with a to-do list, a notebook with a wooden cover, a box for storing needlework accessories.
    • Eternal student: reading light, keyboard light, electronic translator, three-compartment lunch box, large pencil case, desk drawers, hanging shelf, foreign language audio course, sandwich toaster, thermos mug, alarm clock.
    • For new moms: hug pillow, embroidered bathrobe, natural body care set, wood-textured aroma humidifier, steamer, robotic vacuum cleaner.
    • For a music lover: a CD with your favorite music, a large band poster, a rare edition of your favorite artist, a celebrity miniature doll, a T-shirt with the band's logo, a portable speaker.
    • For the Eternal Child: soft toy, set of honey jars, a large package of kinder surprises, a bouquet of sweets, a jar of chewy sweets, a personalized chocolate bar with congratulations.
    • Caring wife: spa certificate, massage honey,natural handmade soap, a set of aromatic oils for aromatherapy, a s alt lamp, a warm blanket with sleeves, a cup with a heartfelt wish, a personalized sweater.

    For a girl who loves nature, you can buy a composition under glass or a florarium depicting a miniature garden, forest or desert. A lady who is “you” with a computer can be presented with speakers, a flash drive, a large mouse pad or a keyboard vacuum cleaner. You should not exclude such an option as a nice gift for a girl on her 30th birthday, like going to the cinema, to a concert of your favorite band, to the theater or a festive dinner in a cozy cafe.

    What is a romantic gift for a 30 year old girl?

    Of course, it is very difficult to decide what to give a romantic girl for 30 years. The concept of romance is too broad to be limited to flowers and breakfast in bed, although such options should exist! In addition to them, here's what else you can give a romantic girl for 30 years:

    • Jewellery. A beautiful pendant with a heart or a natural stone, an elegant ring, a sophisticated bracelet or brooch will surprise the birthday girl.
    • Memorial gift. It can be a beautiful carved box, a large picture-panel, a piggy bank in the form of a favorite animal, an e-book or a watch with Swarovski stones.
    • Portrait. You can order a masterpiece in the best traditions of royal dynasties, an example of pop art, or put a regular Instagram photo in a beautiful frame. Modern computer technologies make it possible to add interesting graphic elements and special effects to photos, whichcreative minds will love it.
    • Favorite scent. Perfume can be presented to a girl for 30 years only if you are confident in the tastes of your chosen one. It is important to choose a fragrance that is not cheap in order to reveal sincere intentions more strongly. It is always appropriate to complement such a present with a postcard or a sweet gift.
    • Unusual walk. It all depends on the possibilities, time of year and imagination. It can be a horseback ride, a boat ride, an interesting quest or a bike ride with a romantic picnic upon arrival at your destination.
    • Festive photo shoot. If a girl likes to be in the spotlight, and her dream is to impress her followers on Instagram with cool photos, this is exactly what you need!
    • A big collage dedicated to her. For 30 years, a girl can be presented with a huge sheet of paper with interesting pictures that reflect her most incredible adventures in life. Such a collage must be decorated with fun stickers, sparkles and other festive decor.
    • The Book of Desires. In it, your beloved will be able to write about her plans, goals and secret dreams.
    • Fortune Cookies. You can give your beloved a sweet present with an element of a riddle. This option is suitable for natures who are inclined to believe in signs.
    • Song on the radio. Not an old-fashioned version of the impression! If you know the musical preferences of your beloved, go ahead.
    • Bouquet of flowers. It can be delivered directly to work or home. The main thing is at the moment when the least girllooking forward to a similar surprise!
    • gift basket. You can put all the most delicious and exclusive in it - an elite variety of tea, handmade sweets or chocolate figurines, a couple of exotic fruits, a bottle of good wine.

    Another option for a romantic gift for a 30 year old girl is a chocolate fountain. Such a device will become the central object of any buffet and feast. Melted chocolate flows down the fountain in cascades, forming amazing shapes.

    What is a practical gift for a 30 year old girl?

