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When such an important date is approaching for a dear and close person, you need to think about what to give dad for 60 years will be the most faithful to show respect, love and care. In the article we have collected many interesting ideas, among them you can find a really worthwhile and necessary present. We also prepared a selection of useful tips, using which you can choose a gift for your dad for his 60th birthday, and not accidentally get into an awkward situation.

How to choose a gift for dad for 60 years

It seems that for a loved one it is easiest to decide on a surprise for the holiday, but when it comes to searching, thoughts scatter in different directions and it is very difficult to concentrate. So that you do not get into a similar situation, in this section we offer useful tips on how to choose a gift for 60 years for dad. By adhering to them, it will be possible to accurately determine the desired category of presentations.

    • We recommend choosing a surprise for your father in advance so that there is no hurry, and you can think through different options and evaluate their usefulness in complete peace of mind.
    • Be sure to take into account the character of the hero of the day, so a serious man will not be very happy with a surprise with humor and may regard it incorrectly. But for a cheerful father, you can choose something from unusual or evenfunny stuff.
    • You know exactly what your father's favorite hobby is, where and how he prefers to take a break from the ordinary. Remember, most likely, in ordinary everyday conversations, he said more than once that he wants to buy this or that thing that is simply necessary for a hobby. Get ahead and get it yourself, he will definitely be delighted with the right thing.
    • At the age of 60, many men reassess their priorities and want more family warmth, so memorable gifts for dad for an anniversary can be very expensive on such a day.
    • Remember, every adult guy or man loves practical gifts that will definitely come in handy for business. That is why we recommend trying to avoid useless figurines and things.
    • Do not forget about the presentation, even if you give a surprise to a man. They, too, for the most part, rejoice at a beautiful picture, and the expectation of “what will happen inside” causes a wave of positive emotions.

    What can not be given to dad for 60 years

    Sometimes it seems that you can give absolutely any surprise, and the father will be delighted. In fact, this is, of course, so - the main thing is your attention. But there are presents with which you simply can not guess, and he will throw them away after the holiday, not remembering what you handed. We have prepared a selection of options that you can’t give dad for 60 years. By avoiding these items, you can reduce the risk of getting the wrong gift.

    • Shaving products - of course, very necessary things that the father will use if you guess right with the company. But you must admit, somehow undignified onanniversary to hand out similar items. With a small amount, it is better to consider options for inexpensive gifts for dad for his 60th birthday.
    • A pet, is a living creature that requires a lot of care, especially if you decide to buy a puppy or a small kitten that goes to the toilet off schedule. Such surprises are prepared only in conjunction with the mother, if she knows for sure that the father has long wanted to have a pet.
    • Medical equipment or pills - this is not at all what they give for the holiday. It is better to give such things not on such an important day for a man.
    • Useless souvenirs, the exception may be a collector or lover of such decorative ornaments. But for the most part, many simply do not see the point in such presentations and consider them a waste of money.
    • Perfume or eau de toilette should be chosen with extreme caution, as you can simply not please with a new fragrance. In general, the older a person gets, the more attachment to familiar things he experiences, and is not particularly willing to try something new.
    • Clothes When buying wardrobe items, be sure to check the size with your mother first or take a look at his wardrobe yourself. It will be a shame if you buy a new thing, and it turns out to be small or, on the contrary, large.
    • Items from superstitious sayings is not the best gift for a suspicious man. Avoid knives, slippers, ties, watches, and other similar items.

    List of the top 50 gifts for dad for 60 years

    First, let's look at a selection of the most interesting and desirable things for everyone, and here is a list of the best 50 gifts for dad for his 60th birthday:

    1. set of skewers with carved wooden handles;
    2. home tools;
    3. digital photo frame;
    4. GPS navigator;
    5. tandoor;
    6. Körcher;
    7. ebook;
    8. fitness bracelet;
    9. subscription to a car wash close to home;
    10. treadmill;
    11. barbecue;
    12. gift wine set;
    13. smartphone;
    14. powerbank;
    15. handmade chess;
    16. backgammon;
    17. portrait painted by an artist from photography;
    18. book in deluxe edition;
    19. home weather station;
    20. humidifier;
    21. wine cabinet;
    22. quality cigars and a humidor for them;
    23. purse;
    24. brewery;
    25. cognac gift set with glass;
    26. personal care bag;
    27. terry robe for home with embroidered dad's name;
    28. watch box;
    29. damask with glasses;
    30. electric samovar;
    31. leather belt with initials;
    32. painting by famous contemporary artist;
    33. retro photo album;
    34. silver cigarette case;
    35. biofireplace desktop or floor version;
    36. home fountain;
    37. nitrate tester;
    38. robot vacuum cleaner;
    39. lightbox with photos and lights;
    40. anatomical body memory pillow;
    41. picnic set;
    42. subscriptionto your favorite magazine;
    43. home planetarium;
    44. digital camera;
    45. electric shaver;
    46. oak barrel for wine;
    47. silver and gold-plated icon;
    48. bed Nuga Best;
    49. solar powered flashlight;
    50. home safe.

