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Probably there is no fashionista who would not like dresses, because this particular piece of clothing can make anyone feminine and charming. Of course, modern trends in fashionable dresses are rather fleeting and fickle, so you don’t even have time to keep track of everything.

However, there are trends that remain incredibly popular and in demand for two or even three seasons in a row, as, for example, light and flirty retro-style dresses that came to us from the distant 60s, 70s -s.

These dresses look quite extraordinary and charming, and therefore more and more fashionistas prefer just such charming dresses to the usual jeans, shorts and trousers.

In the season 2022-2023 there will be a lot of interesting trends and new products, and therefore even the most sophisticated representatives of the fair sex will definitely be able to choose an outfit to their liking.

Stylish shirt dress

This dress model has been around for a long timeis an established trend, and therefore rightly constitutes a basic women's wardrobe. In the 2022-2023 season, this item will be no less relevant and will be included in the list of hot trends of the year due to its practicality and versatility.

The shirt dress has a very competent combination of femininity and business restraint, and therefore it can easily become the basis for almost any stylish look. This season will delight fashionistas with a variety of trends, which, in particular, apply to shirt dresses.

So, for example, models with elegant decor, such as an extraordinary wide belt with embroidery or other patterns, which will be very casually tied at the waist, will be quite popular.

Another rather cute and unexpected trend will be the decoration of the waistline with bows or an original appliqué. Such a fashionable solution will help to visually emphasize the dignity of the figure, and the straight cut of the dress itself will hide its minor flaws.

Flirty circle dress

As the main fashion trends of the 2022-2023 season will be minimalism and geometry, large circular patterns will return to fashion again. This figure will become a real hit and will be used as a pattern not only for dresses, but also for other elements of the wardrobe.

Remarkably, the circles on such a fashionable dress can be of any size and have a different location. It can be either small, medium or large peas, arranged in an orderly manner around the entire perimeter of the dress, or partial patterns from individual circles of various sizes.

The most important thing is to keep the contrast with the main tone of the dress, the most popular will be the combination of white circles and a black base background.

As for the style of this dress, preferably a retro A-line or a long robe dress, you can also try on an A-line dress in this color.

Charming intricate pattern

Another, no less popular trend of 2022-2023 will be a kind of continuation of the geometric theme in prints, which involves a combination of various geometric shapes in patterns of various color combinations that create a kind of optical illusion.

This trend is relatively new and unusual, and therefore elegant evening dresses with such patterns will definitely draw attention to their owner.

Preferably, such complex patterns are located at the bottom of the dress, on the hem, starting from the waist line,because in this way, due to let's say endless tunnels or fantastic arches, you can not only visually adjust the figure, but make the lower part of the dress even a straight cut, more voluminous and fluffy.

Floral Dresses: Romantic Pattern

And of course, one of the constant and always relevant trends among fashionable dresses is a variety of floral prints that can make any look more feminine and romantic.

Thus, the hit colors of fashionable dresses for the 2022-2023 season will be all kinds of color paintings, ranging from creepy small roses all over the dress, or some other bouquets and flower arrangements, to large watercolor peonies.

Also relevant will be dresses with intricate chrysanthemums or abstract exotic flowers, which can be placed in two or three places on the dress, preferably several on the hem and one in the bodice. In addition, vintage flowers, like on ancient tapestries, will perfectly fit into the floral theme, complementing the image with some mystery and mystery.

Fascinating ethnic style

Ethnic themes have always had a deep meaning, and therefore were initially fascinating and attractive.Captivating, meaningful patterns work well with more understated dresses, as the combination ends up with a very authentic and mysterious look.

Of course, dresses with such incredible décor must be complemented with themed accessories, as well as appropriate hair and makeup.

Of course, in clothes with an ethnic pattern it is much easier to stand out from the crowd and attract maximum attention, and therefore, putting on such a thing, you need to approach the creation of the image as responsibly as possible and think through all the details to the smallest detail.

The most popular will be African motifs in the form of animal drawings, decor in the form of various pendants and medallions, as well as leather and perforated inserts.

Elegant sleeveless designs

The 2022-2023 fashion season will not do without elegant open models, sleeveless, which will also become one of the popular trends.

It is worth noting that only models with a completely closed neckline, as well as a midi length, just below the knee, will be relevant, withIn this case, the style of the dress itself can be absolutely anything, like a classic trapeze or sun skirt, or a traditional sheath dress.

However, this sophisticated and elegant trend has one drawback, as girls with broad shoulders are categorically contraindicated for models of this type.

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