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Sometimes the question of what to give a girl for her birthday is more difficult than choosing a surprise for an adult, because it is quite difficult to please young princesses. In our article, we will try to figure out what presents can be presented, focusing on the age of the birthday girl. Try not to ignore useful tips, with them it will be much easier to find a birthday present for a girl from 4 to 14 years old, as well as think it over in detail.

How to choose a birthday present for a girl

When you are going to a holiday with a young princess, you have to think carefully about the possible options for surprises and find the best one, but how to choose the right birthday present for a girl and what points to pay attention to? We will try to answer all these questions with useful tips that we have combined into one list.

    • Any search for a good present takes some time if you plan to consider many options. Of course, you can come to the toy store and buy the first one, more or less interesting, but there is no guarantee that it will cause sincere delight.
    • The older the little ones get, the faster they lose interest in toys,therefore, when choosing a gift for a girl of 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old for her birthday, try to pay attention to more adult presents.
    • Budget, here, of course, you have to decide how much you plan to spend on a surprise. Often, for relatives and friends of children, we purchase more significant and expensive items, but when heading to the birthday of a classmate, housemate or colleague, where the child’s holiday is celebrated, slightly more modest options are chosen.
    • Hobbies, many girls awaken interest in different areas, someone likes to draw more, others sculpt, others already embroider or even knit well. Try to pay attention at this moment so that the young birthday girl sincerely likes the surprise.
    • And also her character should be taken into account, whether she is assiduous or active, because the category of presents in question will differ from this.
    • Do not forget that it is very important to present your gift beautifully, namely, you can wrap it in a beautiful package, place it in a bag or box. Now stores offer a wide variety of children's jewelry, so you can definitely find the one that suits you best.

    What not to give a girl for her birthday

    If you were invited to a holiday where the child's birthday will be celebrated, then you should first study our list of what not to give a girl for her birthday. Of course, this selection is not an exact indication, because some children, on the contrary, may like certain things, the main thing here is to think carefully about each decision.

    • Shouldn'tbuy surprises in dubious stores, even if they offer a rather tempting and low price. Often, they are supplied with not very high-quality products from incomprehensible material.
    • Try to exclude stationery from possible gifts, as they will not cause great joy, after all, a birthday is a holiday when you want to receive not so necessary presents.
    • Not every child will perceive clothes with great enthusiasm, basically such surprises are not particularly noticed and are simply put aside. However, if a gift is intended for a girl of 12, 13 and 14 years old for her birthday, and you pick up an unusual stylish thing, then the surprise will be appreciated.
    • There is no need to purchase toys or items that are not for the age of the birthday girl, for example, too childish surprises may turn out to be uninteresting for the child, but, on the contrary, adults are complex and incomprehensible.
    • Any present you choose must be gender-appropriate, so girls should not buy pistols, soldiers or cars.
    • Money - not every child knows how to save at an early age, so such a surprise will simply be wasted in the nearest store.

    List of 39 best birthday gifts for girls

    So it's time to consider the many different ideas that we managed to collect in our article, starting from the age of the birthday girl. But initially, we would like to suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of 39 best birthday gifts for a girl that can sincerely please her:

    1. comfortable chair forcomputer;
    2. children's play kitchen with various accessories;
    3. photoshoot certificate;
    4. corrugation;
    5. 3D puzzle;
    6. colorful book telling fairy tales;
    7. skipping rope;
    8. hoop;
    9. wireless stereo headphones;
    10. game console;
    11. tent for children;
    12. kinetic sand with comfortable inflatable pool;
    13. big tree jewelry holder;
    14. powerbank;
    15. certificate to the hairdresser for weaving African braids;
    16. handmade photo album;
    17. ebook;
    18. interactive frame;
    19. jewelry box;
    20. picture to be cross stitched;
    21. handmade knitted doll;
    22. named silver pendant;
    23. a small wigwam in her room;
    24. wireless phone headset;
    25. collection of interesting books;
    26. hair iron;
    27. powerful hair dryer with different modes;
    28. flip flop portrait of a birthday girl and girlfriend;
    29. certificate for a master class in sand painting;
    30. pear chair;
    31. rollers;
    32. poster in the room with motivating inscriptions;
    33. LEGO constructor;
    34. digital pen;
    35. quadcopter;
    36. monopod with additional lenses for phone camera;
    37. monopoly board game;
    38. stylish denim jacket;
    39. a set of soft plasticine with a special machine for making hamburgers.

    Princesses at any age really like it when they, as adults, are presented withflowers, so in addition to the purchased birthday present for the girl, we offer to buy a small arrangement of bright buds.

    What to give a girl for her birthday at 4, 5 and 6 years old

    All the little ones count the days until their most important holiday with special impatience, because it is then that they are immediately presented with a large number of various presents. In order not to lose face, we offer you a list of options for what to give a girl for her birthday 4, 5 and 6 years old would be appropriate.

