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A holiday is approaching for a loved one or a good friend, and the answer to the question - what to give a man for 56-57-58-59 years has not yet been found? Then you are at the right place, after reading this article you will have a lot of ideas on how and what to pamper the birthday boy so that he really likes the present. But the most important thing is that you will not only be able to pick up a surprise, but you will also be sure that you have bought a really good gift for a man aged 56-57-58-59, which will please, please, and come in handy. So go ahead, in search of the perfect present!

The rules of choice, or how not to get into trouble

Choosing gifts for men is quite difficult, they are secretive, not so frankly showing and telling what they want, as ladies do. The choice becomes especially difficult when it comes to self-sufficient, mature men over the age of 55. But we will try to help as much as possible, first by talking about what definitely should not be presented as a gift to a man at 56-57-58-59 years old. These bad ideas include, first of all:

  • Hygiene products. Yes, yes, all kinds of shower gel, shaving foam and even soap inin the form of a tank, they can be suitable as a souvenir, say, for Defender of the Fatherland Day, but they are completely inappropriate as a full-fledged birthday present. And do not think that a basket of all kinds of men's bath cosmetics will correct the situation, it's not about the quantity, but the gift itself! Beautiful jars in huge quantities are a female passion, but not a male one.
  • Medicines and medical devices. Even if you know for sure that a man has some kind of chronic disease and found the best medicines in the world, vitamins, devices - just buy them for no reason, or tell the man where to buy, but do not give for his birthday. It is unlikely that a man will feel something other than awkwardness, and you will be known as a tactless person. Therefore, glucometers, blood pressure monitors and super-he althy Israeli vitamins are definitely not suitable.
  • Underwear and pajamas - definitely not what you can give a man for 56-57-58-59 years if he is not your spouse or loved one. These are too personal and intimate gifts, which are simply inconvenient to accept.
  • Too expensive gifts. If it is not customary in your circle to make such gifts, or the purchased item is too expensive for the birthday boy, he will feel indebted and instead of pleasure, he will receive only moral discomfort from such a presentation.
  • Useless souvenirs and frankly feminine gifts. This category includes all, without exception, scented candles, aroma diffusers, as well as porcelain figurines of Cossacks, warriors, eagles and other living creatures. Also hardly a birthday boya service with a floral ornament will somehow touch you, a linen tablecloth even with a very fashionable ethnic motif. This is an attempt to give a gift to a woman through a man, or just get off with the first thing that catches your eye, don't do it.

List of 40 good gifts for a man aged 56 - 59

It is best and easiest to walk the beaten paths, in the gift question this axiom is also true! We offer you 40 gift ideas for a man aged 56-57-58-59 that the birthday boy will definitely like. After all, these options have been tested by hundreds of happy recipients! You just have to make a choice:

    1. Elegant cufflinks.
    2. Picture with Swarovski crystals.
    3. A personalized glass for your favorite drink.
    4. Laptop stand bag.
    5. New smartphone.
    6. Pedigree book in wooden cover.
    7. Purse made of stingray leather.
    8. Metal desktop card holder.
    9. Portrait in the guise of a famous person from the photo of the birthday boy.
    10. Luxury soft robe with initials.
    11. Silk bedding set.
    12. Inflatable pool for summer cottages.
    13. Bottle of elite alcohol.
    14. Silver cigarette case.
    15. Powerful power bank.
    16. Set with a name patch for visiting the bathhouse.
    17. Stylish tie.
    18. Perpetual calendar made of wood.
    19. Cooling stones for alcohol.
    20. Compact Shoe Shine Kit.
    21. A collection of rare teas in a gift box.
    22. Copper Turk with leather set.
    23. Portable home grill.
    24. Yandex-station for home.
    25. Connecting a satellite dish.
    26. Fruit basket.
    27. Diary in leather cover.
    28. Good perfume.
    29. Beautiful home hookah.
    30. Comfortable urban backpack.
    31. Subscribe to an interesting magazine.
    32. Modern Electric Shaver.
    33. Home weather station with extra features.
    34. Indoor golf set.
    35. Quality binoculars.
    36. Good headphones.
    37. Quality sleeping bag.
    38. Handy rack for wine bottles.
    39. A case of good German beer.
    40. Effective damask with a set of glasses.

