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On the horizon, the birthday of a dear person is getting closer, but you absolutely do not know what to give your brother for 16-17 years, where to start looking for a surprise and what to look for? In the article we will try to consider a large number of a wide variety of surprises so that each reader can find a suitable option. After all, this age is very exciting, but, moreover, important for every boy who gradually becomes a man. Our advice will help you choose the best and ideal birthday present for your brother 16-17 years old, as well as tell you how and what you can surprise him with.

How to choose a gift for a brother for 16-17 years

Each child, teenager or adult is an individual and of course surprises can be very different. But we tried to highlight the main points that you should pay attention to, and also thought about how to choose a gift for your brother for 16-17 years old.

    • Any sister or brother knows in advance when an important date is approaching and, of course, you need to prepare well. It is better to start choosing a present in advance, then there will be enough time to make it yourself or find the perfect option.
    • An important point forof each person is the budget that he can spend on a birthday present for his brother 16-17 years old. But mostly they don’t expect expensive presents from a non-working schoolchild or student, so it will be relevant to consider exactly the ideas of spiritual or necessary surprises.
    • Be sure to take into account the character of the brother, if he likes to have fun, walk and often spends time with friends, then it is important to consider something for his stylish image. But for shy guys who are used to a narrow circle of friends, computer games or study, it is better to buy useful things.
    • If the birthday boy has a favorite hobby, then try to remember, maybe he is missing something, and he would like to buy a thing useful for a hobby. Remember, such items are always received with special delight, as they are very desirable.
    • Try not only to choose a pleasant surprise, but also to prepare an interesting congratulation. After all, everyone has long been tired of the usual presentation, a creative approach will be much more remembered, maybe even with humor.
    • The prepared present should be packed in beautiful wrapping paper so that the contents are not immediately visible. Many people prefer to buy gift bags or boxes, but this option will be more expensive and not always affordable for a teenager.

    What can not be given to a brother for 16-17 years

    You, of course, love your native blood and definitely do not want to buy an inappropriate present for the holiday, which in the end will not cause a positive reaction. To prevent such a situation from happening, we tried to collect for youa selection of tips on what not to give to a brother for 16-17 years, and we hope it will help you not to make a mistake.

    • Any pets without the knowledge of parents should not be purchased, as this approach may cause a negative reaction on their part. And also, not every teenager dreams of taking on additional responsibility for a living creature, because it's one thing to cuddle someone else's fluffy, and another to constantly care for and clean up your own.
    • Study stationery or any similar school-like items. Since many simply do not perceive them as a gift, it is rather commonplace and you will not see much joy.
    • Personal care products - too boring surprise for teenagers. Even if you have very little money in your pocket, it is better to consider a more original, but inexpensive gift for a brother for 16 or 17 years.
    • Clothes, but this item does not apply to stylish and fashionable things that my brother has long wanted to buy to complement and decorate his look.
    • Useless knick-knacks that guys don't like at all, such as figurines, photo frames and other similar decorative items for the interior. It is better to choose a useful and practical surprise for the birthday boy.
    • Fakes of various equipment or clothes, since these items can become unusable very quickly, and as a result, there will be absolutely no joy left from the present, only disappointment.

    It should be remembered that not every gift for a brother at 16 or 17 fromthe above list may not be desirable. Everyone perceives the same subject in their own way, and what most do not like may be perfect for your birthday.

    List of 37 best gifts for brother for 16-17 years old

    Now it's time to consider different options, and it would be good to start with a list of the 37 best gifts for a brother for 16-17 years, which every teenager will be delighted with:

