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There may be several reasons why you thought about the question of what kind of comic gift to give a man on his birthday. First - your friend, lover or colleague does not belong to the number of ordinary people who can experience the joy of a simple thing, and you are forced to find something more original. The second reason is that you think that a gift for a holiday must be memorable or even pleasantly shocking, so you are used to choosing only the best. Third - you just want to exceed expectations at least once and prepare a comic birthday present for a man. Whatever the reason, there's enough inspiration in our list!

  • TOP 35 funny birthday gifts for men

      Gun selfie stick
    1. Home safe with the inscription: "Vandal-proof purse"
    2. Alcogame Roulette for four glasses
    3. Bath set with the inscription "King"
    4. Glamorous set of garden tools in a pink case
    5. Vodka bottle cage
    6. Radio-controlled transformer car
    7. Banana bottle stopper
    8. Souvenir plate with a muzzledogs
    9. Basketball hoop
    10. Inscribed Hollywood figurine
    11. Basket with cold cuts for beer
    12. Brick house stationery set
    13. Cool photo printed on canvas
    14. A box of several beers
    15. Superhero Mug
    16. Piggy bank for beer caps
    17. Banana Headphones
    18. Inflatable chair
    19. Paintball certificate
    20. Fluffy hedgehog mittens
    21. Kigurumi pajamas
    22. Mini fridge with USB port
    23. A daily challenge poster with 365 scratched hearts
    24. Toilet paper holder with radio
    25. Shorts in the colors of the flag of any country
    26. Several oddly shaped lollipops
    27. Call the porter
    28. USB flash drive with combination lock
    29. Director's chair with the name of the birthday boy
    30. Animal Hat
    31. Scarf with an unusual print - notes, ducks, images of silhouettes of men
    32. Candy Bouquet
    33. Unicorn portable charger
    34. Talking hamster

    Comic birthday gifts for your beloved man, husband

    A woman, whom nature herself has not deprived of a sense of humor, on the eve of the holiday will certainly think: what is a comic gift for her beloved man, husband for his birthday? With funny presents, the main thing is not to go too far, but to find the optimal “golden mean”. The birthday boy should not experience discomfort, but at the same time you must do everything so that a slight shock is imprinted on his face. Here are somegive comic gifts to your beloved man, husband on his birthday:

    • Cowboy print apron. Here is a suitable idea for a man who knows how and loves to cook breakfast in bed, as well as to please his beloved with an unexpected treat. For a birthday boy who is not able to get lost in the kitchen, such a thing will be a real compliment to his skills and culinary talents.
    • Decanter stylized as an expensive car brand. Not every man is able to earn money for an exclusive model of a car, but perhaps such a miniature copy of an exclusive invention will please him. Moreover, the practical value of such a thing is difficult to underestimate - it will be very useful for a beautiful serving of your favorite alcohol.
    • Beer helmet. If you forgive your huge football fan for being wholeheartedly devoted to his favorite team and beer, then prepare a joke gift for a man for his birthday in the form of a beer helmet. Such a hat has fasteners for cans, and the beer itself will be delivered to the football fan through special tubes.
    • Smartbowl. Here's what a cool birthday present can be for a man for whom watching funny videos on a smartphone goes hand in hand with a snack. Now nothing will stop you from enjoying your favorite cookies or fruits without losing sight of your smartphone.
    • Cool watch. An optimist can be presented with a model with the inscription: “What difference does it make”, romance is a product with Kama Sutra poses, but mathematics, physics, a connoisseur of the exact sciencesprepare a special version - a clock, where various equations and mathematical symbols are placed on the dial.
    • Pocket key holder in the shape of a grenade. Such a cool present will appeal to a military man, a guy who loves the army theme. We can safely say that this thing has an explosive character, because its design is very realistic. A key holder is useful for almost any man, because it protects things from damage and unpleasant ringing in a purse.
    • T-shirt with cool slogan. For a man's birthday, you can give a comic thing from his wife, the inscription on which will tell a lot of interesting things about its owner. For example, it can be a T-shirt with such phrases: “I’m a husband and that says it all”, “Am I here, again, or something, the most beautiful?”, “Here I rule”, “Super husband (name)”.
    • Toilet Paper Sudoku. If you are lucky enough to know a great erudite, a person who can’t sit a day without riddles and puzzles, choose this unusual option. With the help of such a gift, you will be able to make spending time in that very cherished room at home more exciting.
    • Piggy bank in the form of a golden loaf. Such a cool souvenir will suit both the birthday man who loves luxury and at the same time is distinguished by thrift, and the one who tends to quickly spend the money he has earned. The golden loaf will help save money for useful things and new clothes, for which for some reason there was not enough money before.
    • Female breast pillow. Perhaps this will once and for all solve the problem of insomnia or teach your loved one to middaysleep while you can go about your business or watch TV. Such a pillow will surely please the joker and the merry fellow.