    If you want to present a thing that will not lie in the closet and take up space in vain, then we recommend paying attention to practical gifts for the 30th birthday for a girl. These are items and accessories that simplify life and relaxation. For example, here's something practical you can give a girl for 30 years:

    • Gadget. A new smartphone will never be superfluous, because any person cannot live without it. You can give your beloved girl a remote control for the phone for remote control of the camera, a card reader for a tablet, an external flash, a mobile mini-printer for 30 years.
    • Juicer. Such a device will please not only girls who follow a diet and a he althy lifestyle. In fact, the juicer is able to add variety to the menu for a lady of any interest.
    • Cosmetics organizer. A girl will be pleased to receive such a thing for her birthday, because she certainly had to look for lipstick or eyeliner for a long time at least once.
    • Travel Kit. Usefula traveler and a woman who travels a lot on business trips. With this set, she will be able to relax and take a couple of hours of nap during the trip.
    • Foot bath. Such a gift for a girl on her 30th birthday will reveal the depth of care and love. After a long walk or sitting at a table in one position, the legs will certainly crave some kind of indulgence.
    • Orthopedic mattress. The key to good he alth for the whole day is sound sleep, and this, in turn, depends on how comfortable the bed is. With an orthopedic mattress, the girl will be able to sleep, seeing the most pleasant dreams.
    • Fluffy bedside rug. In the morning after waking up, the girl will be pleased to feel the warmth and softness under her feet.

    Art nail design and manicure takes women a lot of time. That is why an automatic nail file for many ladies will be a suitable birthday present. Such an accessory will facilitate the preparation of nails for manicure, as well as speed up the procedure itself.

    What to give my wife for 30 years?

    Choosing what to give your wife for 30 years, do not limit yourself to kitchen utensils. Beloved wife on this day deserves the best! For example, a wife for 30 years can be presented:

    • gift basket with famous brand cosmetics. You should not take risks and buy everything at once: lipstick, foundation. Still, a woman should choose such things herself. But my husband is quite capable of ordering shower gel, hair shampoo, balm, gentle bath foam.
    • Certificate infavorite store. It can be an expensive boutique or something simpler. The main thing is to please the birthday girl with the opportunity to arrange shopping where she is used to buying interesting things.
    • Rattan armchair. Such furniture is appropriate both indoors and in the garden. For a woman who loves books, she will be a very welcome gift.
    • Bedding. For a 30-year-old wife, you can give a set of pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers made of natural fabric with a beautiful print.
    • Silk pajamas. In such sleepwear, the spouse will feel like a king.
    • Travel to a dream resort. No matter what season you celebrate your wife's birthday, you can always find the best place to travel. A spouse for 30 years can be presented with a trip to the sea, to the mountains, or at least to a recreation center located in the middle of nature.
    • Electronic photo frame. On it, your beloved will be able to view photos in slide mode with pleasant music. The picture is easily selected taking into account the style of the room. Some frames have alarm and clock functions.
    • Treadmill. You can buy such a device for your wife if she is fond of sports and willingly goes to the gym on weekends.
    • Hammock. Suitable as a present for an active tourist.
    • Bean bag chair. Helps you relax and let go of any worries.
    • Set for making rolls. A woman who has a weakness for oriental cuisine and would like to cook at home like in a restaurant will like it.
    • Pizza maker.Great practical gift. This compact appliance has a non-stick coating. The kids and husband will love the pizza that can be made with the pizza maker.
    • Facial Sauna. A good gift for he alth and beauty. The device is a steam generator with a bowl. It steams the face, cleansing and making the skin elastic. Deciding to give your wife such a thing, you will give her the opportunity to take care of herself as in a beauty salon.
    • Animal neck pillow. A cool gift for a wife for 30 years. Like a woman who is crazy about unusual things.

    You can give your beloved wife for 30 years a machine for removing pellets, a coffee maker, a massage cape for an office chair, stones for stone therapy. The birthday girl will also be delighted with tickets to a performance or a movie. Together with your child, you can prepare a surprise in the form of a large collage with drawings and applications. If none of the ideas seem suitable, donate money, but do it in a money rain format. Buy an umbrella with a nice pattern, put a few bills inside, and fold a gift. Having opened an umbrella, a woman will find herself under a real money rain.

    What to give a friend, sister for 30 years?

