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Brother's holiday is coming soon and the teenager, of course, is looking forward to cool gifts, interesting surprises. But you still have no idea what to give your brother for 14 - 15 years? We suggest not to get upset ahead of time, but enjoy reading the article, where you will find hundreds of successful options for a birthday present for a guy. We thought about all the birthday people, without exception, tried to find options for birthday people with different interests and character. You just have to find the most successful gift for your brother for 14-15 years and present it beautifully.

What Not to Give Your Teenage Brother

Guys at the age of 14 - 15 form their circle of interests, determine priorities in life, are sincerely fond of something, and then also sincerely forget about their hobby. Therefore, choosing a present for a teenager is not so easy. However, we know for sure that it is impossible to give, if you exclude these things, then your present can already be classified as successful. So, you definitely shouldn’t give it to a teenage birthday boy:

  • Things that break the law. Even if at 15 the guy already seems to be an adult, and behaves accordingly, dreams of a “cool adult gift”, refrain from things like a knife, any other coldweapons, as well as hookah, cigarettes, alcohol in any form, gift weapons (even pneumatic ones), etc.
  • Various textbooks, microscopes, computer tutorials, history books, etc. All this is very useful, but not at all interesting. Such a gift idea for a brother for 14 - 15 years is suitable only for a guy who is passionate about science at such a young age, while the rest will not like the gift, disappointing and even upsetting. After all, school and learning is more likely not the most interesting duty, rather than an exciting activity for a teenager.
  • Useful clothes. Cool and trendy options are certainly fine, but only if you don't choose them on the basis of "he needs a warm sweater", or "time to buy a couple of shirts for school." This approach is often typical for older sisters, who, due to their age, sort out the mother's habits in relation to the boy. Believe me, he absolutely does not need and is not interested.
  • Bath accessories and cosmetics. The guy is not yet at the age to appreciate some branded items, and in principle, the usual soap, towel or bath foam cannot please the boy. So give up such ideas altogether.

When deciding what to give your brother for 14 - 15 years old, study the social networks of the birthday boy. There he often posts things that he wants to win, that he is interested in. The groups he is subscribed to will also give a lot of interesting information about what the hero of the occasion likes, what he is fond of.

List of 45 best gifts for brother for 14 - 15 years

We offer you the easiest way to find a gift for your brother. The list below contains the best gift ideas that a teenager will definitely like, so all that's left is to choose the best idea for your little brother:

    1. 3D pen.
    2. Ant farm.
    3. Virtual reality glasses.
    4. Bean bag chair.
    5. Starry sky projector for room.
    6. Wireless headphones.
    7. Cool powerbank.
    8. Real telescope.
    9. A cool variant of Darts.
    10. External hard drive with plenty of storage.
    11. A set of fun door hangers.
    12. Helmet with fasteners for soda cans.
    13. A set of cool pins for a backpack and clothes.
    14. Cool cup with a pattern that develops with temperature.
    15. Tattoo sleeves.
    16. Binoculars.
    17. Atm-shaped piggy bank.
    18. Running alarm clock.
    19. Cool diary with black pages and white pen.
    20. 100 things to do before adulthood sketchcard.
    21. Stylish leather belt.
    22. Bluetooth music speaker.
    23. Cool pencil case for school.
    24. Silver bracelet or pendant.
    25. Functional plate with several compartments for snacks.
    26. Wooden butterfly.
    27. Sports bottle.
    28. Cool monopod.
    29. Effective umbrella.
    30. Portable voice changer.
    31. Popcorn machine.
    32. Fashion anti-stress toy.
    33. Bathrobe with name.
    34. Mini safe in the form of a book.
    35. Funny cartoon onbirthday boy.
    36. Cool bag for changing shoes.
    37. Shower Radio.
    38. Smartphone printer.
    39. Interesting constructors.
    40. RC toys.
    41. Touch screen gloves.
    42. A cool design laptop stand.
    43. Music cap.
    44. Thermal mug with USB connection.
    45. Toaster baking bread with emojis.

