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It's time to say goodbye to school walls, at such an important moment parents prepare interesting presents for their children, but what to give children for graduation in grade 11 will be necessary, useful and, of course, enjoyable? In our article, you will be able to find many ideas for chic surprises that every teenager will be delighted with. And also try to listen to advice, they will help guide you and find the perfect gifts for graduates of grade 11 from parents.

How to choose graduation gifts for children in grade 11

When a child starts to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to choose gifts for special occasions every year, and what can we say about the need to buy surprises for the whole class. In this section, we tried to combine tips on how to choose gifts for children at graduation in grade 11 will be more correct on your part and what points you should pay attention to first of all.

    • Parents need to start preparing early, of course, the bustle before the exams is very exciting, but because of this, the solemn event should not suffer. Start buying gifts for graduates in grade 11a few months to think through various ideas and find the most ideal option for everyone.
    • You need to clearly decide how much money you will collect for a present for children, because this way you can highlight the category you need without wasting time on more expensive options. It is best to organize the collection in advance so that all parents can donate the required amount.
    • You should consider whether you will have the same surprises for everyone or an individual gift for each student individually. If you decide in favor of the second option, it will be much more difficult to find a worthwhile present for each graduate, but the choice will be more detailed.
    • Some parents decide to buy some gifts for the strong half of the class, and others for the girls. And this option also has its advantages, because no one will be offended that the neighbor has a better gift, and all the children will be satisfied.
    • Try to ensure that any prepared present is beneficial to the owner, and also not boring. After all, banal things get bored very quickly and do not cause such sincere delight.
    • Wrapping paper will play a big role in the mood of graduates, because getting a bright and beautiful bundle is much more pleasant than a regular cardboard box.

    What can not be given to children for graduation in grade 11

    Of course, choosing a surprise for teenagers is not an easy task, especially for different generations. And the parent committee is faced with a really difficult dilemma that needs to be de alt with properly. We have tried to put together a selectiontips on what not to give children at graduation in grade 11, and also added to this list those items that should be thought through in detail before purchasing them.

    • Toys, of course, children will always be small for parents, but this is definitely not an option for a gift. And guys shouldn't take airplanes on the remote control, because it's better to buy a useful present that will come in handy in later life than an item that will be fun to play only for the first half an hour.
    • Clothes is not always perceived positively, and getting the right thing for every teenager will be a rather difficult task.
    • Detergents for washing, shaving or various creams it is better to exclude from possible ideas, since you cannot know the preferences of each child, and asking all parents again will be quite a tedious task. Yes, and these items do not correspond as a present to such a solemn event as graduation.
    • Useless knick-knacks that will be thrown into the far corner after the holiday, because any prepared gifts for children on graduation party in 11th grade should be useful or memorable.
    • Fakes, do not try to buy a cheap one and pass it off as an original high-quality thing, because most likely it will not last long, and it will be very annoying if the present fails after several days or weeks.
    • Personal things - not the best of ideas, after all, surprises should be neutral and not touch the intimate side of a person.

    List of 37 best gifts for childrenat graduation in 11th grade

    Let's start the main search for surprises for future graduates and try to find the perfect option. We've put together a list of the 37 best 11th grade graduation gifts they'll love:

    1. desk electronic clock with built-in alarm clock;
    2. memory card;
    3. photo puzzle;
    4. mp3 player;
    5. waterproof smartphone case;
    6. named thermal mug for each student;
    7. organizer;
    8. smart watch;
    9. pen with built-in flash drive;
    10. table games for adults (Twister, Jenga, Monopoly, Poker);
    11. cube photo frame;
    12. webcam;
    13. water bottle in a handy case;
    14. travel bag;
    15. smart column "Alice";
    16. 100 important things to do scratch poster;
    17. handmade chocolate with a congratulatory inscription;
    18. book "Wise Thoughts";
    19. IPhone-shaped table lamp;
    20. foot hammock;
    21. rubberized mouse pad with built-in calculator;
    22. souvenir "Learned Owl" with engraving;
    23. hard puzzle;
    24. volumetric 3D puzzle;
    25. wristwatch;
    26. ebook;
    27. photoplate;
    28. Diploma lamp;
    29. unusual umbrella;
    30. stylish wrist bracelet;
    31. poster from the class teacher or parent committee with pictures of students;
    32. name notebook;
    33. memory trip self-adhesive wall poster;
    34. handmade sweets;
    35. photographer witha photo zone prepared at the entrance to the cafe, as well as a video operator throughout the event;
    36. self-development book;
    37. candy bar.

    Try in addition to the selected gifts for children at the graduation party in the 11th grade, also purchase medals that will be awarded as a sign of graduation and the path traveled. It would be nice if they were named, and maybe even with photographs of each student.

