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Those who persistently and systematically take care of the he alth of their hair will certainly be interested in another way to enhance the beneficial effects of caring procedures. The proposed method does not require any financial or time costs.

Moreover, even if the most expensive and popular hair care products may have side and undesirable reactions, the habit of taking into account the lunar calendar of favorable days when planning a visit to a hairdresser cannot do any harm.

But the result, which you will observe over time, will convince you of the expediency of checking your plans according to the lunar calendar.

Because personal experience speaks best, try to start forming your habit of aligning hair care with the recommendations contained in the haircut lunar calendar for May 2023, as well as the coloring lunar calendar for May 2023.

Women's fashion magazine Ladyneeds will publish a monthly calendar of days in 2023 to help you get the most out of your haircut, color or perm. Eachsuch a publication will contain both a concise announcement and detailed information in the “by day” format.

Favorable and unfavorable days for cutting and coloring hair in May 2023

· To begin with, let's name auspicious days in May 2023. There are quite a lot of them, eleven, in the calendar they are with a (+) icon:

1, 10, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 29;

There are only three unfavorable days, they are accompanied by a sign (-):

7, 9, 30;

· the remaining seventeen days have consistently neutral characteristics, next to such dates there is a mark (+-):

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 16, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31.

May 1 (+)

May 2 (+ -)

Traditionally hair-friendly Capricorn, even with the waning phase of the moon, will form a positive period of time.

On these lunar days, haircuts will stimulate the strengthening of the entire hair structure, while growth will not increase. If you are worried about increased hair loss, it's time to cut your hair. A favorable period of time for perm, a good result is expected from dyeing. It is considered extremely beneficial to take frequent, thorough, and unhurried

combing hair. It is better if the styling is light, concise, with a clear emphasis on the bangs.

May 3 (+ -) - May 4 (+ -) 2023

The waning moon, once in the power of Aquarius, acquires unusually peculiar properties.

In general, highly positive and neutral stats have a targeted effect. They will have a beneficial effect only on those manipulations,which have signs of creativity, originality, originality and originality. This is an ideal period for lovers of outrageous style. If you are not used to cardinal stylistic tricks, postpone the visit to the master.

May 5 (+ -) - May 6 (+ -)

May 7 (-)

Three days the waning moon will be influenced by the zodiac constellation Pisces.

The period is marked by a steady decline in positive characteristics and an increase in negative ones. The peak of the unfavorable period falls on May 7th. Do not do anything with your hair. The skin of the head will be especially vulnerable. It would seem that it is also more expedient to postpone the harmless and such habitual washing of the head. Let your hair rest completely.

May 8 (+ -)

May 9 (-)

In the waning phase and under the influence of Aries, the Moon will retain properties that negatively affect the hair.

The second brightly negative day for hair this month is May 9th. It would be right not to do anything in terms of hair transformation. If this desire is too great, on May 8 you can dye your hair, do toning, but nothing more. Going out into the street, grab a hat, cover your hair with a scarf, hat, cap. This will protect you from negativity. Watch your mood, brush aside inflated claims to yourself. Relaxation and peace will bring many benefits.

May 10 (+)

May 11 (+ -)

May 12 (+)

Important transitional period: on the 10th the waning, on the 11th New, and from the 12th the growing Moon is located in the constellation Taurus.

Somewhat protracted unfavorableperiod finally changed to a very good one. Any of the three days is suitable for hair care. Haircuts will stimulate their healing and growth. Positive emotions will bring the result of staining, and a cardinal change in color will cause an energy boost. Nourish your hair with masks, do not disregard rinsing with decoctions of medicinal herbs.

May 13 (+)

May 14 (+ -)

Features of the mutual influence of the Moon in the growth stage and the constellation Gemini will be very favorable for hair.

It is important not to miss this time period of 2023 to update your image. A positive emotional upsurge and improvement in the condition of the hair is expected after a haircut. With minimal damage to the hair, perms and dyeing will pass. Saturation with the energy of the Cosmos will be facilitated by simple styling, which will often comb the strands.

May 15 (+)

May 11 (+ -)

May 17 (+)

The waxing Moon and the constellation Cancer have formed an auspicious time for hair.

These three days seem to be created for creative and creative natures. A haircut will improve the appearance of the hair, and their owners will give new creative ideas and inspiration. Situations caused by accumulated misunderstandings and differences in creative approaches will be easily resolved. For dyeing and toning, choose natural tones, it is believed that they will attract material and financial profit.

May 18 (+) - May 19 (+) 2023

The waxing moon and the zodiac sign will have a positive and strong influence on the hairLion.

Haircut, coloring, curling will be successful. The hair will become silky, shiny and spectacular. Both the usual caring procedures and the implementation of cardinal ideas for changing the image will be successful. Devote more time to yourself and taking care of your appearance, especially since you may be drawn into a serious conflict. Avoid arguments and communication with hostile people.

May 20 (+)

May 21 (+ -)

In the constellation Virgo, the growing moon will in every possible way favor hair.

May 2023 is one of the best times for hair. Use it to update your look, experiment with a new hairstyle or styling. The strands dyed these days will retain their beautiful original color for a long time, and the curls after perm will look natural and natural. To make the most of these days, do not forget about homemade nourishing and moisturizing masks.

May 22 (+)

May 23 (+ -)

Under the growing Moon in the sign of Libra these days the series of May favorable days of 2023 ends

Try to make good use of the positive effect on the hair and schedule any of the hairdressing procedures. Even strong chemical influences will not cause noticeable harm to the hair. A homemade vitamin mask applied before bed will help restore shine and strength to hair.

May 24 (+ -) - May 25 (+ -) 2023

The rising phase of the Moon under the sign of Scorpio creates a rather problematic period for our hair.

Efficiency andthe success of hairdressing procedures will be threatened due to the general instability and inconsistency of the period. Both success and complete disappointment with the changes made are possible. If you have time, postpone the visit to the salon. Only home hair care procedures will definitely be useful.

May 26 (+ -) - May 27 (+ -) 2023

The full moon on the 26th and the beginning of the waning phase on the 27th is influenced by the constellation Sagittarius.

There will be an aggravation of the situation formed under the sign of Scorpio in the previous two days. Controversy and extreme instability will peak on the day of the Full Moon (May 26). Any changes, especially a haircut, can cause problems in the body. Be patient, let your hair rest.

May 28 (+ -)

May 29 (+)

From the general series of recent problematic days, the period in which Capricorn rules over the waning Moon is clearly distinguished.

A positive all round time to get your hair done. There is no need to wait for hair growth under the waning moon, but the strengthening of the roots and the entire structure after the haircut will become a reality. Before the onset of the hottest time of the year, direct your maximum efforts to additional hair nutrition and hydration. Along with store-bought masks, use home-made masks made from only natural ingredients.

May 30 (-)

May 31 (+ -)

Aquarius and the Moon in the growth stage is a great time for extraordinary and creative solutions.

In the last days of May 2023, it is only recommended to cut and dye your hairthose whose style is designed to surprise, amaze and be on the verge of outrageous. Supporters of classic solutions and business style should not visit the salon on these two days.

There is a great chance that even your usual haircut geometry will acquire unusual, undesirable nuances. Creative individuals will be satisfied with this period and will have no reason to complain that something went wrong.

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