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The most feminine item in every fashionista's wardrobe is, of course, the skirt. It can be absolutely anything: businesslike and elegant, restrained and strict, or vice versa seductive and carefree-flying, it doesn’t matter, in any case, this thing emphasizes the tenderness and romance of female nature in the best possible way. Its length can also vary from an ultra-short mini to the maximum lowered to the floor; every year, fashion trends for skirts undergo various changes. However, the thing itself in any form is a basic component of the women's wardrobe. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail which style will be trendy in the spring-summer 2023 season.

Light and elegant pleated skirt

Pleated skirts have always been in some demand among women, and the last few seasons are still relevant and in demand. Most designers decided to take a fresh look at this piece of clothing and presented trendy new items in their spring-summer 2023 fashion collections. Now pleated skirts have become not only more delicate and feminine, but also quite original. The hit of the season will be skirts made of atypical materials and with a non-trivialdecor, for example, not standard chiffon or silk, but leather or woolen skirts with bright futuristic prints.

Strict and business pencil skirt

Lovers of strict and formal business style can rejoice, because one of the hit trends of the spring-summer 2023 fashion season will be a pencil skirt. She is not only stylish and beautiful, but also successfully emphasizes all the advantages of a female figure such as the waist, buttocks and, of course, slender and attractive legs. The main favorites of this season will be skirts with animal print, lace elements, as well as knitted models in soothing restrained shades. No less popular will be denim models of standard length just below the knee, decorated with various rhinestones, beads and sequins.

Seductive sheer skirts

The most win-win option for a summer skirt will be openwork and chiffon models. A combination of ultra-short tight-fitting shorts with a light transparent skirt will become a burning trend, because with its help you can not only look stylish and beautiful, but also emphasize it as naturally as possible.your sexuality. As an addition to the image, stylists recommend using sandals or sandals with low speed and an elongated jumper or jacket. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the delicate romantic bow with excessive vulgarity. The length of a fashionable skirt can be both maxi to the floor and medium to the knee. Among the popular styles, Tatyanka skirts with frills at the waist and a wide belt, or A-line skirts will be the clear leaders.

Comfortable and practical wrap skirt

Wrap models have been the leading trend of spring-summer collections for several seasons and are not going to give up their positions in 2023. However, this season it has changed significantly and has become more and more like a wrapper. Since naturalness and naturalness have been in fashion for many years now, fashion designers have decided to add intrigue and modesty to the female image. Thus, the trendy style of the wrap skirt in 2023 will accurately outline the hips and slightly open the leg. The length of such a skirt can be any, but stylists recommend opting for a classic mini. After all, it is these models that will emphasize the dignity of a female figure in the best way.

Asymmetrical fit

A real hit in this trendythe spring-summer 2023 season will become asymmetric. In addition to the usual uneven underskirt and side slit, many designers presented models of skirts in their collections, complemented by non-trivial details and a complex style. However, do not think that asymmetric skirts in 2023 will look outrageous and defiant, not at all, they will be interesting and unpredictable, due to which they will fit perfectly into almost any look. Models with a zigzag hemline will become especially relevant.

Fashion prints and colors of skirts

Despite the fact that the main fashion trend in 2023 will be restraint and conciseness, and all shades of beige and nude tones will be the preferred favorites in the color palette, it is fashionable spring-summer skirts that will delight you with their richness and brightness. These things will really sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow, delighting their owner and others. Among the most popular and relevant will be a variety of shades of light green, orange, yellow and coral. As for the fashion print on the skirt in 2023, pop art, small and large polka dots and, of course, imitation of animal skin and reptile skin, which has been popular for several years in a row, will become the undoubted leader. For more feminine and romantic natures, designers offer a wide variety of models with flowers, preferably roses or poppies.

A-line skirt and sun

As retro fashion has been actively popularized over the past few seasons, skirts with a recognizable A-line have become more in demand than ever. Remarkably, designers do not hesitate to apply it to a wide variety of models, ranging from knitted wrap skirts to suede and leather models of mini and midi skirts. The trapeze or sun style goes well with both light summer cropped tops and thin pullovers or shirts. That is why such models can become a worthy alternative to a pencil skirt, which is the main element of a business office style.

High Waist Skirt

Fashion trends for the spring-summer 2023 season have shown that high-waisted skirts will still remain relevant and in demand for many years in a row. The most remarkable thing is that every year the height of the belt rises. And if a couple of years ago, skirts with a softly defined belt were trendy models, then this season, light and flowing skirts with a length just below the knee and a belt that looks more like a corset will be at the peak of popularity.

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