    Chic gifts for car owners

    Almost every man in the age of "slightly over 55" has his own car and most of the representatives of the silt sex treat their car with extraordinary tenderness and care. So why not treat the birthday boy with a cool gift for an iron horse? Moreover, such a thing will make the ride more pleasant, more comfortable, and possibly safer. We offer several worthy gift options for a man on his birthday 56-57-58-59 years old for a car:

    • Car picnic basket will be a beautiful and useful accessory. Now you don’t need crockery, tablecloths and chairs to go out into nature, just such a compact and super-convenient basket that already contains everything you need for outdoor recreation. You can present a model for three, four or six people.
    • Car wash subscription is always relevant as a present to the owner of the car. Choose a good car wash with many extra options andpurchase a subscription for a certain period, or the number of washes. The birthday boy will definitely appreciate such care.
    • Cool multimedia system will allow you to enjoy unsurpassed sound quality in the car. By the way, modern systems may also include the functions of a TV, radio, have the ability to connect a DVR, etc. In general, thanks to you, the car owner will have a modern, multifunctional computer in the car. Agree, such a gift will 100% please the recipient.
    • Modern navigator - a great choice of what to give a man aged 56-59 if he has a car. Now the birthday boy will never get lost, will find the shortest path to the goal and will be able to avoid many hours of traffic jams. It’s both useful and interesting, and it doesn’t hit the budget too hard.
    • Car vacuum cleaner always come in handy! It's a compact, convenient way to clean your car, even in hard-to-reach places. It is easy to connect, fits in the trunk. Differs in impressive power and small dimensions. Such an addition in the car will not be superfluous, the car interior will now sparkle with cleanliness.
    • A set of car mats will always come in handy. You can choose both practical rubber and more comfortable soft models. You can also always order original bright options in spectacular colors and even personalized floor mats to make the car interior look unusual and stylish.
    • Trunk organizer - a useful option for an inexpensive gift for a man aged 56-57-58-59, which definitely will notsuperfluous and useful for a comfortable organization of space in the trunk of a car.
    • Parktronic will help make parking easy, fast and perfect in its accuracy! If the car of the birthday boy is not yet equipped with such a function - donate without a doubt, the thing is surprisingly convenient and useful.

    Men, for the most part, are very practical and pragmatic natures, so money as a gift will be more than relevant. But give them in an interesting way, not in an envelope, but in a treasure chest, in the form of a money tree or a small ingot of silver purchased in a bank. So the present will become very unusual and boring.

    Hobby Present Ideas

    Besides work and family, every man has his own interests, hobbies and hobbies. Someone is madly in love with fishing, someone does not miss a single game of any team, and some are ready to spend the day and night in the gym. Of course, we cannot know about all the hobbies of your birthday man, but we can assume, and as a result, offer several options for what exactly to buy as a gift for a man for 56-57-58-59 years old:

    • Deluxe edition of your favorite book or popular author, a gift will be especially cool if you manage to get a copy with the author's autograph. You can also try to find the first edition of your favorite book - this is a rare thing that will definitely impress an avid book lover.
    • A fishing tackle box is a must for the avid fisherman. Choose a modern option, you can use the hints on thematicforums. With such a present, the gratitude of the birthday man and his sincere disposition are guaranteed to you.
    • Fitness bracelet will appeal to a fan of a he althy lifestyle and an athlete. Now it will be much easier and more convenient to control the load, and additional functions of such a bracelet will help you get a lot of useful information.
    • Sports bag is a quite useful, necessary and relevant gift for a 59-year-old man who is fond of sports, outdoor games and just wants to keep himself in good shape. Choose a quality branded item with a personalized patch or an interesting author's pattern. You can even design a personal birthday logo, it will be cool.
    • A set of author's skewers in a handy bag - a beautiful thing for successful picnics. Order products with handles of an interesting shape, and a lover of outings into nature will be delighted with the presented present.
    • Modern echo sounder will help the birthday man to become the most successful angler, which will definitely please him and amuse truly male pride, so such a gift is more than relevant.
    • Multifunctional solar-powered flashlight is useful for every man who loves outdoor activities. This is a great present for a hunter, tourist, outdoor enthusiast, fisherman and even a homebody. There will definitely be a thousand and one uses for the flashlight, especially since the model turns out to be almost autonomous thanks to the solar battery.
    • A quality knife with sheath is a good idea for a truly masculine present. For 56-57-58-59 years you can give a mana folding compact version, or a large hunting knife in a beautiful leather sheath, such an accessory will not be 100% superfluous.
    • The cooler bag will come in handy on a picnic, while relaxing in the country and in hundreds of other situations. Thanks to this device, drinks and dishes will remain cold in any heat.