    If you want to impress the birthday man on such a day as your spouse, please him with an unusual bouquet. Do not rush to think that men are indifferent to flowers, because this is not at all about that! For your birthday, you can give your spouse a comic bouquet of smoked fish. Especially if we are talking about a beer lover, a true gourmet who appreciates exclusively gourmet dishes.

    Comic birthday gifts for a male colleague

    If the colleague sitting next to you has a birthday soon and you are looking for a way to make him smile, then take our advice. The main task is how to entertain the birthday man, especially if his work is connected with very responsible duties and he never has a day without stress. Here's what a comic, fun you can give a male colleague for his birthday:

    • Table punching bag with photo pocket. Here it is - an excellent means of getting rid of the anger accumulated in the chief's office. This pear not only takes a hit, but also helps to direct the power of anger to a specific person, because you can put an image of the greatest irritant in the pocket for a picture and have a good time. A colleague who carries a heavy burden and is not the favorite of the boss will thank you!
    • Hammock for legs. If it's still a long way to go, don't worry! You can start with a pleasant rest for the legs. A special hammock is a great comic gift for a manbirthday colleague, which does not just cheer up and brings thoughts of summer and tranquility. This item helps to relax the legs, which is very important for every worker who spends most of his time in a sitting position.
    • Alco-game Chess. Stop scoring a serious head - the birthday is ahead, and it should be celebrated in a big way! Alco-game chess is a real joy for an erudite employee. Everything happens according to well-known rules: the pieces move around the board, with one exception. The figures represent stacks with corresponding pictures. Glasses must be filled before the start of the tournament, and then the contents must be drunk as soon as they are in your hands. If you choose this option for a joke gift for a male colleague on DR, we promise that the office will be unusually fun this time!
    • Dynamite alarm clock. For a lover of a long sleep with the risk of oversleeping work, a special gift is needed. Dynamite alarm clock looks very impressive due to its exotic appearance. No, it does not explode, but it is still able to motivate a person to get out of bed early.
    • Bath duck. If you and your colleague are such good friends that you discuss a lot of topics that go beyond work, then he will really like the bath duck. Especially if you are sure that the birthday boy is still a little boy at heart.
    • Cup with a strainer stylized as a human figure. Work and tea parties are inseparable things! And so that the preparation of a fragrant drink goes right, revealing the taste of the varietytea, you need a special container. Stop buying tea in bags, depriving yourself of the pleasure of enjoying a leaf product.
    • Cookie flash drive. She looks so realistic that you want to bite her! Therefore, just in case, having decided to give a man a cheerful gift of such a plan on DR, do not forget to warn him that it is inedible!
    • Set of skewers with zombie figurines. These simple things will give the office buffet a special atmosphere. This option will appeal to a young birthday boy who spends his free time playing games, science fiction films and books.
    • Socks "Feet of primitive man". Here's something cool, comic you can give a colleague a man for his birthday to cheer him up. On the one hand, these things are very practical, on the other hand, their unusual appearance will make them the pride of the birthday boy.
    • Army dry rations. If a man misses the old days, it's time to dilute nostalgic conversations with more tangible things! An army dry ration will appeal to a person who has not yet forgotten the delights of service.
    • Tea set in test tubes. Here's what you can please an avid tea lover. But since ordinary packs are too boring, choose exclusive varieties packed in test tubes. Such a gift is ideal for tasting over the coming days.

