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Pampering your beloved wife is the matchmaking duty of every husband! Especially if the celebration is coming soon! So, what to give a wife for 46-47-48-49 years? How to absolutely guess with a surprise, so as not to disappoint your only one? The age of forty-five has its charms: the very flowering of a woman. The list of really worthy options is limited only by your imagination and capabilities. We recommend long before the birthday to start slowly thinking over the celebration and ideas on what gift to choose for the wife for 46-47-48-49 years. This way you will leave yourself a margin of time so that you do not have to buy what you will have in the last days.

A couple of tips for choosing the best gift

It is not easy to choose a gift for the most beloved woman, because it must be both valuable, unusual and useful. Therefore, we offer useful recommendations to help you choose the perfect gift:

    • select possible options in advance, leaving yourself time to leisurely search for a present;
    • want a more practical surprise? Then choose not one thing, but a set. For example, present a luxurious tablecloth complemented by perfectly matching napkins;
    • special attention should be paid to such a moment as a beautifulpackage. For a lady, it is important not only the content of the presentation, but also how it is packaged and presented. Choose from a fancy box or holiday package.

    Flowers are an obligatory attribute of a women's celebration

    Can you imagine congratulating your wife without luxurious flowers? Ideally, the bouquet must match the preferences of the woman. Below we present the most beautiful and popular ideas:

    • classic and queen of all flowers - rose;
    • delicate white lilies;
    • luxurious orchids;
    • unpretentious chrysanthemums…

    If your wife is not a fan of cut flowers (there are many such women) - choose a flowering beautiful plant in a pot for her birthday. The choice is huge: crocuses, cute violets, etc.

    List of 45 Best gift Ideas for Your Loved Wife

    Are you at a loss, don't know what to give your wife for her birthday 46-47-48-49 years old? Professionals rush to the rescue, armed with the opinion of the ladies themselves. We have compiled a TOP list of gifts that women will love. Choose our ideas and you won't go wrong!

    1. An unusual living postcard from which a small lawn grows.
    2. Set of mini chocolates with congratulations.
    3. Flower honey in the form of a soufflé is a very he althy and tasty dessert.
    4. Smoothie jar in the form of a familiar light bulb.
    5. An elegant box for storing a lady's numerous jewelry.
    6. Home cozy terry bathrobe.
    7. Fancy new gadget.
    8. Popp art portrait of wife based on her best photo.
    9. Certificate fora solid sum to your favorite boutique.
    10. Alarm clock with pleasant sounds of nature.
    11. Modern bio-fireplace.
    12. Chinese tea is a fragrant and invigorating drink.
    13. Cozy plaid with sleeves.
    14. Swimming session with dolphins.
    15. Exquisite jewelry.
    16. Home He althy S alt Lamp.
    17. Exotic indoor flower in a pot.
    18. Ladies watch on hand.
    19. Your wife's favorite perfume.
    20. Certificate for airbrushing your wife's car.
    21. Compact and powerful robot vacuum cleaner.
    22. A beautifully packaged set of unusual sweets.
    23. A cute electronic butterfly in a special container.
    24. Certificate for tailoring an outfit from a famous designer.
    25. Romantic trip for the two of you.
    26. Certificate to the best spa for a whole range of treatments.
    27. New practical e-book.
    28. Things for home interior decoration (picture, curtains…).
    29. Fashion ladies accessories (shawl, gloves, wallet).
    30. Fancy table lamp with flowing oil.
    31. Comfortable little foot hammock.
    32. Modern air ionizer.
    33. Crepe maker, bread maker, slow cooker and other home appliances.
    34. Exquisite tea or coffee set.
    35. Luxury natural silverware set.
    36. A family tree book dear to the wife's heart.
    37. Silk bedding set.
    38. Fashionable ladies umbrella with bright print.
    39. Cute bar table for living room.
    40. Collector's edition of the book.
    41. Good coffee machine complete with coffee set.
    42. Homemade foot bath with massager.
    43. Inscribed beautiful and practical thermo glass.
    44. Comfortable and cozy electric blanket.
    45. Quality fitness bracelet.

