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Lunar haircut and color calendar for February 2023

In February, the lack of vitamins and nutrients, sunlight for hair is more and more clearly felt. Stocks are running out, so the issue of helping the hair to successfully go through this difficult period becomes acute. There are several solutions, one of them is the organization of hair care according to the lunar calendar in order to use favorable days in February this year.

One can be skeptical about the advisability of taking into account the lunar calendar of haircuts for February 2023, as well as the lunar calendar of coloring for February 2023, but practice shows that this should not be neglected.

The only example is the grandiose changes on the Earth's surface in different phases of the Moon: low tides tens and hundreds of meters from the coastline, powerful tides. By analogy, it is easy to assume that the Moon also has a huge impact on the human body.

Favorable and unfavorable days for cutting and coloring hair in February 2023

Generalized announcement with characteristics of lunardays:

  • the most auspicious days in February 2023: 8th, 17th and 25th;
  • February 1, 2, 13, 15, 18, and 27 will also be favored;
  • no less important for you will be the information that this month there is only one very negative day - February 7;
  • 5 and 14 will be relatively unfavorable.

We assume that if you are reading these lines, you are interested in the calendar of favorable days for cutting hair and coloring it in February 2023. To see the benefits of coordinating your plans with the peculiarities of the lunar days, use the calendar of February days with detailed descriptions by day:

February 1 (+) 2023

The moon is in its waning phase under the auspices of the constellation Virgo.

This period of time is generally positive for hair. The haircut will retain its shape for a long time, the chemical impact on the hair from dyeing, bleaching or curling will be minimal, and the effect will please. Dark tones of natural vegetable dyes are the most desirable at this time. Use the properties of these days for strengthening procedures and not necessarily in the salon, the home environment will contribute to the positive result as fully as possible. A haircut on Monday will improve the emotional background, it is believed that all negativity is cut off on this day.

February 2 (+)

February 3 (+ -)

The moon is in its waning phase under the auspices of the constellation Libra.

The moon will not have any noticeable effect on the quality of hair, the result of hairdressing manipulations on the state of the body deserves more attentionin general and its connection with the Cosmos. A haircut will enhance charisma, strengthen the he alth of the respiratory system. Do not radically change the color of your hair, the best choice will be the shade that was in the best period of your life. Procedures caring for the hair will definitely be useful. Haircut days (Tuesday and Wednesday) will help you stay out of trouble, deal with confusion in business and personal life.

February 4 (+ -)

February 5 (-)

The moon is in its waning phase under the auspices of the zodiac constellation Scorpio.

Moon in the sign of the Zodiac Scorpio creates complex and contradictory conditions for hair. On the 4th, a haircut will have a good effect on the he alth of the hair, but its effect on relationships with the opposite sex can be unpredictable and not always positive. Do not perm, its results are likely to disappoint. Stability and positivity in life can disrupt coloring, so postpone it to a more favorable time according to the lunar calendar. Wellness procedures will be useful. Friday (5th) is a clearly negative day, you should not visit the hairdresser.

February 6 (+ -)

February 7 (-)

The moon is in its waning phase under the auspices of the zodiac constellation Sagittarius.

The difficult and controversial period that began under the sign of Scorpio will continue, creating problems in hair care. After shortening, they will grow back quickly, but their condition will worsen, they will be naughty, which will make styling much more difficult. If you can’t do without a haircut these days, contact a young hairdresser and try to stay in good shape.mood. Staining will be short-lived, the paint will fade and change shade. Not the best results are expected from a perm. A haircut on Sunday - the 7th is strongly discouraged.

February 8 (+)

February 9 (+ -)

The moon is in its waning phase under the auspices of the zodiac constellation Capricorn.

After a rather long period of ambiguous influence of the moon, the day has come for hairdressing in all respects. Trimmed strands will be less split. Great days for painting over gray hair, toning and perm. These procedures will not cause significant harm to the hair. It is better to make a hairstyle calm, concise. Hairdressing manipulations on Thursday will strengthen your authority, self-esteem and attract positive energy. The days of the week - Monday and Tuesday - will only enhance the positive effect on the hair.

