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The very first autumn holiday is just around the corner, and, of course, on this day you want to please your kids, but what will be relevant to give a child on September 1st? This issue worries parents not only of first-graders, but also of older children, because this is a holiday for everyone. In the article, we tried to collect a large number of different gift ideas for a child on September 1, so that you can please a girl or a boy on such an exciting day.

How to choose a gift for a child on September 1

Many parents introduce a tradition - at the beginning of the school year to please the student with pleasant presents, but each time it becomes more and more difficult to look for something interesting. We invite you to read the tips on how to choose a gift for a child on September 1, and what points you need to pay attention to.

    • Try to get a surprise in advance so that on the last day you do not run around the shops looking for the perfect gift for your child on September 1.
    • Try to take into account his interests, of course, every parent wants to give a useful present, but as a result, you may not get sincere joy in return. It is better to buy exactly what you wantthing, then you will definitely be able to see the sparkle in the eyes of the student.
    • Everyone chooses the budget for himself, because someone can afford to buy an expensive gadget, while other parents, on the contrary, are used to buying purely symbolic gifts.
    • It is worth deciding whether the gift will be shared or you yourself will present a prepared surprise at home. After all, many parents decide to hand it over after the solemn line.
    • You can always not just give a present, but arrange a real holiday. Go out for a walk in the city, go to a cafe or think of another entertainment.
    • Do not forget that children have their own addictions, and they, like adults, enjoy useful surprises. Just try to choose exactly what the child lacked or he has long dreamed of some thing.
    • Be sure to buy gift wrapping, because this is an important event for a student, and it is better if he is surrounded by a festive atmosphere all day, and after that you can already plunge completely into the learning process.

    What can not be given to a child on September 1st

    Of course, different ages of children mean different surprises, but there are certain categories of things that any schoolchild will not be particularly happy about. We tried to collect a selection of anti-presents in one list of what not to give a child on September 1, not very desirable items got into it. However, every baby is different and what most people may not like is likely to work for you.

    • Stationery for school, because you will get everything anywaynecessary, and a gift for September 1 to a child should be either necessary for him, or of an entertaining nature.
    • Clothes, especially for everyday wardrobe. Toddlers and teenagers do not yet understand the value of such surprises and do not perceive them with great joy. However, this does not apply specifically to the desired things that a girl or boy has long dreamed of.
    • Don't buy toys that are too cheap made from some unknown material. Such fakes are often sold in ordinary shops, where there are no special quality certificates.
    • If you decide to give surprises from all parents within the walls of the school, then you should not buy guns with bullets, bows and similar dangerous items, and this rule also applies to children's cosmetics.
    • Do not buy gifts that are not age appropriate, otherwise they may be completely uninteresting for the child or too complicated, and will be thrown into the far corner.
    • Giving animals to children is not worth it if you yourself are not ready to take care of them, because often a lot of attention is paid to a pet at first, but after a while interest in it disappears.

    List of 36 Best Baby gifts for September 1st

    Now you can start looking for the coolest and long-awaited present for your baby. We have prepared a whole list of 36 best gifts for a child on September 1, it includes many options for children of different ages:

    1. ebook;
    2. magnetic designer;
    3. zoogeographic globe with backlight;
    4. wireless speaker;
    5. wood burning machine;
    6. LEGO for girls or boys;
    7. table for a laptop or tablet with an inclined surface;
    8. 3D pen with small display;
    9. fun backpack;
    10. aqua farm;
    11. named powerbank;
    12. dance mat;
    13. graphic tablet;
    14. wooden railway;
    15. boxing bag with gloves;
    16. Paint It Yourself bag;
    17. banana-shaped headphones sticking out of the ears;
    18. engraved gift medal or coin;
    19. board quizzes;
    20. constructor;
    21. smart water bottle;
    22. cool piggy bank;
    23. runaway alarm clock;
    24. growing pencils;
    25. a small fish tank;
    26. table fountain with light;
    27. colorful baby bedding;
    28. laptop stand;
    29. sport wall for home;
    30. smart notepad;
    31. circus tickets;
    32. diamond embroidery;
    33. electronic photo frame;
    34. self-taught pen;
    35. complex wooden puzzle;
    36. luminous shoelaces or glasses.

    Thinking over the best gift for a child on September 1, you can organize a trip for the whole day to the water park, where you can ride plenty of different slides and just have fun. It will be good if a group of classmates gathers, so you definitely won't get bored.

    What to give a child on September 1 from the parent committee

    If you are not alreadythe first year you study at school and the class is formed, then many parents decide to present small gifts for students after the solemn part, but what can you give a child on September 1 from the parent committee? We tried to collect a lot of interesting and inexpensive ideas that you can please schoolchildren with.

