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The boy has a birthday soon, the teenager is planning a party in full, and you still do not know what to give a guy for 14-15 years. After all, interests and tastes change at lightning speed, and the birthday man wants to please 100%. Do not panic ahead of time, we will help you in choosing the most successful and cool gift for a teenager for 14 - 15 years, from which your birthday boy will be absolutely delighted! Well, go ahead, in search of the coolest present?

What not to give a teenage guy?

There are very, very many good gifts, it’s definitely impossible to list them all, but it’s easy to voice bad presents. Remember a few simple principles for choosing a surprise for a guy, so as not to make a mistake with the purchase. So, what exactly should not be presented to a teenager, whether he is your friend, beloved guy or just a good friend:

  • Money. Giving money to a birthday boy is stupid and boring, such presents are appropriate from grandparents, aunts and uncles, but obviously not from pretty girls or good comrades. This option of a gift for a guy for 14 - 15 years says only one thing, you have no idea what to buy for a birthday man, and therefore you don’t know him at allinterests and himself. Do you think it's nice to get such a discovery for your birthday? That's the same, so give up the bills, no matter how creatively you are going to present them.
  • Needed clothes and shoes. Hats, scarves, jackets, autumn boots and even shirts are necessary things, but they are definitely not interesting and you should not give them. Parents will buy such items for the birthday boy or he himself, certainly not a school uniform, he is waiting for a birthday present. The only exceptions are really creative things, or super-popular accessories.
  • Knives, gas cartridges and other illegal items. Yes, among teenagers it’s cool to show off penknives or various multi-tools, but this is a dangerous toy. And instead of pleasure, she can bring continuous problems to the birthday boy! Banned firecrackers, alcohol and cigarettes also fall into this category. There is a time for everything.
  • Pets. Yes, many consider a puppy, a snake or a spider to be the best gift idea for a guy for 15 years, but before presenting such a surprise, discuss this issue with the birthday man's parents. Otherwise, instead of pleasure and a dream come true, a scandal will turn out, and the animal will still have to be returned. You probably won't get exactly the same effect. Therefore, no pets without prior parental consent!
  • Cool packaging - half the success of a gift! Order a bright holiday wrap in a modern "kid" style, so that the gift makes a cool impression at first sight, then the recipient will definitely be delighted!

Listof 41 good gift ideas for a guy for 14 - 15 years old

Do you want to choose a cool present and be sure that the birthday person will like it? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our list of TOP options that have already pleased hundreds of boys at this age. You just need to choose the one and only, successful gift idea for a guy for 14-15 years old, which will fit perfectly:

    1. Anti-stress toy.
    2. Cool gaming mouse.
    3. Sunglasses.
    4. Funny piggy bank-ATM.
    5. Wireless headphones.
    6. Stylish plasma lamp for the room.
    7. Collectible spinner.
    8. New PC game.
    9. Pop art portrait based on a guy's favorite photo.
    10. Thermo mug with heating function.
    11. Urban backpack.
    12. Game Twister.
    13. Indoor punching bag for training.
    14. Brand sneakers.
    15. Cool name print tee.
    16. Levitating globe for room.
    17. Luminous shoe laces.
    18. Bright baseball cap.
    19. Teenager perfume.
    20. Multifunctional Yandex station.
    21. Bright tattoo sleeves.
    22. RC helicopter.
    23. Cool smartphone case.
    24. Creative alarm clock.
    25. Light tablet for drawing.
    26. 100 Adventures of a Real Guy Scratch Card.
    27. Crane bracelet with engraved silver plate.
    28. Starry sky projector for guy's room.
    29. Cool house slippers.
    30. Dart game for the room.
    31. Comfortable hammock for relaxing.
    32. Cool keychainfor keys.
    33. Stylish engraved military badge pendant.
    34. Fantasy style book.
    35. Playing crossbow with arrows.
    36. Air Hockey.
    37. A set of cool hangers for the door.
    38. Compact home trampoline.
    39. Magnetic whiteboard.
    40. Creative photo puzzle.
    41. Watch.

