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A close and dear person has an anniversary soon, but the answer to the question of what to give a brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years has not yet been found? Do not be upset, we understand how difficult it is to find the best and most worthy present for your beloved brother. Therefore, we decided to help by offering excellent options that are ideal for men of this age category. In the list you will find an anniversary gift for brother 50, 55, 60, 65 years old in any price category!

How to choose the right gift for your brother

When looking for a present, the main thing is to set aside panic and not try to embrace the immensity - that is, buy a gift that is both memorable, useful, interesting and expensive. Choose one direction and focus on it, you will still have plenty of reasons to congratulate your brother, so do not succumb to the gift fever. Here are some simple guidelines to help you find a good present:

    • Pay attention to the person's hobbies and interests. If he is obsessed with his work, you should not give him things for outdoor recreation - he will not appreciate it, but the fisherman definitely does not need a business briefcase. Even if it seems to you that it is time for a man to reconsider his priorities, you should not hint at this with a gift.
    • Do not postpone the purchase for the last days and in addition to stores in your city,be sure to check out the offers in online stores, there is a larger assortment and prices are sometimes more profitable. But this takes time, so don't put off looking for a good gift for your brother at 50, 55, 60, 65 years old.
    • Pets, large household appliances, live plants should be presented only after prior approval of such a gift, its flowers and functions, otherwise it may turn out to be an expensive, but unnecessary present.

    Don't spend too much or too little, you definitely have family traditions in terms of the cost of the present, and stick to them so as not to embarrass your brother.

    List of 36 Best gifts for Brother for 50th, 55th, 60th, 65th Anniversaries

    Finding the answer to the question of what to give a brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years is not so easy, even knowing him for many years. However, we will help you solve this problem by offering you a list of interesting, successful options that will appeal to most modern men of this age category. You just have to choose the perfect option:

    1. Set of gift honey with gold.
    2. Collectible tea set.
    3. Elegant cane umbrella.
    4. Beautiful damask for alcohol.
    5. Cufflinks with engraving.
    6. A large basket of exotic fruits.
    7. Sunglasses in a chic case.
    8. Subscription to the pool or gym.
    9. Modern DVR.
    10. Leather purse.
    11. Metal case for gadget.
    12. Parker brand pen.
    13. Inscribed terry robe.
    14. Keg of beer.
    15. Indoor fountain.
    16. Ebook.
    17. Compact home weather station.
    18. Orthopedic mattress.
    19. Satellite TV connection.
    20. Precious wood box for watches and men's jewelry.
    21. Plant with photo.
    22. New smartphone.
    23. Set of glasses for your favorite drink.
    24. Rocking chair.
    25. Signature tie.
    26. Electronic hookah.
    27. Modern coffee machine.
    28. Safe-cache.
    29. Quadcopter with camera.
    30. Comfortable hammock.
    31. Flash drive with fingerprint recognition.
    32. Stylish wooden perpetual calendar.
    33. Good video camera.
    34. Mat heated by mains or USB.
    35. Air humidifier with fragrance function.
    36. Wireless keyboard for computer.

    When choosing a present and going to a celebration, do not forget about a worthy gift wrapping for your brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years. It is best to purchase a strict but elegant gift bag in a discreet color scheme. You can also pack a present in special salons by choosing a beautiful, masculine paper color. It's a great idea to place the present in a real wooden box or chest, so the gift will look bright and unusual.

    Memorial gifts for brother's anniversary

    Anniversary is a special date and milestone in life, I would like to mark it with an appropriate gift that would be remembered for a long time, carefully kept, and maybe even become a family heirloom. We offer you several options for a presentation that will definitely remain for a long the memory of the birthday boy, and will become an invariable attribute of his home or life:

    • The family tree book in a chic leather cover is an elegant, luxurious gift for a brother for 50 years, which will become the basis of a real family book, a family heirloom. Choose a beautiful option in a chic binding and start filling out the book with the birthday boy. Believe me, such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent.
    • Amber painting looks beautiful and expensive. This is a solid gift for a respectable man, just choose the right plot that will be close and understandable to the birthday man. If the brother is a believer, you can choose an icon from amber.
    • A portrait of a birthday boy in an interesting way - a chic idea for a memorable, unusual and simply cool birthday gift. Depict your brother as a knight, an ancient emperor, a formidable king … Anything that your fantasy tells you is possible! Such a creative gift idea for 50, 55, 60, 65 years to a brother from a brother or sister will leave pleasant memories, give special warmth and a sense of kinship. After all, this is a pleasant homemade joke, a present with humor.
    • Wristwatch with personalized engraving is a classic of a solid male present. A beautiful watch with a commemorative engraving on the back will serve as a very successful and appropriate surprise for a birthday person. You can buy a real Swiss model from your whole family. Well, what man will remain indifferent to such an elite accessory?
    • gift weapons - a truly masculine anniversary gift that will decorate the office or home of the birthday boy.You can choose from stylized pistols, guns, sabers, checkers and swords. Such gifts always carry a special meaning, emphasize your attitude towards a man as a protector.
    • A collectible bottle of wine or cognac from the birthday of the birthday boy is a gift idea that is amazing in its originality and elegance for a fifty-year-old brother. Such a bottle can be opened immediately, or kept as a relic.
    • Chess gift set with figures made of mahogany, crystal or ivory is a very aristocratic present that will suit a successful and self-confident man, an intellectual. Such a game set will decorate your home or office, as well as make the game even brighter and more interesting, giving real aesthetic pleasure from the process.
    • A silver goblet presented in a beautiful box on a velvet backing. This is an impressive gift that looks like a king! Drinking from a silver goblet is not only pleasant, but also he althy, it can be used for water and your favorite alcoholic drinks.
    • Chic writing desk set made of precious wood with a commemorative plaque is a great idea for a respectable businessman, successful entrepreneur and just a business person. Such a gift to a brother for 50, 55 years will emphasize that you are proud of the success of the birthday man, admire him and support him in his quest for new heights. Believe me, such silent motivation from loved ones works wonders!

    If you are firmly convinced that the best present is money, we will not dissuade you, just present them beautifullyand unbanal. For example, instead of bills - an ingot of gold or silver, which can be exchanged for money at any bank.

    Impressions and emotions are the best present for my brother's anniversary

    A person who crosses, or crossed the 50-year milestone, has already seen a lot, saved up, he provided for his home and his family, it's time to get emotions and impressions from life, they are much more valuable and more pleasant than material things. Therefore, a great decision what to give your brother for 55 years is vivid impressions and new emotions. By the way, such a gift is suitable for a brother for an anniversary at any age. The main thing is to choose the most successful adventure:

    • Tank riding - what a wow effect from a gift! Your brother has definitely never experienced such emotions, so you will see him, and even better - share such a vivid adventure with him. It is unlikely that the experienced sensations will soon be erased from memory!
    • A trip to Rome, Paris or another European capital is a classic elite gift for a modern man. Seeing the world is one of the life goals of a self-sufficient person, so such a present would be appropriate for a modern man.
    • Fireworks in honor of the birthday boy - a bright, colorful and incredibly spectacular end of the holiday. Such an anniversary gift will be a worthy exclamation mark in the celebration! Your brother will appreciate your resourcefulness and ingenuity.
    • Video about the birthday boy professionally edited by the director. If you want to really pleasantly shock the birthday boy, for 60 years you can give your brother this film, which contains goodcongratulations and warm words about the man. He will be able to watch the video again and again, enjoying the love of his family.
    • Family photoshoot will give you pleasure both in the process of shooting and in the form of its results! The photos will be cute, warm and family, they will be a wonderful reminder of the celebration.

    It is customary to go to an anniversary with flowers, even if it is a man's anniversary, and even if your brother never needs this broom of roses. We offer to make a "knight's move" by presenting a bouquet of delicious snacks, a "meat bouquet" or a composition of bottles of alcohol instead of flowers. This is a creative alternative to the boring tradition.

