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The question of what to give a teenager for his birthday, you have to think hard. Choosing gifts for children has never been easy. One cannot but agree with this. And every year it becomes more and more difficult to do this - tastes change, the child grows up, the circle of his interests expands. The most unpleasant thing is to deliver a portion of disappointment instead of joy. To prevent this from happening, read our article - we will help you choose a gift for a teenager for his birthday, which will surely please the birthday boy or girl.

  • TOP 35 birthday gifts for teenagers

      Quality sportswear
    1. Fantastic literature
    2. Disc with licensed game
    3. Gamer chair for computer
    4. Amusement park ticket
    5. Easel and paints for painting
    6. Aerofootball set
    7. Quadcopter
    8. Gloves for touch devices
    9. Hydroscooter
    10. Traveler Scratchcard
    11. Bright colored thermal mug
    12. Bicycle gear
    13. Portrait on canvas
    14. Doll cartoon from photo
    15. Compass
    16. Survival Kit
    17. Music box
    18. Spinner
    19. Snorkel mask
    20. Trendy Sneakers
    21. Transformer jacket
    22. 3D model for assembly
    23. Cotton candy maker
    24. Ant farm
    25. Wall darts
    26. Toilet water
    27. Speed training rope
    28. Volleyball or basketball ball
    29. Flexible table lamp
    30. Socks with the emblem of your favorite sports team
    31. Spy pen with invisible ink
    32. Lego Mug
    33. Tetris
    34. Visit the trampoline center

    What to give a teenager for his birthday 12, 13 years old?

    A birthday gift for a teenager son, daughter, brother or sister will require enough patience and time from you. At the age of 12-13, children still willingly play games, assemble construction sets and engage in creativity. At this age, it is important to create the most comfortable conditions for self-development, because right now the foundation is being laid for further serious hobbies. At the same time, as an older brother, sister or parent, you must consider the potential for certain activities in a boy or girl and make efforts to develop them. Here's what to give a teenager for his birthday 12, 13 years old, we offer:

    • Crayon set. Such a creative set will give an impetus to creativity, expand the creative possibilities of a birthday man or a birthday girl. Now the child will be able to draw not only on landscape sheets, but also in the yard, painting the world with bright colors. Such a gift can be given for 12, 13 yearsboy, teenage girl.
    • Constructor. He will be delighted with a boy who can build towers for hours at home. Give a boy a teenager for 12-13 years old a designer, from the details of which you can assemble a spacecraft or an entire station. Magnetic models allow you to easily fasten the parts together, which will speed up assembly and give children a lot of fun.
    • Microscope. Here's what a useful gift you can give a teenager on his birthday 12, 13 years old, if it's not in your rules to spend money on toys. The older the child, the more diverse subjects appear in school. One fine day, children begin to study biology, where a microscope is sure to come in handy. However, you can get your child interested in plant cells and small organisms even earlier. A boy and a girl will quickly learn how to work with a microscope and are sure to spend enough time with it, discovering a lot about familiar subjects.
    • Smart watch. Here's what you can give a teenager for his 13th birthday. The world does not stand still, more and more gadgets appear at our disposal, and such changes do not pass by children. One day you will understand that it is time to introduce your child to the possibilities of progressive devices. A smart watch will allow you to count steps and distance traveled, which will encourage your son or daughter to spend more time moving. For parents, smartwatches also give a bonus - they allow you to always know where the child is.
    • Interactive radio-controlled robot. Such an original gift for the dayYour teen will love it for sure. This toy combines modern progress, the motives of popular films and a fantastic future. With the help of the robot, the child will be able to play different scenes, which will positively affect his imagination.
    • Skate. It will allow the child to spend more time in the fresh air, and not in the walls of the house in front of the computer. Such a gift can be presented to a teenager for 12 years - a girl and a boy, without worrying that you risk adding an extra item to the pantry, which is already overcrowded. Skateboarding is fashionable, so this gift will quickly become a favorite item for children.
    • Light tablet for drawing. It will make you feel like a real magician, because you don't need paper or pencils to create patterns and various characters. You can draw even in the dark!
    • Reels. If you still haven't bought these things for your son or daughter, it's time to do it! A teenager will definitely be delighted with the opportunity to drive around in the courtyard of a house or school on roller skates, showing off to peers.
    • Mask of a hero from a science fiction movie. Here's something inexpensive, but cool, you can present for 12 years to a teenager brother, nephew, who is always imagining something. If endless duels, battles and space wars are played out in your house, such a mask will definitely come in handy, because it will help you get used to your favorite image better.
    • Kinetic modeling sand. Suitable for both girls and boys. It will help to train imagination, motor skills, creative vision. From it childrenwill be able to sculpt animals, figures, model objects for lessons at school.
    • Popcorn maker. That's what will delight the lover to absorb a sweet treat right in front of a monitor or TV. Such an item will not only bring joy to the birthday man, but will also save you a lot of money in the future, because now you can cook a yummy at home.
    • Trip to the camp. A wonderful surprise for a teenager who has long dreamed of being left without parental supervision or, conversely, who needs to learn to be independent.

