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To make hair beautiful and he althy, we are ready to spend a lot of time, use a lot of expensive products and resort to no less expensive services of specialists. However, there are equally effective ways to improve the condition of the hair, which we completely ignore in vain.

One of them is to take into account the lunar calendar of favorable days. This approach has been known for many hundreds of years, was familiar to our great-grandmothers and grandmothers, but, unfortunately, completely unfairly forgotten. Try to develop the habit of scheduling hair cuts or hair coloring on days with suitable lunar characteristics.

Make it a rule to synchronize your hair care plans and the lunar calendar of haircuts for July 2023 published by Ladyneeds magazine, as well as the lunar calendar of coloring for July 2023, will not be difficult and will not take much time, but the result will certainly have a beneficial effect on Your hair.

Favorable and unfavorable days for cutting and coloring hair in July 2023

auspicious days in July 2023 are quite numerous, there are 11 of them, inon the calendar they are highlighted in green font and with a sign (+): 7, 11, from 12 to 15 inclusive, 17, 21-22, 24 and 31 July;

· there are twice as many obviously contradictory and negative days for hair in July 2023 than usual (in the calendar we marked them in red and with a sign (-): 2, 9, 10, 18, 25 and 30;

· the calendar of days with persistently neutral characteristics in July 2023 has 14 days. In the text they are highlighted with a (+-) sign and in gray: 1, 3-6, 8, 16, 19-20, 23, 26-29.

Next - the format of the lunar calendar of haircuts and coloring by day, familiar to the audience of the Ladyneeds fashion magazine:

July 1 (+ -)

July 2 (-)

July 3 (+ -)

These days the waning moon is subject to the zodiac constellation Aries.

Remove number 2 from your hair transformation plans. The remaining two days can be used for a haircut, provided that you want to keep your haircut longer, slow down hair growth. In addition, such a procedure is useful for getting rid of he alth problems, strengthening faith in one's own strength. For coloring, it is better to choose a light shade. Do not forget about the benefits of homemade hair masks.

July 4 (+ -) - July 5 (+ -) 2023

The moon is in its waning stage under the sign of Taurus.

Haircut will somewhat slow down hair growth, but it will help strengthen their entire structure. A new haircut, styling, lightening, painting over gray hair will have a beneficial effect on both the mood and the general condition of the hair, and will help overcome the overwhelming feeling of melancholy. Large, not tight curls can attractpositive emotions and energy.

July 6 (+ -)

July 7 (+)

July 8 (+ -)

The nature of the influence of the Moon is determined by its waning phase and the constellation Gemini.

Haircut will not affect the condition of the hair, but coloring (up to a cardinal change of color), perm carried out these days promise to be successful. Wednesday, July 7, is especially good for this, when there is every chance to settle problems in communication with people, to sort out your thoughts and deeds. Make a beautiful, special hairstyle and you will feel an influx of good mood and life-giving force.

July 9 (-) - July 10 (-) 2023

The extremely unfavorable period for hair under the sign of the Zodiac Cancer largely depends on the transitional period in the phases of the Moon: from the waning 9th to the New Moon on the 10th.

Exclude haircuts and any other hair manipulations these days, except for evening masks made from natural ingredients. There is nothing better than rest and nourishing hair masks during this period.

July 11 (+) - July 12 (+) 2023

The constellation Leo and the waxing phase of the moon marked the beginning of a long favorable period for hair.

It is from July 11 (to July 15 inclusive) that a five-day period begins, which must be used to the fullest to improve hair. Almost any of the procedures will benefit them and improve their appearance. A series of homemade moisturizing masks before bed will give excellent results.

July 13 (+) - July 14 (+) - July 15 (+) 2023

A unique and very auspicious time gives usa combination of the growing moon and the influence of the constellation Virgo on it.

The lunar calendar of July gives three more days with very favorable characteristics for hair. Feel free to plan a haircut, perm or coloring. The results of toning and searching for a new styling will be successful. In order to take full advantage of the favorable time, prepare nourishing masks and healing decoctions for rinsing your hair in the evenings.

July 16 (+ -)

July 17 (+)

The growing moon is located in the zodiac constellation Libra

If for some reason you missed the positive period preceding these days, then on July 17 there is a chance to correct everything and carry out all plans for the transformation of hair. A haircut will accelerate hair growth, sharpen intuition, and normalize the emotional state. It is believed that on Saturday, a haircut helps to get rid of loneliness and self-doubt.

July 18 (-)

July 19 (+ -)

The length of time that is contradictory for the growing Moon is determined by the influence of the constellation Scorpio.

Under the constellation of Scorpio, hair will experience a lot of conflicting factors. The nature of the influence of the moon during this period is so changeable that it can change dramatically literally every hour. In order not to push your luck, postpone all hairdressing procedures for a more suitable time.

July 20 (+ -)

July 21 (+)

For the growing Moon, the dominance of the constellation Sagittarius has become the determining factor.

With the transition of the Moon under the rule of Sagittarius, the situation for hair will practically not change, although it will notso categorically negative. On July 21, you can appoint a haircut. This will strengthen the roots, accelerate growth. This period will require great restraint from you, control your behavior. Listen to your business intuition, it will help you get a lot of useful information and deal with problems.

July 22 (+)

July 23 (+ -)

The traditionally positive effect on the hair of the constellation Capricorn is enhanced by the growing phase of the moon

Capricorn, positively influencing the growing Moon, and this time will not deceive our hopes, will create a favorable period of time for all kinds of hair manipulations. Feel free to schedule a visit to your master. It is better to choose a hairstyle that is concise and calm, otherwise no difficulties are expected.

July 24 (+)

July 25 (-)

Unfavorable conditions for hair conditions determine the sign of Aquarius and the transition period from the Full Moon on the 24th to the waning from the 25th.

It was this period that the stars and the Moon set aside for non-trivial and especially unusual decisions to change the image. If your style is conservative, then it is most prudent to skip these two days without changing anything in your appearance. But for fashionistas in the style of bright creativity and even shocking, this period is ideal for new ideas.

July 26 (+ -) - July 27 (+ -) - July 28 (+ -) 2023

The waning phase factor and the dominance of the constellation Pisces makes hair care especially careful.

In general, a neutral period, but there is one factor that in practice leads to the fact that it is better to postpone the hairdressing procedures. These days the scalpespecially vulnerable and susceptible to negative influences. Even a simple hair wash can harm her, not to mention complex manipulations. Give your hair three days of rest and no masks before bed.

July 29 (+ -)

July 30 (-)

Aries and the waning moon form a generally unfavorable background for the hair.

After the haircut, the waning moon will restrain the growth of hair, he alth problems may appear. If it is possible to exclude

these are the days of your plans to visit a hairdresser, do it, because the benefits will be minimal and the risk of negative results is too high.

July 31 (+) 2023

A hair-neutral period of time passes under the waning Moon and the sign of Taurus.

The auspicious day that ends July will be good for hair in every way. Haircut, new styling, lightening, waving and toning will be beautiful and will delight you. Intuition will increase, suddenly appearing ideas will contribute to creative and business success. Many benefits are expected from home care treatments.

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