    Original surprises for creative men

    Is the birthday man a cheerful and creative man who is not alien to jokes and jokes? Then show true sisterly or brotherly feelings and present something unusual. We have several options for an original gift for a brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years old, the birthday boy will definitely not forget such a surprise. Choose:

    • Vinyl player will plunge a man into the atmosphere of his youth. Favorite music, spectacular, solid play, like home decoration and good music for everyone! This is a chic solution for a connoisseur of rare things.
    • Vintage shoe shine set looks unusual, definitely useful and looks impressive. Such sets are sold in solid wooden boxes, so a man will definitely appreciate your efforts and imagination.
    • Brewery - own home brewery will appeal to the lover of this drink and will allowcreate your own varieties and tastes, experiment, invite friends and relax from the heart. This is a 100% successful gift for the modern man.
    • Chic globe-bar on wheels will become a spectacular detail of your home interior, will allow you to beautifully store alcohol and treat guests. Such a little thing speaks of the status of its owner, so a man over 50 will definitely need it!
    • Compact home golf set - a great and definitely not boring gift idea for a brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years. Now you can arrange mini-tournaments right in your own corridor or in the summer on the veranda of your house. This is a fun and creative game for modern men who love unusual and high-status entertainment.
    • The scratch-card "What needs to be done before the age of 100" will help a man decide on plans for the next few decades. Such a creative present will help overcome the age blues, the crisis of 50 years and set new tasks and goals.

    Worthy gifts for a stylish man

    Birthday - a handsome, caring man, after which women will certainly turn around? Are you proud of how imposing and attractive your brother looks? So emphasize this, let your present help him become even more well-groomed, brighter and more noticeable! Such gifts from sisters are especially relevant. After all, a woman is able to appreciate the true beauty of a man and bring it to perfection. Here are some great gift ideas for your 55 year old brother for a flawless look:

    • Handmade leather belt forcompleting the best, stylish and incredible looks.
    • Brand Moschino shirt will make a man look 100% and feel the same! The main thing is to choose the right size and color of the product.
    • Bronze cigarette case with engraving - a chic present for a man who smokes and loves to do it beautifully, with pleasure! Now, instead of a wrinkled pack, he will have a chic cigarette case.
    • A solid leather briefcase or bag will add irresistibility and completeness to a man's look. This is a great option for a business person who wants to look chic at work.
    • Trendy arafatka scarf looks inimitable. It is cozy, warm and comfortable, but also incredibly stylish, fashionable and modern. If a man wears scarves and loves scarves, this is an amazing option.
    • Certificate to visit a trendy barbershop - a rather interesting, useful and at the same time inexpensive gift for a brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years old, which will definitely be appreciated by a fashionista who wants to look 100% and feel the same! Haircut, shave, beard care - choose the services yourself, or purchase a "free certificate" only indicating the amount.
    • A straight razor encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones is simply an incredibly beautiful thing that will turn an ordinary shave into an unreal pleasure! If suddenly a man does not use straight razors, you can choose a modern model of an electric razor, or a machine for interchangeable heads made of precious metals withinlaid.

    Surprises for the real owner

    Do you want to emphasize your brother's thriftiness, his ability to do everything with his own hands? Then we know exactly what to give a brother for 60, 65 years, as well as for any other date. The best solution in this situation is surprises for economic men, for example:

    • Electric fireplace for home - comfort, warmth and beauty of home interior are guaranteed. For a man, his house is a fortress, and if you make it cozier and more pleasant, then your brother will be sincerely grateful to you.
    • A set of rattan furniture for a veranda or a summer house will make your home more comfortable and help you organize excellent evening gatherings on the veranda or in your garden, in the country. A man will definitely like such a vacation and he will be sincerely grateful for the gift.
    • Modern lawnmower is an indispensable assistant for a man who has a dacha or his own house. It will help you easily cope with tasks, getting pleasure from caring for the site!
    • Home smoker for making delicious homemade smoked meats. This is a great decision what to give a brother for 50, 55 years from a sister who appreciates her brother's culinary talents and his housekeeping in general.
    • Toolbox organizer toolbox makes housework fun, easy and high quality. Now the professionalism of a man will increase even more, what man would refuse such a thing.
    • Wine cabinet - a chic gift for a successful man, a wine lover and a fan of beautiful, stylish home interior additions.

