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You will soon go to a solemn event, but you do not know what to give a man for 30 years? In our article you can find many entertaining ideas that the birthday man will be very happy about. After all, this age marks an important stage in the life of every person, and it is worth paying special attention to the present. We also tried to collect useful tips on how to choose a gift for a man for his 30th birthday, so that you can prepare and find a surprise for a friend, close relative, husband or soulmate.

How to choose a gift for a man for 30 years

We always recommend that you approach searches responsibly and deliberately, because it's easy to go to any store and buy the first more or less decent surprise, but where is the guarantee that the thing will really be needed and will please the birthday boy? Therefore, we propose to study our list of tips on how to choose the right gift for a man for 30 years, and what points it will be important to pay attention to.

    • Spontaneous and quick choice will be completely inappropriate, so try to make a selection of options in advance so that there is time to buy or order a surprise.
    • Budgetplays a big role, so you should decide in advance how much you plan to spend on buying a gift. Once the framework is in place, it is much easier to allocate funds later.
    • Of course, each present will be different depending on the degree of closeness of the birthday person and family ties. After all, for the most beloved and close, we try to find unique items that will be pleasant, memorable and expensive for the hero of the day. But for unfamiliar people, colleagues or comrades, you can stop at classic gifts for a man for 30 years.
    • Don't forget the character, because there are many conservative people who prefer universal surprises, others are very easy on jokes, so they will be happy to receive presents in a humorous style.
    • Hobby, now in the active rhythm of life, every person wants to find an outlet, and by the age of 30, most likely, he already has his favorite hobby. If you decide to give a surprise just for him, then the hero of the day will definitely be happy with your choice.
    • Beautiful presentation plays a big role for both girls and men. So try to pack the present in a bright wrapper or buy a box where you can fit it.
    • And you should also think of a cool and unusual way to congratulate the hero of the day.

    What can not be given to a man for 30 years

    In a wide variety of ideas offered on the Internet and on store shelves, you can very easily get confused and buy the wrong thing that will sincerely please the birthday boy. In this section, we have collected many options that cannot be givena man for 30 years and what points you should definitely pay attention to so that the purchase does not turn out to be erroneous.

    • Wardrobe items It is not relevant to purchase for colleagues or unfamiliar people, since you most likely will not be able to accurately guess the size of clothes, and it will also be quite difficult correctly determine the style preferred by the hero of the day.
    • General gifts for the family, for example, you know that his wife has long wanted to buy a slow cooker in the house and give it to a man. Agree, he will not receive much joy from such a gift, since, most likely, he will not even use this thing. Birthday is a personal holiday of the birthday person, and all attention should be paid to it.
    • Intimate items and personal items, this category should not be touched at all if you are not a wife or soulmate. And then such surprises should be chosen deliberately and only when you are sure that you will like the present.
    • Pets are not always on the list of the best gifts for a man for his 30th birthday, because not everyone can provide proper care for the animal and allocate enough time to play, clean or walk with him.
    • Useless things such as souvenirs or figurines, unless the birthday person likes to collect such items. Otherwise, he will throw them away and not even remember such a gift.
    • Items with a negative impact on the life of the hero of the day, this category only applies to those people who believe in superstitious sayings. This may includeitems such as: knife, slippers, tie, wrist or wall clock, mirrors.

    List of 40 best gifts for a man in his 30s

    Let's see what 40 best gifts for a man for 30 years we have prepared so that you can get a sincere joyful reaction from a birthday man on such an important holiday:

    1. backgammon to order;
    2. column for playing music via bluetooth, from a flash drive or radio;
    3. handmade chess;
    4. Terry Bathrobe;
    5. smart watch;
    6. genuine leather bag;
    7. hammock for outdoor recreation or in the country;
    8. orthopedic computer chair;
    9. weather station;
    10. small size home brewery;
    11. quadcopter;
    12. laptop;
    13. wireless stereo headphones;
    14. ebook;
    15. smartphone;
    16. portrait of small shots;
    17. precious metal money clip;
    18. a set of ties in a gift box;
    19. souvenir weapons;
    20. waist bag for documents;
    21. car vacuum cleaner;
    22. book;
    23. perfume men's water;
    24. biometric watch;
    25. table waterfall with backlight;
    26. silver jewelry;
    27. poker in a case;
    28. virtual reality glasses;
    29. x-box;
    30. superhero style pajamas;
    31. stone-shaped powerbank;
    32. mini popcorn machine;
    33. barbecue set;
    34. laser level;
    35. signature cigar humidor;
    36. samurai umbrella;
    37. lessonextreme driving;
    38. compressor;
    39. multimedia keyboard;
    40. external hard drive.

    Come up with the best gift for a man on his 30th birthday and an unusual congratulation, for example, you can organize an interesting flash mob or a raffle. If you have not held such events before, it will be quite difficult, but you can contact a special holiday agency, where everything will be prepared at the highest level.

    What is a classic gift for a 30 year old man

    To start, we would like to offer a selection of universal gifts that can suit many young people in the same way, without having to think through their hobbies, addictions or places of work. Here is a list of options for what a classic present for a man for 30 years we got.

    • Car tool kit, every car owner needs to have such a case, because any situation can happen on the road and it is better to keep a good tool at hand.
    • The cooler bag is useful for long journeys, it will always have cool water and food will last longer.
    • Heated cognac glass can be given to a drink connoisseur who understands how to drink it in order to fully reveal its subtle notes.
    • Fitness bracelet suitable for both active people and just for everyday wear to know your basic parameters and monitor your he alth.
    • Jewellery made of precious metal would be appropriate to give to a man who loveswear them. A ring or a chain on your hand will be a great surprise, but you should know exactly the size of the required item.
    • Gamepad, every man remains a child at heart, and such a thing will definitely please him, because he will be able to spend his free time playing exciting games, which, by the way, are very addictive.
    • Genuine leather men's wallet

    We suggest that you familiarize yourself with such ideas of classic gifts for a man for his 30th anniversary as:

    • barbershop certificate;
    • bottle of elite alcoholic drink;
    • bath set;
    • electronic notepad;
    • laptop table;
    • small smokehouse for home;
    • monoblock;
    • certificate for a car wash;
    • leather belt with beautiful automatic buckle.

    Men do not always understand when they are given flowers, but if you want to dilute a classic gift for a man on his 30th birthday, you can purchase a bouquet of snacks for a foamy drink or strong alcohol. Such options look very original and will surely surprise the hero of the day.

    Inexpensive gift ideas for a man's 30th birthday

    Each guest always wants to choose a special surprise for a celebration, but one desire is not enough, because for this, of course, funds are needed in the first place, and in our time it happens that the situation is not very good in this regard. But do not be upset, we tried to choose a lotinteresting inexpensive gifts for a man for 30 years up to 1000 rubles.

    • Car organizer, you can buy it to store various little things in the cabin or for the trunk.
    • A bag for convenient transportation of a laptop will be very handy if the old one has already worn out and become unusable.
    • Phone stand, there are many models with a built-in speaker for sale now so you can watch TV shows or videos with good sound.
    • A capacious flash drive of an unusual shape, for example, for a comic book lover, it is important to purchase it in the form of a superhero, and models with a combination lock also look great.
    • The backlit keyboard is useful for those who often sit at the computer at night, so he can easily see all the buttons and at the same time not disturb others.
    • Zippo signature lighter will appeal to a man with a bad habit.
    • Thermo mug with an extra wire for heating the liquid inside to always drink tea or coffee at a comfortable temperature.

    See also inexpensive birthday gift ideas for a 30 year old man like:

    • leather steering wheel braid;
    • laptop cooling pad;
    • alarm clock running away or flying away from its owner;
    • table lamp with different lighting modes;
    • copper ashtray with lighter;
    • named cognac glass and stones to cool it;
    • cache book;
    • Mafia game;
    • stirring mug;
    • decanter with stacks;
    • named Hollywood star.