    From an older sister or brother

    Older sisters and brothers can make a rather expensive present for a birthday boy. However, it is worth remembering that a good gift for a brother for 14-15 years is the thing that the boy dreams of, and not that you think is necessary and useful. So feel free to choose really cool gifts for teenagers, for example:

    • Smartphone is the coolest and most desired purchase for every boy. Believe me, guys are always happy to get a new one, even if the previous phone is not even a year old. If you can afford a gift, give boldly, you will definitely not disappoint your brother.
    • Bicycle is a great purchase for a teenager. Mountain or road, sports or BMX, in general, you better know what kind of bike your brother dreams of. By the way, such a gift is not only welcome, but also surprisingly he althy.
    • Hyro scooter is a fashionable type of teenage transport, all boys aged 10 to 35 dream of such a present, so the guys will be delighted! Give and don't hesitate.
    • Tablet or e-book - a very high quality, pleasant and useful gift to your brother for 15 years. Now boywill be able not only to hang out in their favorite toys, but also to read books, learn tutorials, etc. Just be sure to ask what model and what brand the birthday boy wants, believe me, it matters a lot!
    • Quadcopter diversifies the kid's leisure time, allows you to have fun shooting landscapes, a bird's eye view of the city, etc. In general, there will be plenty of opportunities for a guy to use a new cool toy!
    • A trip to a children's camp at the sea is a cool decision for a boy. Such vivid impressions will be remembered by the birthday boy for a lifetime, so your gift will be one of the best. The camp is a special vacation option that leaves a lot of impressions, allows you to make new friends, and possibly fall in love.
    • Certificate for karting is a fun and creative present for a guy. If you want to choose a gift for your brother for 14 - 15 years, from which he will be delighted - this is the perfect solution!
    • Metal detector will allow you to have fun searching for treasures and various interesting small things, well, what guy does not dream of finding a treasure? Now the search will become 100 times more interesting, and on the sea it will be possible to “earn money” by searching for jewelry that has fallen into the water. It's fun and rewarding.

    For teen hobbies and interests

    The best way to please a brother is to give something for his hobbies and interests. Boys take hobbies very seriously, so you can really please and surprise him with a chic present for hobbies. The choice depends on the interests of the boy, and youyou definitely know more than we do. However, we will offer several very common options, at least one of them will definitely suit you:

    • Cool gaming mouse or keyboard is a cool gift idea for your teenage brother if he enjoys playing computer games and is a real gamer. Thanks to such a present, playing will become even more interesting and enjoyable, so that the birthday boy will be delighted and will be able to brag to his friends.
    • A cool set of modern games for a computer or console will allow a guy to get a new positive charge from his favorite vacation option. The main thing is to ask what genre of games the guy prefers, and even better - look at what games he plays most often, and buy the continuation of these series, then you will guess for sure.
    • Guitar will improve your musical skills. If the guy is a music lover, he will 100% like your gift and become very pleasant and useful. A guy with a guitar is every girl's dream, so this idea will also be useful in terms of meeting new people.
    • Action camera will allow you to shoot bright and interesting videos from the everyday life of a teenager, bright everyday life. Such a gift is especially relevant for those guys who love tricks, cycling or skateboarding.
    • Sports bag is an excellent, interesting, and most importantly - a useful present for a boy who is fond of sports. For example, for 15 years, a brother can be presented with a personalized product, or a model with a print depicting a personal logo specially designed for the birthday boy.
    • Setfan paraphernalia of your favorite teamwill be the most desirable and pleasant gift for a real fan who does not miss a single match and knows the history of all players. The form, as well as the paraphernalia, even with an autograph, will give a lot of vivid impressions to the birthday man, he will not be able to forget such a present.
    • Nominal medallion is useful for a real athlete who goes in for professional or amateur sports. Stylish nominal medal holder will help to beautifully place medals and cups. After all, your brother has something to be proud of, so let everyone see it!

    If you are not quite sure what exactly is worth buying as a gift for your brother for 14 - 15 years, or you are poorly versed in his hobbies, you can purchase a certificate in a theme store. So the birthday boy can buy himself the perfect hobby gift. All you have to do is choose the right store: computer accessories, fishing tackle, sporting goods, etc. There will definitely be no problems with choosing a store.