    The older a person becomes, the more zealously he reaches out to his family, he wants attention, warmth and care. So be sure to personally congratulate on each holiday, and even more so on the anniversary, and also just indulge him with your attention more often.

    Classic 60th Birthday gift List for Dad

    Many serious and practical people are most suitable for universal presents. We have collected interesting options for classic gifts for 60 years for dad in one list:

    • Watch, get a famous brand model to match the quality or gold. If you'd like a more personal surprise, engrave "From Beloved Children" or an important birthday date.
    • Useful Gadgets, you can buy a laptop, tablet or upgrade your desktop PC with parts or whole.
    • Genuine leather bag, especially needed by a man who does not plan to retire.
    • Desktop writing set, it comes in wood or natural stone, depending on finances.
    • Globe bar floor or tabletop version, it looks unusual and holds a considerable number of bottles.
    • If father loves jewelry, then you can buy a ring with hisinitials, cufflinks or tie clip.
    • 3D figurine, made according to the photo of the hero of the day, must be ordered in advance.

    And also consider these inexpensive gifts for the anniversary of 60 years for dad from the classic options:

    • external storage 1TB or more;
    • Family Tree photo frame desktop or wall;
    • mini smokehouse;
    • thermos with personalized signature;
    • key holder with closing doors;
    • talisman for good luck and prosperity.

    You can dilute a classic birthday present for dad with a bouquet of flowers for men, but it is better to order it from a good florist who has experience in collecting such compositions. Or you can make a bouquet of socks, this presentation looks very unusual and cool and can cheer up the hero of the day.

    What to give dad for his favorite hobby for his 60th anniversary

    Each person has his own outlet, thanks to which he can relax and unwind from ordinary days, but what can you give dad for his 60th birthday for a hobby for such an important holiday? We have prepared a selection of the most popular activities and collected various surprise ideas for them.

    • For an avid fisherman get a free inflatable boat with an electric cigarette lighter pump, an ice fishing drill, a quality fishing rod with a reel, a chest for storing gear and others accessories, a comfortable folding chair or a rubber suit for fishing in the water.
    • A real hunter can get a new gun and a case forhim, a safe for storing weapons, scopes or quality binoculars, a camouflage suit or a certificate to a store that sells all the necessary supplies.
    • Car enthusiastgive a set of new tires if you just needed it, eco leather covers, a refrigerator, a DVR, a radar or install a parking system with sensors to respond to an approaching obstacle.
    • For a dad who is ready to play sports at the age of 60 and does it regularly, an annual subscription to the pool, a new uniform or sneakers from a company store, a simulator for home will be a great surprise or pull-up bar.
    • An ardent fan, who loves to watch different sports more than to take part, can buy a comfortable rocking chair, which is very comfortable to sit in front of the TV, pay for a subscription to home games favorite team, as well as an interesting idea will be items of a football or hockey club signed by all players as a gift.
    • For a true steam bather buy a sauna kit with various essential oils that are good for he alth, get a basin and a ladle made of wood, as well as a bathrobe, a towel with a name engraving and a hat for the steam room.
    • Papa, who lives in a private house, present rattan garden furniture, a quality hammock, a swing. Consider also such options to facilitate the care of the land: a walk-behind tractor, a chainsaw, a lawn mower, a gasoline generator.
    • If dad likes to go to nature or just travel then buyA comfortable and roomy suitcase on wheels and a personalized cover for it, send to rest in a country where you have never been before.

    And you can also add such inexpensive gifts for dad for 60 years for his favorite hobby that he may need:

    • lure set;
    • weapon cleaners;
    • thermo mug with car brand symbols;
    • multifunctional backpack;
    • plant care supplies in a handy case;
    • set of Nordic walking poles.

    When choosing a gift for dad for 60 years for a hobby, remember that you need to have accurate information whether he has such a thing in stock or not. You can always consult with your mother, and she will tell you what things your father dreams of or what he wants to buy.

    Handmade gift list for dad for 60 years

    Girls or guys with different talents can easily prepare a gift with their own hands for dad for 60 years from children. Such a surprise will cause a sea of positive emotions and will be received with special warmth.

    • Blacksmith can make a beautiful book stand, magazine table, key holder and other necessary items for the hero of the day out of metal.
    • Artist can easily draw a portrait of a birthday boy or just an interesting landscape. But here it's good if you come up with a color scheme for the picture in advance so that it does not turn out to be a bright spot or too pale in dad's apartment.
    • Those who are good at baking sweets can make handmade sweets or a cake with interestingdecoration.
    • For girls who know how to knit, it will be possible to make a vest, sweater or hat with a scarf.
    • Make a photo frame-collage with family pictures, roomy enough for all the children and grandchildren.
    • The plaid, knitted with your own hands, will cause indescribable delight in the hero of the day, and it will certainly be warmer than the usual options, because you put warmth and love for the birthday man into it.

