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Perhaps the most solemn, festive, sophisticated and feminine is the white manicure. It represents a kind of innocence and purity, adds tenderness, fragility and romance to the image, and therefore is incredibly in demand among young girls.

White manicure is also very common in the wedding industry, for many years now this color has been the number one trend for the vast majority of brides.

In 2022-2023, you can see many different interesting variations on the theme of white manicure, which will perfectly fit into both everyday looks and a strict office dress code. In addition, white nails will harmoniously complement the festive look with their brevity and spontaneity.

White nails: photo novelties of manicure 2022-2023, basic styles

Because modern fashion trends tend to favor naturalness, naturalness and conciseness, minimalist design is a favorite for the 2022-2023 season.

Given the popularity of such decorative elements as rubs and glitters, in combination with the main one of pure white or creamy whiteshellac, such a manicure will not need additional decoration at all.

However, for those who are not ready to completely abandon the design of white manicure, or think that it will look boring, the nail industry experts have prepared several trends that are in demand in 2022-2023, which were also relevant for several seasons in a row.

In addition to complementing the white coating with a pearl or mother-of-pearl rubbing, you can accentuate several nails with a mirror rubbing with a metallic effect, or decorate them with powder.

What is remarkable is that you can choose both matte and shimmery powder, but you should remember the main rule - if the base polish is matte, accentuated nails should be covered with shimmer to diversify the manicure and give it some luxury, and vice versa, when choosing a glossy coating, you need to give preference to matte powder to match the manicure.

3D monochrome drawings made with white or transparent gel polish will also be popular.

White manicure for short nails: photo novelties of nail solutions 2022-2023

Despite the fact that the white color seems to be easily soiled and can visually shorten already short nails, it will be an incredibly relevant and popular trend in the 2022-2023 fashion season.

Thanks to a large number of modern techniques for applying a white manicure on short nails, it can best emphasize the tenderness and sophistication of women's hands.

Don't think that it will look pretentious or too festive, with the help of the appropriate design you can choose a universal manicure that is perfect for both everyday looks and for a special event.

The main trend of white manicure for short nails will still be a matte finish with light decoration with silver rhinestones. You can cover them with a small scattering, or focus on a few fingers in the hole area.

This manicure is distinguished by its noble and elegant look, and therefore will perfectly fit even into a strict business look. The second, no less relevant trend is the gradient, it is preferable to use pastel or pastel colors for the transition.nude tones so that the manicure does not look too vulgar and defiant.

White manicure for long nails: photos of design designs 2022-2023

Long nails mean more space for creativity, however, white color is very capricious, and therefore it is best to stick to the main fashion trends of white manicure in 2022-2023.

The undoubted favorite will remain a textured manicure, as it is concise and versatile. The perfect combination of a matte surface with a non-trivial pattern of decorative sand or powder will add a lightness of mystery to the image, and make the nails more well-groomed.

So that a white manicure does not look too boring on long nails or, on the contrary, too festive, many experts recommend applying it to almond-shaped nails and using very popular techniques as a design - broken glass or kamifubuki.

And of course, do not forget about flower painting, but in this case, the emphasis is best done on two or three nails, while the flowers shouldbe drawn in one contrasting tone such as blue, purple or black.

White gel polish and shellac on nails: photos of what's new for the 2022-2023 season

The relevance of white manicure in 2022-2023 will still remain on top, as in many previous seasons. This, first of all, is explained by the fact that it is the white color that brides most often prefer when choosing a manicure for a wedding, since it is the white color that personifies tenderness and purity.

However, in addition to the wedding theme, the usual everyday white manicure will also be common this season, and therefore the use of gel polish and shellac will become even more in demand.

Because these materials are durable, applying shellac manicure to your nails can not only keep the manicure flawless for several weeks, but also not worry about the strength of the nails. Painting white manicure with geometric patterns of gel polish, moon and French manicure will also be popular.

White manicure with design:rhinestones, stones and pattern on white nails, photo 2022-2023

The hot trend of the season will be acrylic modeling. Such an unusual design of a white manicure is quite non-trivial and at the same time concise, it perfectly complements the white color and looks quite interesting and fresh.

It is preferable to depict floral motifs or various bows that can best complement a monotonous white canvas. In addition, you can additionally decorate acrylic molding with small rhinestones or bouillons to add some shine and luxury.

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