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Thinking about the question of what to give a friend for 50, 55 years, people usually try to move away from the ideas of budget presents and focus on expensive things. Of course, this is another honorable milestone that a person has reached. And yes, you are absolutely right if you think that a gift to a friend for an anniversary of 50, 55 years should be memorable, symbolic and meet his needs. But do not forget that ethics also allow you to present inexpensive, original things to a man on anniversaries. In this article, we will touch on a variety of presentation options. In our list of gifts for a friend at 50, 55, you will find ideas that suit different income levels.

  • 35 gift ideas for a friend for 50, 55 years

      Genuine leather cardholder
    1. Moonshine still
    2. Kazan for cooking fish soup for a large group of friends
    3. Oak wine barrel
    4. Ebook
    5. Samovar
    6. Sommelier set
    7. Noble wood chess
    8. Toaster
    9. Sport crossbow
    10. Multipurpose shovel
    11. Pedometer
    12. Souvenir weapons
    13. Wall mirror in a beautiful frame
    14. Reproduction of the famous painting
    15. Set: tie +cufflinks
    16. Beer glass with a cool inscription
    17. Florarium
    18. Multi-stack set
    19. Heated car mug
    20. French helmet
    21. Whiskey Stones
    22. Flask in a case with fur
    23. Spyglass
    24. Portable gas grill
    25. BBQ apron
    26. Pillow throw
    27. 9-piece table set
    28. Waist bag
    29. Chain watch
    30. Thermo coffee pot
    31. Bronze lamp
    32. Coffee machine
    33. Big set of socks in a case
    34. Zippo lighter

    What to give a friend for 50, 55 years inexpensive, but tasteful?

    For those who have modest incomes, the question of what to give a friend for 50, 55 years is inexpensive, but tasteful - very relevant. You should not think stereotypically and present some kind of meaningless souvenir as a budget present, which is usually given just to serve the queue. In this case, your task is to choose something small, useful and present such a thing from the bottom of your heart. Whether it's a small everyday item, an accessory that makes moving and traveling easier, or a nice addition to outdoor activities.

    Here are some cheap 50th, 55th birthday gift ideas for your friend:

    • name mug;
    • piecine knife;
    • camping flask;
    • folding chair for summer resident or fisherman;
    • hammock;
    • thermal clothing;
    • raincoat;
    • original design corkscrew;
    • multitool;
    • ashtray;
    • diary;
    • organizer bag
    • a set of camping utensils;
    • binoculars;
    • damask for strong drinks in the form of a car;
    • shoe shine set;
    • massage car seat cover;
    • sheep wool belt;
    • Nordic walking poles
    • beautiful lamp for reading books in the evening;
    • mini housework tool kit;
    • thermal bag;
    • lunch box.

    You can give a friend a 50th, 55th birthday an inexpensive gift in the form of a magnetic board on the fridge. It will help you not to forget about important assignments, plans or purchases. It is convenient to leave funny messages to grandchildren or unexpected confessions to loved ones on a magnetic board. Such a thing decorates the interior, cheers up and goes well with any refrigerator.

    What is practical to give a friend for 50, 55 years?

    If you haven't decided what practical gift to give your friend for 50, 55 years, our list will help you with this! This category of presents includes things that simplify life, help in everyday affairs and complement leisure. Here's what you can give a practical friend for 50, 55 years:

    • home or car ionizer - will support the correct microclimate;
    • bedding - will create the conditions for a pleasant sleep;
    • solar battery - will help keep devices in working order when it is not possible to charge them from the network;
    • mini fridge with USB port - will be a salvation from the heat on a hot day, quicklycools small jars of your favorite drink;
    • bar cart - your friend will have everything at hand while watching a movie or a football match;
    • scented candles with the smell of coffee or fire - will help to complement any romantic evening;
    • drawable shelf - useful for those who do not have extra space on the shelves, ideal for storing preservation;
    • waffle maker - an easy-to-use device that will reveal the culinary skills of your friend;
    • aroma humidifier - creates an atmosphere of comfort by spraying the soothing scents of aroma oils and steam particles.
    • hanging shelf - helps to rationally use the remaining space in the kitchen cabinet.
    • wine table - such a practical gift can be presented for 50, 55 years to a friend who loves to spend cozy evenings with his beloved wife.
    • wooden wall lights in the shape of an animal's headx - they can be presented as a gift for a man's anniversary who is interested in nature and prefers natural materials.
    • auto massager - it is equipped with a heating function and several massage intensity levels.
    • genealogical book - opens up space for a friend to write his own story.

    You can give a friend a key holder with key rings for an anniversary of 50, 55 years. This will once and for all solve the problem of long and tedious searches for keys that disappear somewhere at the most inopportune moment.

    What a solid giftfriend for 50, 55 years?