10 - 11 February (+ -) 2023

10 numbers - waning moon; 11th - New Moon under the protection of the constellation Aquarius.

No noticeable effect on hair was noticed. These days, haircuts will be especially useful if they are experimental. Unusual toning and dyeing of hair in a shade completely unusual for you will unexpectedly please you, will be very to your face. Cosmos sets us up for a wave of creation and harmony, don't force yourself to do what you don't like, don't demand it from others either.

February 12 (+ -)

February 13 (+)

February 14 (-)

The moon is in its growth phase under the auspices of the sign of the ZodiacPisces.

Each of the three lunar days has radically different characteristics. On the 12th and 13th, shortening the strand contributes to their growth, recovery; they will fall out less, the roots will be strengthened, their appearance will improve. If coloring is not canceled, choose natural colors and colors. But plans for chemical curling of curls and even massage, transfer any masks to another time, since it is during this period that the scalp is very vulnerable to any interventions. Do not complicate styling, comb your hair as often as possible. Set yourself up in a positive way, this way you will facilitate the energy exchange with the Cosmos. The 14th, which falls on Sunday, is categorically not suitable for hairdressing procedures.

February 15 (+)

February 16 (+ -) 2023

The moon is in its growth phase under the auspices of the Zodiac sign Aries.

The cumulative effect on the Moon of the zodiac sign Aries, the lunar day, the phase, and the days of the week is such that the effect of this period on the hair will be subtle. After shortening, they will grow faster, but become naughty. Postpone staining, it can provoke discord and even conflict situations at home and at work. Emotions will run wild, be careful not to inadvertently squander everything that has been achieved with great difficulty. Homemade masks and massage will bring the greatest benefit.

February 17-18 (+)

February 19 (+ -)

The moon is in its growth phase under the auspices of the Zodiac sign Taurus.

Any hairdressing manipulations will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. Haircuts activate hair growth, and the body as a wholehelp to cope with depression, protect yourself from illnesses and troubles. Wellness treatments, masks, massages and rinsing with decoctions of medicinal herbs will be especially useful at this time. Hair will respond to such care with strength and fresh shine.

20 - February 21 (+ -) 2023

The moon is in its growth phase under the auspices of the Zodiac sign Gemini.

It is believed that this is one of the most favorable periods for updating the appearance of hair. Haircuts will enhance their growth, reduce hair loss, and significantly improve the condition of the skin of the roots. Moreover, haircuts and coloring will be useful in your personal and business affairs. No creative mess, orderly and careful styling will strengthen the connection with the Cosmos, facilitate problem solving and enhance business intuition.

22 - 23 - 24 February (+ -) 2023

The moon is in its growth phase under the auspices of the Zodiac sign Cancer.

Hairdressing services rendered will not bring harm, hair will grow well, but will give you a lot of trouble, it will be difficult to deal with them. A haircut will increase your self-esteem, attract business luck and profit. The next day, Sunday, give up the haircut. All that will definitely benefit the hair is moisturizing and nourishing masks, scalp massage, rinsing with herbal decoctions.

February 25 (+)

February 26 (+ -)

The moon is growing, it is patronized by the zodiac constellation Leo.

Great period for dyeing, cutting, new styling, perming, bleaching and toning. Such manipulations will save you from failures,longing, depressive states and will attract positive energy. These days problems will be solved with ease, try to get rid of the laziness that will wash over you these days. If you preserve naturalness in your hair, avoid excesses, leave a parting, then the influx of vital energy will increase.

February 27 (+)

February 28 (+ -) 2023

The 27th is the Full Moon, the waning phase under the sign of Virgo begins on the 28th

Connect all your hair transformation plans with the auspicious day of February 27th. Hair will please with its appearance, strengthen, shine will appear. But the next day, on Sunday, intervention in the life of the hair is not recommended, even postpone home care procedures.

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