    Whatpresent for an anniversary to an avid motorist

    Are you still looking for an interesting and relevant gift for your brother for his 60th birthday or any other anniversary date? Then we advise you to answer the question: does a man have a car? If the answer is yes, then you have a lot of options for a cool present:

    • A bag with a set of automotive tools will help you always be fully equipped so that no troubles spoil your travels and just trips. Such sets are incredibly functional and comfortable, as well as convenient.
    • Cool navigator will never confuse the road and go around any traffic jam with minimal loss of time. A man will be infinitely grateful for such a gift.
    • Auto-tuning certificate will make a man's iron horse even cooler and more comfortable!
    • Music systems for cars - a great solution to the question of what to give your brother for his 50th birthday. Now your favorite music of the highest quality will sound in the car. Well, what birthday boy would be upset by such a surprise?
    • A set of branded car mats is a useful and definitely necessary thing that will not be superfluous in a car. To purchase such a present, you just need to know the exact brand of car and choose the perfect option: rubber and practical, chic leather, soft fabric.
    • Vacuum cleaner for car is useful and very convenient, a practical brother will definitely appreciate this gift idea.
    • Car - here it is, a chic option! Do you want to pleasantly shock the birthday boy? Give for 65 yearsman the car of his dreams! It is better to present such a surprise from the whole family (wife, children, brothers, sisters and parents). Such a gift will definitely not be forgotten and will become the most-most in life.

    Hobbie presents for beloved brother

    Each person has their own hobbies and interests, show attention to your brother's hobby, and it will be a very valuable and pleasant surprise for him. Naturally, without understanding the hobbies of the birthday man, it will be difficult to choose a gift for your brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years, but you can ask his friends and acquaintances who are passionate about the same for advice. We will also offer our ideas that most men like:

    • Cool spinning is always a good gift for an avid fisherman. Here you don’t even need to look and think, we are sure that the man has long buzzed everyone’s ears about an incredible new product that you so want to try out. Buy it here!
    • Subscription to attend home matches of your favorite team - this is a chic present on the occasion of the anniversary. Now not a single interesting game will pass by, and an avid fan will get a lot of impressions. And most importantly - the holiday will end, and the gift will continue to delight!
    • A rare and expensive addition to the birthday boy's collection will appeal to a true collector. Just make sure you get the exact coin, stamp or car that the birthday boy's collection lacks.
    • Leather case for hunting weapons - more useful and necessary purchase for a hunter. For 50, 55, 60, 65 years, you can give your brother a beautiful leather case with personalized embossing. Solid and stylish!
    • gift knife with engraving will be useful for a fisherman, a hunter, a tourist and just an active man, such a present has 1001 and one purpose, so the thing will definitely not be superfluous.
    • Echo sounder is every fisherman's dream, so buy with confidence.
    • Wooden box with accessories for a bath or sauna just an incredibly good gift idea for a fan of couples relaxation. A beautiful box hides everything that a man might need in a bath, he will appreciate such forethought.
    • A chic set of skewers and a portable grill for a fan of nature outings and barbecue trips. This is a great option for a useful gift for a brother for 50, 55 years, if he likes to pamper his friends and guests with delicious barbecue. You can order an option with beautiful handles of an interesting shape.
    • Modern fitness bracelet will help an active and athletic man count calories and monitor his physical form.
    • The sommelier gift set will appeal to wine aficionados and connoisseurs of this noble drink. The present looks very solid.
    • Multifunctional compass - an indispensable thing for an active man, now even on the most risky trips the birthday boy will not get lost.
    • Modern Night Vision is a solid toy for big boys who love tech, forest ambush and overnight outings.
    • Functional set of walkie-talkies - a cool decision what to give your brother for 50 years from his brother. Now in joint sorties it will be possible toto communicate even where the mobile phone does not catch and in general, for adult guys, adult toys!
    • A book by your favorite author (gift item) with an autograph will be a real value for a book lover and owner of his own library.

    Now you will definitely not have problems buying gifts for your brother for 50, 55, 60, 65 years, we have offered you a lot of options that are definitely interesting and necessary for men of this age category. It remains to buy, pack and present, wishing all the best to your beloved brother!

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