    If you are lucky enough to save a lot of money for a friend's anniversary, you have a place to roam. The main thing is that the acquired thing pleases, surprises, and, if we are talking about an impression, to be remembered for a long time! For example, here's something solid you can give a friend for 50, 55 years:

    • Home trainer. Suitable for a person who takes care of himself, trying to keep himself in shape;
    • Noble wood cue. Such a solid expensive gift for 50, 55 years can be presented to a friend who has everything.
    • gift certificate for horseback riding or shooting range. So your friend can not only have a busy time, but also get a charge of good mood.
    • Goldfish Aquarium. It will become a symbol of we alth and success. The main thing is to make sure that the appearance of such cute creatures does not burden a man.
    • Tourist package. Such an exclusive gift for a friend for 50, 55 years will be remembered for a long time! A friend will be very grateful to you if you carefully plan everything, and most importantly - if it is a ticket to the country of his dreams.
    • Custom themed cake. Not a single anniversary celebration can do without such a treat! The cake can be decorated with a themed figurine - a representative of the profession, a tank, an airplane, an expensive car, a fishing scene.
    • Painting from photo. Here's what you can give an exclusive gift for 50, 55 years to a friend, if he always dreamed of seeing himself in the role of a commander, a great emperor or king.
    • Safe Book. Will be a great addition to the interior. Keep savings and valuables under a secure lock.

    What is a pleasant, useful gift to give a friend for 50, 55 years?

    Wishing to find the answer to the question of what is pleasant, useful to give a friend for 50, 55 years, do not limit yourself to material things. Edible surprises also belong to this category of presents! Each anniversary is a date that happens only once in a lifetime, so it’s worth making sure that the birthday person remembers it for a long time. When choosing a useful gift for a friend on his 50th, 55th birthday, start from the person’s hobbies and lifestyle.

    Homebody, family man, caring owner fit:

    • stylish floor lamp;
    • rocking chair;
    • electric barbecue;
    • homebrew;
    • garden figures;
    • solar-powered lights;
    • gift collected works of the famous author;
    • disc with your favorite movie or with your favorite actor;
    • retro player;
    • clock in the form of a vinyl record;
    • memory pillow;
    • teapot;
    • bottle stand;
    • set of ceramic knives;
    • juicer;
    • a pack of elite coffee or tea
    • flexible sofa armrest;
    • tray-table for laptop;
    • bathroom shelf for a glass of wine or a book.

    For a 50, 55 year old friend, you can give an aqua farm - a unique closed ecosystem consisting of fish and plants. Fish feedplants, and those contribute to the purification of the aquarium. A family man will also certainly be delighted with a portable barbecue, indoor bio-fireplace or a mini-fountain.

    Active fisherman, hunter, tourist fit:

    • compass;
    • camping gas burner;
    • tent;
    • capacious backpack;
    • multifunctional wrist watch;
    • travel survival kit;
    • set of skewers;
    • inflatable boat;
    • tube or rod case;
    • wandering;
    • fishing gloves;
    • balaclava;
    • thermobox;
    • picnic mat;
    • folding furniture;
    • inflatable mattress;
    • camp shower.

    Business, successful man, businessman will like:

    • car smartphone holder with wireless charging;
    • office board game Mini bowling;
    • travel linen organizer;
    • trolley suitcase;
    • scratch card with to-do list;
    • stationery in case;
    • mustache and beard care set;
    • flask with stacks in a leather case;
    • wine set;
    • name wallet;
    • honey gift set;
    • cup holder with coat of arms;
    • personal clutch purse;
    • engraved whiskey glass set.

    You can give a friend a 50, 55 year old globe bar. Such an exquisite accessory will please a successful businessman and a man holding a high position. The Globe-bar will become a reliable container of refined alcohol, as well as a decoration for your office. Sothe item is not just a pleasure to use, it is a pleasure to keep it in sight, because even with one look it openly reveals your exquisite taste.

    A amateur photographer, a creative person will come in handy:

    • portrait created from photo;
    • multi frame for photos;
    • tripod for smartphone,
    • camera backpack;
    • set of lenses for smartphone;
    • fun print T-shirt;
    • case for creative supplies;
    • antistress coloring book;
    • crossword set;
    • multi-frame on the wall;
    • RC helicopter.

    For a friend's birthday of 50, 55 years old, you can give a smart diary, where interesting rebuses or riddles await a man on the pages. It will be a pleasure for a birthday person to return to such a present every day, remembering the one who came up with the idea to please him with such a surprise.

    What is original, interesting to give a friend for 50, 55 years?

    Choosing something original, interesting to give to a friend for 50, 55 years, first of all, pay attention to things that combine unusual design and practical use. It can also be gifts that help realize the birthday man's cherished dream, or a carefully organized trip, about which he stuttered many times in your presence. Here are some original, interesting gift ideas for a friend for 50, 55 years:

    • Gourmet set. Useful for a man who feels at ease in the kitchen. Especially such a present will please the lover of cooking on fire. As an original gift for 50, 55years, you can present a marinating machine or a shawarma grill to a friend. Such a present should definitely be complemented with engraved skewers, a set of spices or a recipe book.
    • Collage of photos and wishes. Will the birthday boy remain indifferent when he sees a huge sheet with pictures, bright stickers and inscriptions? As a friend, you best understand what exactly will hook the innermost strings of a friend’s soul. These can be moments from hiking, high-profile holidays in the company of friends from school, weddings and birthdays. The main thing is that this collage generates pleasant nostalgia.
    • Men's bouquet. You know that it is customary to give flowers not only to women, right? But now we are not talking about them at all! A real man's bouquet is an edible composition of smoked meats, fish, and meat products. In a word, everything that will complement the beer feast.
    • Medal to a friend. Anniversaries are a great occasion to express your deepest feelings. As a compliment to a friend, you can present a beautiful award or medal on their birthday, indicating how much this person means in your life.
    • Electronic photo frame. You can upload a bunch of photos into it, so such an item will never get bored with its monotony. The electronic photo frame will fit photos of the family, moments from trips, as well as pictures that capture the birthday person himself.
    • Weather station. Here's what you can give a friend for 50, 55 years is original, if he is interested in weather changes, and also likes to plan trips in advance. By usingweather stations a fisherman, hunter, active traveler will always know when to take a raincoat with him.
    • Cryptex flash drive. It will surprise with its design and certainly will not lie in a drawer in vain.
    • S alt lamp. It will create an atmosphere of peace, as well as purify the air of harmful impurities. S alt lamp - a gift that will prevent viruses and lung diseases.
    • Tool belt. Such an original and useful gift for 50, 55 years can be presented to a friend who loves to do repairs. In this case, he will definitely need such a thing. It will provide quick and convenient access to tools during work.
    • Ecotester. A useful assistant for a demanding person. Ecotester provides reliable information about products, helping to protect yourself from danger in time.
    • Cigar box. Like a man who knows a lot about the aesthetics of smoking. However, even a non-smoker will be pleased to treat friends to a cigar.
    • Plaid with sleeves. Suitable for a man who loves comfort. With such a blanket it is convenient to drink tea, read a book or change channels - all this can be done without losing pleasant warmth!
    • A ticket to a concert or a football match. He will be delighted by a person who appreciates every positive emotion and is not used to missing opportunities. Especially such a gift to a friend for an anniversary is appropriate if a memorable event or the arrival of a famous artist is planned in the near future.
    • Basket of sweets and snacks. Moreone purely masculine gift option that will deliver first aesthetic and then gastronomic pleasure.
    • Set of tea probes. There is too much tea in the world to be limited to one variety. A box with several samples at once will help a friend try something new every day.

    For a friend's birthday of 50, 55 years old, you can give an original men's accessory - cufflinks, a pectoral cross with stones, a bracelet with an engraved name, a watch with a commemorative inscription. A man who has found a common language with modern gadgets will need an author's case for a smartphone or wireless headphones.

    What is a cozy gift to give a friend for 50, 55 years?

    At this age, a man really appreciates cozy gifts saturated with love and warmth. We advise you to combine seemingly simple things with each other in order to make a good impression on a friend. Here's what you can give a cozy friend for 50, 55 years:

    • a set of several types of tea and a thermal mug;
    • a few mini jars of jam and an engraved spoon;
    • handmade chocolate and a beautiful card;
    • mulled wine set and warm scarf;
    • high-end coffee and gold-plated teaspoon;
    • a parcel from the forest: a wooden box containing stew, cognac, raw smoked sausage;
    • heated slippers and foot hammock;
    • a bottle of good wine and a set of wine glasses.

    What to give a friend for an anniversary from a group of friends?

    For example, you decided to chip in all friendlycompany and you need to decide on a suitable thing. In this case, buying something budget is illogical. The more people involved in this good undertaking, the higher the chances of getting an exclusive gift. Here's what you can give a friend for 50, 55 years from a group of friends:

    • music center;
    • collectible collection of vinyl records with your favorite music;
    • robot vacuum cleaner;
    • gilded tea set;
    • fireplace with bas alt stones;
    • video recorder;
    • tabletop bar "Wine Express";
    • bronze coaster;
    • porcelain damask in the form of Monomakh's cap;
    • panel with Swarovski stones with a horseshoe;
    • portable audio system "Boombox";
    • Bohemian glass cognac glass complete with bronze base.

    From a company of friends to a friend for an anniversary of 50, 55 years, you can present a leather-bound book dedicated to hunting, fishing, weapons, history. A beautifully designed edition will be a worthy addition to a man's personal library.

    Tips for choosing a gift for a friend for an anniversary

    Finally, a few tips on how to choose a gift for a friend for an anniversary.

    • Start your search for gifts for a friend on BP 50, 55 from shops that specialize in clothing and accessories that match the birthday boy's hobby. Do not neglect online stores - sometimes there is a wide range and good promotions.
    • Start looking for a present months in advance. Do not postpone the purchase until the last week and even more so the day. After all, the less time remainsbefore the holiday, the higher the risk of buying something inappropriate, bought in haste.
    • Put the interests and tastes of the birthday person first. Do not try to pick up a thing for yourself. Your goal is to please the hero of the day.
    • Before packing the present, remove the price tag. Too expensive things can embarrass a friend, and too cheap things can give you the wrong opinion. Leaving a price tag is bad manners.
    • Take care of the original packaging. A poorly designed present can completely spoil the impression.

    This is the end of this list of gift ideas for a friend for their 50-55th birthday. We hope you were able to choose some suitable options that will please your friend and bring him a lot of joy on such an important day.

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