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On the eve of the first important and responsible holiday for kids, parents are trying to choose what to give their children for graduation in kindergarten will be relevant to surprise everyone. In the article we will try to talk about the most interesting ideas so that the parent committee will prepare worthy presents for the already grown-up children. Pay attention to tips that will help you choose gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten so that boys and girls will like them.

How to choose the right gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten

This event is quite exciting not only for parents, but also for kids. After all, they will have to move to an unfamiliar place for themselves, where they will have to look for new friends, get acquainted with the teacher. To support them at such a crucial moment, suitable gifts should be presented. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips on how to choose the right gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten.

    • Try to plan your preparation time and do everything in advance. This applies not only to the solemn part, but also to the purchase of surprises for the pupils. After all, when you think through different ideas withouthaste, then porridge does not form in the head and any decision is made easier.
    • Determine how much you plan to allocate for each surprise, and be sure to subtract funds from this amount for packaging, cards or balloons, depending on how you plan to supplement prepared gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten.
    • It is also worth deciding whether unique surprises will be purchased for each child within the same amount, or whether you will give everyone the same items so that the children will not be offended by looking at the present of his neighbor.
    • Here it is necessary to decide whether the gifts will be universal, so that they are suitable for each pupil, or separately for boys and girls.
    • With special delight, children perceive useful objects that help them develop. After all, the realization is already coming that they are growing up, and it's time to gain new knowledge and try to do everything better and more carefully.
    • Do not forget about the beautiful presentation, namely, it is necessary to pack prepared presents. For the same things, the packaging can be taken in the same color, but if there is a separation, it will be appropriate for the strong half to use blue shades, and for the weak half - pink.

    What not to give children for graduation in kindergarten

    When the parent committee makes a decision, it is necessary to take into account those things that are undesirable to purchase for kids. We have prepared a list of what not to give children for graduation in kindergarten, so that you do not accidentally make a mistake with your decision.

    • Toy guns, pistols with cartridges,swords and other paraphernalia that can accidentally harm the guys. In children's groups, such surprises will be inappropriate.
    • Things for an older or, conversely, younger age, in the first version, it will be difficult for the child to figure out what to do with the object and, most likely, it will be damaged or thrown into the far corner , and in the second - the gift will be too simple and no longer interesting.
    • Cheap counterfeit, made of unknown materials, may pose a he alth hazard to children.
    • Developing toys that are not age-appropriate should also be excluded, since such items should correspond to the number of years of the gifted child.
    • Children's cosmetics for the fairer half - a completely inappropriate surprise, even if age 5+ is written on the pack. Of course, any lady will be delighted with such gizmos, but it is inappropriate to buy them within the walls of the kindergarten.
    • Too “dry” stationery presents, if suddenly you decide to give all the pupils the things they need for school, be sure to dilute the surprises with small toys. Still, future students are still children and love to play.

    Try to make kindergarten graduation gifts similar to each other, otherwise the kids will look at someone else's item and get upset.

    List of 36 Best Kindergarten Graduation gifts for Kids

    So it's time to start the main search and selection of interesting options, for starters, we would like to suggest considering the list of 36best kindergarten graduation gifts for kids:

    1. stylish and roomy pencil case in bright color;
    2. homemade and natural soap making kit;
    3. helicopter on the remote control;
    4. 3D puzzle made of thick cardboard or wood;
    5. a set for creating slimes;
    6. reader to read outside of school;
    7. globe lamp;
    8. bright piggy bank;
    9. wall map of the world for kids;
    10. maze ball;
    11. big basket with different goodies;
    12. developing tablet;
    13. textbook stand;
    14. night light in the form of an aquarium with jellyfish swimming in it;
    15. large custom-made birthday cake with colorful figurines;
    16. chess;
    17. dominoes;
    18. Scrabble game;
    19. light drawing tablet;
    20. congratulatory medals for each pupil;
    21. magnetic designer;
    22. atlas "The World Around";
    23. magnetic whiteboard;
    24. antistress toy;
    25. pack;
    26. modeling toolkit;
    27. pencil stand;
    28. named medals;
    29. word game;
    30. challenging maze puzzle;
    31. large festive sweet table with pizza and cocktails;
    32. turtle lamp with music;
    33. fun key chains for backpacks;
    34. animal print;
    35. lightboard;
    36. sand painting kit.

    Keep in mind, when choosing what you can give a child for graduation in the garden, you should definitely follow the rule -any present should be safe and harmless. It is better to make purchases in large chain stores, where they check the quality of goods on the shelves more carefully.

    What to give children for graduation in kindergarten from parents

    The closest people always worry very much at such important and exciting moments for kids and, of course, they want to support them at this time, and what if not a present will cheer them up? But what would be appropriate to give children for graduation in kindergarten from their parents, we have chosen the most interesting ideas that can cause a positive and sincere reaction from the pupils.

