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Modern guys are often demanding on presents, so the important question is what to give a guy for 31-32-33-34 years to decide correctly You will be helped out by the fact that each of them has their own hobbies and preferences. Although this is not a round date, try to please the future birthday boy from the bottom of your heart by choosing a gift for a guy aged 31-34.

To choose a good option, you need imagination, some time and attentiveness. There are many different ideas here, so fantasize. In this article, you will learn what you can present to a guy and what will surely please him. All presentations can be divided in advance into separate areas: a guy’s hobbies and hobbies, work area, own style, etc.

List of 35 best gift ideas for boyfriend

So, what to give your boyfriend for 31-34 years. A young man will surely be grateful if you present him with the following things:

    1. Home compact brewery.
    2. Dated diary bound in exquisite leather.
    3. Platinum stylish cufflinks.
    4. Game console.
    5. A set of useful car tools in a case.
    6. Good coffee maker.
    7. Fashionable and comfortable sneakers.
    8. Men's watch.
    9. Annual subscription to your favorite men's publication.
    10. Genuine leather wallet.
    11. Card holder (can be both desktop and pocket).
    12. Handy cooler bag.
    13. Shoe care set in a stylish case.
    14. Comfortable computer chair.
    15. Finnish folding knife with multiple blades.
    16. Homemade handy shaker.
    17. Flying or running away alarm clock.
    18. A set of tea or coffee varieties from various plantations around the world.
    19. Folding umbrella for men.
    20. Computer modern accessories.
    21. Smartphone projector.
    22. A writing pen in a beautiful case.
    23. Special picnic set in a case.
    24. Wireless headphones.
    25. Soccer-shaped nightlight.
    26. A handy trunk organizer.
    27. Certificate for a good sports shop.
    28. An unusually shaped flash drive with a large amount of memory.
    29. Comfortable sleeping bag for travel lovers.
    30. Men's sports bag.
    31. Vintage weapon to decorate the room.
    32. Various stylish items of men's wardrobe.
    33. Special ski mask with built-in action camera.
    34. Tourist tent for travelers.
    35. Magnetic bracelet for screws, nails, other small things.

    This is just a small part of what to give a guy for 31-34 years for his birthday. Choose and present with all your heart, not forgetting that the present must be accompaniedsincere words of congratulations, not banal phrases, but wishes from the heart!

    Classic as the best hint for a good present

    Many modern guys, distinguished by practicality, highly appreciate things that bring comfort and pleasure to life. It is important that the future gift is distinguished by its good quality. So, a gift for a guy for 34 years:

    • various modern gadgets, if, of course, finances allow. Or present the guy with a good headset, a popular smart watch, etc. There are many new products in this area, it will not be difficult to choose;
    • men's wardrobe items. Here, the ideal option is a gift certificate so that the future hero of the occasion can choose something suitable himself;
    • all kinds of home appliances. A guy can use a handy robot vacuum cleaner, home toaster, coffee machine, smart plug, etc.;
    • high-quality computer glasses - another practical birthday present;
    • at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old you can give a guy a man's favorite perfume. This is already a classic gift for any occasion;
    • a bottle of elite alcohol will never hurt anyone for sure;
    • various interior accessories (comfortable bean bag chair, electric or bio-fireplace, etc.);
    • mustache and beard grooming kit essential for men - a real find for a true fashionista;
    • handy organizer for men's accessories will always help to clean up the workplace. It is equippedmany pockets of various sizes;
    • homemade mulled wine set - another interesting gift for a beginner bartender or just a guy with good taste. The set includes a beautiful decanter, a wooden coaster, candles and special glasses for a drink;
    • cool camera - why not a useful present that allows you to capture bright moments?
    • compact portable grill - a great surprise idea for a fan of outdoor activities and a lover of self-cooking in the country;
    • a set of poker accessories is a good idea for a true fan of gambling fun. We recommend to buy a set in a beautiful case;
    • favourite birthday book in a gift edition - one of the best presents;
    • unusual bar-globe will fit perfectly into any interior;
    • new razor model or straight razor (for amateur).

    Buying a good classic gift if you want is easy. When deciding what to give a friend for 31, 32, 33, 34 years, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the future birthday man, your degree of closeness with him and other factors. Unusual packaging and heartfelt congratulations are also important.

    Presents for hobbies

    Does your birthday boy have a particular hobby? So, the issue with the gift is solved! A guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old can be presented with a variety of interesting items. Our hints:

    • set for trips out of town, including the necessary utensils, barbecue with skewers, portable grill. All thispacked in a special basket;
    • homemade punching bag, a set of high-quality thermal underwear, branded running shoes, a subscription to the best fitness center - all this will definitely come in handy for those who play sports;
    • flexible silicone keyboard, wireless mouse, powerful speakers are indispensable for an avid computer geek;
    • different kinds of car accessories will please the owner of the car. Choose a modern DVR, new seat covers, navigator, car mats, etc. If a guy often transports a dog in a car, you can present a trunk for a beloved pet;
    • all kinds of board games, the list is huge;
    • rare copy for the collection (make, car model) will appeal to a young collector;
    • compact folding chair, essential fishing accessories - great gift idea for a fisherman;
    • real tobacco or aromatic Cuban cigars will please your smoker;
    • quirky pouf speaker, music lover's CD with music idols.