    Colleague will also enjoy such fun gifts as a flexible anti-stress pencil, a USB hub in the form of a man, fortune cookies, a personalized chocolate bar, a set of chocolate tools, a towel,folded into a figurine. An indispensable thing for a birthday boy who sits a lot at the computer and eats there is a mini vacuum cleaner. And for a colleague who lacks a push to work, give a motivational wall calendar with cool phrases.

    Comic birthday gifts for a man, relative, friend

    A close relative needs a special approach, and even more so in an original present, which is saturated with a good portion of humor. But again, look, do not overdo it, because cool presents are worthy only of those whom nature has not deprived of humor! Here's a funny gift you can give a man to a relative, a friend on his birthday, so that this holiday is impossible to forget:

    • Screwdriver lighter. This thing can be used both for its intended purpose and for minor repairs around the house. Convenient, compact and always at hand at the right moment! Such a comic gift can be presented on DR to a brother, friend, dad.
    • Ashtray in the form of a bunch of cartridges. This is what will suit a smoking person who is not indifferent to beauty. Such a truly masculine accessory will decorate a prominent place in the office, in the kitchen or in the living room.
    • Surprise mailbox. What to put inside is up to you! Depending on the preferences of the birthday person, you can hide canned food, sausages, homemade smoked meats, a bottle of aged alcohol, dried fruits, nuts in the box. Such a comic gift can be given to grandfather, father for his birthday.
    • Bar in the shape of a gas station. Holds multiple bottles at once, easy to storeaged wine, and ingredients for non-alcoholic cocktails. Solid design makes this bar a worthy fun birthday present for grandpa, dad, godfather.
    • Multifunctional shovel. Suitable as a cool birthday gift for a brother, godfather, friend. Will help out the driver, hiker and just a person who appreciates practical things "two in one". In this case, in one item, the birthday boy will receive a lot of devices, because a shovel can turn into a hoe, an ax, a screwdriver.
    • Spy Mini Camera. No matter how old a man is, he will be pleased to plunge into adventure, especially if he is a lifelong fan of films about fearless fighters for justice. It's time to fill life with fun and extreme.
    • Crazy Alarm Clock. Here's something cool you can present for a birthday to a friend, a friend who lacks extreme sports in the morning. Such an alarm clock will be able to pull the dormouse out of bed. It works according to the following principle: a few minutes before the desired time, the backlight turns on, and a little later the device starts to jump wildly around the room, delivering a lot of noise to Sonya and not depriving him of the chance to stay under the covers.
    • iPhone style lighter. A beautiful lighter is the pride of a smoking man. If you want to please the birthday boy with a useful and at the same time non-standard present, choose a product that exactly repeats the shape and appearance of a popular gadget. Such a thing will definitely appeal to a collector of interesting lighters and a lover of unusual design.
    • Cognac set "Automatic". Here's what you can please the birthday boy who loves to serve alcohol on the table beautifully. Such a set looks very impressive, the drink vessel is stylized as an automatic machine, while the stacks look like cartridge cases. Such a comic, original gift can be given to a man from a friend, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter.
    • Beer belt. Such a product will please an avid fan of beer. Now you can take with you not one, but several cans of your favorite drink at once. It doesn't matter how far the birthday boy's journey lies - to a picnic in the country or just to the sofa to watch a football match.
    • Bed linen Cosmonaut. So what if the dream of becoming an astronaut remained a childhood dream! Nobody prevents the birthday boy from going on space travel every night, lying on sheets and under a blanket, which are decorated with a pattern in accordance with such a theme.
    • Knitted Viking Hat. An original head set that will not only keep you warm in cold weather, but also help you stand out among the crowd. Such a comic birthday present for a man can be given from his wife, beloved woman, girlfriend.