    Thinking over what inexpensive gifts to give a man for his 30th birthday, do not forget to pack a surprise, because it will look more worthy in a beautiful box.

    What is original to give a man for his 30th birthday

    Do you want to surprise the birthday boy? Then it is worth considering this section in more detail, and choosing something original to give a man for his 30th birthday. Such presents are mostly made to order and take a certain amount of time to make, so it is best to prepare for the celebration in advance.

    • Organize a trip to the horror quest room, such entertainment will remain in his memory for a long time as an unusual and original present. By the way, you can order photos that will be taken in the most terrible moments, so that many funny pictures remain.
    • Give a friend a gift of golf for the toilet, so he can spend time productively not on the phone, but playing.
    • Balance board, a rather unusual, but very useful simulator for young people. Helps to establish the proper functioning of the vestibular apparatus.
    • Order a portrait of a birthday boy, it will be relevant to portray him in the form of Napoleon or Peter I. This work looks gorgeous and will definitely please the hero of the day.
    • Wrist watch from a well-known brand engraved on the back.
    • Game of Thrones Chess a great surprise for a fan of this series.
    • Order a personal cupfor a man, as well as a diploma for the passed milestone and a medal with his photo. All this should be handed over at the official part and with pleasant congratulatory words.

    Let's look at inexpensive, but original gifts for a man on his 30th birthday, which can also pleasantly surprise him:

    • personal robe made of dense fabric or terry;
    • table punching bag;
    • King of the Party helmet with compartments for several cans of beer and in addition a belt with pockets for a foamy drink;
    • computer hub with an interesting shape (pepper, robot, human) and cup warmer;
    • photo mug;
    • named thermos in a beautiful case;
    • glowing stacks.

    Ideas of original gifts for a man for 30 years old can be completely different, because any item will become unusual and personal for a birthday man if you engrave or photo print it.

    List of gifts for a man's 30th birthday from friends

    Comrades are among the first to congratulate you on the holiday with pleasant words and interesting surprises. We tried to combine the best gift ideas for passion in one list of gifts for a man's 30th birthday from friends so that everyone can find the right one.

    • If you are choosing a present for a sporty young man, then buy a brand new training uniform or sneakers from a company store so that the sole is as comfortable as possible, as well as: a horizontal bar in the doorway, stepper, bag for things, dumbbells with adjustable weight,exercise mat with rubberized surface.
    • A car enthusiast will be delighted to change his existing covers for beautiful and new ones, and you can also buy a set of Honeycomb rugs, because with them it becomes much more comfortable in the cabin, since You can't see the sand that has accumulated under your feet. And here are a few more ideas: an alarm system with automatic start of the car, a multimedia system, a certificate for a car shop, beautiful headlights with cilia on his car, a rear-view camera.
    • HunterGive the hunter the gun of his dreams, a handy case for storing it, a safe with a combination lock, a variety of baits for duck or other game, a comfortable camouflage uniform.
    • For a fisherman it is appropriate to buy a quality fishing rod or spinning rod, a drill for winter fishing, high boots for fishing in the water, a small folding chair, an inflatable boat with oars, a boat with a radar for recognition of schools of fish underwater.
    • For those men who like to relax outdoors as "savages", get the necessary equipment for greater comfort, for example: a folding table, chairs in comfortable covers, an air mattress in a tent, sleeping bag, utensils for cooking on a fire, a spacious travel backpack, a wireless radio with cigarette lighter charging.
    • If the birthday boy loves to cook, then it is appropriate to buy him an electric grill with removable panels, a board with an additional section for chopped pieces, knives with a convenient stand, spices of rare varieties, a set for carving in case.
    • For ownercottages or a man living in his own house, get a lawn mower, a garden chair, solar-powered path lights, a walk-behind tractor, tools for caring for fruit trees, a forged brazier.

    Additionally, we offer the following ideas of what to give a man for 30 years from friends for a hobby will be relevant:

    • expander;
    • professional weight lifting gloves;
    • video recorder;
    • cloak-tent;
    • navigator;
    • Convenient ammo storage belt;
    • organizer for storing gear;
    • a set of metal picnic utensils in a handy bag;
    • powerful flashlight, optional with solar battery;
    • a book of unique recipes from a famous chef;
    • barbecue apron with tools.