    Timeless classic: the best birthday surprises for your wife

    This idea is the best way out if you are completely at a loss than to really surprise your wife. So, what can be presented to a woman for 46-49 years old:

    • unusual coffee (you can also tea) set. The specific choice already depends on the taste of the wife;
    • exquisite basket of woman's favorite delicacies. For example, a bright fruit flower arrangement;
    • rare collector's edition wife's favorite author;
    • an evening in an expensive elite restaurant will not leave any woman indifferent;
    • luxurious taming (not jewelry, but expensive rare items). You can choose products with stones;
    • brand elegant handbag - also a thing for all time;
    • exquisite pendant by a famous designer - any lady will appreciate such a chic accessory;
    • natural fur coat - one of the most desired gifts from a spouse. This is the real pride of a woman.

    In the category of traditional gift options, money is far from the last place. This is good in the case when the wife knows exactly what she wants, but the husband does not know. But do not bashfully hide banknotes in an envelope, it is better to build an unusual bouquet of them and present them to your wife.

    Originality sets the tone

    Don't you want to pick up a really unusual thing for your wife? And how not to miscalculate and choose the most original gift for your wife? To get started, listen to useful tips, so it will be easier to choose an original gift for your wife for 46-47-48-49 years old:

    • photo session with a true professional. A sea of emotions and delight is guaranteed, so that the wife will be delighted;
    • annual thermal calendar is a stylish decoration for every home. The product is covered with a touch layer that reacts to touch. A woman will lightly swipe over the cell of the calendar - and see the date;
    • fashionable and stylish florarium is also a good birthday present for your wife. An unusual composition under glass will delight the birthday girl;
    • unusual resin pendant - why not a unique product that always and everywhere attracts attention?
    • Modern USB diffuser for essential oils, easy to attach to any gadget. And immediately the room is filled with pleasant aromas;
    • master class, directly related to the interests of your future hero of the occasion. Here you need to fully focus on the interests of your beloved wife;
    • exquisite hand-painted silk tippet is a welcome gift for every lady!

    Another unusual option - just a couple of gifts instead of one. Some women appreciate this approach to the present. Collect all your future surprises in a cute box, or even better - in a chest - and the most unusual gift is ready!

    Romantic gift options for spouse

    Why not arrange an unforgettable romantic day and its continuation - a passionate night? Serve fragrant coffee and an elegant rose in a vase to your wife right in the morning. After that Les day fill your spouse with gentle SMS, and at the end of the holiday, think over a romantic date! You can send the lady to the SPA-salon, this will allow her to relax and prepare for the evening appearance. You can choose for the evening a trip in a luxury limousine, a night in the best country hotel, etc. So, what can you give your wife for 46-47-48-49 years? We offer:

    • poem of your own composition and performance;
    • sing a song for your wife - this is never forgotten;
    • walk in a real carriage drawn by three horses. Your gift will make a woman feel like an aristocrat;
    • pleasant romance in the bathroom. Yes, yes, this is also possible! What do you need? Rose petals for the bathroom, candles everywhere, a bottle of champagne, gourmet sweets and favorite music. The wife will appreciate it, do not hesitate;
    • your personal star or a whole plot on the Moon! Well, who can resist such a gesture? Numerous special agencies offer their services in preparing the necessary documents for such a presentation;
    • journey to the city of love Paris. Evening tour of the Seine, a mandatory visit to the world famous Eiffel Tower. Isn't it wonderful?
    • a serenade dedicated to her and sung under the window of his wife. Coolidea, your wife deserves it!

    When choosing a present worthy of your wife, first of all think about her interests and tastes. You can find out ahead of time what she dreams about and what she expects from you. Well, try to make this day really unforgettable!