    • Dollhouse, it can be purchased from plastic or wood, which is especially true for people who prefer ECO toys. The size should be chosen based on your budget, as now they are both very small and child-sized.
    • Pool, especially if the birthday falls on the warm season, and the birthday girl lives in a private house or her parents have a dacha. Every child loves water, especially on hot days.
    • A set of dolls with bendable legs and arms so that they can be comfortably seated at a table or on any other furniture. It's good if there are additionally different outfits, for a frequent change of image.
    • A cat or dog that can be led on a leash with a special carrier, this interactive pet will appeal to many girls.
    • Quality stroller for dolls, so you can play mother-daughter and roll your baby doll. Just buy them from good metal, as many children try to climb into it themselves, and you need itwithstood such a load.
    • Constructor, many girls like to collect different figures, build houses or turrets, so you can choose an interesting option for the birthday girl, the main thing is to pay attention to the mark of the age group.
    • Children's game tablet will bring not only the joy of various functions (songs, music, poems, fairy tales), but also benefits, since it is quite easy to learn the alphabet with it.
    • Swings, which can be safely hung in the doorway or on the street, for those who live in a private house.

    And also the following birthday gifts for a girl of 4, 5 and 6 years old will be able to please the birthday girl:

    • a set of metal dishes, it's good if there are many different items in it;
    • dancing Little Pony;
    • talking primer;
    • bright children's umbrella with beautiful rubber boots and a raincoat;
    • felt pens that can change color or need to be inflated on paper;
    • musical microphone with children's songs;
    • set of instruments "Little doctor with stand";
    • appliances for dolls.

    If you think that it is pointless to buy flowers, as they will quickly disappear, then it would be appropriate, when choosing a gift for a girl for her birthday 4, 5 or 6 years old, to supplement it with a bouquet of toys, he will delight the birthday girl for many years.

    What can I give a girl 7, 8, 9 years old for her birthday

    At this age, children are already beginning to gradually move away from toys, because a new stage in their life has begun - elementary school. AND,of course, thinking about what you can give a girl of 7, 8 and 9 years old for her birthday, you should consider more significant and solid surprises from the useful category, but do not forget about interesting toys.

    • Fashionista set with toy makeup, small mirror and assorted accessories.
    • Dance mat can captivate any little lady, especially for those who constantly move to the music and absolutely do not mind dancing to a pleasant melody.
    • Wristwatch with a built-in beacon so that parents can check where their baby is at any time. And also many models are equipped with an SOS button, and this is very important, because in a difficult situation you can always contact loved ones.
    • Water paint set, the images are very unusual and unique every time.
    • An interactive dinosaur or spider on the remote control will bring a lot of positive emotions, and you can also consider options with pets.
    • Bicycle, especially if the birthday girl has long dreamed of it.
    • Electronic piggy bank or ordinary, you can immediately give a small amount of money to it, be sure to try to explain to your child that you need to learn how to save money in order to buy what you really dream about.

    We got a pretty good list, and it can be supplemented with such options for gifts for a girl for a birthday of 7, 8 and 9 years old:

    • 3D pen;
    • a big mannequin head that canconvenient to do hair;
    • Barbie doll with Ken;
    • magician's set;
    • engraving;
    • interesting chemistry experiments for kids;
    • hairpins or handmade jewelry.

    We invite you to prepare a birthday present for a girl of 7, 8, 9 years old with a small original touch, for example, you can order a bunch of balloons. She will be sincerely delighted with what she sees and will definitely remember your bright present.

    List of gifts for a girl aged 10, 11 and 12 on her birthday

    When young princesses grow up, it becomes more relevant for you to focus on useful and desirable items. At this age, the birthday girl can already calmly express her dreams, even if they often change, but it will be much easier for you. We tried to collect a lot of cool birthday gift ideas for a 10, 11 and 12 year old girl for different hobbies or just based on the interests of a young lady.

    • If a girl likes to draw, then it is appropriate to purchase a comfortable easel. It is much more convenient to create on it, since the light falls on a sheet of paper evenly.
    • Comfortable and beautiful wristwatch, so that the girl gets used to keeping track of time and has time everywhere, especially for those who attend many different sections and additional classes.
    • Diamond painting, if this is your first time to buy such a surprise, then you should buy it in a small size to make sure that the birthday girl will be satisfied. And for those who are not the first time doing them, you can choose a large landscape andadditionally purchase a frame.
    • Ceramic dolls will appeal to those girls who are used to collecting such young ladies.
    • Handmade soap making kit at home, you can also buy different cool molds to make the products look unique.
    • MP3 player perfect as a gift for a little lady who likes to listen to music on the road or at home.
    • Board games

    Let's supplement the above list with such cool and interesting options that you can give a girl for her birthday 10, 11 and 12 years old:

    • Paint It Yourself Backpack;
    • baby cosmetics;
    • set for weaving bracelets;
    • toy-cache;
    • music center;
    • comfortable smartphone stand with built-in speaker;
    • a set where you can create a unique scrapbooking panel using different decorative embellishments.

    If you absolutely do not know what to buy as a gift for a girl for her birthday, then there is always the opportunity to ask your parents for advice, as they can definitely suggest several different ideas, and you just need to choose the one that best suits your budget option.