    Another option for an unusual gift - T-shirt "Made in the USSR". For many men born in this already non-existent country, such a reminder will be a real joy, and the presence of such an inscription will be a matter of sincere pride. Such a comic gift can be presented on DR to a man from a friend, sister, brother, girlfriend.

    Comic birthday gifts for a man, independing on his profession

    The calling of a person can also play into your hands for choosing a good and cool gift for a man on his birthday. So you can make the birthday man doubly pleased, because in addition to just attention, you will also express a compliment towards his profession. We offer a list of cool, comic birthday gifts for men by profession:

    • Accountant, financier. Delight such a birthday boy with the Financial Well-Being chocolate set, stylized as banknotes and gold bars. A useful thing for an accountant, a financier will be a money meter that will allow you to estimate the amount of your income.
    • Office employee, manager, company director. A compact and soft pillow with the inscription: "A place to relieve stress" will come in handy, which is simply created for a quick and comfortable sleep during your lunch break.
    • To the Doctor. A ceramic ashtray in the form of a doctor figurine or a gift damask are well suited as a surprise for a person of this profession.
    • Programmer, computer engineer. You can give the birthday person a mirror in the form of a laptop or a USB-warmer for a cup of your favorite drink.
    • To a journalist. Present a friend or relative with an unusual collage in the form of a report from the scene, consisting of an article about the birthday boy and some fun photos.
    • To the teacher. Such a man can be pleased with a magnetic board for notes and notes. Now he will be able to leave instructive edifications to his relatives.
    • For Photographer.A person of this vocation will like a thermos mug in the form of a lens, a gas lighter in the form of a camera, a Levitation photo frame.
    • Builder. A decanter in the form of a drill or a bolt will be more than a pleasant compliment towards a person of such a difficult profession.
    • Gardener, gardener, farmer. The Rassada mini-bar, decorated in a special stand that resembles boxes for real seedlings, will come in handy.
    • Military. Such a man will definitely be pleased with slippers in the form of tanks, a flash drive-bullet, a bottle opener in the form of a soldier.

    Inexpensive birthday gifts with humor for a man

    If very soon a loved one will celebrate his birthday, but you understand that you do not have time to save up a substantial amount of money, you will have to think about purchasing a budget item. Fortunately, to cheer up the birthday boy, you don’t have to spend a lot. Here's what you can give a man for his birthday inexpensively with humor:

    • Canned socks. A must have for men of all ages. Cool design will cause great delight, because the packaging is really a tin.
    • Woman Survival Kit. Such an inexpensive gift with humor can be presented to a man for his birthday from a brother, friend, colleague. In the set, the birthday boy will find a flask, handcuffs, headphones and a manual on how to survive with a woman.
    • Chewing gum Pozdravin in a package stylized as pills. Such a present will always cheer you up, because sometimes, in order to distract ortune in to the right wave, you need to be distracted and eat (or chew) something tasty.
    • Fragrance for a car with the inscription: "I learned to drive in GTA". A great compliment to a gamer who finally got a real car. Such a useful accessory with a great dose of humor will not go unnoticed.
    • A shot of "Just what the doctor ordered". This is how you can amuse a person who sins with an excessive love of alcoholic beverages. Now the birthday boy can at least somehow justify himself.
    • Umbrella Corn. Suitable as a surprise for the owner of all trades and an avid summer resident who is not indifferent to growing crops. With such an umbrella, even in the rain, the mood will be great!
    • Telescopic fork. A great thing for a company feast. It is able to lengthen three times, which makes it very easy to reach the dish of a neighbor sitting on the opposite side, and of course, with its very appearance, it can surprise anyone.

    Now you've got plenty of fun, playful birthday gift ideas to give your man for his birthday, and you're ready to go shopping.

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