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The modern nail industry does not stand still and is constantly developing every year, delighting fashionistas around the world with more and more new trends.

So, for example, one of the most popular trends in fashionable manicure in 2022-2023 will be brown manicure, which, despite its restraint and conciseness, is very multifaceted and diverse.

Therefore, even the most demanding of the fair sex will be able to choose exactly the design option that will best emphasize their unsurpassed style, elegance and originality.

Fashion trends 2022-2023 in the nail industry are especially actively developing the trend of naturalness and naturalness, and also moving it up the steps of fashion trends to the heights of relevance and acute significance.

Brown nails 2022-2023: trends, best manicure photo novelties

One of the most common options for the aesthetic design of a stylish manicure 2022-2023 is undoubtedly a chocolate shade. Nail design in this palette has been especially updated since the active promotion of such newfangled coatings as gel-varnish and shellac.

Due to the depth and saturation of dark brown tones, expressive pigments and luxurious shimmer of gloss, brown manicure in all its variations will confidently take a leading position in the top variations of nail decoration. The best chocolate manicure ideas of 2022-2023, which were presented by many stylists, will still be a combination with gasoline or mirror rub, as well as various glitters.

Most of the design options for nail plates for both short and long nails are presented mainly for everyday life, however, for special solemn and evening festive events, you can also choose a luxurious and elegant option with rhinestones or shimmering powder, for example .

Brown manicure for short nails: trendy shades of chocolate, photo 2022-2023

Thanks to the wide variety of brown palettes, you can easily choose exactly the brown shade that will perfectly emphasize the elegance and sophistication of manicure even on short nails.

For these occasions it is better to choose something not too catchy, restrained, so to speak, something conservative and concise.The trend of the 2022-2023 season for short nails will be chocolate classics, the photo novelties of which literally filled all the Internet spaces and fashion glossy magazines.

The most popular manicure option for short nails will be matte chocolate, since this version of the nail coating slightly muffles the shimmering glossy highlights and, thus, allows you to use it in any field of activity.

It pairs well with almost any look and is age-appropriate, even in intense pigmented color.

The brown shade of matting brown velvet correctly delineates the boundaries of the nail plate, which should at the same time be neatly filed and elegant. Even without additional decor, such a manicure will look great from the side.

Another interesting and popular manicure option for short nails will be a chocolate jacket, which, for all its simplicity, looks quite elegant and is ideal for office style.

It looks especially appropriate in combination with a transparent base coat of the nail, since the natural nude shade of the nailthe plate goes well with a deep coffee shade.

Brown manicure for long nails 2022-2023: chocolate undertone, photo ideas

Long nails give more space for creativity, and therefore there are much more options for fashionable brown manicure in this case.

One of the favorites of the season will be a chestnut moon manicure, since this design is quite calm and concise, besides it looks very aristocratic and elegant.

Even despite the active and expressive brown shade, the moon manicure does not seem defiant and looks quite dignified and presentable.

The chocolate gradient will look no less impressive and non-trivial, presented in the form of a transition from rich brown brown to a delicate cream shade in the ombre style. It looks equally beautiful and flawless both on a glossy and matte finish and does not need additional decor. However, various additions, such as a pearl rub or acrylic powder drawing on several nails, will only make it better.

Brown gel polish and shellacon nails: the best photo options for manicure in brown tones

Gel polish and shellac today are not only the most common, but also the most sought-after materials for the perfect, and most importantly durable manicure, which can easily maintain its original external qualities for several weeks.

The hot trend of 2022-2023 will be brown shellac manicure with imitation of chocolate bars, which will certainly appeal to all sweet lovers.

The main advantage of this type of manicure is that it looks equally good on both short and long nails, but do not forget that the square shape of the nails is best for this type of design, or with slightly rounded edges.

However, the shape of the nail is not a prerequisite, and therefore the owners of an oval or almond shape can safely afford to imitate chocolate bars.

Rhinestones, drawings and stones on brown nails: photo novelties of chocolate manicure design

The most hitbrown manicure design options will be elements with a thematic focus, such as decor with imitation coffee beans, chocolate bars or cupcakes.

Animal theme will also be popular, or rather leopard prints applied to one or more nails, in addition, it is worth noting that the print itself can be applied to the nail not completely, but only partially.

A minimalist design with stones or rhinestones will become a burning trend, namely, applying one pebble to each nail in the center of the hole. Do not lose its relevance and acrylic powder, which, depending on the type of coating of the main manicure, can be matte or shimmery.

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