    What to give your beloved man for his 30th birthday

    It is worth highlighting the surprises presented by people in love as a separate group, because they are often the most sincere and warm, many even try to fulfill the dream of the hero of the day, but what to give your beloved man for 30 years? We have prepared a selection of cool ideas that will certainly cause delight in the eyes of the birthday boy.

    • Globe Bar, if he had long dreamed of equipping a place to store bottles of alcoholic beverages. Such a surprise looks interesting and will fit into any interior.
    • Precious metal personalized cufflinks will appeal to a man who is used to walking in business suits and carefully monitors his appearanceview.
    • Car Owner's Kit, the gift box can contain a cover for car documents, a pouch for an alarm, a key ring and a small fragrance in the interior.
    • A song written in his honor will be a very interesting surprise, it should be recorded in a recording studio, and additionally prepare a video with your joint pictures, which were very significant in life.
    • An unusually shaped s alt lamp, which will merge into the overall interior of his office or room, where a man spends the longest time. Such a natural lamp will purify the air around and disinfect it.
    • Brand clothes if you know the style of the birthday boy and know the sizes exactly. Otherwise, it is better to purchase a gift certificate and go shopping together, spending extra time together.
    • Order a portrait, created from words of love and various compliments, you can look at such a masterpiece for hours, reading new and pleasant phrases.

    To our list collected above, we will add such personal gifts to a man for his 30th anniversary as:

    • biofireplace;
    • sweet treat to order with a signed personal greeting, this box can also contain a bottle of good whiskey;
    • tablet exactly the brand he wanted;
    • congratulations on a street billboard;
    • branded sneakers;
    • Alcotest;
    • original dancing fountain speakers.

    Try in addition to the maina birthday present for 30 years to a beloved man, to organize a pleasant evening with friends or together. The hero of the day will be happy to receive such a surprise, especially if the people closest to him gather.

    Experience gift ideas for a 30 year old man

    What holiday without pleasant emotions? And gift-impressions for a man for his 30th birthday will help to make them brighter, they are especially relevant for those who have everything. Now these are very popular surprises, especially in big cities, where you can find many interesting places where the hero of the day will be sincerely happy to go.

    • Climbing slide certificate with a paid instructor who will explain in detail all the nuances and insure the birthday boy.
    • Playing paintball with your friends will be a very smart surprise, especially if you manage to arrange outdoor recreation with barbecues near the training ground.
    • Quad biking in the forest along a difficult route, where you will meet many puddles and difficult places on the way, but those vivid emotions that he will receive will not be forgotten.
    • Scuba diving relevant for those cities where there is a sea nearby. The underwater world is always addictive and one cannot help but admire its beauty.
    • Certificate to the spa would be relevant to buy a man who would like to visit such a place and carry out various useful procedures for the skin.
    • A full course of massage not a single person will refuse to undergo, especially if an experienced master takes up the matter, who will not only help to removetension, but will also work with the most vulnerable areas.
    • Gym membership gift card where he can work out to keep his body in shape.
    • Training courses it will be interesting for inquisitive young people who are used to constantly learning something new for themselves, here you can choose courses in online professions or any other direction that is interesting to the hero of the day .
    • Certificate for fishing in a stocked lake, where he will have a great time with a fishing rod, counting on a good catch. Also, in some places you can order the preparation of caught fish to immediately taste it.
    • Extreme activities for the thrill-seeker, for example: skydiving, hang gliding, jumping from 30 meters, wind tunnel.

    Thinking over what you can give a man for 30 years from impressions, consider his preferences and desires. After all, many express their thoughts aloud, it's just worth listening to them.

    So our article came to an end and we hope everyone could find something that can be presented to a man for 30 years of cool and unusual. Try to please the hero of the day with pleasant and unexpected moments so that he will remember this day with positive emotions.

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