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Women of all ages always strive to look not just attractive, but impeccable and stunning. To create the perfect look, you will need not only stylish clothes, but also an equally stylish and trendy hairstyle with a well-chosen hair tone.

As you know, since ancient times, the fair sex loved to experiment with the color of their hair, but modern fashion has stepped much further forward.

So, for example, over the past few years, in addition to the basic and familiar shades of the natural palette, bright and extravagant shades, such as green, purple and pink, have become incredibly popular. It is worth noting that this trend, although it appeared several years ago, nevertheless, is still growing in popularity every year.

Fashion hair coloring 2022-2023 in dark shades: photo ideas

If we talk about fashion trends in coloring in 2022-2023, it can be noted that there will be no out-of-date shades as such, since most stylists offer fashionistas absolute freedom of action.

But nevertheless, the most burning trend will still be hair coloring with fashionable bright shades. And if earlier this type of coloring could be afforded preferably by “bright heads”, then this season bright pink or blue strands in combination with dark shades, such as black, dark chocolate or mocha, will become a real hit.

The so-called double coloring will become quite common, when the inside of the hair is dyed with non-standard trend colors, such as lilac, pink, green or blue, and the upper part is made in a close to natural shade, such as dark chestnut, hot chocolate, nutmeg or coffee.

Thus, it turns out that in the normal state, colored strands will not be visible behind the upper ball. But if you do styling on such a hairstyle, then it will sparkle with new, very extraordinary colors. Can be used to color the lower part as one or several colors at once.

Trendy blonde hair shades 2022-2023: photo coloring ideas

Platinum and Nordic blonde lovers can rejoice as these shades will continue to be the number one hair color trend in 2022-2023. However, somemodifications will overtake them. In connection with the dynamically developing trend in color, the addition of blond curls with bright expressive strands of unusual tones, preferably pink or purple, will become the hit of the season.

For those who are not yet ready for such drastic measures, there are more loyal types of fashionable coloring, for example, the light ombre, which has been popular for several seasons in a row. The most sought after trend will be dark blond roots and a smooth transition along the entire length to platinum or Nordic tips.

It is preferable that the transition is soft and subtle, and the bulk of the hair has a light ash shade of blond. A calmer ombre with a smooth but well-defined transition from light brown roots to Nordic or platinum blond at the tips will also remain popular. Remarkably, the blond will have to take up more than 60% of the entire length of the hair.

Well, the last burning trend of 2022-2023 for blondes who strive for self-expression is the color dyeing of the roots. Favorites will be lilac and pink shades in combination with ice or ashy blondes. Remarkably, the roots should be painted no more than 3 cm, and have a soft smooth transition tothe main color, no more than two centimeters.

Trendy red hair shades: color trends 2022-2023

The real hit of 2022-2023 will be a palette of red tones. Bright and non-trivial fiery red or copper hair will be extremely in demand among fashionistas all over the world. That is why the owners of natural red shades can truly enjoy their unusual color and emphasize all its advantages as much as possible.

But for those who are not lucky enough to boast of natural hair of this palette, they can safely choose the necessary shade for themselves, depending on the type of appearance and skin, in order to look as sexy and attractive as possible. If the natural color of the hair is dark or close to it, it is best to use such tones as fire, volcano, bronze, paprika or copper for fashion coloring.

At the same time, the staining itself is best done using the metering technique with the longest and shortest soft transition shaded as much as possible, or using the balayage technique to create optimal color overflows. Girls with lighter natural hair, close to blond, can choose bright and rich shades of the red palette for coloring, or one of the tones listed above and apply full coloring throughoutlength, from roots to tips.

Trendy blond shades of hair 2022-2023: options, photo coloring

Shades of light brown have long been leaders among the entire palette, in demand among women of all ages. This is not surprising, because the number of light brown shades is very extensive and the choice is really great, and they look gorgeous on the hair of any structure, making it more lively and voluminous, regardless of the dyeing technique.

The blond palette has become especially relevant over the past few years due to the trend of naturalness and naturalness, which has affected not only fashion catwalks, but also the beauty industry. Most often, light brown shades are used in a combination of several colors in such trendy types of coloring as ombre, shatush and balayage, when you need to create a smooth and natural transition from dark roots to bleached blonde tips.

Fashion coloring with ombre, balayazh, shatush, highlighting techniques

Every year there are more and more unusual hair coloring techniques. Especially in demand in 2022-2023 will remain such techniques as balayazh, ombre and shatush, which were incredibly relevant for severalprevious seasons.

This popularity is justified by the trend towards naturalness, since almost all types of dyeing imitate sun-bleached hair. This effect is achieved through a competent combination of dark strands and roots, and clarified tips.

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