    Inexpensive and tasteful: cute surprises for wife's birthday

    Of course, a caring husband literally wants to "throw the world at his wife's feet." But this is not always possible for financial reasons. Do not thaw, you can always present a good worthy gift to your wife for 46-49 years, without having millionaires! For a spouse, other nuances are much more important: your care, attention and imagination. So, a good inexpensive gift for a wife for 46-47-48-49 years old:

    • medal or diploma "Ideal Wife". You can make another inscription, this is at your discretion;
    • wall collage of the best family shots. His wife will not be able to appreciate it, it is made by your own hands;
    • a huge cloud of helium balloons. What wife would not be happy with such a bright and memorable present?
    • coffee couple cup with a photo of the future birthday girl and your tender declaration of love - absolutely inexpensive and very nice;
    • cozy heated slippers - also a useful and inexpensive gift for a wife for 46-47-48-49 years. From now on, her legs are securely warm;
    • eco-notebook popular nowadays - a very worthy accessory made of natural materials;
    • subscription to a real ladies' Eden - lingerie boutique - also neverinterfere;
    • a huge teddy bear with a flower in its paw. Touching and inexpensive.

    In fact, it is not difficult to pick up an inexpensive and at the same time a good surprise for the upcoming celebration of the spouse. Just keep in mind an important point, all women at any age are by nature their aesthetes, so pack a surprise in a non-trivial way. So you will please your spouse from the bottom of your heart!

    Extreme is the perfect solution to a memorable surprise

    Does your wife love adrenaline? Then she will surely like an unusual extreme present. What can I give my wife for 46-49 years:

    • kiteboarding is a very popular, albeit young, sport. Your favorite extreme will be delighted with such a surprise;
    • paragliding over the city. Who doesn't want to feel weightless and float in the sky?
    • bungee jumping is also a great present for an extreme wife. Just imagine, the falling speed reaches one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour! And you can record the jump on video;
    • ATV racing with a fun company - can you forget that?
    • a couple of extreme driving lessons don't hurt your favorite car lady;
    • fun family trip to the water park. You will be able to have fun from the heart, so your wife will surely like this gift;
    • a friendly party for your birthday girl is a cool idea for a heartfelt surprise. Organize everything yourself in advance, let your "second half" enjoy the result;
    • tickets for a good concert (for youtwo) - great idea for a great time!

    In this kind of extreme adventure, ideally, you'd better go together. It’s much more fun, and safer, and more interesting, because the emotions shared with loved ones only multiply. Yes, and the wife will definitely not be scared if a brave husband is nearby!

    Choosing women's joys

    A woman at any age wants to remain beautiful and as well-groomed as possible. Therefore, all things to maintain female beauty are priceless for her! We advise you to present something from the category of so-called “female joys” to your beautiful soul mate. When deciding what to buy for your wife for her 46-49 birthday, consider our tips:

    • high-quality eyelash curler will successfully complement your makeup bag. It will help to gently and effectively twist the lady's eyelashes, making the lady's look playful;
    • home hot tub is also a super present for your beloved wife. A great way to relieve stress from tired legs;
    • a set of unusual and useful chocolate skin care cosmetics. The set consists of the necessary products for the skin, hair with a pleasant smell of chocolate;
    • nice beauty case is another cool idea. Cute chests will appeal to any lady, because they are produced in a limited edition;
    • beautiful music box - isn't it an original surprise for your beloved?
    • annual subscription to the pool, to yoga or to a fitness club is more than a useful gift that you can give to your wife for 47 years. And good for he alth and careshow yours;
    • fashionable evening clutch will always please your beloved;
    • Chocolate Mini Fountain for a party on the occasion of the holiday, thanks to this little thing, an ordinary evening tea party will turn into an unforgettable entertainment;
    • homemade plaid made in the form of a mermaid tail. The fabric is soft and warm to the touch.

    Birthday surprises according to wife's hobby

    Knowing the hobby of your “soulmate”, it is much easier to guess with the choice of a present. But you need to accurately find out the information you need, so as not to miscalculate. So, according to hobbies for 46-47-48-49 years old, you can give it to your wife:

    • if a woman is seriously interested in needlework, then a gift for her is not a problem. What is the wife interested in? What does he devote his free time to? Sewing? Knitting? Macrame? Based on this, choose a surprise;
    • cooking nowadays is the passion of many women. No, don't run out to buy another pot or pan. It is better to choose something from modern kitchen appliances, such as a pressure cooker, a good food processor, etc. Or present your wife with a master class from a famous chef, such a gift for 48 years to her wife will make her very happy;
    • he althy lifestyle - your wife's strong point? Feel free to give a subscription to yoga, to the pool, etc. All this will be appreciated;
    • car owner present useful things for the car - a good navigator, new covers, a mini-vacuum cleaner for cleaning the interior;
    • car hammock for animals is useful for the owner of a cat or dog. Animal notpollute the interior, he will be comfortable.

