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No matter how old the princess is, parents always try to find the best surprise, but the question of what to give their daughter for her birthday is always quite acute before the holiday. In the article, we tried to consider different ideas depending on the age of the birthday girl, so that you can choose a worthy birthday present for your daughter, and also pay attention to a selection of useful tips.

How to choose the right birthday present for your daughter

Of course, in order to get a present that the birthday girl will sincerely like, you need to think it over carefully. We tried to combine into one list tips on how to choose a gift for your daughter for her birthday, as well as what points to pay attention to so that the surprise causes sincere delight.

    • For starters, be sure to start preparing in advance, it is better to buy a present in advance so that it is already lying at home for the holiday. So you can prepare for the most solemn event with peace of mind and fully devote yourself to organizational issues.
    • The age of the birthday girl plays a big role, since the surprise for a one-year-old child will differ significantly froma present for a teenager or an adult girl.
    • Budget - it is very important to establish for yourself how much you can safely allocate for a birthday present for your daughter. It is worth leaving a part of it for packaging and a bouquet.
    • With great enthusiasm, children and adults perceive various pranks, quests with tasks and other unexpected and emotional surprises. So you can think about how unusual you can congratulate the birthday girl so that she remembers it.
    • When it comes to choosing a present, be sure to first consider something useful for your daughter, maybe she has hobbies or desires, or maybe you can make her little dream come true.
    • Do not neglect the character of your girl, because there are more calm personalities who love something not very pretentious and simple, others, on the contrary, are eccentric and active, and they prefer cool and unusual little things.

    What not to give your daughter for her birthday

    No parent wants to offend or upset their princess, so you should clearly understand what you can’t give your daughter for her birthday. We've compiled some unwanted surprises into one list and here's what we came up with:

    • For young children, you should not buy toys of dubious production, do not hesitate to ask the seller if there are quality certificates for the product, this is primarily the he alth of your child.
    • Thinking about what to give your daughter for her birthday, keep in mind that repeated surprises will not be received with great delight.
    • Don't try for the birthday girlimpose their desires, since many parents buy an easel for a child, in the hope that she will draw, but in fact the girl may like to sing more.
    • Money is not always a good surprise, but if your daughter collects for any item, then it would be appropriate to help her. But for very young children who still do not understand their price, it is better to choose a material present.
    • Products for problem skin or diet pills will not cause a strong positive reaction. After all, it is precisely such surprises that indicate her shortcomings, and on a holiday I would not like to remember them at all.
    • Ordinary everyday clothes, because parents will buy such wardrobe items without any holiday, of course, if you decide to donate not an everyday option, but, for example, some accessory to the image, then she will be very happy.

    List of 36 Best Birthday gifts for Daughter

    For a young or already adult princess, you want to buy something useful and with care, because this is a surprise not just from friends, but from dear and beloved parents. To get you started, we've put together a list of the 36 best birthday gifts for your daughter:

    1. big teddy bear;
    2. soft plasticine with special sculpting machines;
    3. night light in the room with a three-dimensional figurine of an animal or flowers;
    4. LEGO set for girls;
    5. talking pen;
    6. cool slippers for home in the form of boots with ears;
    7. children's easel for drawing;
    8. finger paints in a large set;
    9. interactive tennis;
    10. plaid with sleeves;
    11. the stylish dress I dreamed about;
    12. planetarium to her room;
    13. named thermocup;
    14. gyroscooter;
    15. magnetic designer;
    16. two-story house for dolls;
    17. a small handbag for everyday wear;
    18. set of colorful gel polishes and UV lamp;
    19. smartphone;
    20. car;
    21. a trip to the camp or on vacation;
    22. wireless music speaker;
    23. Comfortable and stylish laptop bag;
    24. tablet case with stand;
    25. voluminous terry blanket for the bed;
    26. handy paper organizer;
    27. capacious cosmetic bag;
    28. large set of drawing tools with easel;
    29. engraved name ring;
    30. rose in a vacuum flask;
    31. light pad;
    32. coffee maker;
    33. high-quality bed linen, can be made of silk;
    34. home theater;
    35. floor vase for flowers;
    36. envelope with money.