    Choosing what to give to a friend, sister for 30 years, you have to go through a bunch of options. Girls are always easier to come up with than to please a relative. But the guys are having a very difficult time. We offer you a list of gifts for 30 years for a sister, girlfriend, which should be considered:

    • hair curler;
    • hair dryer;
    • warm blanket;
    • medical cosmetics;
    • electric fireplace;
    • wall clock;
    • indoor illuminated fountain;
    • steak board
    • tea mug;
    • manicure set;
    • media player;
    • music box;
    • gloves for touch devices;
    • wiper robot;
    • keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    • scratch map of the world;
    • multi-frame on the wall;
    • dvr (for woman driving);
    • wine set;
    • pedometer.

    What to give your daughter for 30 years

    Caring parents will certainly take a long time to choose what to give their daughter for 30 years. Her life may not be fully arranged, or by her nature she tends to prefer emotions rather than material things. All these factors are important to consider in order to present a useful subject. However, for a father and mother, an adult girl always remains a child. For example, parents can give their daughter the following items and things for her 30th birthday:

    • Fondyushka. It will help to add variety to the daily menu. As products, you can use meat, cheese, seafood, which will be the key to a he althy diet.
    • Floor vase. Such items are used both for flowers and as decoration.
    • Food processor. It will make cooking easier for your husband and kids.
    • Cooler bag. A practical gift that is relevant for a woman who travels a lot and loves outdoor recreation.
    • Set of glasses. You can give them to your daughter for her 30th birthday.along with a bottle of good wine.
    • Spice set. Several jars of different sizes at once will help to place a lot of fragrant seasonings for dishes.
    • Book. It continues to be a classic of the genre. Depending on the interests of the daughter, for 30 years you can present a large collection of works by a famous writer, an encyclopedia or a sensational bestseller in psychology and self-development.
    • Air ionizer. Who but parents will take care of an adult girl! Ionizers will prevent deadening of the air, which will prevent fatigue and poisoning of the body.

    What is cool to give a girl for 30 years?

    If you are a cheerful person by nature, the question will certainly come to your mind: what is cool to give a girl for 30 years? Indeed, such an anniversary does not at all oblige a husband, friend, sister or girlfriend to get hung up on serious presents.

    Here's what you can give a girl cool and unusual for 30 years:

    • Puzzles. A good weapon against stress, and also an opportunity to have a nice rainy evening when you don’t feel like going outside.
    • Thermo cup with the inscription: "Sleep is for the weak". Such a gift can be presented to a girl for 30 years from a friend. An early riser will love this cup.
    • Desk lamp in the form of a Soviet telephone. The birthday girl who is interested in retro things will appeal to her.
    • High cuisine master class. Are you tired of listening to a friend complain about her poor knowledge of the culinary business, or are you, as a husband,tired of eating buckwheat every day? In this case, it is worth giving a girl a cool master class for 30 years, where she will enrich her knowledge.
    • Paris nightscape laptop bag. A useful thing for an active lady.
    • Name apron. Depending on the marital status of the girl, the inscription may flaunt on it: “The best mother / wife / sister, friend.”
    • Roller skates. They can be presented to a girl for her 30th birthday from a friend, brother or sister. Who said that at this age it is customary only to sum up achievements, and not set new goals?
    • Braid with flowers on steering wheel. For a girl driving, this will be the best surprise, because the accessory will be markedly different from the male options. It can be presented to your wife or girlfriend.

    What inexpensive gift can you give a girl for 30 years?

    When there is no money, the question of what inexpensive gifts to give a girl for 30 years becomes of great relevance. Nobody wants to buy knick-knacks, but what if you can't afford luxury? We offer a list of budget gifts for the birthday girl:

  • Up to 700 rubles:

      pillowcase with a cool inscription;
    • puzzle calendar;
    • face mask;
    • a small jar of hand cream;
    • lip balm;
    • selenite candlestick;
    • wristwatch;
    • money box.
  • Up to 1000 rubles:

      souvenir medal;
    • name t-shirt;
    • engraved pen;
    • personal power bank;
    • named auto frame for license plate;
    • personal Hollywood figurine.
  • 1000-2000 rubles:

      gift set: tea mug+honey;
    • flash drive;
    • embroidered towel set;
    • name wallet;
    • shoe care kit;
    • table punching bag-antistress;
    • a diary with a cover stylized as a chocolate bar.

    This concludes our 30th birthday gift ideas for a girl. Any, even budget options, can be presented in an original way using colorful wrapping paper, ribbons, and festive decor. When you decide to present something to the birthday girl, do not forget to add a little sweet surprise to it.

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