    • Interactive globe will help you learn geography, understand how the planet works, and easily navigate the location of different countries.
    • Wall map of the world, which the child will eventually color in himself, markers are attached to it. This activity will be very exciting and useful.
    • A set of high-quality and soft plasticine, Play-Doh is now very popular. They have just jars or bags of different colors, as well as interesting kits for modeling hamburgers, devices for creating hair or spaghetti, and much more.
    • Colorful bookends, but agree in advance that parents do not purchase them when collecting children before the start of the school year.
    • A basket or a box with various sweets, such gifts will not be lost among children and will definitely be to your taste.
    • Great 56-in-1 Creative Kit with crayons, paints, markers, pencils and other art supplies.
    • Order a large congratulatory cake and arrange a tea party for schoolchildren after the official part, so in a calm and comfortable atmosphere they can talk, tell,how they spent the summer and how they missed their teachers and classmates. Additionally, you can order more pizza and french fries, juices and sweet water.

    We also suggest considering such gift ideas for schoolchildren on September 1 as:

    • funny children's alarm clocks in bright colors;
    • flash cards, you can choose an unusual shape for each child;
    • named lunch boxes, if it is customary to bring a snack with you at school;
    • colorful encyclopedia;
    • spelling dictionaries;
    • notebooks with pen;
    • bookmarks for books made of wood or metal;
    • DIY kits;
    • anti-stress pads in the shape of funny emoticons.

    Try to choose the same items for general gifts for children on September 1, so that they turn out to be symbolic and just nice presents, here you can even consider stationery necessary for the school.

    What to give a first grader on September 1

    When your baby is preparing to cross the threshold of school for the first time, then, of course, he feels quite exciting, and at this time it is necessary to support him with a pleasant surprise, but what will be relevant to give a first grader on September 1st? We have selected cool and useful gifts that can be useful for studying or just interesting toys.

    • Smart watch with built-in GPS navigator, so you will always know where your baby is and not worry about him. In case of danger, the child can press one button and you will receive an SOS signal.
    • Organization of a comfortable workplace, you can buy a high-quality orthopedic chair so that the baby sits correctly and comfortably at the school table, and you can not worry about his posture.
    • Magnetic whiteboard with markers and an extra sponge to conveniently erase your drawings and notes. And also on such a board you can attach letters and numbers to make whole sentences or examples.
    • Bright sneakers with different lighting modes and the ability to recharge from a regular wire with a USB connector.
    • Kigurumi pajamas, now the market offers a wide range of different models, so you can definitely find the right one for a boy or girl.
    • Board games so you can have fun when friends visit. Now there are many different walkers, games with cards or chips, the main thing here is to choose something according to the interests of the child. Monopoly is very popular.

    Here are some more entertaining options for what you can give a first grader on September 1:

    • baby makeup set;
    • bright table lamp: for boys, models with superheroes, and for girls with princesses or fairies;
    • spyware;
    • personal computer;
    • machine on remote control;
    • big robot transformer;
    • set of soldiers and military equipment;
    • laptop;
    • telescope.

    Try not to overload the child with educational presentations, it is better to focusafter all, on entertaining gifts for a first grader on September 1, so that this exciting day ends with a pleasant and long-awaited surprise.

    What to give a girl for September 1

    Any present will differ significantly depending on the gender of the child, because the older our kids get, the more their interests begin to differ. Therefore, we have separately collected a selection of options for what to give on September 1 to a girl of elementary and high school.

    • paints, brushes and pencils.
    • Kinetic sand is loved by many children; When buying this particular gift, keep in mind that it is better to immediately find an inflatable or plastic pool, so the sand will crumble less.
    • Dollhouse will be a pleasant surprise for girls who still love to play with them. Now there are many different options made of wood, they are safe for the child, and there is also quite a variety of furniture for arranging rooms.
    • Stylish jewelry, jewelry can only be given in high school. Try to choose a set that is not too pretentious, but only discreetly decorates and complements the image of your daughter.
    • Big interactive doll or doga, girls really love these surprises and will be happy to play with them.
    • Watches will be useful both in elementary grades and teenagers. So a child from childhood will learn to value his time and always be in time everywhere.

    See the following gifts for a teenage girl on September 1st that parents can purchase:

    • manicure set;
    • beautiful jewelry box;
    • hair curler;
    • comfortable professional hair dryer with different attachments for creating hairstyles;
    • beautiful bright dress;
    • corrugation;
    • UV lamp for gel polish;
    • bluetooth headset for smartphone;
    • wireless karaoke microphone with built-in speaker;
    • a set of bright rubber bands and hairpins;
    • photo shoot;
    • silver jewelry: bracelet, rings, pendant or chain around the neck;
    • capacious cosmetic bag for the house so that she can put all her products in one place.

    Keep in mind, the older the young princesses get, the more their interest falls on various fashionable things, jewelry and just stylish things. Therefore, when thinking over gift ideas for a girl on September 1, consider her interests and desires.

    gift ideas for September 1 for a boy

    And it is also worth considering separately interesting gift ideas for September 1 for boys, here we need to focus on useful items, maybe even taking into account hobbies to support him in his endeavors, such surprises are always perceived with great joy.