    1. tablet case with stand;
    2. wireless headphones;
    3. bag for easy transportation of laptop;
    4. purse made of leather or a cheaper version of leatherette;
    5. boxing gloves;
    6. a backpack with an interesting pattern;
    7. webcam;
    8. joystick for game console;
    9. table lamp with multiple lighting modes;
    10. video for sports exercises for the development of the press;
    11. silicone voluminous smartphone case;
    12. anti-glare sunglasses;
    13. quality toilet water;
    14. thermal underwear;
    15. aqua farm;
    16. gel anthill;
    17. 3D pen;
    18. kite;
    19. sand painting;
    20. fun sweatshirt;
    21. Stylish kigurumi pajamas for guys;
    22. keyboard vacuum cleaner;
    23. waterproof radio;
    24. foot hammock to do homework in comfort;
    25. refrigerator magnetic board;
    26. electronic piggy bank;
    27. set for wood burning pictures;
    28. anti-stress pillow "Log";
    29. high-quality microphone for communicationthrough different "talkers";
    30. men's shoulder bag;
    31. electronic photo frame;
    32. box of sweets;
    33. columns 5 in 1;
    34. tracksuit;
    35. wristwatch;
    36. stirring mug;
    37. sailboat model.

    If you want unusual congratulations, then you should decide how to give the best gift for your brother for 16 or 17 years. We propose to think over a chain of interconnected tasks that you need to complete in order to receive the coveted present.

    What to give your brother for 16 years

    The sixteenth birthday is a very important period for every boy, because at this time the realization already comes that he is turning from a child into a man who tries to make decisions himself, learns something new through trial and error. At such a time, you need to think about what to give your brother for 16 years will be really relevant and interesting.

    • Octopus Phone Tripod Holder with a convenient mount will be useful for a brother who shoots various videos for his blog.
    • Lunchbox with separate compartments for food, especially if he is used to eating right and often.
    • The computer game that the guy wanted to buy for himself, but never got around to it, or maybe it just came out recently, and he just didn’t have time to buy it yet.
    • External battery for recharging gadgets, you can additionally give a universal wire with different nozzles.
    • Game mouse with a disc for installing the program, which will be responsible for the workmacros, and they are also equipped with different speed modes for user convenience.
    • The wireless keyboard will come in handy for a boy who uses a laptop, because it will be much more convenient to sit comfortably at the table or even while lying in bed.
    • Comfortable stand for your smartphone, it can be both classic and with a built-in speaker, so you can listen to music calmly when the gadget is charging.

    In addition, I would like to consider such options for gifts for my brother on his 16th birthday, such as:

    • laptop sloping table;
    • darts;
    • convenient thermos;
    • scratch card "100 most important things";
    • silver bracelet, chain or pendant;
    • funny passport cover with unique pattern;
    • set of quality tattoo translators;
    • microfiber towel in case;
    • cactus in a beautiful pot.

    It's nice to surprise and please a 16-year-old brother with a prepared gift with an additional and interesting bouquet, of course, the boy will not understand such a gift in the form of flowers, but if you collect it from socks of different colors, the present will look very cool.

    What to give your brother for his 17th birthday

    By the age of seventeen, teenagers already have distinct interests in different directions, and if a loved one has a hobby, then you should think about what to give your brother for his 17th birthday for a hobby. In this section, we have tried to collect a variety ofoptions that will certainly come in handy for different addictions.

    • A sports boy can choose equipment useful for training, for example: adjustable weight dumbbells, horizontal bar in the doorway, anti-slip mat, expander, jump rope, soccer ball or basketball, table tennis set, boxing gloves and other similar attributes. Also consider options such as a quality breathable T-shirt, jogging shorts, bag or trainers.
    • For a trendy guy who is used to being the center of attention, you can buy a stylish shirt, a genuine leather belt with a spectacular buckle, a baseball cap.
    • If he loves cycling very much, maybe even prefers cycling with tricks, then get a cool bright helmet, action camera mount, Buff bandana, comfortable multi-tool with tools, water bottle, anti-theft lock, bike computer.
    • For a brother-musician you can consider as a gift professional guitar care products, a set of replacement strings, a set of bright picks, an acoustic tuner, a convenient folder for notes, a capo, manual guitar trainer.
    • For a true outdoor enthusiast get a grill, a set of skewers, a powerful flashlight, a set of plastic dishes, badminton, a volleyball ball, a folding shovel in a convenient case.
    • If a boy likes to spend time studying the information received at school and further develops himself, then we suggest buying him a usefulliterature, on the topic that is closer to the brother, and you can also purchase: reading glasses lying down, checkers, chess, book holder in the form of a samurai sword, table lamp "Open Book", reading pillow.
    • For a fishing lover buy a brand new and high-quality fishing rod, a set of lures, a comfortable folding chair, spinners, an organizer for storing them.