    For outdoor activities and sports

    For a teenager, physical activity is vital, especially now, when children spend a lot of time at the computer, are busy studying and studying with a tutor, so as a close person, take care of the boy's cool leisure time. We offer you some cool options:

    • Mask and snorkel will allow you to enjoy swimming in the sea, or the nearest stream, lake, exploring the underwater world, finding treasures and just having fun in warm season.
    • Rollers or skates will help you have fun andactively spend time outdoors, visit skating rinks and rollerdromes. Moreover, it’s not difficult to choose a gift, it’s enough just to know the birthday man’s size and pick up cool-looking, cool-looking skates or skates, the birthday man will definitely appreciate it.
    • Martial arts master class will make a guy feel brave and strong! If you don’t know what to give your brother for 14 years, the master class will be a great solution, allowing the guy to learn how to protect himself and his loved ones. This is an important skill for a man, and such training is simply interesting!
    • Leather ball for your favorite sport. The guy loves to drive football with friends, loves volleyball or basketball - give him the appropriate ball. This will make the boy enjoy spending time outside.
    • Outdoor Trampoline is cool fun for a teenager, especially if you live in your own home. Now the fun is provided to the whole family and friends of the birthday boy, and most importantly, such fun is also very useful for the body. So it's the perfect combination of utility and pleasure.
    • Jumpers - a fashionable option for modern teenagers to relax, jumpers have replaced roller skates, allowing you to feel almost like a kangaroo! The fun is very useful, exciting and fun, the boy will like it.
    • Crossbow with a set of arrows - a very creative and original gift for a brother for 14 - 15 years. Now the boy will practice shooting, improve his accuracy, pump up his hands and master ancient weapons. Such fun can develop into a serious hobby or just givea lot of pleasant minutes for a funny game.

    Emotions and feelings as a gift

    In adolescence, we are especially keenly aware of emotions and experiences, so all the adventures experienced seem very bright, colorful and unusual. So take advantage of this, give the birthday man a new experience, interesting entertainment and incredible emotions. He will definitely like such a gift, we even have a couple of ideas of what to present to his brother:

    • Paintball trip with friends - that's where the real fun and a lot of positive. The kid will definitely not be able to forget such entertainment for a long time! Therefore, if you are looking for a cool gift for your brother for 14, 15 years from your brother - going to paintball, or, as an option - laser tag - it's the best!
    • Completing a cool quest will allow you to have fun and exciting time with friends, having experienced a real adventure and gaining new, extraordinary experience and skills. Well, where else can you escape from prison, rob a bank or steal a treasure without consequences and dangers.
    • Birthday in the water park will be remembered by the little brother 100%. Instead of a boring feast and an uninteresting tea party with relatives, the guy will ride the slides and fool around with friends, having fun with water wars and swimming in a warm pool.
    • Surprise Party will make the holiday surprisingly colorful and memorable. You can organize gatherings in nature, book a table in your favorite cafe or come up with an interesting scenario for a home party, and be sure to invite friends of the birthday boy and try to do everything in secret from your brother.
    • A ticket to a concert of your favorite band or artist will always come in handy. By the way, for 14 - 15 years you can give your brother the opportunity to go to a concert together, so your relationship will only become stronger and better, and this is important, believe me.
    • Flying in a wind tunnel is a creative and vivid impression, a new experience and a lot of emotions! Such entertainment will definitely appeal to an emotional teenager who wants to experience something new.

    For style and fashion look

    At 14 - 15 years old, it's time for a guy to develop his own style, look cool and attractive. Moreover, girls are just looking closely at potential targets for first love. Therefore, it is a good idea to present something for style to your birthday person, for example:

    • Brand sneakers are always useful and successfully complement the bow, and most importantly - the guys are extremely happy with such a gift. Just ask in advance which brand and type of sneakers the guy prefers, after all, it’s better to make a present based on the taste of the birthday man, and not your own.
    • Wristwatch - a cool decision what to give a brother for 14 - 15 years from an older brother. Such a solid present from a senior is very cool.
    • Trendy hoodie will complement the looks, give the boy's wardrobe functionality and exclusivity. Just choose a fashionable, modern thing, and not practical and for growth, as older sisters often do.
    • Cool teenage perfume - a cool present that will definitely come in handy for a birthday boy. Now he's likean adult, will have his own cool perfume with a sophisticated aroma.
    • Certificate for a haircut in a cool barbershop will be the guy's first experience in updating his style, also in the atmosphere of a true men's club. This is a cool gift solution for a younger brother for 14 - 15 years from a sister or brother.
    • Trendy urban backpack is useful in everyday life and will become a reliable companion of the boy. This is a cool, fashionable and comfortable accessory that is appropriate in any look and is always relevant, on walks, while studying and training. It is universal and always needed! It is almost impossible to come up with a more practical present.
    • A cool T-shirt with an author's print is always needed by a young and cheerful guy. It is a fashionable, useful and bright accessory. Just be sure to order an author's print so that your gift is one of a kind.
    • Leather purse is a useful and beautiful thing, a stylish accessory that every guy needs at any age. And 14 - 15 years old - it's time to get a leather accessory and brothers and sisters can help in this birthday boy.
    • Sunglasses with a trendy design is a great 15th birthday gift idea for a brother from a big sister. Now the birthday boy will look stylish and fashionable, all the girls will turn their heads.

    It is considered indecent to give money, but in the case of teenagers, this is an actual gift! The main thing is to present it somehow unbanal. Thanks to such a surprise, the brother will be able to tear out a present for himself, and also learn how to manage money, so the gift is more than useful and relevant.

    Inexpensive surprises for little brother

    The birthday guy is your older brother and you don’t have any special financial savings yet, or maybe expensive gifts are simply not accepted in your family? This is not a reason to be upset, we will offer you some interesting options with a modest budget. Despite the small cost, such birthday surprises will not disappoint:

    • Phone case, it will not be superfluous even if it is the tenth in the collection. After all, a real guy does not have many cool cases. Just choose something really cool and different.
    • Funny house slippers will make your stay at home cozy and pleasant, now your brother will always be warm and look cool. You choose an unusual option, for example, in the form of a tank, funny animals, etc.
    • Lightsaber nightlight is a cool gift solution for your older brother for 14 - 15 years. Now in the room the brother will have a real cool sword that acts as a night light. Can you think of something cooler?
    • Bright pop phone socket is an indispensable item for a guy who never parted with his phone. Choose a cool pop socket and it will become even easier for a kid to use a smartphone.
    • Twister set will diversify gatherings with friends and any party. This fun does not lose its relevance and guarantees cool, vivid emotions.
    • Mini keyboard vacuum cleaner - a cool inexpensive gift for a brother for 14 - 15 years, now even crumbs from chips will not become a problem and a computer keyboard, as well asthe workspace around will be clean and tidy.
    • A set of funny socks is a chic thing for a fun and creative kid, so this is definitely a good gift for a teenager. Just think of a really cool design.

    Delicious surprises for teenage boy

    Want to give an inexpensive gift to your cousin, or looking for an addition to the main gift, or maybe you just think that goodies are the best surprise! Choose what your birthday person will like:

    • Snack basket.
    • Birthday cake with a stylish design is the best gift you can get for 14 - 15 years old brother from sister. Can you bake a cake yourself? Then do it, you can also order a cake in a patisserie themed "boy" design.
    • Sweet Treasure Box - cool solution for little brother! Choose a cool box, put all the goodies that your brother loves (you know exactly about his tastes) and the gift is ready!
    • Chocolate Fountain - A creative addition to the holiday party, guys will be delighted with the opportunity to enjoy chocolate in plenty.
    • Wooden keg of Coca-Cola - isn't that cool, cool and unusual? From such a surprise, the brother will definitely be delighted.
    • A few meters of chewing gum - a cool idea what to give your brother for 14, 15 years from his brother. Now there is enough chewing gum for all friends and acquaintances.
    • A set of personalized sweets - these are various chocolates. Favorite sweets and cookies in a package with a name ornickname of the birthday boy.

    Now you definitely won't have any problems with choosing a birthday present for your brother 14-15 years old, it remains only to realize the most successful idea from the above and the hero of the occasion will be delighted.

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