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A unique confluence of factors that determine the uniqueness of the influence of the Moon on the condition of the hair, endowed August 2023 with the rarest features. An extremely rare lunar period has developed in which the haircut lunar calendar for August 2023, as well as the dyeing lunar calendar for August 2023, do not have a single unfavorable day. This is truly an invaluable gift for hair, which allows you to significantly improve them.

Only favorable days in August 2023 or at least neutral periods of time, along with an abundance of nutrients and vitamins that fruits, berries and vegetables ripening at this time give, create amazing conditions for hair care. It would be an unforgivable mistake not to take advantage of such phenomenal circumstances.

It will be much easier for the audience of the women's magazine Ladyneeds to adjust their hair care plans according to the lunar calendar this month. The August 2023 calendar of days does not contain any particularly important warnings and prohibitions. The characteristics of the days will differ only in the degree of intensity of their impact on thoseor other hairdressing treatments.

Auspicious and neutral days for cutting and coloring hair in August 2023
  • very favorable days of the month in the calendar are highlighted in green font and a sign (+): 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 21, 28;
  • calendar of days with stable neutral characteristics is marked with (+-) and in gray font: 1-8, 13-17, 20, 22-27, 29-31;
  • Controversial and negative days for hair cutting, which are usually marked with a (-) icon and a red warning color, are not in August 2023.

Next - our usual lunar calendar format by day:

August 1 (+ -) 2023

On the first day of August, the waning moon is under the zodiac constellation Taurus.

With relatively neutral characteristics of the lunar day, it is characterized by an emotionally positive mood. Even the slightest change in styling, not to mention a new haircut, will benefit the hair. It is believed that on this day even a simple manipulation of hair - frequent combing - will attract the energy of the cosmos to you, strengthen your strength and ability to resist longing, envious people and ill-wishers.

August 2 (+ -) - August 3 (+ -) - August 4 (+ -)

The waning phase of the moon under the sign of Gemini this time spans three days.

The predominantly neutral properties of these lunar days also have clearly positive features: dyeing, toning and chemical curling of hair will be successful and will not cause any significant harm to your strands. Such a transformation of appearance will stimulatepositive mood and the emergence of new creative ideas. Do not forget that each of the days of August is able to bring maximum benefit from masks made from natural ingredients.

August 5 (+ -) - August 6 (+ -) 2023

The almost completed stage of the waning of the Moon (26th and 27th lunar days) passes under the sign of Cancer.

These days, haircuts may not be the best. What will definitely positively affect the appearance of the hair is coloring with a cardinal color change. Thinking about styling, opt for a concise and extremely neat option. It is believed that such decisions will also attract financial well-being. Days are conducive to emotional saturation, but it is better to restrain rash impulses and energy losses.

August 7 (+ -) - August 8 (+ -)

August 9 (+)

Under the sign of the Zodiac Leo, the Moon will go through a difficult period from the waning phase (7th day) to the New Moon (8th day) and will enter the growth phase (from the 9th day).

It is more expedient to move all your hair care plans to the end of this three-day period - on August 9th. It is then that the calendar of favorable days begins (it will last until August 12 inclusive). Any of their hairdressing procedures will be well received by the hair, adding thickness, strength and shine to it. No matter how busy your days are, be sure to make a moisturizing hair mask in the evening.

August 10 (+) - August 11 (+)

Pronounced auspicious hair days gives the growing moon in the constellation Virgo.

Perfect time for hair transformation plans.Feel free to plan haircuts, dyeing, perms, new hairstyles. Brush your hair more often throughout the day. Do not put off visiting the hairdresser, and before going to bed, be sure to apply a nourishing or moisturizing mask to your hair. Taking care of your hair these days will significantly improve their he alth and appearance.

August 12 (+)

August 13 (+ -)

The moon in the growth phase under the sign of Libra has a beneficial effect on the hair.

