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To maintain the beauty and he alth of hair in December and in the following winter months, you will need your maximum attention and care for them. In addition to cosmetics that have earned your trust, use the knowledge and skills of hair care that have been proven by many generations. The basic condition was the practice to take into account the lunar calendar of favorable days, appointing the days of haircuts and any other hairdressing procedures. This will not require any extra effort and time from you, but the entrenched habit of checking your plans according to the lunar calendar will positively affect the general condition of the hair.

As our publications on this topic are gaining popularity, we note the expansion of the audience who have decided to adopt unfairly forgotten ways to improve hair he alth. The lunar calendar for haircuts for December 2023 and the lunar calendar for coloring for December 2023, posted on the website of the women's magazine Ladyneeds, will allow you to learn the features of the month by day and navigate your long-term plans for visiting a hairdresser.

Favorable and unfavorable daysfor cutting and coloring hair in December 2023

  • calendar of days that can bring maximum benefit to hair in December 2023 includes: 1, 6, 7, 9, 14, 15, 16, 18, 22, and 25 (in the text they are traditionally highlighted in green and sign (+);
  • definitely unfavorable for cutting hair in December of the outgoing year are three days: 3, 4, 12 (they are highlighted in red and with a (-) icon);
  • the main part of the month, 18 days, have neutral or relatively balanced characteristics (in the text they are distinguished by gray color and a sign (+ -): 2, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 17, 19, 20, 21 , 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

December 1 (+) 2023

The month begins with one of the most auspicious days, its positive properties are formed by the waning Moon under the constellation Libra. It is believed that after a haircut and a change of hairstyle on this lunar day, charisma and charm are strengthened, and a cardinal recoloring of the hair will replenish the body with energy and attract good luck in financial affairs. Haircut in

environment gets rid of chaos in thoughts and deeds, will improve previously damaged relationships with others and gives hope for good news.

December 2 (+ -)

December 3 (-)

The habitually unstable and unpredictable Scorpio at the end of the waning phase of the moon creates additional difficulties for the hair.

In general, this period is regarded as negative for hairdressing procedures. Moreover, a haircut will not have the best effect on your physical activity, increasing the feeling of fatigue. If you want to change somethingin appearance it is irresistible, you can dye or tint your hair in a color close to the existing one, do not do anything drastic. In laying, stick to concise and simple solutions.

December 4 (-)

December 5 (+ -)

Sagittarius to the New Moon (4 numbers) will not improve the situation formed the day before by Scorpio.

Any chemical effect on the hair (coloring or perm) is undesirable. The strands shortened these days will become thin and naughty. Installing them takes a lot of time and effort. Wait for a better time. Of the useful manipulations with the hair, only nourishing masks before bed can be called. On these lunar days, long sleep is of particular importance, try to fall asleep early.

December 6 (+)

December 7 (+)

These are the most auspicious days in December 2023. The zodiac constellation Capricorn and the Moon in the growth phase create pronounced, positive conditions for hair care.

It is on these lunar days that literally all types of hairdressing procedures will benefit the hair, strengthen its structure, and add shine. The positive effect is significantly enhanced by the fact that it is on Monday and Tuesday that the negative is sheared, melancholy and depression are successfully overcome. Experts advise to schedule a visit to the master for these days.

December 8 (+ -)

December 9 (+)

The waxing Moon under the rule of the Aquarius zodiac sign is especially looked forward to by those who are planning creative, bright, unusual (even on the verge of outrageous) changes in appearance. If inYour plans are a simple haircut or coloring in natural shades, then this period of time is definitely not suitable for this. Success awaits supporters of experiments and bold decisions.

December 10 (+ -)

December 11 (+ -)

The constellation Pisces and the growing Moon create extremely specific conditions for hair, in which the skin on the head becomes the most vulnerable. Even ordinary hair washing, not to mention exposure to chemical components contained in dyeing, toning or curling products, can harm hair he alth. The best solution is to give your hair two days of complete rest, even comb it gently and with care.

December 12 (-)

December 13 (+ -)

The constellation Aries and lunar days in the growth phase create the last hair-negative period of time in December 2023.

Any, and especially a cardinal impact on the hair in a negative way can affect their condition and appearance. Do not plan to visit the hairdresser on December 12-13, and look for the next three days according to the lunar calendar, which are perfect for this.

December 14 (+)

December 15 (+)

December 16 (+)

The moon is growing under the sign of Taurus. The wonderful characteristics of the lunar days and the positive properties of the days of the week they fall on promise success in hairdressing manipulations.

You can not waste time studying the properties of these days, but feel free to plan a haircut, dyeing, toning or perm.

December 17 (+ -)

December 18(+)

December 19 (+ -)

The last two lunar days in the growth phase (on the 17th and 18th) and under the Full Moon (on the 19th) under the influence of the constellation Gemini radically differ in the degree of impact on the hair.

Relatively neutral December 17th and favorable December 18th are strikingly different from December 19th. If the first days of this period of time do not promise any fears, then Sunday (the 19th) is categorically not suitable for a haircut. It is believed that in this way you can destroy the subtle connection with your egregor - the guardian angel and the cosmos. Such recommendations apply not only to hair, but also to nails.

December 20 (+ -)

December 21 (+ -)

The waning moon under the sign of Cancer opens up a fairly long (until the end of December 2023) period of stability for hair. A good time to transform them in anticipation of the New Year holidays and vacations.

The haircut is suitable for those who want to strengthen the hair roots, slow down the growth of hair and keep the option they like longer. Extremely useful and timely for damaged and dry strands will be nourishing, moisturizing masks and rinses with herbal decoctions.

December 22 (+)

December 23 (+ -)

The stable and quite favorable period for hair will continue with the waning moon under the constellation Leo.

Great period for hair care. And this applies not only to hairdressing services, but also to home care and he alth procedures using natural ingredients and medicinal plants.

December 24 (+ -)

25December (+)

December 26 (+ -)

Under the sign of Virgo, the waning Moon will give two more consistently positive days for hair (December 24 and 26), as well as a pronounced auspicious lunar day - the 25th.

It's time for a new haircut, freshen up your hair color and (if desired) a light perm. The implementation of these plans will noticeably decorate

hair will attract additional energy and improve mood. If in the previous period of time you missed the opportunity to make extremely useful homemade hair masks, then these three lunar days are well suited for wellness treatments.

December 27 (+ -)

December 28 (+ -)

The outgoing 2023 in the last days of December is marked by a favorable and balanced background for hair with the waning moon under the sign of Libra.

With the general saturation and emotionality of the pre-holiday days, be sure to update your haircut and even radically change your hair color. This will enhance your charisma and attractiveness. But with the desire to do a lot of things at once and move mountains, be extremely careful, use your body's strength carefully, avoiding significant energy losses.

December 29 (+ -)

December 30 (+ -)

If you have not yet managed to realize your New Year's plans for your hair, you can do this even with the waning Moon under the rule of Scorpio. At the same time, there is no need to expect much benefit from hairdressing procedures for improving hair, but outwardly they will become much more beautiful and spectacular.

December 31, 2023 (+ -)

Zodiacthe constellation Sagittarius and the waning moon create the conditions under which a haircut will contribute to your success and popularity among others, and a bold cardinal change in the color of your hair will attract the energy of he alth and financial profit. Laconic styling will allow you to use your strength more rationally on this impulsive emotionally charged day.

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