    Be sure to try to buy a beautiful bouquet in addition to the best gift for your daughter for her birthday. However, if she is an ardent defender of nature or loves living plants, then the potted version is more suitable.

    What to give my daughter for her birthday 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old

    Babies at this age are happy with each new toy, more than the previous one, but in the wide variety that stores offer, what to give your daughter for her birthday 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old will be relevant? Let's see what options we havelook for princesses to be genuinely happy.

    • For a girl for a year you can choose different rattles, soft books, a music mat, a pool with dry balls, fabric large cubes, a business board, sorters or pyramids for the development of fine motor skills of hands.
    • As a gift to my daughter for 2 years it will be relevant to purchase a bright balance bike, a rug on which you can draw with water, a pushcar, a soft toy with a lot of different fairy tales and songs, a doll with a care kit.
    • Choosing a surprise for 3 years old, you can buy a homemade plastic kitchen, a shop or a beauty salon, depending on what the young princess’s soul is more for, a plastic slide, an inflatable trampoline with balls, scooter.
    • Thinking about what to give your daughter 4 years old, pay attention to educational kits, board games, interactive toys, construction sets with different details, a learning tablet, a tricycle, kinetic sand.
    • Ideas for a five-year-old girl are quite diverse, for example: a set of dolls with different outfits, a large playhouse and furniture, an interactive dog or cat, a mannequin with long hair to practice creating cool hairstyles on their own, a light track, interesting puzzles, a microphone with different songs, a bike for big kids with extra wheels.
    • But my daughter is 6 years old roller skates or skates with full equipment for safety, a bright skateboard, a sports corner in the room, necessaryswimming equipment, a trampoline for home or outdoors, a large set of children's cosmetics.

    We offer to additionally consider such inexpensive gifts for my daughter on her birthday 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old:

    • ceramic or metal crockery set;
    • Barbie doll with dog or horse;
    • a stroller to roll your puppet;
    • a set of doctoral instruments on a plastic stand;
    • wheelchair toy;
    • puzzles;
    • kite;
    • music book;
    • hoop, badminton, jump rope, balls and other sports attributes.

    When looking for the perfect gift for a daughter of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old on her birthday from parents, remember a simple rule: at this age, kids still do not understand whether the item is expensive or not, so the main thing for them number of surprises awarded.

    What to give my daughter for her birthday 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old

    At such a pleasant age, when she has already gone to school and started to learn independence, it is extremely necessary for parents to choose useful and necessary surprises for the birthday girl, but what to give her daughter for her birthday 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old will be relevant ? We have prepared a list of interesting and necessary gifts, but we also did not forget about toys, because she is not yet old enough to put them all aside.

    • Smart watches are useful for contacting parents in an emergency, be sure to take models with built-in GPS. This way you can control the location of your baby.
    • 3D pen, with herit will be possible to create volumetric figures using special melted plastic, additionally purchase a large set of interchangeable rolls of different colors.
    • Karaoke microphone, especially if your daughter loves to sing, because such a talent needs to be constantly developed.
    • Stylish sneakers with extra wheels, it's a pleasure to move around in them.
    • Smart watch with bluetooth receiver to connect with her smartphone.
    • Lab experiments for kids, such interesting kits are now sold in many stores to make interesting experiments at home.
    • Dance mat, you can easily connect it to your TV so that you can clearly see the picture on the screen.
    • Creative kits needlewomen will be happy to receive, for example: weaving bracelets or knitting.
    • Smartphone, do not buy too expensive models, because at this age there is still some absent-mindedness and simply the gadget can be lost or broken.

    To the above list, you can add such inexpensive birthday gifts for a daughter of 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old as:

    • a small fish tank;
    • instant camera;
    • bright encyclopedia if a girl is drawn to self-development;
    • comfortable backpack for things;
    • 3D three-dimensional puzzles;
    • paint by numbers;
    • notebook with padlock;
    • large suitcase with LoL dolls;
    • chess and checkers.