    Here are some more cool ideas for what to give your brother for his 17th birthday for hobby from the budget category:

    • set of wristbands and headband;
    • water bottle with fastener;
    • board games: jenga, twister, mafia, monopoly;
    • knuckle protection kit;
    • cycling gloves;
    • compass;
    • e-book stand pillow;
    • wireless music speaker;
    • metronome;
    • bike flashlight and reflective stickers;
    • bookmarks for a book made of metal or wood with a cool pattern;
    • poker set in case;
    • backlight for reading a book.

    Try to prioritize correctly, thinking through different gift ideas for your brother on his 17th birthday, do not get hung up on fleeting hobbies. After all, very often teenagers quickly light up with a desire to do this or that, and eventually give up addiction.

    Original birthday gifts for brother 16-17 years old

    You don't always want to choose banal surprises and then, of course, the choice falls on original gifts for your brother on his 16-17 birthday. If aIf you are older, you are already earning and can afford to pamper your youngest for a holiday, but peers have to be more creative. We tried to choose cool ideas, and we hope you will find a suitable present among them.

    • Headphones with LED backlight and different glow modes will appeal to the music lover who often listens to music.
    • Wooden phone case with a printed picture of him or a unique drawing of your favorite hero, actor, singer.
    • Computer mouse pad, but to make it original, order it with your photo together, you can even choose it with a humorous note.
    • Alarm clock that will run away or fly away from the owner when the alarm is triggered. So the brother will not be able to turn it off while lying in bed, he will have to get up and catch the clock.
    • Table pear for boxing, this is not only useful for sports development, but also teenagers often accumulate anger at different situations and on such a simulator he can calmly remove it.
    • The cache book is a very necessary thing for teenagers who often hide various trifles away from prying eyes.
    • Smartphone projector so that your eyes do not strain when watching different videos from a small screen.
    • Keychain to find lost keys, a useful thing for a confused person who constantly does not know where he threw a bunch.
    • Sign up your brother for an interesting workshop where he can spend time productively.

    Ain addition, we can offer you such a list of inexpensive, but original gifts for your brother for 16 and 17 years old, such as:

    • plaid with sleeves in dark colors;
    • luminous laces;
    • samurai sword umbrella;
    • predictor ball;
    • emoji keyboard;
    • toilet paper with jokes or sudoku;
    • original Star Wars dinnerware set;
    • 3D superhero or globe light;
    • hat with beard;
    • cup warmer;
    • golf for the washroom;
    • mini desktop fan;
    • weather forecaster in a graceful flask.

    Don't go overboard with being too original if you are preparing an unusual gift for your brother on his 16th or 17th birthday. Try not to use hurtful jokes or dark humor, as not everyone will appreciate it positively.

    Inexpensive gift ideas for brother for 16-17 years

    Most of the time, there's not a decent amount of money in your pocket at that age for a surprise, unless you've borrowed money from your parents. Therefore, we tried to pick up the most interesting and cool inexpensive gifts for my brother for 16-17 years old.

    • Cool notebook, you can even order it with your name to make the surprise more memorable and personal.
    • Thermo mug will appeal to a boy who is very busy with different sections and is constantly in a hurry, not having time to calmly drink hot tea.
    • Shoe care kit, everything you needitems are placed in a case, which you can safely take with you due to its small size.
    • Warm slippers for the house, especially if you have a rather cool floor in winter.
    • T-shirt with the emblem of your favorite team, a photo or a funny inscription in a humorous style.
    • Chameleon mug, now you can choose not only with different patterns, but also with different volumes. For a tea lover, it would be better to buy a large size.
    • Ring on the hand "Save and Save", it is inexpensive, but it will be very nice to receive such a talisman from a loved one.
    • Plate-stand for the phone, especially for those who are used to watching movies or series while eating.
    • Inflatable pillow for comfortable trips for long distances, you can additionally buy a sleep mask with an interesting inscription.
    • Flash drive, it will turn out to be the right thing, but so that the surprise is not too boring, choose its unusual shape, for example, in the form of a cartridge, pistol, spider, funny man.