    A teenage boy of 12, 13 years old can be given a gaming mouse with colored lights, a lunch box with Minecraft-style drawings, a sweatshirt or a T-shirt with a cool character of your favorite game or cartoon. You won't go wrong by choosing a kigurumi pajamas, a spinner, a set of double-sided felt-tip pens, a plasma ball for the birthday boy. A teenage girl for 12, 13 years old can be presented with a badminton set, a gymnastic circle, an inflatable circle for a pool in the form of a donut or a flamingo. For a niece, goddaughter, sister, a hair studio, needlework accessories (a sewing machine, a set for drawing or modeling) will suit.

    What to give a teenager for his birthday 14, 15 years old?

    A birthday present for an older teenager needs a more careful approach. We have to take into account that a boy or a girl begins to worry about their appearance, they strive to somehow declare their individuality. At this age, you can not impose your desires and buy things only at your own discretion. Be sure to takeinto account the tastes, style and aspirations of the birthday people. This is the only way to prepare a good surprise. Here's what you can give a teenager for his birthday 14, 15 years old:

    • Telescope. Refers to the number of serious gifts worth investing in for parents, godparents, aunts and uncles. Such a device will surely reveal many secrets of the universe to a teenager. A telescope will appeal to both a boy and a girl if they are interested in space, want to see nebulae, planetary surfaces and just admire the stars from a closer distance.
    • Headset for online communication. Such a gift will please the gamer and the girl who spends a lot of time in online conferences with friends. The headset will make it easier to communicate with relatives at a distance, help you keep in touch with your parents during holidays abroad or at your grandmother's.
    • Reusable notebook. A unique reusable draft is what a useful gift can be given to a teenager on his 14th, 15th birthday. Entries in such a notebook are removed as easily as they are applied. Suitable for a student, artist, lover of foreign languages.
    • Inflatable Chair. It will quickly turn into a favorite piece of furniture for a young boy or girl. It will become the central object of the room, attract attention, earn compliments from friends. And most importantly - you can always deflate the air and remove the chair for a while.
    • Certificate for a professional photo shoot. A young fashionista or fashionista will be in the 7th heaven with happiness. This gift option for a teenager for 14 years will delight every birthday person,who maintains his small cozy blog on the social network and needs quality content.
    • Impression gift. How about making the upcoming holiday memorable? Then it is worth giving a teenage boy a trip to the rope park, kart racing, a game of paintball for his birthday. A teenage girl can be pleased with a master class in playing a musical instrument, flying in a wind tunnel or a make-up lesson with an experienced makeup artist.
    • Jewellery. At this age, children begin to think about their own style and how they look in the eyes of their peers. A 15-year-old teenager boy can be presented with a leather bracelet or a bracelet stylized as a bicycle chain. A fang or skull pendant will appeal to a birthday boy who likes to shock others. A teenage girl can be given a pendant with a zodiac sign or a precious stone for 15 years. For a fan of handmade jewelry, buy a pendant with moss, mushrooms or polymer clay jewelry.
    • Board game. It will allow you to have fun in bad weather or at a holiday when your legs ache from dancing. For teenagers, board games based on popular films and video games are suitable. Checkers, backgammon, chess, monopoly will also be appropriate.
    • T-shirt with cool picture. A joke, a catchphrase, modern slang, a cool slogan or an image of a unicorn - only the tastes of the child decide here. The main thing is that the thing is modern - then the teenager will want to wear it as soon as possible.
    • Pillow in the form of a slice of pizza. Here's what's coolgive for 14, 15 years to a teenager to please him to the core. There is a chance that the pillow will become a favorite item in the room and give pleasant dreams.
    • Sports equipment. Today's children are fond of sports and for this they need the appropriate tools. For example, a boy can be presented with a horizontal bar that is mounted in a doorway, or collapsible dumbbells that allow you to change weight. A gymnastic circle, a stepper, a bench for the press is suitable for a girl.

    If you want to give your teenager an inexpensive and interesting birthday gift, choose a chameleon mug or a USB heated cup. The book will appeal to the intellectual, the multi-tool will please the young mechanic and tester, the electronic piggy bank will be useful to the birthday boy who has many plans. A teenage girl will be delighted with budget gifts such as a selfie light ring, a jewelry box or a stand for jewelry, a waist bag.

    What to give a teenager for his birthday 16, 17 years old?

    Choosing a gift for a teenager's birthday 16, 17 years old, look at those things without which it is impossible to imagine modern life. We are talking about gadgets, accessories for them, stylish clothes, items for study and leisure. At this age, children leave toys behind and confidently comprehend technology, and also try to find their own style. Here's what to give a teenager for his birthday 16, 17 years old, we offer:

    • Action Camera. It will help the children to capture the most unique moments from their own travels, outings into nature, walks incity. It will allow you to get better content, increase the number of subscribers in social networks and feel cooler.
    • Stylish backpack. Versatile clothing that will come in handy for both an active teenager and a birthday boy who likes to walk for a long time with music in his ears alone. The backpack can be bright juicy colors or camouflage.
    • Baseball cap. Rapper, hooligan, glamorous, rocker - the choice is very wide, which will help you choose the right model for the birthday boy or girl.
    • Powerbank. That's what you can give a useful gift to a teenager for 16, 17 years. Such a device will allow you to stay in touch even in the field, in nature, while relaxing in the mountains.
    • Themed bed linen. Individual style implies the presence of not only interesting clothes in the closet, but also cool underwear. For a boy, you should choose bed linen with a print based on adventure and science fiction films. They will most of all like products of rich dark colors. The girl will be pleased with bright and delicate colors, motifs from anime films.
    • Picnic set. Teenagers are increasingly gathering in a company and, if possible, go out into the countryside. A compact set for several people with dishes and cutlery will help teenagers feel comfortable in the countryside and decorate their meal beautifully.
    • 3D T-shirt. Volumetric drawings create magic, breaking our usual perception. Such an original gift for 16, 17 years old will bring a lot of joy to a teenager, andpassers-by will be shocked by the believable faces of animals or images of objects that seem to be touched.
    • Desk organizer. It will help to streamline the work area, save the child from the need to look for a pencil, a ruler for a long time - everything will be at hand. An organizer in the form of a multi-tiered cabinet or stand with several cells will certainly bring joy to every birthday person who loves order.
    • Discoball. If you have parties, then only with bright rays of light! The disco ball will allow you to simply recreate a festive atmosphere at home, which will cheer up the guests, shake them up and make them forget where they are.
    • Useful gadget. The e-book will please those who consider paper publications old-fashioned Electronic translator will bring joy to foreign language learners. The engineering calculator will be useful for guys who are not afraid of complex tasks and in the future they plan to join representatives of complex, responsible professions.
    • Digital frame. It will not let you get bored, because each time the photo will be different. The birthday girl or the birthday boy will be able to choose in what scale, what theme to upload pictures in such a frame.
    • Tattoo sleeves. Here's something unusual you can give a teenager for his birthday, if it's too early for real drawings on the body, but you really want to impress your classmates at the upcoming disco or graduation. Tattoo sleeves will complement the look when going to a party or a date.
    • Portablecolumn. Something that will please the music lover who does not want to be separated from music for anything. Such a column will cheer you up on the sports field, at recess, during a walk or at home.
    • Gadget accessories. A selfie stick, a stylish case, a tablet stand, a keyboard vacuum cleaner - these smart things are sure to please the modern guy or girl who is not parted from the benefits of the digital world.
    • Collage of pictures is a great chance to surprise your child, nephew or godson. So you will be able to demonstrate the life span of the birthday man in an original form. It is not necessary to make such a gift manually, you can order a printout from the printing house and then as a result you will get a collage that is not ashamed to decorate the wall in the house.

    What to give a teenager for his 18th birthday?

    Coming of age is a suitable occasion to present an unforgettable and original gift to a teenager. In this case, emotional gifts, tickets to events, certificates are suitable. Everything must be done so that the event on the occasion of the transition from childhood to adulthood is permanently ingrained in the memory of the birthday man. Here's what to give a teenager for his 18th birthday, we advise:

    • Concert ticket. Attending a concert of your favorite artist or band on the first day of your adulthood is an excellent experience for a guy or a girl. This option for holding a holiday will make you feel like a fully grown adult.
    • Master class. For such an adult boy, a master class in making cocktails, carvingtree or the art of photography. For a teenage girl on her 18th birthday, you can give a master class on painting natural fabrics, creating brooches with pens for 3D patterns, or a lesson for a beginner chocolatier.
    • New gadget: laptop, smartphone, tablet. The fashion for gadgets is changing rapidly, each time manufacturers offer something more advanced, which cannot be passed by. New gadgets - new opportunities. Teenagers have college or university ahead of them. They will have to create a good impression of themselves among future classmates.
    • Certificate for completing the quest. Such an unusual gift for a teenager coming of age is suitable as a pleasant surprise from an older brother, sister or friends. Quest Instellar, Cabin in the Woods or Hannibal Lecter will give you an unforgettable experience and certainly will not let the holiday quickly fade from memory.
    • Virtual reality helmet. Here's something cool you can give a teenager boy for his 18th birthday. Such a helmet will make the birthday boy experience new experiences, completely immersed in a game or fantasy world. The device affects all the senses: sight, hearing, touch. That is why a person can feel in a completely different place in real time.
    • New game console. Here's something interesting you can present on the DR 18 to a teenager who spends a lot of time playing games or even maintains a blog dedicated to this topic.
    • Gym membership. This surprise will appeal to sports boys andgirls who are already trying to do a full set of exercises to work out different muscle groups.
    • Trip to a European country. Do you want to discover Europe for your child not only in pictures and videos? Then give your teenage son or daughter a trip to one of the advanced countries for his birthday, where the child can see the sights, plunge into the modern atmosphere and make new friends.
    • Animal Hat. Fluffy, luxurious hat made of faux fur will keep you warm in cold weather and complement your look in preparation for a holiday, carnival or disco.

    We hope our list of useful, fun birthday gifts for teenagers made it easier for you on the eve of the holiday, and you have already chosen what your son, daughter, nephew will definitely like.

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