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Anniversaries are very important for men, so you need to be careful when choosing a gift. A friend has a holiday soon, but you have not yet decided what to give a friend for 40, 45 years? Then our article will be very useful to you, after reading you will definitely not be left without the idea of a presentation, you will only need to choose the most successful solution from the many proposed. There are options for any budget, for birthdays with different characters and outlooks on life. Just read on and find your perfect gift idea for a 40, 45 year old friend.

Rules for choosing a present

The most difficult thing is to start looking for a gift, and also to decide what is 100% not worth giving and what conditions for choosing a present must be observed. Everything is quite individual here, it depends on the nature of the birthday person, but we have some excellent rules to help you, follow them and definitely avoid a fatal mistake:

    • Make sure the birthday boy celebrates! Many men are quite superstitious and do not want to celebrate their fortieth birthday. In order not to put the birthday man in an awkward situation, before buying a gift, make sure that he does not belong to this category of people and will celebrate his birthday.
    • Picking upa gift to a friend for 40 years, do not forget to make it memorable, after all, this is an anniversary. You can do engraving, name plate, inscription, etc. If the thing does not imply long-term storage, add a postcard with congratulations and wishes.
    • Determine in advance the budget that will be lifting for the birthday boy, because he will need to reciprocate on your birthday. Even if you can afford to buy a very expensive thing, you should not do it if such a gift is not affordable for the hero of the occasion.
    • Do not forget about the packaging, after all, you are going on a holiday and presenting a thing in a branded package of the store where the thing was bought is indecent! It is better to pack in gift paper, or buy another neutral package.

    List of 37 best birthday gifts for a friend 40, 45 years old

    Want to be sure of your purchase, do not want to doubt the present? Then we offer you a list of TOP presents that every man will like. Thanks to this list, you will get dozens of successful answers to the question - what can you give a friend for 40, 45 years. Choose:

    1. Stylish metal cigarette case.
    2. Stones for cooling drinks.
    3. Crystal glass for your favorite type of alcohol.
    4. Mini golf for home.
    5. Whiskey glass
    6. Family photo blanket.
    7. Modern Electric Shaver.
    8. Stylish computer mouse.
    9. Leather bracelet.
    10. Cufflinks in silver with initials.
    11. Leather bag.
    12. New modern gadget.
    13. Gold tie clip.
    14. Wooden butterfly with name burning.
    15. Wrist watch of a well-known brand.
    16. A weekend trip to Europe.
    17. Portrait of a birthday boy in the image of a famous person.
    18. Pedigree book.
    19. Vintage gift weapon.
    20. Smart TV.
    21. Leather office chair.
    22. Certificate for relaxation massage course.
    23. Party in a limousine.
    24. Indoor fountain.
    25. Biofireplace.
    26. Stingray leather belt.
    27. Branded shirt in an unusual shade.
    28. Swiss knife with unusual engraving.
    29. Signature tie.
    30. Barrel of German beer.
    31. Digital camera.
    32. Brand sunglasses.
    33. Yandex-station for home.
    34. Basket of delicious delicacies.
    35. Indoor starry sky projector.
    36. Bean bag chair with bright design.
    37. Smartphone case made of precious materials.

    Inexpensive memorable gifts for comrades

    Your good friend has a birthday soon, and such a beautiful date, but you still don’t know what to give and at the same time are not going to spend a fortune on a purchase? Then we offer several successful options. You can give a friend for 40, 45 years:

    • Silver coin with cool engraving is both a memento and a symbol of we alth. Order a coin with the birthday boy's initials, date of birth, or other meaningful symbol. Such an unusual idea will definitely be remembered and will help you stand out from other presents.
    • Collectible toy in the form of a car or a helicopter will appeal to a man who still has childhood in his soul, but let's say in secret, these are all the men of the world! The task is only to find a toy that means something to a man. For example, choose a car of the same make as the birthday person's first car or dream car. You can also choose a helicopter if the birthday boy dreams of the sky or a motorcycle if he is obsessed with speed.
    • Video greetings will definitely please the hero of the occasion. It can be done both independently and ordered in the studio. Collect joint videos, write down congratulations and this material will make a first-class film that will become the most memorable and meaningful present. This is one of the most successful options for giving your best friend for 40, 45 years.
    • Funny birthday cartoon - a good idea for a present from a real friend. Let the artist notice and display the most characteristic features of the birthday boy so that the cartoon is not just funny, but really symbolizes your friendship, you can ask to add objects or places that are significant to you. Such funny and at the same time a little sentimental gifts are very valuable, especially from friends.
    • Damask for alcohol of an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a saber, machine gun or other interesting item will decorate the house and make feasts brighter and more unusual. Men love such things, so you will definitely like the gift, especially since it cannot be called boring or ordinary.
    • Bamboo bonfires with bright design for mugs or bottleswill constantly remind the birthday boy about your gift. Order author's models with the date and name or nickname of the hero of the occasion, it will turn out very cool. You can also give a friend for 45 years bonfires in the form of the logo of your favorite sports club. Plus, the gift will definitely not be useless. A man is happy, and his wife is calm, now there are no traces of glasses and bottles throughout the house.
    • An hourglass with sand from the best beaches in the world is a creative gift that can decorate your desktop or home, and the beautiful sand inside will be a symbol and a kind of incentive - to visit and see the beach where the sand comes from. Agree, a rather non-trivial and definitely non-banal gift!

    You can safely add flowers to the gift. Yes, it is not customary for men to give bouquets, but anniversaries are an exception. The main thing - no pomposity, pendants and tinsel, just roses or a strict men's bouquet. By the way, a great solution is a mix of flowers and bottles of good alcohol. Such compositions are especially liked by men.

    Presents for men's style

    At the age of 40, a man reaches his prime, this also applies to appearance and charisma, so emphasizing the attractiveness of a friend is a great way to compliment him and effectively congratulate him on his birthday. We offer several universal solutions for a good gift to a friend for 40, 45 years for style:

    • Chic cane umbrella will look stylish and add a touch of charm to the image of the birthday boy. Now even the rain will not spoil the mood and appearance of a friend. Want to really surprisebirthday boy - look for a model with an interesting handle, for example in the shape of an animal head.
    • Branded scarf - is comfort and beautiful appearance of the hero of the occasion and a demonstration of care for him. Shop in neutral shades to match any friend's look, whether business or casual.
    • Cool eau de toilette with a sophisticated aroma will please the hero of the occasion! You can pick up a fragrance for him at your discretion, so he can update his image a little, because sometimes experiments are very successful. Well, if you don't want to take risks - take the fragrance that your friend always uses.
    • Certificate in the barbershop - a very interesting and useful gift option for a friend for 45 years. This is an opportunity to get a chic look and enjoy the company of a real male barbershop, where there is no female chirping and sweet aromas. Pure male company, pure male pleasure!
    • Luxury terry bathrobe will allow you to remain self-confident and unique even at home. A soft robe of a classic shade with a cool name embroidery on the back will appeal to every man. This is a great gift option from a woman to a friend.
    • Soft leather gloves are the perfect gift for a friend for their 40th birthday. Soft leather, stylish design and 100% pleasure to wear, there is hardly a man who can refuse this!
    • A set of natural silk handkerchiefs with initials is an almost aristocratic gift that will allow a man to be not juststylish yet irresistible! Here it is, a magnificent and unusual present for a lover to look irresistible.
    • Signature sneakers will help you create irresistible casual and sports looks. Branded sneakers will appeal to every man, without exception.

    Emotions and impressions as a gift to a friend

    By the age of 40, a man already has everything necessary for life, so the greatest value is precisely emotions, impressions and sensations, give them and the birthday boy will be delighted! We offer to give a friend for 40, 45 years:

    • A certificate for flying in a hot air balloon will allow you to look at the earth from the height of birds - such feelings are hard to forget, let alone remain indifferent to them and even more so! This is a chic solution for a man who loves new experiences. If you want to make a gift a little more romantic - give a certificate for two with your wife, this gift will definitely be the best in the life of a birthday boy.
    • Completing an unusual quest will allow you to have fun, get a lot of colorful emotions and just have 100% fun with your friends! Treat a friend with a non-standard gift, it is much more interesting than all those platitudes that others will give him.
    • Surprise Party will make the holiday unforgettable. Surprises, especially well-organized ones, are loved by everyone, so the hero of the occasion will definitely not be disappointed. Invite your friends, think over the program, and most importantly - choose a good place, it can be a restaurant, the house of one of your friends, and even a beautiful clearing in the forest, or a bowling club. Choose what you likeyour birthday and go!
    • Martial arts certificate will help a man keep fit and learn how to defend himself. This is a useful skill that the hero of the occasion will definitely like.
    • Flashmob from friends - a cool gift for a friend for 40, 45 years, which will be remembered for a lifetime! The main thing is to think through all the details to the smallest detail, an interesting plot, a memorable ending. There are hundreds of options on the net, from small gifts given by passers-by to special services congratulating the birthday boy, in general, the only limit is your imagination.
    • A paintball game for the whole company will be a great way to have fun, run and shoot to your heart's content. Such entertainment leaves a lot of vivid emotions and allows you to enjoy the most unusual way to spend your birthday.
    • Certificate for helicopter piloting lessons will appeal to anyone who beckons the sky. If the birthday boy is not indifferent to flying, then piloting lessons are the best thing you can choose as a gift for a friend for 40, 45 years. He will feel free, get new skills. Perhaps this will turn into his new hobby.

    A great gift for a friend - share his hobbies with him - go on a picnic together, go hiking, fish, hunt. Even if you are not a fan of such a pastime, the time spent together will definitely give you pleasant emotions, and even more so for the birthday boy!

    Successful gifts for a friend for a car

    Every motorist is obsessed with his car, you are 100% aware of this, so choose a gift for the carfriend, and he will be in the 7th heaven with happiness. There are a lot of “auto-gift” options, we will offer only the most relevant and universal solutions that will definitely fall into the category of successful surprises:

    • Alloy wheels for cars will make the iron horse irresistible! Now on the market there are dozens of options for cool drives that look simply inimitable. Find out the size you want and buy your friend wheels for cars, especially if you know exactly what he dreams of. And if you don't know, you can always ask!
    • Certificate for car tuning - an excellent solution for what you can buy as a gift for a friend for 40, 45 years. So the birthday boy will be able to decide for himself what exactly he wants to improve in his car, it can be everything: new painting or pasting, interior trim, technical improvements. Now the birthday boy has a huge choice!
    • Leather seat covers with contrasting stitching is the new "clothes" for the car, which will make it irresistible, one of a kind. Well, how can such a gift disappoint the birthday man? Now every time, sitting in the car, the hero of the occasion will remember you and your amazing gift!
    • A set of floor mats with an interesting design - an actual solution for the car owner. There are no extra rugs, you can be sure of that, and even more beautiful and unusual ones!
    • Modern DVR with 3600 view will give the car owner a sense of safety and security. You can choose the option to record to the cloud, then the car will be protected even whenthe time when the owner is resting. In addition, now there will be no disputes on the road, the DVR will resolve all misunderstandings honestly and impartially!
    • Navigator for a car - a chic solution for what to give a friend for his 45th birthday if he loves to travel. Now he will never get lost or go astray, and the navigator will also help you avoid traffic jams, find the shortest path to your favorite store and help out in hundreds of other situations. In our world, this is an indispensable thing for a car owner.

    Delicious surprises for a friend

    Still haven't decided what to give a friend for 40, 45 years for his birthday? Then we offer you some great tasty options. Such a gift is suitable as a gift to a friend and a good friend. He is pleasant, but does not oblige you to anything. Choose:

    • A bottle of wine from the birthday of the birthday boy is a cool present for a colleague, good friend and even best friend. Agree, the present is not cheap, looks solid and causes a lot of pleasant emotions, and also promises to enjoy an unusual taste! If the birthday boy does not like wine, you can present whiskey or rum with the same aging.
    • Author's birthday cake, ordered in a pastry shop, will be the highlight of the holiday and give a lot of delicious moments to the birthday boy and his guests. The main thing is to find out in advance about the taste preferences of the birthday man, as well as choose a strict and classic masculine design so that the cake looks appropriate at a men's holiday.
    • A set of rare coffeesloves the bitter taste and dizzying aroma of this drink. Treat the birthday boy with rare and unusual varieties, give him the opportunity to expand his taste horizons.
    • Chocolate fountain - a very cool gift idea for a friend for 45 years, now a man will have the opportunity to make his childhood dream come true - to get fabulous pleasure from a no less fabulous chocolate fountain! Such an acquisition will give a lot of delicious adventures and decorate any feast.
    • Chinese "blooming" tea - a beautiful and tasty present for a lover of this drink. Purchase the gift-wrapped option and let the birthday boy enjoy both the look and taste of the tea.
    • A set of jars of elite caviar - a beautiful and stylish present to a friend, now he will have the opportunity to feel like a gourmet and enjoy unusual, rare varieties of caviar. This is a great present for someone who has everything.

    When looking for a gift for your best friend for 40 years, pay attention to his childhood dreams. Their implementation will be the best gift for any holiday! For example, if as a boy he wanted a red bike - buy him a beautiful, modern bike, if the boy dreamed of becoming a firefighter - arrange a tour and a ride in a fire truck for him. Such a "childish dream" forever remains with a person and its realization will bring a lot of pleasure.

    Anniversary-worthy surprises

    Every birthday is special, but anniversaries, like 40 and 45 years old, are even more important, respectively, and the gift should be made special, memorable, which would last a long timereminded of the date and the donor. It does not have to be a useful thing, rather bright and memorable, if possible - valuable, for example:

    • Silver or gold keychain - a cool decision what to give a friend for 40, 45 years, so that the event is remembered, and the present constantly reminds of the celebration.
    • Gold bar is a great alternative to money. It is ugly and somehow banal to give an envelope with banknotes, and this way the present acquires a certain charm, especially since gold does not depreciate. Just buy a small bar in the bank for the amount you want and present it along with the certificate.
    • Tickets for a concert or football will be the brightest and most emotional surprise for the birthday boy! You already know exactly what kind of event the birthday boy wants to attend.
    • Personal coat of arms, designed by experts in heraldry, will become a very memorable, valuable and incredibly pleasant present. This is not just a souvenir, but a truly valuable and incredibly meaningful gift to a friend for forty years.
    • A tattoo certificate will help a man to dare to fulfill his old dream (if he has one). Push him to such a step, the forty-year milestone is the time to decide on an act!
    • Silver cigar scissors will please fans of real Cuban tobacco! Such a little thing will become a symbol of prosperity, anyone will lose their head from it.

    Birthday hobby ideas

    The best way to strengthen a friendship is to share your friend's hobbies, or at least show interest and respect for them. Simplethe method to do this is to present a present for the birthday man's hobbies. Naturally, the specific choice depends on the interests of the birthday person, but we have a couple of the most popular options:

    • Folding brazier with a cool design - an original gift to a friend for 40, 45 years. If a man loves picnics and outdoor recreation, this is the best solution!
    • Metal detector will appeal to a man with a penchant for excitement, a kind of treasure hunter and just a fan of bright adventures and impressions.
    • Echo sounder is the dream of every avid fisherman. Present such a birthday man and immediately rise in his eyes several steps on the ladder of friendship.
    • Multifunctional solar-powered flashlight allows you to get the most out of one accessory. The flashlight practically does not need to be charged from the mains, in addition to the light, it includes the function of radio and siren, as well as other additional features.
    • Modern fitness bracelet - a cool thing for a real athlete, now the control of physical activity will become even more pleasant and interesting.
    • Helmet and protection kit for an avid motorcyclist will be the best and most enjoyable gift.

    A gift for a friend's birthday for 40, 45 years is not difficult to choose, especially if you are really friends, in addition, above you have a huge hint for finding the perfect present. It remains just to correctly present the chosen surprise, namely, to package it beautifully and season it with sincere words. No need for long tirades, a couple of sincere words are more valuable than postcards inpoems and hundreds of wishes written by someone.

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