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With the onset of the hottest time of the year, the relevance of careful hair care is increasing. If you do not have the opportunity to protect your hair from the scorching and drying sun with the help of hats, be sure to help them maintain their he alth by other means that are quite accessible to you. The most important of them is to take into account the lunar calendar of haircuts for June 2023 and, of course, the lunar calendar of coloring for June 2023. Given the favorable days in June according to the lunar calendar, you can successfully use the power of the moon for proper hair care, choose the right haircut days, and also level out the harmful the influence of ultraviolet radiation and withering, hot winds.

Favorable and unfavorable days for cutting and coloring hair in June 2023
  • calendar of auspicious days in June 2023 gives us a series of days with a very positive influence of the moon on the hair (in the calendar they are marked with a (+) icon: 1, 7, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 and 21 June Use them for haircuts, perms, color and treatments;
  • June was not without conflicting and negativeeffects on hair periods. The unfavorable calendar of days has four days (in the calendar they are marked with a (-) icon): 4, 13, 18 and 27;
  • Seventeen days in the calendar are counted as stable neutral days, they are marked with a (+-) sign: June 28, 29 and 30.

Next, which has already become traditional on the pages of the fashion magazine Ladyneeds, the information in the usual format by day:

June 1 (+)

The power of the waning moon determines the sign of the Zodiac Aquarius.

Under the influence of Aquarius, the Moon encourages the most daring and successful experiments. This is the best period to give your hair an unusual and unusual color. When changing hairstyles, choose a non-trivial and complicated option, because the day is definitely not intended for simple and concise solutions. The emphasis on long straight bangs will attract wind energy to you. Haircut contributes to a positive mood, getting rid of blues and sadness.

June 2 (+ -) - June 3 (+ -) 2023

The sign of the Zodiac Pisces affects the features of the manifestation of the power of the waning moon.

The characteristics of these days are extremely contradictory. For all its neutrality, it is categorically not suitable for haircuts. It would be wise to refrain from hairdressing at all on this day. The scalp is very vulnerable, simple washing will cause dandruff and split ends.

June 4 (-)

June 5 (+ -)

Zodiac sign Aries forms the degree of influence of the waning moon.

The condition of the hair does not require intervention, do not prescribe a haircut on the 4th,prolapse will increase, the ends will split. Head massages, masks that increase the blood supply to the hair roots will be useful. A simple hairstyle will establish a connection with space. Large and soft curls in styling will attract positive energy. Resist the surging feeling of longing and insecurity, give yourself a break from others, spend time alone.

June 6 (+ -)

June 7 (+)

June 8 (+ -)

The features of the waning moon are formed under the sign of the Zodiac Taurus.

A relatively favorable period, a haircut will bring positive emotions, hair will receive a surge of energy and strength. Homemade masks made from natural ingredients will benefit the hair, improve their appearance. It is wiser to postpone coloring and perm for a more favorable period. A haircut on the 7th promises to be very beautiful, as well as getting rid of loneliness soon. Try to wear a hat these days, this will distract evil and negativity from yourself.

June 9 (+ -) - June 10 (+ -) 2023

The degree of power of the waning moon on the 9th and the new moon on the 10th depends on the sign of the Zodiac Gemini.

Stably neutral time frame. Hair manipulations do not promise success, but they will not fail either. Make your hair airy and light. Devote time to homemade hair masks, the components of which work to restore the balance of vitamins and trace elements.

June 11 (+ -)

June 12 (+)

June 13 (-)

Extremely unstable properties of the growing Moon determined the sign of the Zodiac Cancer.

Dry ordamaged hair needs nourishing treatments, during this period of time the benefits from them will be maximum. On the growing moon, a haircut will enhance hair growth, and the body will be filled with energy. Coloring promises success in business and material profit. Frequent combing of strands will contribute to active energy exchange, so choose a simple hairstyle that allows you to comb along the entire length. Such manipulations will help to attract positive and get rid of negative energy. Sunday 13 June is an unfavorable day, so refuse the services of hairdressers.

June 14 (+) - June 15 (+) 2023

The obvious positive power of the Moon in the growth stage was influenced by the sign of the Zodiac Leo.

Under the influence of the constellation Leo, hair is strengthened, grows faster and becomes thicker. Whatever hairdressing service you are planning, do not put off, the combination of factors affecting the strength of the moon's effect on hair is conducive to this. It is believed that shortening the strands on the 14th and 15th relieves ailments and attracts monetary profit. Moreover, a haircut during this period of time can relieve loneliness and self-doubt, remove the problems that have appeared due to the fault of others.

June 16 (+) - June 17 (+) 2023

A pronounced favorable period of the growth of the Moon is determined by the sign of the Zodiac Virgo.

In general, the Moon in the zodiac constellation Virgo has a very beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. Haircut, coloring and perm will be successful, lightening and toning will delight you with a beautiful effect. Moisturizing ornourishing mask in the evening.

June 18 (-)

June 19 (+)

June 20 (+ -)

The constellation Libra has formed the contradictory properties of the growing moon.

The most auspicious of these three days is June 19th. The mixed results of the June 18 haircut may be disappointing. Hair growth will increase, but their texture will acquire excessive airiness and stubbornness when styling. Do not drastically change the length and color of the hair. The desire to be the center of attention can provoke a flow of negative energy and envy, try not to provoke the negative emotions of others. Hair treatment with light masks and natural herbal decoctions will be timely and useful.

June 21 (+)

June 22 (+ -)

The constellation Scorpio traditionally brings unusual features to the growing Moon.

The effect on the hair of the Moon in Scorpio is characterized as extremely peculiar. After a haircut, growth will increase, the structure will strengthen, but the hair will become stiff and unmanageable. A haircut on Monday can increase your credibility in the eyes of others. Refuse procedures containing strong chemical components, if staining is necessary, use natural-based preparations. An excellent period for masks that increase blood flow to the skin and hair roots.

June 23 (+ -) - June 24 (+ -) 2023

In the transitional period from the waxing moon on June 23 to the Full Moon on the 24th, Sagittarius dominates.

A difficult period of time, which in many ways has a contradictory effect on the hair. Council of astrologers - definitely notcut your hair on the Full Moon, there is a high probability of a violation of the harmonious connection with your guardian angel. Perm, dyeing and lightening hair will not justify the hopes. It's better to rest your hair on a full moon, do not plan to visit a hairdresser.

June 25 (+ -) - June 26 (+ -) 2023

The steadily positive properties of the waning Moon are formed under the sign of Capricorn.

The result of shearing will be a slowdown in growth with a noticeable strengthening and strengthening of the hair roots. Capricorn has a very positive effect on hair, plan any hairdressing procedures, the only thing to avoid is curls in styling. Straight hair, brushed more often during this period, will help attract positive and warm energy. Wellness masks and rinses will be beneficial.

June 27 (-)

June 28 (+ -)

The waning moon is dominated by Aquarius.

The Moon under the influence of Aquarius has the most daring experiments. If you want to dye your hair in an unusual color, these days are the best period for this. When changing styling, try a non-trivial and complex option, the day definitely does not favor simple and concise hairstyles. Make a pronounced accent on the bangs, this will attract wind energy.

June 29 (+ -) - June 30 (+ -) 2023

The degree of merging into the hair of the waning moon is determined by the constellation Pisces.

Unfavorable period of time. It would be wise to refrain from hairdressing for the time being. The scalp is extremely vulnerable, even simple washing will cause dandruff and split ends.Transfer literally all your plans to one of the auspicious days in early July.

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