    Always try to support her any undertakings with your gifts for your daughter on her birthday 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old. Often this is the time when the baby can try her hand at creativity, dancing, drawing and in other directions.

    gift for daughter 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old on her birthday

    And I would also like to offer a separate section to choose the perfect gift for my daughter 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old. Here it is best to look at modern gadgets or stylish gizmos.

    • Jewelry silver jewelry, it is preferable not to buy gold in childhood, as such a present can easily be lost due to inattention. It is better to start with silver items: rings, earrings, pendant, bracelet or chain.
    • Wireless stereo headphones to listen to music comfortably without worrying about where to put the wires.
    • A personal laptop will be happy for any girl, as it is much more convenient to use than a desktop computer.
    • Interactive photo frame, you can throw a lot of different pictures on it, and it will change frames one by one.
    • MP3 player will be appropriate for a music lover, it is best to purchase small models, but with a good amount of memory.
    • Virtual reality glasses will please the girl who loves to spend time playing computer games.

    I would like to additionally offer the following gifts to my daughter for her 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th birthday from the budget category:

    • goodkeyboard with different backlight modes;
    • handmade hairpin set;
    • stylish waterproof watch on hand;
    • special bright hair crayons;
    • beautiful jewelry, choose modest options;
    • wireless mouse with different speed settings.

    You can always try to find out from the birthday girl what kind of birthday present the daughter would like to receive from her parents. You may even hear several different options, of which the only thing left is to purchase exactly what fits the budget.

    Choosing what you can give your daughter for her birthday 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old

    The transitional age is the most difficult for all children, at this time, perhaps, her desires can change very quickly and, of course, parents with their problems and busyness sometimes cannot keep up with all the innovations. Let's look at what you can give your daughter for her birthday 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old to please her and cause sincere delight.

    • Tablet, many girls go to college from the 9th grade, and, of course, such an accessory will always come in handy so that you can safely do your homework and not be chained to a desktop computer.
    • Certificate for a photo session in an unusual place, it's good if a makeup artist is paid to create a cool image for the birthday girl.
    • A dressing table with swivel mirrors and a soft ottoman so she can comfortably get ready for a walk or study.
    • Hair care products, for example:curling iron, iron, corrugation, powerful hair dryer with a set of combs. All these items will help you create new looks and always look stylish.
    • Docking station now a very necessary and useful present, as it can be used to recharge several different gadgets at once.
    • Certificate to a youth fashion store where my daughter and her friend can choose whatever she likes. Just do not forbid buying certain things, because she should wear exactly what she likes.
    • Action camera is useful for a girl who blogs on social networks. With it, you can shoot high-quality video.

    We propose to supplement our above list of gifts for a daughter of 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old for her birthday with such inexpensive surprises as:

    • illuminated mirror;
    • piggy bank-ATM;
    • Stylish sunglasses in a beautiful case;
    • decorative cosmetics, try to choose it only from good manufacturers;
    • perfume or a certificate to the store so that she buys the one that suits her;
    • manicure set.

    A must-have birthday present for a teenage daughter needs to be beautifully packaged. In addition, it will be relevant for parents to purchase a bunch of balloons, on which pleasant parting words will be written. She will be sincerely delighted with such a creative approach, and the festive mood will be on top.

    gift ideas for an adult daughter's birthday

    Because parents always tryto show care and love, no matter how old their princess is, then the presents are considered from the useful category. We tried to highlight the current birthday gift ideas for an adult daughter for her hobby.