It is believed that a haircut will stimulate active hair growth, and dyeing them in natural light shades can give you a lot of positive emotions, activate creative ideas, suggest creative solutions. Hairdressing procedures carried out these days will contribute to the improvement of the hair. With nourishing masks and healing decoctions for rinsing, it will be even easier to achieve a clear improvement in the condition of the skin and strands.

August 14 (+ -) - August 15 (+ -) 2023

The moon's growth phase continues under the sign of the Zodiac Scorpio.

If you can not transfer the haircut to another time, choose the classic version. Such a decision will accelerate hair growth, help to get away from melancholy and loneliness, and significantly increase self-esteem. It is worth resorting to a strict, classic form when choosing a styling. So you will attract energy to yourself and protect yourself from the overly emotional atmosphere that will surround you.

August 16 (+ -) - August 17 (+ -) 2023

The growing moon is located in the zodiac constellation Sagittarius.

A neutral period of time that will not have anynoticeable effect on the hair. If your goal is to maximize hair promotion, strengthening and beauty, it is advisable to postpone going to the salon for just a day or two (on August 18 or 19), when the effect will be most useful and positive.

August 18 (+) - August 19 (+)

The constellation Capricorn is the patron of the growing Moon.

It is noticed that under the sign of Capricorn, any hairdressing procedures are successful and have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. And this time was no exception, offering us the perfect time to transform and improve hair. A haircut will strengthen the roots, accelerate the growth of your head of hair. Coloring will give not only the desired color, but also a natural shine. Homemade masks and rinsing with decoctions of herbs will be very timely and useful.

July 20 (+ -)

July 21 (+)

August 22 (+ -)

Transitional period from the waxing Moon on the 20-21st to the "Full" Moon phase (on the 22nd) under the constellation Aquarius.

Aquarius traditionally encourages creative ideas that border on outrageous. The ideal time for extraordinary and non-trivial stylistic decisions. This applies to the entire range of hairdressing services. If your style differs from defiantly outrageous trends, then it is better to cross these days out of your plans to visit the salon, despite the fact that August 21 according to the lunar calendar promises to be very favorable. Concentrate your desire to take care of your hair on wellness masks.

August 23 (+ -) - August 24 (+ -) 2023

Duet of the zodiac constellation Pisces and the waningThe moon creates difficult conditions for those who take care of strands every day.

Neutral period of time, but not for hairdressing manipulations. The scalp during this period is especially sensitive and prone to negative influences. However, adverse effects are easily avoided if these days you refuse to change your appearance. And this applies to even the simplest procedure - washing your hair. Postpone the idea of putting on a mask too.

August 25 (+ -) - August 26 (+ -) 2023

The moon is in its waning phase, dominated by Aries.

The results of the interaction of such factors (the waning Moon under the sign of Aries) in August 2023 are fundamentally different from those that can be observed in other months and years. They did not lead to unfavorable conditions for the hair and are generally characterized as consistently positive. Any of the procedures taken by the master will not bring the desired effect, but there will be no harm either. A peculiar state is created, which is often referred to as "vain efforts." It has been noticed that only wellness masks and rinses will be useful for hair.

August 27 (+ -)

August 28 (+)

August 29 (+ -)

Favorable conditions for hair care are formed by the waning Moon in the constellation Taurus.

Of the three days that entered this period, August 28 has especially positive characteristics. If you have the opportunity to appoint a haircut, coloring, toning, painting over gray hair, perm, plucking eyebrows on this particular day, then the result will remainsatisfied. In addition, these days, frequent combing of strands in the direction of the four cardinal directions will be useful.

August 30 (+ -) - August 31 (+ -) 2023

The stable-neutral period is formed by the waning Moon and the sign of Gemini.

The end of August period of time does not have pronounced characteristics and obvious results. Each of the hair manipulations undertaken will have both a positive effect and the likelihood of disappointment. Haircut can be advised only to those who want to keep the shape of the haircut as long as possible, slow down regrowth. Only the benefits of home care and wellness procedures remain undeniable.

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