    See a few more options for what to give your brother an inexpensive birthday for 16 and 17 years old:

    • waterproof phone case;
    • monopod;
    • sketchbook;
    • cardholder;
    • hub in the form of red pepper;
    • sensor gloves;
    • backlight for keyboard;
    • LED attachment for the wheels of his bike;
    • hard puzzle;
    • mug with cookie compartment.

    Remember, anyonean inexpensive gift for a brother for 16 or 17 years old can be replaced with a homemade one. Use the available amount to buy the necessary material to create a unique present.

    What to give a brother for 16-17 years from his sister

    Each loving little sister prepares for a solemn event with special warmth and trepidation, because her birthday is approaching and you need to choose the best surprise, but what can you give a brother for 16-17 years from her sister? We have added a lot of heartfelt gifts to the selection that will remain in memory of this day.

    • Laptop cooling pad will be a surprise with the care of his brother, because this way he can calmly hold it without worrying that the gadget will overheat again.
    • Puzzle with a large number of details with his image will appeal to an assiduous guy who loves such activities.
    • Certificate for karting where he will get a lot of positive emotions.
    • Named mug for coffee or tea, on the other hand, you can add his photo.
    • Basketball hoop to the dirty room, plus it comes with a basket.
    • Animal hat to keep him warm and stylish in winter.
    • Leather bracelet, additionally with metal charms.
    • Slippers in the shape of big tanks or any other cool look.

    Here are some more soulful gifts for a brother for 16 and 17 years old from a sister who already earns herself and can afford to consider slightly more expensive presents:

    • pear chair;
    • game console;
    • orthopedic chair;
    • gyroscooter;
    • skateboard;
    • smart backpack;
    • Terry personalized bathrobe for home;
    • electronic toothbrush or irrigator;
    • external hard drive;
    • quadcopter.

    Try to exclude various stationery from the list of considered gifts for a brother from a sister for 16 or 17 years. Other people can give such a banality, and you know your own little man very well, so it's better that the surprise is more personal.

    DIY gifts for birthday 16-17 years old

    So we come to the most spiritual surprises, which are perceived with special enthusiasm, since it is in their preparation that all your warm feelings are invested. Let's look at what DIY gifts for the birthday of a brother of 16-17 years old you could prepare.

    • Create a cool video, in which you can not only collect pictures from the archive, but also add recorded congratulations from his friends and relatives, while standing on top overdub the young man's favorite track, so the recording will evoke more positive emotions.
    • Make a photo collage, a creative person can do this work, because you need to choose the right photos, place them and come up with cool phrases that can decorate the finished work.
    • Bake a congratulatory cake for your brother, you can try to mold figures from mastic to make it themed. Or make cookies withpredictions, handmade sweets or cupcakes, writing his name on them.
    • Make your own unique photo frame where you can put a bright and beautiful picture.
    • Homemade tool box so my brother has a place to put his screwdrivers and other little things, and it does not lie around the house.
    • Sew a pillow for him, the main thing is to use a good filler to make it comfortable to sleep on it.
    • Make a money tree where you can place small coins or banknotes.

    Any gift to a brother for 16-17 years with his own hands should be started not on the eve of the celebration, so that there is no rush, because of which it simply may not turn out neat. Check out the tutorials on how to create your masterpiece correctly, what steps to follow and the necessary items to make it.

    In conclusion, we would like to note that choosing a suitable surprise will not be a difficult task, because you managed to see how many options you can give your brother for 16-17 years to please him and get sincere emotions. We hope that each reader was able to find an inexpensive, original or classic gift for a hobby suitable for the birthday boy.

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