    And you can also think of memorable gifts for dad for 60 years from children, looking at which he will remember you with special warmth and trepidation:

    • Pravda newspaper with an article about the life of the hero of the day;
    • photo plaid with pictures from the family archive;
    • name plate with mustache;
    • set of glasses for cognac or whiskey with engraving;
    • t-shirt or sweatshirt with a picture or a fun slogan;
    • photo calendar Best Anniversary.

    Such surprises are perceived with special warmth and love, because so much effort and desire has been invested in them to sincerely please a dear and dear little man.

    What to give dad for 60 years from his daughter

    Girls always remain little babies for their father, and when choosing what to give dad for 60 years from his daughter, it is best to consider surprises with special warmth and care for the hero of the day.

    • Wireless headphones so dad can watch TV in them without disturbing others with loud sound, and they will definitely come in handy for a music lover.
    • Leather chair forconvenient viewing programs. If finances allow, then you can buy a massage.
    • S alt lamp will fit perfectly into any interior, and it can also be used to purify the air, as it acts as an ionizer.
    • Clothes, it can be a stylish sweater, shirt or even a jacket. Be sure to ask your mom for the size so you don't have to change the surprise.
    • High-quality anti-glare glasses, so that it is comfortable to drive at night and passing cars do not blind your father.
    • Belt massager for the back and neck, it will help relieve fatigue and stretch the muscles.
    • Heated blanket will always come in handy for a comfortable sleep of the hero of the day.

    Additionally, consider what inexpensive gifts you can give dad for his 60th birthday from his beloved daughter:

    • men's waist bag;
    • capacious wicker basket for mushrooms;
    • pedometer;
    • gun umbrella;
    • gift certificate, order or cup for a surmountable frontier;
    • grocery bag on wheels.

    Daughters always try to take care and show their warmth to their parents, and the presents are appropriate.

    What to give dad for his 60th birthday from his son

    The boy, most likely, is the same as his father, a practical person and thinking over what to give dad from his son for his 60th birthday, most likely, he will choose the things that are needed in the house, hobbies or cars.

    • Barbecue with high legs is perfect for those who live in a private house, but for apartment residents -folding option.
    • Leather-bound genealogy book where he can list all known relatives.
    • The new car will be a chic 60th birthday gift for dad, you can buy it if finances allow, and such an important date will be a chic occasion for this purchase.
    • Home theater, father can comfortably watch his favorite TV shows on the big screen with good sound.
    • Metal detector is useful for a man who is interested in antiques. Sometimes it is very exciting to walk with this device and look for what is hidden under the layer of earth.
    • Souvenir weapon or stuffed wild animal will take pride of place on the wall in the office or at home.
    • Billiard table and a decorated lounge, only a son can organize this, of course, you will need to invest a considerable amount.

    In addition, I would like to add some inexpensive gifts for dad for 60 years from his son:

    • keychain to find lost keys;
    • waterproof radio;
    • perpetual calendar;
    • gift case with barbecue accessories;
    • officer knife;
    • Zippo lighter and smoke absorbing ashtray.

    Ideas for original gifts for dad for 60 years

    If you want to pleasantly surprise the hero of the day, then you should consider the category of original gifts for 60 years for dad from children. Seemingly ordinary things get into it, but made with a special twist.

    • Aroma alarm clock, with him dad will always wake up inin a good mood, because before waking up, your favorite aroma will soar in the room, which will create a comfortable atmosphere.
    • Coffee maker in the car powered by the cigarette lighter. It is useful both in nature and just in traffic jams. Quite interesting is the fact that you can easily make coffee without leaving your car.
    • The large aquarium will be an unusual surprise, immediately get a few solid specimens that will live in it. Considering different ideas, you can opt for a classic complete with a bedside table or a multi-level version.
    • The levitating globe will delight the hero of the day, because you will not find such a thing in every person.
    • Weather Predictor will help you know in advance about upcoming changes.
    • A bottle of rare collectible alcohol, but the drink itself should be chosen from dad's preferences, for example: wine, whiskey, cognac or brandy.
    • Bar canister, it will perfectly disguise itself in my father's garage and no one will even think that a whole storehouse of strong drinks can be located in such an object.

    You can also buy impression gifts for dad for his 60th birthday so he can relax and get new and positive emotions:

    • send dad to an interesting master class for him;
    • buy some theater, cinema, ballet or opera tickets;
    • book a ticket to a sanatorium where he will rest and improve his he alth;
    • sign up for a dance or pottery class;
    • paytraining courses to learn a new profession;
    • organize a horse ride out of town for him and mom;
    • present a certificate for a full full body massage course;
    • take a cruise on a liner.

    Thinking over what to give dad for his 60th birthday, remember that you don’t need to put too rough and harsh inscriptions on objects, not everyone can accept them with humor, especially if the father is a very serious person.

    In the article we have collected many different ideas on what to present to dad for 60 years will be relevant. On such an important day, pay as much attention to it as possible, be sure to help with the preparations for the holiday. We hope you were able, taking into account our advice, to choose the very ideal and necessary gift for your father's anniversary.

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