    Emotions, sensations and impressions

    Do you want to make a truly extraordinary gift? To please, surprise and impress the birthday boy? Then we offer to abandon material things in favor of emotions and sensations. Vivid impressions are never forgotten, it remains just to choose what exactly will give the birthday man the most emotions:

    • A ticket to a specialized sanatorium is a he alth benefit, comfortable rest and useful procedures. Can such reverence upset the hero of the occasion? The main thing is to choose the right profile of the sanatorium, as well as the dates of the rest, and it is better to buy a ticket with an open date.
    • Tickets to a sports event is an excellent answer to the question of what to give a man for 56 years if he is fond of sports. You just need to choose an event that is interesting for the hero of the occasion and buy two tickets so that the birthday boy can share his emotions with someone.
    • Certificate for a course of massages will give a man complete relaxation and total rest, will such feelings leave anyone indifferent? By the way, you can abandon classic massages by choosing something extraordinary, such as stone therapy.
    • Attendance to an interesting master class will allow you to gain new knowledge and skills ininteresting area. This is true for every person who is interested in something. You can choose a master class in driving, wood burning, cooking meat on an open fire, etc. It all depends on the interests of the man.
    • Certificate for paintball in the company of friends - an excellent gift for a man he knows for 56-57-58-59 years old, the birthday boy will definitely succeed, because running and shooting in the company of comrades a man will have a lot of memories and emotions.
    • Weekend tour to Europe or cities. Traveling is considered the best option for recreation, as well as a way to accumulate impressions and enjoy life. So please the birthday boy with this opportunity by choosing an interesting tour within the country or abroad.

    It is especially difficult to decide what to give your beloved man for 56-57-58-59 years, because you want the present to be riddled with feelings. In this case, we also offer to give emotions in the form of a romantic trip for two, dinner at a restaurant, a trip to a mountain chalet for two, etc. In general, choose something sincere and pleasant that will allow you to enjoy each other's company.

    Good surprises for home and comfort

    Every man is proud of his house, because he built (bought) it himself, invested his soul, so various presents for the house will be most welcome, as well as things for comfort. After all, the age of 50 is the time to treat yourself to something comfortable and enjoyable. By the way, things for comfort and home are a great gift idea for a man aged 56-57-58-59 from a woman, because ladies are the best at creating coziness and comfort!Just choose what suits your birthday best:

    • A beautiful and comfortable hammock perfectly diversifies the summer-spring holidays in the country, or in the area near your home. Lying in a hammock is a real pleasure that the birthday boy cannot refuse.
    • Garden maintenance tool kit will help keep your home and surrounding area in excellent condition, and the work itself on the site will give men pleasure.
    • Smokehouse will be useful for a lover of homemade delicacies, now a man will be able to independently create culinary masterpieces and pamper loved ones, as well as guests. A man will definitely not refuse such a present.
    • Biofireplace will decorate the house, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort even in an apartment where it is not possible to make a classic fireplace. So the gift will be more than relevant and successful!
    • A set of rattan garden furniture is a great solution for the owner of his house or summer cottage. For 57 years, a man can be presented with a beautiful wicker chair with a table, or a set of a table and sofas for tea parties on the veranda. Believe me, such a gift will not leave a man indifferent!
    • Quality lawnmower will make the lawn irresistible, to the envy of all the neighbors! This is a gift a man will definitely appreciate and will be delighted with the opportunity to easily and quickly cope with the grass, having received considerable pleasure from the process.
    • Homemade tandoor will open up the widest possibilities for preparing delicious dishes in a true mountain style. Tasty loveryou will like to eat such a present.
    • Plaid with sleeves makes it easy to get cozy in the evening with a book or in front of the TV, drowning in the warmth of a soft plaid. At the same time, a cozy little thing will not restrict movement. Comfortable, pleasant and definitely up to date!
    • Bean bag chair will give your home a cozy and trendy, modern gloss. Sitting or lying in such an armchair is a real pleasure, so a man will definitely not mind such an interior update.
    • Portable bar of an unusual shape is a wonderful and very elegant solution to the question of what to give a man aged 56-57-58-59 years old. This is a moderately representative and even aristocratic present, which is impossible not to appreciate.