    What to give girls for graduation in grade 11

    Often, the parent committee decides to purchase surprises for the weaker half separately, but what can be given to girls for graduation in grade 11 so that these items are not only useful, but also pleasant and, perhaps, even memorable. We tried to choose the coolest options and combined them into one big list.

    • Photobook, available in paperback or hardcover. Models look very interesting, where the cover has a place for a portrait shot, so you can immediately see who owns the album.
    • Karaoke microphone, every girl loves to sing, someone does it well and is not ashamed to sing a song in public, while others are not averse to singing their favorites at home without prying eyes stitches.
    • Mirror with extra built-in lighting to make getting ready for school, work or a date even more comfortable.
    • Silver pendant with the name of the owner, such a symbolic but pleasant surprise any lady will definitely appreciate.
    • Stylish backpacks, you can even get transparent models, they are noware in high demand.
    • Jewelry storage box, if you want to keep the memory of the surprise, you can order them handmade with a photo of the class inside.
    • Lamp "Moon" in the room, where on one side there will be a picture of a student, and on the other, pleasant parting words from parents.

    Consider, in addition to all of the above, such inexpensive gifts for girls for prom in grade 11 as:

    • beautiful vase for flowers, even with congratulatory engraving;
    • handbag folding mirror, you can choose with bright and interesting patterns or rhinestones;
    • jewelry holder;
    • cosmetic bag in several tiers;
    • professional makeup brush set for makeup;
    • wall clock with class photo;
    • money wallet with personal signature;
    • flower in a beautiful and bright pot.

    Delight beautiful girls with an extra gift for Grade 11 graduates in the form of chic bouquets of soft toys or sweet treats. Ordinary flowers will quickly wither and simply have to be thrown away, and such a composition will please the eye for many years to come, reminding you of a pleasant evening.

    What to give guys for graduation in grade 11

    For the strong half, it will be important to think over practical surprises, especially something for a hobby, but what to give guys for graduation in grade 11 will be relevant from the outsideparents. In this section, we have prepared a selection of entertaining, and most importantly, ideas that will be needed in the future.

    • Nominal purse, it would be preferable to choose them with many departments so that there is somewhere to put documents and cards that accumulate very quickly.
    • The hiding place book, will be a great accessory where you can put various trifles or jewelry.
    • Electronic piggy bank that absorbs banknotes like an ATM. And you can also consider the option for a trifle, it will be taken by the paw of some animal.
    • Useful items for working with a computer, namely: an unusually shaped hub, a USB keyboard light, a desktop mini fan.
    • The phone case made of metal will be a great surprise, but you need to know the exact model of each boy's phone.
    • A bag for sports items, it will be relevant to purchase it with an additional compartment for shoes, so as not to put everything in one compartment.
    • Phone stand with a projector to watch movies from your gadget on a larger screen.

    We would like to offer such inexpensive gifts for boys of 11th grade graduates as:

    • wireless mouse;
    • money clip;
    • mini keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    • stand to maintain the temperature of the water in the mug;
    • chess;
    • set of fridge magnets with pictures of the full class and separately with the best friend;
    • cartoon written by an artist, be sure to put it inframe;
    • headset for communicating via Skype and other "talkers";
    • phone stand with plate.

    So that the prepared gift for the guys at graduation in grade 11 does not turn out to be too banal, complement it with a congratulatory bouquet of quality socks. Firstly, such a gift will be pleasant in its surprise, and secondly, it will definitely come in handy when the existing “strategic reserve” runs out.

    It happens that the decision about a suitable surprise is chosen in the direction of the same presents that will be memorable and unusual for any student. We've rounded up 11th grade prom gift ideas for kids from parents that you can easily hand in and get a clean and sincere response from every student.

    • USB-drive is a useful and not very expensive accessory that every person needs now and definitely will not be superfluous. Of course, I don’t want to hand them just the same, so you can get a unique form for each student, now their choice is very large.
    • Photobook will be a great surprise, because even after many years you can open the pages and plunge into the atmosphere of school days, remembering your classmates.
    • Congratulatory cups for each student, they can be presented both at the last call and during the solemn part along with diplomas. Such a memory will be very pleasant for children, because the cup will remain with them for many years.
    • Book withwishes , where on each page there will be a picture of an eleventh grader, and next to it is information about him and, of course, a place where you can write an interesting case, a funny situation or wishes for the future.
    • Electronic photo frame for everyone, such a practical surprise is relevant for many years, because it holds a lot of pictures that can be constantly replenished.
    • Big Custom Made Birthday Cake. It would be appropriate to decorate it in a humorous style to make it look original and unusual.

    At such a solemn moment, it is also worth considering such memorable gifts from parents for grade 11 graduates as:

    • personalized Hollywood star on a stone with a comfortable stand;
    • video film "A Day in the Life of a Class";
    • t-shirts with parting words and school emblem;
    • photo plaid;
    • commemorative coin;
    • mouse pad with a photo of all classmates;
    • belt for jeans or dress pants with recipient's initials.