    • 3D pen is now a very popular gift for children, it can be used to create different volumetric figures and drawings. Buy a set of rods in addition, as they run out very quickly.
    • Alarm clock for kids it is worth looking after an interesting shape in bright colors. It can be options with fairies, robots, dogs from the paw patrol, motorcycles, houses and many other similar ideas.
    • A model for collecting figurines, here you can choose from animals to all kinds of vehicles or large buildings.
    • Constructor, but you don't need to buy the same look for everyone, now LEGO sets are presented in a wide variety and you can definitely find different boxes for the whole group. The main thing is to purchase them separately for boys and girls, and in order not to confuse them, wrap them in wrapping paper of a certain color.
    • Table lamp with different lighting modes to make it convenient to dolessons.
    • Be sure to order vignettes or alumni photo albums, choose hardcover and laminated sheets to keep their original look for years to come.
    • Starry sky projector in the room, with it you can fall asleep comfortably in your bed at night, feeling relaxed, calm and safe.

    Additionally, consider the following inexpensive garden prom gift ideas from parents:

    • table sand painting;
    • growing crystals at home;
    • cartoon pencil organizer;
    • globe;
    • wristwatch with GPS navigator;
    • electronic piggy bank;
    • children's lunch box for breakfast.

    Try to create a special festive mood, and what no matter how balls can raise it to all the kids? Buy one or three helium-filled balloons as a gift for children at the graduation in the garden, and hand them along with the main present.

    What to give boys for graduation in kindergarten

    Of course, all people are different, and the same applies to children. However, there are certain presents that every representative of the strong half really likes. We tried to choose the latest kindergarten graduation gifts for boys this year and here's what we got.

    • Table hockey or football will be a very welcome surprise for the guys. They love such entertainment and rolling a ball or puck onthe field will definitely draw them in and captivate them.
    • Woodburning kit with a few nested stencils so that the child can make his first gorgeous painting himself and maybe even give it as a gift to his parents.
    • The machine on the remote control, you don’t need to purchase too expensive models, but within 500 or 1000 rubles it’s quite possible, maybe they won’t be large, but they will definitely deliver the sea joy to all the boys.
    • A high-quality soccer ball so that in your free time you can go with the company to the field and drive it.
    • Table punching bag will help keep fit and develop arm muscles so that the boy can stand up for himself in any difficult situation.
    • Metal constructor with nuts will be a very appropriate surprise for the guys, it will not get bored for a long time, as many different figures are assembled from it.

    In addition, we would like to suggest considering what you can give a boy for graduation in kindergarten from the budget category:

    • toy soldiers set;
    • young magician's set to put on real performances at home;
    • Twister game;
    • bankbot;
    • spy set;
    • robot on remote control;
    • puzzle suitable for a boy;
    • set of flip cars.

    What to give girls for graduation in kindergarten

    Young ladies should also consider the special and unique surprises they are sure toadmire, but what to give girls for graduation in kindergarten will be relevant and interesting? We tried to collect entertaining options that can please future schoolgirls.

    • Barbie dolls, all girls love to play with them, especially if the set comes with a lot of chic outfits that can be constantly changed.
    • Hairstyle mannequin already at this age will be very interesting, because just the time has come to learn how to braid neatly braids, so that later you can take care of your hair.
    • Stylish sequin bags or backpacks not for school, but for everyday use.
    • Electronic quiz will appeal to inquisitive girls, using a small wire with tips you need to connect cards and the correct answers on the panel.
    • Dollhouse for small toys, additionally you can buy a set of furniture for it to make it more interesting to play.
    • Tote bag that the girl can color herself with the included markers.
    • Small storage box for small items or jewelry, girls love this kind of things and will be happy to get their own beautiful box.

    Here are some more inexpensive kindergarten prom gifts for girls that parents can get:

    • bright folder for papers with scissors, glue, notepad and similar necessary items;
    • interactive pet;
    • educational game"Daily routine";
    • bath bombs in the shape of different animals;
    • set for creating magnets from plaster, which then need to be painted;
    • diary with padlock;
    • stylish wrist bracelets.

    Try, when thinking over different options for gifts for girls at graduation in kindergarten, to exclude soft toys. Many of them already have a lot of them in the house and, most likely, they play the role of dust collectors more.

    What you can give children useful for graduation in kindergarten

    Each parent wants a surprise to bring not only joy, but also benefit to his child, so it will be important for you to think about what you can give children useful at graduation in kindergarten. Try to find a one-size-fits-all option that will benefit girls and boys equally, or just separate the surprises for each group of kids.