    Presents for style and irresistible masculine gloss

    Every man wants to look irresistible! And if your gift helps a little in this, the birthday boy will be extremely happy! It remains only to understand what exactly to present to a person over the age of 55, so that the thing is desired, necessary and relevant. We have a couple of win-win ideas:

    • Elegant wrist watch - stylish, spectacular and very noble. Such an accessory speaks of the fine taste of a man, his aristocracy and gloss. A good watch is never too much.
    • A beautiful scarf will neatly fit into the image, becoming its final element. Such an accessory is useful for every modern man who wants to look luxurious and elegant. Your task is to choose a classic option and shade so that the gift is universal.
    • Leathergloves is the best accessory to choose as a gift for a man aged 56-57-58-59. Elegant black or brown soft leather gloves will keep you warm and protected from the cold, as well as add gloss to the whole look, making it irresistible.
    • Effective accessory in the form of an umbrella-cane will perfectly fit into the style of a lucky and handsome gentleman, such an accessory will make your ally even in rainy weather.
    • Certificate in the barbershop will allow the birthday boy to get a cool haircut and styling, tidy up his beard and mustache, and possibly completely change his image. The atmosphere of a truly masculine salon is conducive to a pleasant pastime.
    • Comfortable men's bag will help you carry all the necessary things without stuffing them into your pockets. A stylish bag is simply indispensable in the guise of a modern person.
    • The belt with interchangeable buckles will become a universal accessory for strict business or weekend, as well as everyday looks. It is enough to change the buckle and the classic accessory turns into a stylish everyday one. Such a thing will definitely not be superfluous, so a man aged 56-59 will definitely like such a useful gift.

    It is not customary to give flowers to men, but then how to add a present to make it look more solid and luxurious? We have great options - you can add a box of original chocolate, a bottle of good wine or some fruit, such as a pineapple, to the gift. So the present will immediately look more advantageous.

    Extraordinary ideas for the birthday boy who has almost everything

    If you want to really surprise and even pleasantly shock the birthday boy, we bring to your attention original gifts for a man aged 56-57-58-59. They are relevant when a man has everything he needs, he is a darling of fate and does not need anything in particular. One of these ideas will definitely surprise him:

    • Cossack saber is an inherently chic present that reflects masculinity and courage. In addition, such a thing will be a great addition to the interior of your home or office. The birthday boy will be delighted!
    • Home fountain will create a pleasant atmosphere and attract money, how can you be disappointed with such a gift?
    • Compact wine cellar is a special temperature controlled box ideal for storing wine. This is a luxury item and a chic gift option for the man who has everything.
    • Home Brewery is a cool idea for a 56-57-58-59 year old man from a friend. Now homemade beer will become a constant entertainment. The birthday boy will be able to develop his own recipes and pamper guests with a drink of his own preparation.
    • Home sauna is a great chance to enjoy the benefits of steam without even leaving your own bath. A compact and pleasant purchase will definitely please the hero of the occasion.
    • Chess set made of ivory or lacquered wood, marble - looks just incredibly impressive and elegant. Now the game will become even more pleasant, and even if the birthday boy does not play, such an accessory will become a worthy addition.home interior.

    Now you will not have any problems with choosing and buying a gift for 56 - 59 years old for a man. It remains to choose the best idea from the good ones and implement it, having pleased the hero of the occasion! But do not forget that in addition to the gift, your attention is also important, so say a couple of sincere words, so the congratulation will become much more pleasant.

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