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All girls who have vision problems and are forced to wear glasses sooner or later face such a problem as choosing a stylish and fashionable frame for them, and if the girl is an inveterate fashionista, then even more so it is necessary to change the frame every new season.

However, it is worth noting that designers go to meet girls, and therefore fashion trends regarding frames for eyeglasses do not change as often as for the same sunglasses.

Of course, new items are presented at fashion shows every year, however, their discrepancy with the fashion trends of past seasons is relatively small, so the 2022-2023 season will please fashionistas not only with a large number of new products, but also with the fact that the burning trends of past seasons will will still remain relevant.

Basic rules for choosing eyeglass frames

Since girls are girls in everything, glasses for the fair sex perform several important functions at the same time: they correct and improve vision, and are also a very stylish and original accessory.

That is why for girls the selection of frames for such glasses is veryresponsible step, because they will have to wear these glasses most of their time.

Far-sighted and near-sighted: which glasses are suitable for whom?

In addition to the fact that when choosing the glasses themselves, you must first of all be guided by the peculiarities of vision, it is also recommended to pay attention to the frames, as, for example, thicker frames are suitable for myopic young ladies.

And there are several good reasons for this, the first of which is that in short-sighted girls, the eyes become visually smaller, which can be compensated for precisely by a thick frame. Well, with far-sighted girls, everything is exactly the same, only in the opposite direction, the thinner the frame, the better.

Bright, stylish eyeglasses? Or more modest frames?

Girls who like to be in the center of attention can safely choose glasses with horn contrasting frames, but more modest representatives of the fair sex, who, on the contrary, want to emphasize their tenderness, femininity and sophistication, should pay attention to rimless glasses in general, with only pieces of glass.

But the main factor in the selection of glasses is the shape of the girl's face, since the mismatch of proportions will lead to an absurd appearance even in the most fashionable and relevant glasses.

Rimless glasses or vice versawith a thick "border"? We sort out what suits who.

Girls with sophisticated and aristocratic facial features are best suited for rimless glasses, but glasses with a large massive frame are recommended for older active girls, as they visually help to lose a couple of years and make the face more lively and cheerful.

What shape of glasses for what type of appearance: photos, recommendations

Round-shaped glasses will come in handy for girls with an oval or square face shape, and it is desirable that the glasses themselves be slightly tinted. But for chubby beauties, such glasses are categorically contraindicated, it is better for them to choose a square shape.

Triangle-shaped girls are best suited with drop glasses. And finally, young ladies with an oval face can safely choose any model of glasses, since they will all look good on it, regardless of the frame.

Popular eyeglass trends 2022-2023

Modern fashion trends in glasses for vision are very diverse, and therefore anyone can easily choose exactly what she needs and what she likes. Given the different types of appearance, designers annually release a large number of different models:

  • Oversized glasses. The hot trend of the 2022-2023 season will be large glasses with an indefinite shape. Preferably divided into two types, with a large hornyframe, or completely without it, only huge pieces of glass. Despite the fact that most girls prefer the classic version with black frames, this year you can afford to radically change and choose a bright flashy shade;

  • Very popular in the past few seasons, the design "cat's eye" will remain relevant in 2022-2023. Due to their very unusual and unique shape of the lenses, which are slightly raised and elongated from the outside, these glasses are quite versatile and practical.They are mostly large transparent or slightly tinted lenses placed in a wide horn frame of various shades. It is noteworthy that this form of glasses is in great demand among office workers and business women;
  • For lovers of extraordinary and extravagant looks, Lennon glasses, which have a completely round lens shape, with a minimally thin frame or without it, will become the number one hit this season. Lennons will become the number one accessory for creating a retro look or an unforgettable casual look;
  • Standard rimless glasses are medium clear lensessize, oval. Perfect for a light and gentle image of a sweet romantic girl. Their main advantage is that such a model is practically invisible on the face, and therefore they are well suited for girls with any face shape and type of appearance;
  • Frame-topped glasses preferably preferred by bold and determined individuals, as they look far from everyone and make the look visually much stricter. Most often, such glasses are preferred by women in leadership positions;

  • Aviators have been a hot trend for several seasons now, so it's no surprise that the trend has made it to eyeglasses. Due to the special shape of the lenses in the form of drops, it is best for young and energetic girls with a regular or somewhat elongated face shape.Combining such glasses with any styles other than casual and street style is quite problematic, and therefore it is better to stock up on one more, more conservative option. Lenses can be either clear or slightly tinted, frames can be thin or not at all;
  • Uzbek glasses will become quite a popular trend in 2022-2023 due to their unusual narrow shape, but they are not suitable for every girl. It is also worth noting that Uzbeks tinted in neon colors will be the hit of the season.

In general, there will be plenty of options for fashion glasses for vision in 2022-2023, and therefore every fashionista will definitely find the option that suits her best.

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