    Unusual gifts for boyfriend

    Creative surprises are a cool idea for today's teenagers who are hard to surprise. Are you the beloved girl of the birthday man or his good friend, still do not know what you can give a guy for 14 - 15 years to cause genuine delight? Then present something that he will be absolutely delighted with! Here are some options for unexpected presents:

    • 3D pen for the creative guy will help you create drawings in space. It's a creative hobby and a fun way to have fun. But such fun is also useful for the future engineer, architect and just a lover of creative novelties.
    • Effective personalized sketchbook will help develop the guy's creative talents, help him escape from studies and boring tasks, switching to something else. It is not only interesting and popular among the youth. But also very useful.
    • Cool board game according to the plot of the film will distract the guy from the computer and tablet, allowing you to have fun with friends playing an interesting and unusual game. Such communication will only benefit a teenager and diversify his leisure time.
    • Ant farm - a cool gift for a boy on14-15 years old, which will be a cool alternative to a pet and will allow you to observe the interesting life processes of an ant colony. This is a cool entertainment that will help the boy find confirmation of many scientific laws. Such a hobby will captivate every inquisitive teenager. Well, ants as pets are cool and unusual.
    • Popcorn maker will help diversify your friends' gatherings with a delicious delicacy prepared by yourself with your favorite spices. Such a treat will definitely make watching movies at home more interesting than going to the movies.
    • Hyroscooter is a cool vehicle that is at the peak of popularity among today's teenagers. Yes, it's not cheap, but it's a very cool thing. So if you want to please the birthday boy - such a thing will definitely delight him!
    • Jumpers will appeal to an active teenager. This is a good decision on what to give a guy for 14 years for his birthday to make his life brighter and more active. Often modern guys lack movement, so contribute to a he althy lifestyle for the birthday boy, he will be delighted.
    • The ring of omnipotence will give the birthday man confidence in himself and his abilities. Such a present from a loved one is a recognition of his talents. A kind of compliment, so that the boy will be more than pleased with such a decoration, stylish, spectacular and appropriate in a teenage get-together.
    • USB fridge will help keep your favorite drinks cold, no matter how long the birthday boy sits at the computer, now even in summerthe mini-fridge is always an ice-cold drink, so the rest with a laptop will be even more pleasant and interesting. Such an accessory is a very popular and desirable thing for guys.

    If you decide to give a more classic gift, but still want some creativity in congratulations, we have a great tip for you - organize a cool flash mob. For example, ask the whole class or friends on social networks to send congratulations to the birthday boy all day long, decorate his entrance, organize congratulations on public transport. In general, come up with a cool flash mob and it will be the best addition to the present that you are going to present.

    Romantic surprises for your boyfriend

    Is your boyfriend having a holiday? Are you looking for a present worthy of first love? We will help you, for 14-15 years old you can give a guy a romantic surprise that will definitely become one and only, and will also be remembered:

    • Pillow with shared photos is a very beautiful and creative idea for your beloved boyfriend. Such a little thing will always remind you of your first love, and even when you are not around, there will be a feeling of your presence. Agree, quite a cool idea!
    • Pair sweatshirts - a very useful, cool and romantic gift for two. Just don’t need vulgarity like hearts, it’s better to choose something cool, understandable to the two of you, then the little thing will be doubly valuable for the recipient and will give him a lot of positive, but together you will look generally disgusting.
    • Cool floating photocube will fit nicely into a teenager's room. itmuch cooler than an ordinary photo frame, the pictures seem to hang in the air enclosed in a cube. A cool solution for modern boys. You just have to choose the right pictures.
    • Movie tickets for the last row - one of the best decisions to give your boyfriend for 14-15 years. So you can spend time together, and plenty of kissing in the last rows. Isn't this a fun way to celebrate the holiday together? Just choose not the most sugary movie so that the tape is interesting for the guy too, for example, fantasy, detective or horror.
    • A romantic video about you will be loved by a guy in love. Mount it yourself from cool photos, general videos, dilute it with warm wishes and you will get a chic mini-movie. Even a non-sentimental boy will appreciate your efforts and understand your feelings.
    • Gatherings in your favorite cafe is a nice gift for a couple. You definitely have a favorite coffee shop in the city where you like to spend time. So go there, ordering and paying for goodies in advance, so that you and the boy can just spend time together, chat and have fun.
    • A trip to the water park together will leave vivid memories and cool emotions, as well as a lot of cool photos. If you don’t know what to give a guy for 14, 15 years, this option is 100% suitable. Such a present will allow you to break away and have fun, suitable as a surprise from your soulmate or friends, acquaintances. You can, by the way, go to the water park with a big company to make it even more fun.