    • For a housewife it would be appropriate to buy useful and necessary appliances for the home, for example: a robot vacuum cleaner, a microwave, a slow cooker, a bread maker, an electric grill, a food processor, a steamer , smart ironing system, juicer and more.
    • Sporty daughter get a comfortable exercise mat, a certificate for yoga, high-quality fitness elastic bands, a stepper for home, a bicycle, a He alth bracelet, a simulator.
    • The owner of your car will be pleased to receive as a gift a set of brand new bright covers with a braid on the steering wheel, a DVR built into the rearview mirror, a parking sensors system, a female tool kit in the car, a certificate for airbrushing.
    • If my daughter lives in a private house, then she will definitely need garden furniture or a swing, a deck chair, a comfortable lawn mower on wheels, a small decorative fountain, a cocoon chair.
    • For a birthday girl who loves to relax in nature, you can purchase a comfortable tent, a sleeping bag, a set of picnic utensils, pots for cooking on a fire, a powerful flashlight, additionally equipped with a solar battery.
    • Business lady who aspires to climb the corporate ladder, parents can present a certificate for tailoring the perfect business suit according to her standards, a stylish handbag fromgenuine leather, a woman's briefcase for documents or a beautiful writing set for her desk.

    And you can also safely consider such useful and pleasant birthday gifts for an adult daughter as:

    • blender;
    • washing vacuum cleaner;
    • an interesting book for my daughter;
    • handmade photo album;
    • beautiful and roomy jewelry box;
    • gold jewelry;
    • s alt lamp in the room;
    • humidifier;
    • e-book.

    If she already lives separately, then with special joy will be accepted gifts for her daughter's birthday from her parents, which will be useful in her new nest, where she creates her own cozy environment.

    Daughter's birthday gift list

    Do not limit the choice of surprises only to material things, because now you can organize just a sea of various presents with emotions, if a girl has a dream, try to realize it. We tried to put together a large list of birthday gifts-experiences for your daughter to make it easier for you to navigate:

    • horse ride;
    • skydiving;
    • certificate in the spa for useful treatments;
    • rafting on a mountain river;
    • wind tunnel flight;
    • walk to the amusement park;
    • an interesting master class for her;
    • karting, ATV or snowmobile;
    • a day at the beauty salon;
    • quest room;
    • a trip to the water park;
    • tickets fora concert by your favorite singer or band;
    • balloon flight;
    • travel to the country she dreamed of going to;
    • certificate for a full course of massage from an experienced master;
    • jump from a height with an elastic band;
    • circus tickets;
    • extreme riding lesson in difficult conditions.

    Such gifts-impressions for a daughter's birthday are always received with warmth at any age. After all, the emotions received are stored for a long time as a bright spot in the memory.

    Original birthday gifts for daughter from parents

    Do not forget about a non-standard approach to choosing a present, as many parents buy original gifts for their daughter's birthday. Let's look at what surprises a birthday girl might be interested in depending on her age, and let's start with the selection of options for a grown-up princess.

    • The portrait of the birthday girl will be a very cool surprise.
    • Handmade tablecloth complete with lace napkins for table setting.
    • Diamond embroidery based on daughter's photo.
    • A signature terry bathrobe with a cool inscription with her initials on the back.
    • Smart water bottle to drink the right amount every time.
    • Illuminated lightbox, you can just buy with beautiful scenery or order with photo.
    • Decorative cushions cool shape for a sofa or in the interior of her car.

    Consider and original giftsfor a teenage daughter for her birthday:

    • sneakers with 15 lighting modes and charging cable;
    • stylish kigurumi pajamas with voluminous slippers included;
    • wooden smartphone case with her photo;
    • cache book;
    • wall clock, which will show off a variety of family shots;
    • toy with a secret pocket;
    • LED-lit items: stylish cap, shoe laces, glasses;
    • portrait composed of nice words.

    Try to surprise not only with ideas of original birthday gifts for your daughter, but also with your approach. You can order a prank for the birthday girl at the holiday organization agency, which she will remember for many years.

    In conclusion, I would like to note that we really managed to collect a large number of various ideas of what can be presented to a daughter for her birthday from her beloved parents, depending on her age. Do not forget to pay extra attention to the little things, for example, it will be nice of you to attach a small postcard with warm words to the surprise.

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