    All things that have a direct connection with the leisure of the hero of the occasion will be absolutely successful! Such a gift to a man at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old will never be useless. It will definitely cause a pleasant response in the soul of the future birthday man. However, if you don’t understand the hero of the occasion’s hobby, you can ask the guy’s best friend for advice.

    Best gift ideas for business young man

    Guy -successful business man? Then it is better to present him with something status. Our gift ideas for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years:

    • men's cufflinks set with a tie clip is elegant and stylish;
    • dated diary in a leather personalized cover will perfectly complement the image of a business person;
    • a cigarette casemade of silver or gold will add a touch of solidity to a guy. Black leather products look very nice;
    • fashionable sunglasses in a beautiful case will not hurt anyone either;
    • a set of a bow tie and a men's trouser belt with a wooden buckle will always look perfect;
    • an unusual handmade bracelet made of steel or leather will bring a peculiar flavor to a guy's wardrobe;
    • Stylish stationery stand made from natural wood. A very effective accessory for the office or home office;
    • silver money clip. It's both elegant and stylish;
    • special planner important things to do;
    • handy flip calendar with motivating quotes from famous people. Great motivator for great achievements;
    • interesting selection of books for personal development;
    • all kinds of anti-stress toys (for example, Newton's balls) will always help relieve stress;
    • handy holder will help keep your documentation in perfect order. This is an original souvenir;
    • leather briefcase - well, what a business gentlemanwill it do without it?

    You can always dream up and find the best surprise option for a business man. The birthday boy will definitely appreciate such a presentable thing and your concern for his business image, especially if you add an author's engraving or personalized inscription to the purchased item.

    Inexpensive gift ideas for boyfriend

    If you wish, it is not at all necessary to spend a huge amount for a present, it is quite possible to buy an inexpensive gift for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old. Our tips are the following items of interest:

    • special stones for whiskey - a fan of this drink cannot do without them;
    • personalized sweatshirt or T-shirt is also a useful thing. It is better for her to come up with an original inscription in advance;
    • men's indoor slippers or slippers with lights look cool and comfortable for "night outings";
    • unusual personalized beer glass - great creative idea;
    • a case of classic black or white men's socks. This set includes twenty pairs of socks;
    • all kinds of joke cups and orders for your Perfect Guy winner;
    • cute photo collage is quite inexpensive and interesting. A good answer to the question of what to give a guy for 31, 32, 33, 34 years old;
    • bedding set with interesting print;
    • various sweets for a man with a sweet tooth;
    • unusual male pendant. There are a lot of possible options, choose based on the image of your futurebirthday boy;
    • handy portable battery powered by solar panels;
    • refrigerator magnetic whiteboard. You can buy a board of some unusual shape;
    • unusual chewy dragee with a nice taste of beer - a super gourmet gift idea;
    • holder of various stationery in the shape of a human skull . A somewhat daring and certainly non-trivial decoration for a guy's workplace;
    • convenient and practical thermo glass - it is necessary for a modern guy who spends a lot of time on various trips. With such a product, you can always and everywhere enjoy a fragrant hot drink;
    • unusual wooden lamp for the workplace - spectacular and inexpensive;
    • cheerful men's apron with the image of the real Superman is also useful in the kitchen for a guy;
    • delicious birthday cake from a good pastry shop;
    • a handy stand for your gadget, allowing you to make its operation as convenient as possible.

    It's easy to pick up an interesting and inexpensive surprise for a guy's birthday. Embody the most unusual ideas in it, and your present will be absolutely loved! Even an ordinary gift can be made unusual by drawing a map to find it, or by organizing a gift in the form of a quest.

    Custom gifts for boyfriend's birthday for 31-34 years old

    Everything ordinary and banal is not for you? Then we recommend giving preference to all sorts of unusual things as a present. Deciding whatgive a guy 31, 32, 33, 34 years old for his birthday, we propose to consider our ideas:

    • non-trivial men's umbrella, for example, with a comfortable handle in the form of a samurai sword;
    • original alco chess instantly cheer up all players;
    • oak barrel with the guy's favorite drink - the thing is also unusual;
    • original samurai sword with name engraving - isn't it a great gift idea for a real guy?
    • homemade coffee grinder made in retro style. This is a great gift for a true coffee lover. Add elite coffee beans to the gift;
    • compact table mini pool table also good as a birthday present;
    • brutal men's mug with USB heating - also a good gift for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34;
    • an unusual magic ball to help make important decisions;
    • special shower head with bright, cheerful backlight;
    • deluxe wine box is the perfect birthday present. Such an unusual souvenir will definitely surprise every wine connoisseur. Attach a couple of bottles of wine to the box - the birthday boy will be delighted!

    For a friend who appreciates humor and loves to joke, it is appropriate to present comic non-banal things, prank gifts and even funny friendly flash mobs. Therefore, turn on your imagination and present something extraordinary that will surprise and amuse the guy.

    Impressions and emotions - what could bebetter?

