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that you are a cool friend! Naturally, you know the birthday boy better than we do, but we’ll throw in some good gift ideas for a friend for 19, 20 years old, and what if this is exactly what you were looking for!

What not to give a friend

It is impossible to list all the successful and relevant presentations without knowing the person personally. But you can outline a circle of things that definitely should not be given to good comrades. For guys aged 19 - 20, this list is about the same. So, exclude from ideas:

  • Useful clothes. Of course, everyone needs a warm sweater, classic jeans and a set of T-shirts, but such things are absolutely not suitable as a gift. It's boring, uninteresting, and too personal to give even to a good friend. Yes, you can present some fashionable and cool clothes, but not banal things that grandmothers, moms and dads and other compassionate relatives will gladly give without you.
  • Chancery. Choosing what to give a friend for 19-20 years,exclude useless stationery from the list of presents in the form of sets of pens and pencils, notebooks for the university, etc. The exception is branded, exclusive products.
  • Care products. This is a completely feminine gift, even shaving foam or gel and all sorts of male soaps - a typical female gift, and if the birthday boy has sisters or girlfriends, then he will be given such things for the whole year ahead!
  • Home accessories. Even if the birthday boy already has his own apartment, you should not give the guy dishes, candlesticks, vases, curtains and other interior accessories. Maybe this is necessary for the house, but it is not suitable as a present for a young guy, especially from a friend.

List of 39 good gifts for a friend for 19 - 20 years

Choosing a gift can confuse even the most creative and active guy, because one gift needs to demonstrate many feelings that men don't talk about out loud. We decided to make it easier for you to find a present for a friend for the holiday by offering a selection of TOP ideas that almost all guys like. So, a friend for 19-20 years old can be presented, for example:

    1. Watch.
    2. Portable mini beer fridge.
    3. A set of skewers in a personalized case.
    4. Author's beer glass.
    5. Subscribe to encrypted sports channels.
    6. Movie tickets for the premiere of the action movie.
    7. Silver bracelet.
    8. Inscribed terry robe.
    9. Fashion sunglasses.
    10. Quality multi-tool.
    11. Power bank for a smartphone with an unusual shape.
    12. Alcoholicroulette.
    13. Cool tattoo sleeves.
    14. Disco ball for the room.
    15. An unusually shaped flash drive.
    16. Stones for cooling drinks.
    17. Organizer for tools (in the car or pantry).
    18. Heated lunch box.
    19. Brand fountain pen.
    20. Stylish laptop cooling pad.
    21. Cool steampunk weather station.
    22. Modern 3D glasses.
    23. Brand engraved lighter.
    24. Diary in a wooden personalized cover.
    25. Unusual scratch card.
    26. Hyroscooter.
    27. Stylish thermal mug.
    28. Modern coffee machine.
    29. Leather card holder.
    30. Interior weapons.
    31. Stylish suspenders.
    32. Umbrella in the form of a pistol.
    33. Stylish socks case.
    34. Funny cartoon for a birthday boy.
    35. Book-safe.
    36. Stylish arafatka scarf.
    37. Leather gloves.
    38. Smartphone projector.
    39. Book holder in the form of a samurai sword.

    Equipment and technology as a gift to a friend

    Modern guys can't live without technological and digital innovations. If you are thinking about what to give your best friend for 19-20 years old, take a look at the latest in technology stores, there will definitely be at least a few cool gifts, for example, you can buy:

    • Cool wireless earbuds same brand as smartphone or versatile in a nice case. This is simply an indispensable thing in today's frenzied world, where we spend most of our time on the run. Now you can listen to music and justrelax with your favorite movie on the road, or between couples.
    • Yandex home station - a cool technological novelty that can rightly be called a home assistant! Music, weather, answers to questions and Alice's help - all for the convenience of a friend. The birthday boy will definitely appreciate such a present and will be madly happy with it.
    • Action camera - a chic, simply unrealistically cool gift solution for an extremist, a lover of skateboarding, snowboarding, cycling and various active entertainment. The action camera will help you capture the highlights and stunts. This is a chic gift to a friend for nineteen years, which will help you become a popular video blogger or just capture the brightest moments of life for yourself.
    • Smart watch is a popular item among modern guys. A functional thing will help not only find out time, but also get a lot of useful information, answer a call, etc. Among other things, it is also a cool accessory that complements the style of a man.
    • Wireless speaker allows you to enjoy music anywhere and anytime! Unreal pleasure for a young guy. You can listen to your favorite tracks at home, at a picnic, while walking and between lectures. The main thing is to choose a speaker with a cool shape to make listening even more enjoyable.
    • Night vision device - a very cool solution for a birthday present for a 19-20 year old friend. This is a wonderful little thing for a lover of night walks, a tourist, a hunter. Any guy can come up with a thousand and one use cases for such a useful anddesired gadget!
    • Real camera drone is a cool toy for an adult boy! Such fun will be interesting for every man under the age of 60. The drone will help you have fun alone or with friends, observe interesting objects and shoot amazing videos on vacation, in the forest and in nature.

    A guy has been dreaming of a cool smartphone or tablet for a long time, does he want a good laptop for playing and studying? This is an expensive gadget, but it can be presented from all friends and acquaintances, close people. Agree, one cool present is better than a dozen small ones. This is a great gift for a 20 year old friend. Agree, a very worthy present on the occasion of a beautiful, round date.

    Stylish gifts for an attractive guy

    At 19-20 years old, guys often think about their appearance, look for their image, want to look irresistible, attract the attention of girls. Style in the modern world means a lot, so pay attention to presentations for a man's style! A modern fashionable guy will be happy with such gifts, for example, you can present:

    • Cufflinks made of wood with extraordinary engraving. Just do not need banal things in the form of initials or a date of birth, make some kind of cool engraving in the form of a symbol, an interesting monogram, etc. These cufflinks will be a spectacular detail of any guy's outfit.
    • Cool eau de toilette, which would be associated with a young man and his lifestyle, suited him. You can give a friend for 19-20 years a novelty with a light but aggressive aroma, such a young age is timeexperiments and searches. But, as an option, give preference to the birthday boy's favorite perfume product, if he already has one.
    • Certificate to visit the barbershop is a chance to look cool, update your haircut, style, shave in truly masculine conditions. Visiting the barbershop is a part of men's leisure, such "no ladies" salons are very popular among guys. So the birthday boy will like the present.
    • Cool bomber jacket with the author's emblem or inscription. The main thing in choosing is to show imagination and fantasy, this will allow you to get a non-trivial thing that will distinguish a guy from the crowd, allow him to be bright and memorable. The guy who made such a luxurious present will definitely never be forgotten.
    • Brand shirt will make the birthday boy irresistible! This is a very cool idea what to give a friend for his 20th birthday. Twenty years - it's time to make some "top sets" in which the guy will be irresistible. Help him with this by giving him a chic branded shirt with fun colors.
    • Wooden bow tie adds style to every look. An unusual accessory looks fashionable, cool and not as pretentious as an ordinary bow tie or even a tie.
    • The belt with interchangeable buckles is a very cool and useful accessory for a man. A favorite, comfortable belt will complement both classic and casual looks, just change the buckle and the accessory looks completely different, complements not a suit, but jeans.
    • Branded sneakers or sneakers - very gooda gift to a friend for 19-20 years. The main thing is to know which brand the birthday man prefers, which color and size will suit him. If you have the initial data, then everything is fine, you can safely purchase and present.
    • Cool urban backpack looks fashionable and spectacular, it is incredibly comfortable and always appropriate: at school, at work, while walking and relaxing. This is a cool solution, especially if you choose a fashionable and multifunctional option. The boy will be delighted, you would also like such a present, right? So the birthday boy will be happy.
    • Stylist service - an extraordinary but cool gift idea for a friend on his 20th birthday! The stylist will help you decide on the best styles and ideas, create a cool look that will make the birthday boy stand out among his peers. Creating your own bow is very cool and such a gift will not be forgotten!