    • Encyclopedia, but you should not choose for the smallest children, after all, they grow up quite quickly. It will be relevant that it be useful in the process of studying information from the first to the fourth grade. The presence of pictures is extremely important so that it is bright and attracts the attention of the child.
    • School double-sided board for home, on one side you can practice writing with chalk, and the other side is magnetic with a set of letters and numbers to visually study different examples. Of course, the surprise is not the cheapest, but quite useful for children.
    • A small microscope will be very interesting for future biologists who pay special attention to knowledge in the structurecells.
    • Kit with all the necessary stationery for first class. It is advisable to collect them based on the preferences of the gifted child, so that things have bright drawings of your favorite characters, so the surprise will bring more joy to the baby.
    • Binoculars will be of interest to every child, because with it you can see a lot of interesting things that you cannot see with the naked eye. It will also be very interesting to watch the stars and the moon in it.
    • Monopoly board game will help you quickly figure out the correct calculation of money, as well as develop the ability to think outside the box, making risky decisions.
    • Swimming set, because summer is ahead, the time of the year when a child can enjoy the rest without thinking about studying. It will be important to buy a snorkel, a mask and fins, and beautiful inflatable rings or mattresses for girls.

    Here are some more fun ideas for useful kindergarten graduation gifts for toddlers:

    • a book with an interesting genre for a child;
    • bright notepad;
    • electric pencil sharpener;
    • checkers;
    • table perpetual calendar.

    Try not to buy clothes, backpacks and other similar things as gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten, as they will not yet be able to understand their usefulness and value. This age suggests the joy of toys or creative kits.

    List of kindergarten graduation gifts for children for development

    Personal growth andthe general development of babies always comes first, because you want the child to be able to easily adapt to situations. We tried to put together a list of gifts for children at graduation in kindergarten to develop different skills, from physical to creative. Of course, here you can’t give everyone the same sets or items, but you can divide them according to the preferences of the kids, parents know exactly what activities are most addictive and captivate their child.

    • Board games help develop logic and speed counting. Now in the store you can find a lot of different “walkers” that you need to play with a group of friends. And this is another great reason to get together and have fun, and not watching cartoons.
    • Kits for creative work, for boys you can buy puzzles of ships, sailboats, tanks or vintage cars. But for girls, weaving bracelets, knitting or a picture with diamond crystals suitable for their age is suitable.
    • A set of accessories for interesting experiments. In stores, you can now find completely different and exciting experiments that you can conduct at home, clearly showing how certain natural phenomena work. You just need to try to choose them suitable for age.
    • Play-Doh set with soft plasticine, they are available for both girls and boys, so you can choose from many different options, most importantly, children will be addicted to them, and modeling, by the way, helps to develop fine motor skills and imagination.
    • Ebru isa set of objects that allows the child to draw on the water. Such paintings are of incredible beauty and very unusual. For a creative person, a surprise will be just a godsend that will help develop the imagination.
    • Painting set with more than 100 different items inside, it is very convenient to store it as it folds into a small case.

    Consider the following ideas of what to present to children at graduation in kindergarten will be relevant for the development of different talents:

    • paint by numbers;
    • mini volcano at home;
    • easel;
    • lotto;
    • basket where you put a lot of colored markers, gel pens and highlighters;
    • a set of quality brushes of different sizes in a convenient case;
    • betrothal.

    Original kindergarten graduation gifts for kids

    When choosing an unusual surprise for kids, you should consider their preferences. And even if you want to arrange an unforgettable show, then after it there must be small memorable presents. We have prepared a list of what original gifts to give children for graduation in kindergarten from the parent committee.

    • 3D night light, although the kids are already growing up, they still remain little cowards who are afraid of the dark at night, so it will be very important to purchase it in the form of a superhero, a bear, dolphins or a globe.
    • T-shirts with cool inscriptions and photos of the group - worthy memorable gift not to forget your firstfriends.
    • Animated performance with different characters, contests and big soap bubbles will be remembered by children from a positive side. They will remember for a long time a rich and fun party in honor of the end of the kindergarten.
    • Colorful tea mugs to which you can additionally transfer a picture of the recipient so that he has his own personal and unique cup.
    • Scientific owl figurine with a set of books will be an interesting present, especially if you engrave each child personally. The surprise will be like a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in the life of an adult baby.
    • Reviving Castle schedule will be a very useful and original gift. An ordinary sheet of paper will come to life as soon as the child points his smartphone at it, where a special application has been downloaded.
    • Order a book with different fairy tales, and your children will take part in the role of the main characters. Basically, such stories turn out to be quite fascinating and in a year it will be very interesting to plunge into the children's atmosphere and read an entertaining story.

    We offer to additionally consider such inexpensive original graduation gifts for children in kindergarten as:

    • name cup;
    • keychain with a photo of the whole group;
    • diploma in a classic frame;
    • grass dinosaur hair;
    • disc with video film "A Day in the Life in Kindergarten";
    • named wooden rulers to order;
    • puzzle made from a shared picture.

    Notforget about the bright presentation of a prepared graduation gift in a kindergarten for children. After all, it is much more pleasant and exciting to open a surprise without knowing what is inside, and then sincerely rejoice at what you see.

    Preparing for such an important event takes a lot of time, and there are many things to consider. We hope, thanks to our article, you know exactly what you can present to children at graduation in kindergarten and have found that perfect surprise for the group, which every future student will be happy to receive. Please children as often as possible, because they grow up very quickly, and you will not have time to look back, as you will see them off for the last call.

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