    A young man of 31-34 years old does not have to present exclusively material things. Vivid impressions are very popular in our time and lead the list of possible gifts. It is important that the emotions evoked correspond to the interests of your future birthday person. Check out our gift ideas for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34:

    • skydiving, wind tunnel or paragliding is a great gift idea;
    • piloting courses, scooter safaris, scuba diving - all this will give the guy a lot of excitement and a surge of adrenaline;
    • going bowling is also a good birthday gift idea;
    • a fun day spent in the water park, fishing or hunting - all this will cause a lover of such activities a lot of delight;
    • a well thought out and organized party by you in a restaurant or outdoors is another good idea;
    • you can always give a guy for 31, 32, 33, 34 years old visiting a friendly company of a bath or sauna;
    • fun themed quest guarantees an unforgettable birthday;
    • a pair of tickets to a premiere, a sports match, etc. (according to the man's hobbies);
    • Thai foot massage is indispensable for those who get tired at work. A qualified specialist will help relieve tension in problem areas;
    • yachting training courses - a super present for a respectable guy! A man will be able to get a lot of useful knowledge;
    • certificate for a pleasant pastime. Letthe guy himself will choose the appropriate activities;
    • swimming with dolphins will give you a bright experience, so feel free to present this adventure to the birthday boy!

    The guy will definitely be delighted with such presents and will appreciate the non-standard approach to the celebration. New bright impressions will give a chance to enjoy life. When choosing this option for a present for a guy over 30, avoid banalities and be sure to specify free days or choose a present on an open date.

    Originality to the rescue

    Many men in their thirties are still the same gay guys who appreciate the opportunity to have a good time. Such birthday people can safely present non-trivial things. So, an original gift for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old:

    • portrait of a guy, but not in the usual genre, but in the image of a favorite movie character. A very original birthday present;
    • professional extreme driving courses - a real find for a true connoisseur of excitement and adrenaline. The hero of the occasion is not indifferent to cars? So your surprise will be interesting to him;
    • compact electronic hookah is a worthy replacement for an ordinary hookah, Its plus is that it absolutely does not harm he alth, guaranteeing a lot of pleasure and taste sensations;
    • Stylish cufflinks to create a business look. They are made of precious metals and can be inlaid. The option of wooden products in the now fashionable eco-style will become more affordable;
    • you can buy a set of accessories as a gift for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old, including a fashionable bow tie with the guy's initials, a beard comb and bright suspenders for bows in a casual style ;
    • Forbes magazine cover with a portrait of your future birthday boy. Won't this present flatter someone?
    • cute tattoo sleeves will come in handy if the guy decided to get a permanent tattoo, but did not dare yet;
    • compact drone with built-in video camera - great gift idea;
    • portable home lie detector let you have fun from the heart;
    • does the guy literally sleep and see distant countries? Is traveling his cherished dream? Then he will definitely appreciate an unusual gift - a scratch map of the whole world. A chic birthday present for a traveler;
    • special virtual reality goggles help make your adventure much more realistic;
    • a stylish branded men's scarf will come in handy in the autumn-winter period. This element will bring a touch of charm to the style of your future birthday. It is better to choose well-established brands;
    • men's ring - a very suitable present for a guy of this age who appreciates jewelry.

    Romantic birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

    Future birthday boy - a real romantic? Then it is better for him not to choose practical things, he is unlikely to be happy with them. In this case, you need something original. Our gift ideas for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 years old from a girl:

    • giving a sea of emotions a boat trip on a yacht - why not a cool present for a romantic? But this is possible only if the birthday falls on the warm season;
    • launch beautiful sky lanterns together with your declaration of love for your boyfriend written on it. Very touching, so a lot of memories are guaranteed;
    • An unforgettable SPA vacation for the two of you. You can pre-book a massage session, choose to take a relaxing aromatic bath, etc.;
    • a walk through the forest expanses on real horses - present it for 3134 years to your romance, and in return you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions;
    • romantic dinner organized on the roof of a high-rise building. You can arrange all this yourself, or pre-order this service from professionals. Here is the answer to the question of what to give your beloved guy for 31, 32, 33, 34 years;
    • various romantic "sweets" for gourmets who will be delighted with such a surprise. You can ideally make all the sweets yourself;
    • a music CD with songs from your boyfriend's idol in a beautiful gift box. The best solution for a music lover;
    • a trip to the mountains or to the sea - it all depended on the guy's preferences.

    Another cool idea for an original present - a well-thought-out and well-organized party for a guy. Choose: fun gatherings in a bowling club, a trip to a strip bar, going out with friends to nature - it all depends on the preferences of the birthday person. This willan excellent gift that will not leave anyone indifferent!

    At the age of slightly over thirty, the guy is already well aware of what exactly he wants. He himself can afford a lot, but at the same time he rejoices with good gifts. Therefore, it is important, so to speak, not to lose face and be able to surprise the future birthday boy! Choosing a gift for a guy at 31, 32, 33, 34 is not difficult. But always keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to get off with another banality! All men appreciate attention to themselves on holidays, and it is manifested in many ways when choosing an interesting and appropriate gift. We hope we helped you, and your intuition will tell you the only right decision!

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