    Try to choose more memorable gifts for children at graduation in grade 11, because in the future, many will go their separate ways and, perhaps, some of the students will see each other for the last time. And if you leave a piece of memory, then looking at a photo or video, you will always remember a friendly and beloved team.

    What is a symbolic gift for Grade 11 graduates

    Of course, within the school, you should not choose too expensive surprises, becauseeach family has a different level of income, and the chosen gift should not be overhead for the parents. But what can be a symbolic gift for graduates of the 11th grade, so that they are sincerely happy with the handed subject.

    • Passport cover, adhering to the choice of original models, it is worth considering the hobbies and character of each student in order to choose the right option with an interesting print.
    • Smartphone stand, girls can get colorful models, and boys something more classic.
    • Flash drive with name engraving
    • Wireless headset for easy phone calls without wires getting in the way.
    • Stylish diary, made of genuine leather, for boys consider dark shades, but for girls it will be important to buy something bright and eye-catching.
    • Desk organizer for office supplies. After graduation, a new stage of education begins and, of course, such a surprise will be very useful.
    • Sweet treats in gift boxes, you can even name them, it will be much more pleasant. And it’s worth placing an order in advance, on a certain date, because the pastry chef will have to spend a lot of time preparing surprises.

    We would like to offer the following inexpensive gifts for children at graduation in 11th grade, which will be useful in the future at work or school:

    • nominalpostcard for every student;
    • notebook for phone numbers with pen included;
    • weather predictor;
    • engraved gift pen.
    • capacious photo mug with nice unique words;
    • chocolate card;
    • waterproof radio.

    Remember, it is not the price of a prepared gift from parents for the 11th grade graduation party that is important, but the spiritual component. That is why any present should be given along with a personal and memorable thing.

    Practical 11th grade graduation gifts for kids

    Of course, you can not ignore the beloved and necessary practical gifts for children at graduation in grade 11. Every parent would like the chosen surprise to be useful, help in life or study.

    • A small home weather station, with which every child will always know the weather and dress accordingly.
    • Wireless speaker for music playback, however, here it is worth considering the fact that some guys may already have such a surprise in stock.
    • Perfume shop certificate for each student so that the children themselves can choose the fragrance they want to use.
    • Alarm clock, which will help wake up even a real sleepyhead, it will be better to give preference to models that run away, fly away or for sports people.
    • External battery for recharging gadgets - a very necessary and useful thing, because now, left without a phone, everyone feelsas if without hands.
    • Hat with built-in headphones useful for real music lovers.
    • Table punching bag will not only help you keep in shape, but will also do an excellent job of removing the accumulated anger.

    To all the above points, it is worth adding such inexpensive practical gifts for graduates as:

    • headphones shaped like unicorns, superheroes, bananas, sushi and more;
    • pen with laser pointer;
    • massage pillow;
    • multitool;
    • Norquay 7 in 1 bike tool;
    • touchscreen gloves;
    • hourglass with metal chips;
    • monopod.

    Keep in mind that your 11th grade graduation gifts for children should not be too expensive, it is advisable to set the line no more than 500-1000 rubles, since in addition to them there will be a lot of expenses for preparing the celebration. But at home, each parent himself will choose a suitable surprise for the end of school for his child.

    Joint gift ideas from parents to kids for 11th grade prom

    If you have decided to come up with interesting entertainment or recreation as a surprise for the whole class, then you should consider the ideas of joint gifts from parents to children at graduation in grade 11. This approach is very much loved by teenagers, because an extra opportunity to have fun with friends is always accompanied by positive emotions.

    • Playing paintball, divide the class into different groups with the samethe number of people to be able to play against each other. This entertainment will be remembered by both girls and boys with pleasant and positive emotions.
    • Organize a field trip where you can cook meat and just have fun. Additionally, consider the competition program, so it will be more interesting to relax and do not forget to bring music with you.
    • Bowling is now loved by many teenagers, you can shoot several lanes at once so that you do not have to wait long in line for a throw. Be sure to organize a table with pizza and juice.
    • Quest room will be a great challenge for children, completing difficult tasks and solving hidden puzzles will be very fun and emotional, as there are many traps hidden in the room.
    • Certificates for each student for a master class on topics of interest to them, here, most likely, it will be possible to divide the children into different groups, each of which will receive knowledge that is interesting to her .
    • Book a professional photo session for the whole class so that everyone can take not only individual photos, but also in the company of friends in an informal setting outside the school.
    • or to the performance of a famous troupe that came to your city.

    Do not forget, when choosing a joint gift-impression for children at graduation, that parents must be present, because not every child is already 18 years old, so accompaniment is required.

    So our selection of different ideas has come to an end, thatcan be presented to children at graduation in grade 11. You definitely managed to notice how many different options there are, and we hope you found that very cool surprise for graduates that can cause a positive reaction in every student.

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