    Technical and digital innovations forteenager

    The new digital generation most of all loves and appreciates gadgets, as well as everything connected with them. If you want to surprise and pleasantly shock the birthday boy - give the technique, and what kind, depends on what the guy already has and what he dreams of. You know exactly what the guy wants, but if you are still in doubt, take a look at these options:

    • Stylish flash drive - a useful thing for a guy who constantly exchanges information with friends and acquaintances. The main thing is to choose a non-trivial shape and stylish appearance. For example, a product in the form of a pendant or bracelet is suitable.
    • Virtual Reality Glasses - a rather original gift for a guy of 14, 15 years old, which will allow you to get to know the world of virtual reality even closer and immerse yourself in the entire universe of games.
    • Bluetooth hat will replace both a warm hat and good headphones. Agree, such a 2in1 surprise will be just an amazing solution for the kid. Now he will not have to be forced to wear a hat, he will wear it with pleasure.
    • Quadcopter - here it is, a cool thing for a modern boy! The presence of a camera, the ability to control - all this will please the guy incredibly, and the birthday boy will find many ways to use the toy. Such a present will definitely become the unconditional value of a teenager.
    • Action Camera will make the brightest videos of the most interesting adventures. This is the perfect gift for a hiker, active traveler, skateboarder or bike rider. Such a surprisesure to please every cheerful boy, and perhaps turn him into a cool video blogger.
    • Instant Camera for fan photo. You can choose a bright modern model with an instant print of an insta photo as a gift for a guy for 14-15 years, the guy will definitely like this present.
    • Power bank with solar charging - here it is, a find of the 21st century! Such a little thing was created specifically for outdoor activities, now you don’t even need an outlet to recharge the power bank, just enough sun! It's just fantastic for an active kid.
    • Music column will allow you to listen to music anytime and anywhere, can you think of anything better for a growing music lover? Unless you choose a column with a creative shape that would look unsurpassed.

    Adventures for teenagers

    Emotions are necessary and important, they are more valuable than things, remain in memory and give much more impressions, especially to teenagers, when all experiences have an unsurpassed richness of shades. Do you want to strike the birthday man on the spot, but have not yet decided what to give a friend for 14-15 years? Choose something extraordinary that will leave a lot of impressions on the birthday boy! For example:

    • Certificate for a rollerdrome is a way to give a birthday boy a fun, active and bright vacation that will delight him and allow him to have fun in the company of a girl or best friends! This adventure will definitely appeal to the modern kid.
    • Passing a cool quest will leave a lot of colorful impressions andthe brightest of emotions, especially if you choose the right theme, and also go there with a friend or loved one in the company of funny guys. What an adventure, what a memory! Rob a bank for a birthday, escape from prison, outwit a casino - you have a lot of opportunities for a bright surprise for a friend!
    • Kart racing is a creative way to get that adrenaline rush that every teenager needs. Speed and car - the best emotional cocktail for a guy! In the meantime, it’s too early for him to drive a real car, karting is perfect.
    • Skydiving or hot air ballooning. A guy of 14-15 years old can be given the whole sky on his birthday, so why not take this chance?
    • Paintball hike will allow you to run, shoot and yell to your heart's content, and what else does an active birthday boy who does not like to sit idle need? Moreover, shooting games, even in real life, are the dream of 92% of the boys. Make your birthday dream come true!

    An interesting adventure can be organized from a simple trip to nature. Just organize a picnic, decorate the meadow, invite your friends, prepare treats and that's it, the party adventure is ready! A teenager will definitely not soon be able to forget such a present.