    For hobbies and passions

    An important part of life is hobbies and hobbies that a guy devotes his free time to. Sharing a friend's hobby is an incredibly important part of life and friendship. Therefore, such a gift will leave a lot of pleasant emotions. If you share the hobbies of the birthday man, then picking up a present for him will be as easy as shelling pears. If not, then we will try to help by offering a couple of options:

    • Signature rashguard will come in handy for training and jogging. It not only looks beautiful, but also provides the necessary support to the muscles. Every athlete knows the benefits of such an item of equipment. So no sportsman friend can resist such a gorgeous gift.
    • Newcomputer peripherals - a very cool gift solution for a fan of computer games. Buy a new game console, a cool mouse, a chic joystick, etc. as a gift for a friend for 19-20 years old. In general, you better know what games the guy likes, respectively, what computer "gadgets" he needs.
    • Sports bag is useful for every young man who goes in for sports, visits the gym or pool. You can buy a stylish model with a personalized inscription or a creative pattern. Order a stylish option and your friend will be delighted.
    • Gym membership is useful for every young person who wants to look good and feel cheerful. It remains to choose a worthy hall that the birthday boy will like.
    • A new cue and a cool set of balls will definitely appeal to a billiards fan. A good cue is a real work of art, so it will serve as a chic gift for a friend for 19-20 years. You can even order a personalized engraving on the handle or choose a model made of precious woods.
    • Multifunctional solar-powered flashlight useful for camping, fishing and even for a late walk. You can throw it in the car and use it on vacation. All in all, this is a multifunctional useful thing for a guy who leads an active lifestyle.
    • Quality leather gloves or sports equipment. Whatever sport a guy does, great branded equipment will come in handy for him. These can be goalkeeper gloves, boxing paws or special protection, a helmet, knee pads, shields.for legs and dozens of other options. Knowing what the guy is doing, you can easily pick up the appropriate item of ammunition. And such a present will definitely be 100% successful!
    • The form of your favorite sports team will definitely please the fan. You can choose a gift for a friend for 19-20 years, a set for sports, or just a walking option in the style of your favorite football or basketball team. Such things are very popular among young guys.

    The best way to please a birthday boy with a present for a hobby is to share his passion with him! Go on a hike together, go fishing, organize an individual master class for him with a famous coach or a meeting with your favorite football player. This surprise is definitely impossible to forget!

    Cool and actual surprises for car owners

    Many guys by the age of 19 are already acquiring their first iron horse and, of course, treat him with special awe and attention. Share his love for the car, pamper the car with an interesting accessory, a useful thing. The guy will be delighted! We have several worthy ideas for you:

    • Certificate for extreme driving courses - a great solution for what to give your friend for 19-20 years. Now he and his family, and you will be sure that the guy knows how to cope even with emergency situations and degeneration will become even safer for him. In addition, such courses are a lot of emotions and impressions!
    • The new DVR will be a useful addition to the car, will help preventvarious situations and capture important moments. This is a mandatory attribute of a modern vehicle.
    • Trunk organizer is a useful thing. Thanks to such accessories in the trunk there will always be order, all things in their places.
    • Luminous rim tips is a creative tuning option without interfering with the structural elements of the car. Guys love such spectacular things, and the car will immediately stand out from the rest. If your friend appreciates such things, then he will definitely like the gift.
    • Tuning certificate is a good present for a car owner, it is an opportunity to make your car the way the owner wants it to be.
    • Car refrigerator - a cool thing for a fan of picnics and outings, now there will always be cold water, beer or wine in the car for gatherings in nature.
    • Cool car mats - a cool gift for a friend for 19 years. You can choose a creative, stylish option with bright details. To make the gift not only practical, but also spectacular.