    And how to surprise a business lady on her birthday?

    If the wife is a modern business woman who has repeated her career, it is not easy for her to choose a gift, but it is quite possible. In this case, immediately sweep aside various trinkets, because they are definitely inappropriate. For a birthday wife for 46-47-48-49 years old, you can give:

    • capacious organizer for recording important information;
    • business leather briefcase;
    • wooden desk stationery set;
    • famous brand fountain pen;
    • comfortable stylish business card holder;
    • the newest gadget model. Which one to choose is up to you.

    A good addition to the present is a beautiful bouquet. A wife after forty-five will like traditional roses of soothing shades without too much tinsel. You can also buy her delicate wild flowers or a luxurious bouquet of hyacinths.

    gift options for wife - fashionista

    Your wife probably has her own unique style and will appreciate fashionable beautiful things. What is the best gift for your beloved for 46-49 years? We recommend choosing gifts from the category of classics that are present in the wardrobe of a modern lady:

    • warm comfortable jumper made of natural cashmere;
    • a set of elegant lightweight shawls;
    • classic luxury shawl;
    • you can buy a designer outfit from the latest collection as a gift for your wife for 46-47-48-49 years old, it will adequately complete your wife's wardrobe. The lady will be delighted!

    Deciding what to choose as a gift for your wife for 46-49 years, you can together inon the eve of the upcoming celebration, go to her favorite stores. You will probably get a hint from a woman during the trip what she liked the most. Here is a hint what to present to your wife!

    Funny gift ideas for a humorous wife

    Does your wife love humor and jokes? Then you can choose something unusual and funny. Check out our wife gift ideas for 46-47-48-49 years:

    • funny summer t-shirt with a comic slogan or print;
    • cartoon compilation starring wife;
    • you can give your wife a nice cup for 49 years with a comic inscription;
    • interior emoticon pillow can't but cheer up the future owner. You can buy a whole set of such products for every day of the week;
    • cool cabbage with banknotes. Transfer cabbage leaves with money and joke notes. Fun and unusual!

    It is important to find and not cross the thin line between funny and offensive. Then the wife will absolutely like the present and become special for her. Also pay attention to the wife's sense of humor, if by nature she is not a cheerful person, you should not try to change this with a funny gift.

    What else can please your spouse

    The specific choice of present should be based on the tastes of the future birthday girl. But it's nice to know a couple of universal ideas on what to present to your adorable wife for her birthday:

    • pretty fragrance box will delight the lady who loves exquisite little things. Accessory containsa variety of aromas: fresh needles, chic rose, etc. Add an unusual design and the perfect present is ready;
    • convenient thermo mug for car allows you to enjoy aromatic coffee in long city traffic jams;
    • specially ordered birthday cake for the future birthday girl from the best city confectionery - a great gift for my wife for 46, 47 years;
    • old vintage broochis always a good touch and a worthy addition to your jewelry collection;
    • beautifully designed cookbook for the best family recipes and helpful notes - why not a present for your sweet cooking lover?
    • kitchen set for spices. Today it is fashionable to choose original products that fit into the design of the kitchen;
    • flash drive studded with chic Swarovski stones - a cute and useful souvenir that stores all the important information;
    • popular "unfading" flowers will delight your wife for many years;
    • meditation kit will also be appreciated. This is a good answer to the question of what to give a wife for 46-47-48-49 years old;
    • symbolic tree of happiness - a wonderful talisman that has a beneficial effect on well-being in the house.

    Choosing a gift for your wife for 46-47-48-49 years is not so difficult. There are many options, both luxurious and expensive, and simple, but useful and romantic, even slightly touching. The future surprise should be chosen by you with love and care for your beloved. It is emotions that money can never buy. So thatView our gift ideas for your wife, choose and surprise your only one. Celebrate your birthday beautifully, if your wife wishes - even with pathos, in moderation it will not hurt. Everything is in your hands!

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