    Something delicious as a gift for the boy

    Looking for an inexpensive gift for a guy for 14-15 years, which will be pleasant and useful to him? Then present something that you can eat and have a lot of fun! Just choose the treats your teen likes, we have a couple of cool ideas:

    • Basket of chocolate treats - cute, stylish and insanely delicious. The birthday boy will be able to feast himself, as well as pamper his friends and acquaintances, treat guests. The holiday will end, but the goodies will remain. Your task is to choose exactly what the guy likes.
    • A set of snacks in a wooden box - brutal, stylish and very "boyish" such a surprise will not disappoint anyone and will be a real discovery. After all, you must first open the box to see what is there. And you really try to conscientiously hammer it with real nails.
    • Yummy Bouquet - a boyish version of the bouquet. No useless flowers, only delicious and useful accessories, collected in a composition.
    • A personalized chocolate bar is a good gift idea for a 14-15 year old guy from a girl, especially if instead of a name on a chocolate bar you order the nickname of your young man. It will turn out cute and very symbolic.
    • Delicious help in a jar are modern sweets that are not only tasty, but also help to cope with bad mood, difficult exams, etc. such jars are a very cool surprise for a modern boy!
    • Cool fortune cookie set - a fun and tasty treat for the modern boy who likes to play with fate a little and predict something good for himself.

    Presents for hobby boys

    A really good gift for a 14-15 year old guy is something for his hobbies and interests. Hobbies mean a lot to boys, and if you show interest in hobbies, thenstrengthen the title of the best girl in the world or the coolest friend. In general, choose a gift for a hobby, and the birthday party will definitely succeed! We offer gifts for the most popular hobbies among teenagers:

    • Leather ball will appeal to a volleyball player, football player or basketball player. Yes, just an active boy will also not mind a present to drive with friends in the yard or at a picnic.
    • Bicycle drink bottle is a must-have for a bike travel fan. Get a stylish, modern bottle with bike-matching fasteners, and the boy will be absolutely delighted.
    • Goalkeeper gloves are perfect for a football player. A beautiful leather model with a personalized patch will make training even brighter and more enjoyable.
    • Sports towel - a very good present for a fifteen year old guy. You can make a cool inscription on it, some interesting, author's drawing, so that the thing looks colorful and individual.
    • A synthesizer for a guy who is passionate about music will be just an unforgettable gift, and interesting, and useful, and incredibly necessary. But after all, this can still be the start of his stellar career, but such fateful gifts become the most valuable in life.
    • Thematic master class on hobbies of a teenager will help him develop in the chosen direction, learn something new and unusual. This is an incredibly good gift solution, especially if you know exactly what the teenager wants to learn.
    • Game joystickwill become an indispensable item for an enthusiastic gamer, now your favorite games will become even more interesting, enjoyable and brighter. Such a present is definitely successful.
    • Electric guitar - the dream of a future musician! The thing is not cheap, but the emotions of the birthday man are worth it! It is better to buy an electric guitar as a gift for a guy for 14-15 years if you know for sure that music is his passion and you understand guitar companies and manufacturers.
    • Collectible figurines or models useful for a young collector. But here you need to be extremely careful, if you are not very versed in the boy's collection preferences, consult with his friends so as not to be mistaken. By the way, in addition to collectible items, products for storing them are always suitable, for example, framed albums, special shelves, etc.

    Useful gifts for boyfriend

    If the birthday boy is practical and in a hurry to grow up, do not interfere with him, offer a solid and serious gift. There are enough options, we will describe the most relevant for modern guys:

    • Stylish laptop cooler stand - a useful and necessary thing for every laptop owner.
    • An effective sword-shaped umbrella will protect you from bad weather and bad mood.
    • A fashionable belt with a large buckle will complement every cool look of a teenager.
    • Stylish cufflinks with significant engraving - the perfect solution for what to give your beloved guy for 14-15 years.
    • Wooden Butterfly is a fashion accessory for a stylish teenager.
    • Stylish purse will teach you correctlystore, and therefore spend money. Useful skill.
    • Cool pencil case with 3D effect will make school days a little brighter and more interesting.
    • A pool or gym membership will help a guy pull himself up and pump up, take care of his he alth and feel great!
    • External drive for your computer will save your information and help you not to lose the most necessary and valuable files, even if the equipment fails. This is a useful gift for a guy aged 14 - 15, which can also be made original by choosing a model with a bright design.
    • Cool home suit or kigurumi for comfort and a cool look - this is an actual gift and a manifestation of care.

    Now you will definitely find the most successful answer to the question of what to give a guy 14-15 years old for his birthday, how to please him, and how to surprise him. And most importantly - a present can be chosen in any price category and style. Just do not leave the process of finding the best gift for the last days, rush will interfere with common thinking in such a situation.

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