    • Sporty childwho tries to keep an eye on his physical condition, buya horizontal bar in the doorway, dumbbells for classes with the ability to change weight or an expander for developing muscles in the arms. Or set up a sports corner in his room with various exercise equipment.
    • For a student who loves to spend time playing computer games, it will be very relevant to purchase a brand new large monitor or monoblock.
    • Smartphone, every child dreams of changing their gadget to a more modern model. After all, they quickly become obsolete and it is sometimes very difficult to keep up with new products.
    • The tablet will appeal to both first graders and adult students. Now many do lessons in electronic form, and if you take it for this purpose, then choose with a large diagonal.
    • Stylish cufflinks for school uniform, but try to get a trendy youth version so that the boy is not ashamed to wear them.
    • Experiment kits at home, purchase for the appropriate age. Such a surprise is very interesting, since even the most complex processes can be clearly seen and understood how they work.
    • Skateboard, many boys want to learn how to ride it, and if your son is no exception, then the surprise will be very welcome.
    • Microscope will attract the attention of a child who loves to learn something new.
    • Sports equipment, here you should buy items specifically for those games that the boy likes to play most of all in his free time: a ball for football, basketball or volleyball, tennisrackets, badminton, chess.

    Here are some more relevant gift ideas for September 1st for a teenage child, whom he will undoubtedly be happy with:

    • backlit gaming keyboard;
    • computer speakers 5 in 1;
    • wireless stereo headphones;
    • Small size MP3 player;
    • bean bag chair in the room;
    • virtual reality glasses;
    • smart backpack;
    • game console;
    • high-speed mouse with macros.

    With great enthusiasm, teenagers accept a variety of useful gadgets, so you can consider such surprises as a gift for a boy on September 1.

    Inexpensive gifts for a child on September 1

    Not always after preparing for the beginning of the school year, parents have a tidy sum for a present, but at the same time, the desire to please their child does not disappear. We tried to choose a lot of cool inexpensive gifts for a child on September 1, which schoolchildren will undoubtedly be happy with.

    • The overlay on the table, behind which the student does his homework. For girls, you can choose a lot of ideas with bright drawings, and for boys, it’s important to consider superheroes or your favorite cartoon characters.
    • Computer gamesand if the child really wanted it and waited a long time for the release, because it is important not only to study, but also to relax.
    • A set of bright book covers with funny and maybe even humorous inscriptions.
    • Stylish umbrella, for very little ones can be purchased with children's drawings, and formatured children with bright colors and beautiful images.
    • Interesting book, if a child likes to read, it is better to buy paper editions to less spoil your eyesight from gadgets.
    • Useful USB-powered computer accessories such as keyboard vacuum cleaner, desk fan, light bulb, mug warmer.

    We propose to add to the above list such inexpensive gifts for a child on September 1 as:

    • photo mouse pad;
    • 3D night light featuring different animals or characters;
    • bubble gun;
    • volumetric mug for tea chameleon or with an unusual pattern;
    • phone stand with column;
    • homemade chocolate fountain;
    • drum set for fingers;
    • Shoe bag with colorful pattern;
    • a t-shirt that you will need to color yourself with special markers.

    You can always organize a trip to nature or a walk in the park instead of an inexpensive gift for September 1, where he will have fun and relax with his family before the start of the school year.

    gifts-impressions for a child on September 1 from parents

    Of course, nothing compares to pleasant emotions that will be remembered for a long time, and various entertainments can deliver them. We tried to highlight a lot of cool ideas for gifts-impressions for a child on September 1 from parents that you can easily pleasestudent.

    • Playroom for children, where there are many different slides, nets and various small attractions. In such places there are always a lot of guys and everyone will find a company for themselves to have fun.
    • Café or pizzeria, order all your favorite things for your child, sit together, discuss different topics, drink milkshakes. And in addition, you can take a walk in the park or just along the city streets.
    • Going out into the countryside, be sure to bring some games with you to have fun, and you can also invite a few classmates or friends. Cook the meat on the fire, because after such a rest you always want to eat a hearty meal.
    • Quest room will appeal to older kids, they will need to show all their ingenuity and teamwork in order to solve puzzles in a short time and get out of the room.
    • Karting, this kind of entertainment is especially loved by boys, because they prefer speed, and parents prefer safety. And small cars include these two components, so everyone will be sincerely happy with the chosen entertainment.
    • Urban Amusement Park, especially if you haven't been to it in a while. However, keep in mind that it is on September 1 that many parents go there with their children, so you may have to stand in small queues.
    • Waterpark, such a surprise will cause sincere delight, and if you have such entertainment in your city or in the neighboring one, then you should definitely go there for the whole day.

    For every studentthe beginning of the school year is a very significant date, this is a long-awaited meeting with friends, teachers, and it is important that parents extend the festive mood a little longer. Choose only the most interesting gifts-impressions for the child on September 1, where he will be extremely happy to go.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that it turns out that we managed to prepare a rather large selection of presents, and we hope that each reader could find what to present to a child on September 1 if he crosses the school threshold for the first time or is already studying there. The main thing is to please the baby and create a pleasant festive atmosphere.

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