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The pattern is such a versatile and practical type of design that it can easily decorate any manicure. French, moon, gradient - it is easily combined with all the most fashionable and popular manicure techniques, brings variety and originality.

The main trend of 2022-2023 will be conciseness and restraint, and therefore this will directly affect popular nail designs.

Complicated manicure and intricate pictures remained in the past season, this year naturalness and naturalness, without unnecessary bulkiness and frills, will become the most popular. This will help not only save time when choosing a fashionable nail design, but also greatly facilitate its further adjustment.

Nail design with a pattern: fashion ideas, photo novelties 2022-2023

The main trend of the 2022-2023 season will be the classic French manicure, as it is incredibly versatile and can be anything, but not banal, it can easily be supplemented with any pattern and made original and mysterious.

Pale pink nails with white tips no longer inspire anyone, so in fashionrandom mix of textures and shades included.

Let's say you can apply a delicate lemon-colored varnish on your nails, and underline the nail hole and free edge with black, and add it all over with white dots in a chaotic manner.

A la Pollock-style manicure, which was shown by famous world designers at summer shows, will become a burning trend.

Such nail art, reminiscent of either the work of American expressionists, or children's scribbles, looks very extraordinary.

This design has two advantages - firstly, it makes any look spectacular, even ordinary jeans and a T-shirt. Secondly, it is exclusive and individual, since it is almost impossible to repeat the same pattern.

The second no less popular type of nail design in 2022-2023 will be a variant of the space manicure technique: when various dark shades of black and blue are alternately applied to the nail with a sponge by applying.

Well, another manicure design trend that is relevant this season is a leopard or zebra print on nails. So that the design does not seem boring or vulgar, it needs to beperform in an unusual color: replace the usual white and black zebra combination with green and red. In order not to overdo it, you can decorate only one finger with this print - for example, the ring finger.

Geometric patterns on nails: photos, main trends 2022-2023

The popularity of geometric patterns on nails is becoming more and more every year, and therefore it is not surprising that the number of new techniques for applying a geometric pattern is increasing.

The main advantage of the geometric design is its practicality and versatility, since such a manicure is perfect for any look, and can also easily decorate the nails of women of all ages, regardless of lifestyle.

Besides, it is quite easy to experiment with a geometric pattern and at the same time get a stylish and original design.

The main trend of this season will be nailsNeutral nude color is decorated with thin black stripes that form a geometric pattern.

Also, “ink” stains will be quite popular, however, the main thing in this image will be a perfectly painted nail plate with whimsical white varnish, further accuracy is optional.

And the latest fashion trend is the geometric pattern, the so-called patchwork, which often resembles a patchwork quilt or a multi-colored woolen carpet. And the brighter and more varied your patchwork manicure, the better!

Spring-summer drawings on nails: photo design novelties 2022-2023

The absolute trend of the spring season in the field of nail design will be colorful drawings with floral motifs, made on a sparkling glossy finish, complemented by sparkles. Spring manicure with flowers and sparkles will be relevant in pink, light green, lilac or light blue tones.

The second, undoubted, trend of spring 2022-2023 will be a light spring gradient made using light pastel gel polishes. The rule for choosing shades is quite simple. The base shade is taken as the basis, for example, white, and additionally two more trendy colors.

The main thing is that the entire palette should have the same undertone: it can be either both warm or both cold shades. In this case, a beautiful combination of tones is obtained, and therefore a gentle and concise spring manicure will look stylish and organic.

To create a bright design, it is preferable to use three contrasting shades, and for everyday manicure it is better to opt for two neutral tones. A good nail design option for spring 2022-2023 is a beige jacket with a smooth gradient turning into white at the tips.

Well, of course, spring will not do without greenery, a favorite will be a laconic manicure with sprigs of greenery. If desired, the ornament can be supplemented with shimmering powder or sparkles. Depending on the chosen style, the appropriate color scheme is also selected for additional decor.

Autumn-winter nail art: new photo designs 2022-2023

To create a trendy autumn manicure, gold copper or bronze nail polish is perfect, it can be basic, or serve as an accent for just a few nails.

It is better to decorate a manicure with foil, sequins or rhinestones when the main coating is matte, so the decorative elements will shimmer very effectively in the sun. An alternative option is a gel polish with filler or mother of pearl, orpearl or mirror rub.

Autumn manicure is simply unthinkable without deep and rich shades. Here are just cold yellow shades that were so popular in the summer, it is better to replace them with a warmer color scheme, but the nail design itself can be different.

Autumn manicure is associated with yellowed foliage, and winter manicure with snow and holidays. There are characteristic shades for each period, in autumn they are fiery yellow, red or orange tones, and in winter cold blue-gray shades.

As a universal decor, you can depict raindrops with a transparent gel polish or three-dimensional painting. Or apply an imitation of a knitted fabric made using the same technique on several nails.

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