    What to give a girl 13 and 14 years old for her birthday

    It is quite difficult to choose surprises for a teenager, since at this age interests change very quickly, and it is rather difficult for an adult to keep up with them. Wewe tried to combine into a list universal ideas of what to give a girl of 13 and 14 years old for her birthday and we hope you can choose the best option for your birthday girl.

    • A trendy tracksuit or dress that she has been wanting to buy for a long time. You can also buy comfortable sneakers in bright colors, the main thing is to choose the right size.
    • Stylish backpack for school so that it is not very big, but at the same time it can hold all the necessary notebooks and textbooks.
    • Silver jewelry, gold at this age is given much less often, since children still do not really appreciate such items. A ring or a bracelet on a hand, as well as a small pendant of an unusual shape will look chic.
    • A brand new phone, but not every person can afford to buy such a gift, a tablet or laptop falls into the same category.
    • Wireless Bluetooth speaker so you can even play loud music from your phone.
    • Good perfume with a pleasant sweetish aroma, try to choose original ones, so you will be sure that harmful chemicals are not present in the composition.
    • Action camera, if she shoots different videos for her blog, she will be delighted with such a presentation. It would also be appropriate to complement the surprise with a tripod holder for it.
    • Illuminated mirror, it is quite comfortable and useful for every girl.
    • Karaoke microphone would be appropriate for a birthday girl who loves to sing.

    In addition, we offersee also a selection of inexpensive gifts for a girl for her birthday 13 and 14 years old, but at the same time cool:

    • beautiful jewelry set;
    • Monopoly game;
    • small clutch;
    • chaise lounge phone stand;
    • stylish scarf knitted or silk;
    • certificate to a cosmetics store;
    • a cool flash drive in the form of a chocolate bar or a hamburger.

    Young ladies at this age are already starting to monitor their appearance more closely, so when buying a birthday present for a teenage girl 13, 14 years old, try to take this fact into account and do not rule out surprises for fashionistas.

    Ideas of original gifts for a girl's birthday

    We invite you to additionally consider the ideas of original gifts for a girl on her birthday, with which she will certainly be pleasantly surprised and sincerely happy.

    • The 2D bag will look very impressive, as if it were just drawn on a piece of paper and carefully cut out.
    • Night light in the shape of the moon on a wooden stand, in addition, a photo of a girl can be transferred to it and congratulatory words from the donor can be signed on the reverse side.
    • Sneakers that can glow. Basically, they have more than 15 different modes, and the shoes themselves are recharged from a regular USB connector.
    • Kigurumi pajamas in the form of any animal or cartoon character, there are sets with or without shoes.
    • Desk lamp of unusual shape, relevant for little girlschoose in bright colors with a built-in clock, and an older lady, for example, with a lampshade from her photos.
    • Small cotton candy maker at home.
    • Sweatshirt with a unique inscription or pattern, it can be custom-made in any photo printing studio in your city where such equipment is available. The main thing is to choose a theme that suits the little fashionista, so she will be sincerely happy with the surprise.

    Here are some more cool and unusual birthday gifts for a girl from the budget category:

    • small ant farm;
    • voluminous slippers for the house in the shape of paws of the beast;
    • waterproof radio;
    • a large mug with a photo of the birthday girl;
    • plaid in her room with pictures from the family archive;
    • ecocube;
    • gloves for touch phones;
    • keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    • a small foot hammock.

    Many children always try to somehow stand out from the general mass of their peers, and if you buy an unusual and original gift for a girl for her birthday, you will definitely evoke positive emotions in her.

    Inexpensive birthday gifts for a girl

    Not every person has the opportunity to buy something expensive, pamper a child with different gadgets or the newest interactive toys, but this does not mean at all that your budget surprise will be unnecessary. In this section, we have collected inexpensive gifts for a girl's birthday, which she will certainly come in handy.

    • Puppet show,which includes a set of various small toys with which you can arrange a cool show.
    • A bright cosmetic bag, if the girl is already quite old and has her own personal children's cosmetics or varnishes.
    • Hair crayons, with them you can create new bright images every day, and most importantly, they are quite easy to wash off.
    • Original photo frame, where you can place several pictures at once.
    • A set of chic hair ties with iridescent stones to create a different hairstyle every day and look chic.
    • Beautiful diary, you can choose it with sequins, wood or colorful pattern so that the birthday girl can write down various necessary information in it.

    Don't rule out cheap birthday gift ideas for girls like:

    • interesting bright encyclopedia;
    • a set of paints in a handy chest, which also has pencils and felt-tip pens;
    • board game "Jenga";
    • DIY Mix Mix Kit;
    • stylish bracelet;
    • star lamp-night light in the room;
    • original pencil case for school;
    • runaway alarm clock;
    • owl lunch box.

    So that your inexpensive birthday gift for a girl does not look too modest, we suggest purchasing beautiful paper or a bag that will fit the selected surprise, so it will look more presentable.

    So the article has come to an end, in conclusion we would like toIt should be noted that you should try to please children with pleasant little things and desirable things. We hope you were able to find the answer to the main and urgent question of what can be presented to a boy for his birthday and will be able to please the birthday boy.

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