    Emotions and impressions for a guy

    Vivid experiences are the coolest present for every guy. Impressions remain in the memory forever, especially at such a young age, when the impressions are especially vivid and hot. Here are some options and ideas for you:

    • Flyer to a night club for a fun pastime will allow you to enjoy the colorful experience "break away" 100% and just have fun in the company of a friend.
    • Trip toEuropean capital - there has always been a tradition according to which a young man needs to see the world, so give him such a chance, the guy will definitely like this kind of entertainment.
    • Certificate for completing the quest with friends - it's fun, very creative and interesting. Such joint entertainment and memories remain in memory for a long time.
    • Co-op paintball - an active way to have fun, shoot, test your own tactics and strategy skills. The guy will definitely like this entertainment.
    • Snowmobile or ATV ride with friends. For 19-20 years old, you can give a friend real entertainment - funny rides on a snowmobile or ATV (depending on the weather outside). Speed, adrenaline and excitement - how can you think of cooler emotions for a birthday boy?
    • An interesting master class for a birthday boy - here it is, a fascinating and bright benefit. Depending on what the guy is interested in, pick up a cool master class for him.
    • Tickets for football, hockey, basketball - that's cool entertainment for a friend and his company. It's fun, emotional and very funny. Such gifts for a guy leave a lot of impressions and always bring pleasure.
    • Party as a gift - a colorful idea for an interesting present, especially for the twentieth anniversary. Invite friends, organize snacks and entertainment - voila, the holiday is ready and the guy is delighted with a bright and unexpected surprise. The main thing is not to let it slip ahead of time and not spoil the expectation.

    Delicious birthday gifts

    Are you still wondering what to give a friend for 19-20 years? Look for a cool, but inexpensive surprise that would definitely not be superfluous at the holiday: we suggest paying attention to various goodies as a surprise, for example:

    • Keg of beer - a delicious surprise for the lover of this foamy drink. Just give good beer, such as Czech or German in a beautiful stylish keg.
    • Cheese set for wine lovers. Such a delicacy will complement a bottle of your favorite wine and will allow you to organize cool gatherings with friends or your girlfriend.
    • Chocolate tool set is a delicious and fun-looking gift that will brighten up the holiday and give a lot of positive, as well as moments of pure chocolate delight. After all, in secret, all men have a sweet tooth.
    • A bottle of good whiskey is always relevant as a gift for a man. 20 years - it's time to get used to good, high-quality alcohol. So such a gift will definitely not be superfluous!

    Creativity and originality

    The best solution for a cool congratulation is an original gift to a friend for 19-20 years. Such a surprise will definitely not be forgotten and will not be lost in the mass of others. So feel free to choose something special, fun, not boring. There are a lot of such gifts, we offer you a couple of options:

    • Home golf for fun. This is an aristocratic game, so why shouldn't a guy join this special sport? Entertainment is very exciting.
    • Go-Go dancer's lap dance will give you a lot of impressions. A beautiful girl, a beautiful dance, a lot of aesthetic pleasure for the birthday boy is guaranteed.
    • Compact home brewery will allow you to become a real brewer, create unique recipes and taste amazing drinks. Now gatherings with friends will be much more fun and interesting.
    • Cocktail set - a good inexpensive gift for a friend for 19-20 years. Thanks to such a present, you can organize cool cocktail parties with unusual drinks at home.
    • Bright illuminated hookah - a cool thing for a real fan of tobacco and fragrant hookah. A beautiful decorative element will allow you to enjoy the spicy smoke at home, buying interesting, favorite blends and organizing fun gatherings with friends.
    • BBQ-stamp with the initials or nickname of the birthday boy - here it is, a cool, creative and very cool gift for a young guy who likes to organize trips to nature, or fry meat on his own plot. A special stamp will allow you to "mark" your meat, put a quality mark so that no one doubts the authorship of a delicious steak on the coals. Just come up with an interesting monogram for the stamp. Just initials are a bit boring.
    • RC Helicopter is a cool toy that a guy definitely dreamed of as a child, and which will bring a lot of positive things now. RC toys are timeless fun that even 30-year-old fathers enjoy playing with. What to say aboutboys in their twenties.

    Choosing a worthy gift for a friend's birthday 19 - 20 years old is not so difficult, the main thing is not to rush to buy the first thing that catches your eye and not to delay searching for a present until the last day. Just think about what you would like from friends for their birthday and interpret this idea according to the interests and hobbies of your friend!

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