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Such a sought-after and popular accessory today as sunglasses has long been an integral part of the wardrobe of millions of fashionistas around the world.

It is noteworthy that such glasses are essential not only to create a harmonious image, but also to protect the skin around the eyes from the negative effects of harmful solar radiation, this fact was recently proven by scientists.

Therefore, sunglasses are a must-have component of both light and carefree summer looks, and luxurious and elegant winter bows.

This accessory began to enjoy particular popularity only a few decades ago, and therefore with each season, fashion trends regarding sunglasses are becoming more sophisticated and diverse, sometimes so much that you do not have time to keep track of everything.

Sunglasses Fashion Trends 2022-2023

Over the past few years, fashion trends among glasses have been more or less stable, some models have remained popular for two or three seasons in a row, but fashion designers every year make some additions and variations to their favorite models in order to somehow refreshappearance and set a new trend. Thus, the list of trendy sunglasses for the 2022-2023 season looks like this:

  • Butterfly glasses, or as they are commonly called "cat's eye";
  • Massive triangular frame glasses;
  • Classic drops or aviators;
  • Ultramodern trend - Tishades, or otherwise Lennons;
  • Traditional wayfarers with custom frames;
  • Oversized chameleon sunglasses with rectangular frames.

All these models, one way or another, were relevant in past seasons, but this year they will become real burning trends.

Sophisticated and sophisticated cat eye glasses

Favorite to millions of girls, incredibly feminine and charming butterfly glasses, or as they are commonly called "cat's eye", have remained the same trend for several seasons in a row and 2022-2023 will not be an exception.

This model is so loved by millions of fashionistas that most fashion designers are simply not ready yet to offer something more relevant and universal in return. That is why every year they are gradually transformed and updated, while remaining at the top of popularity.

The peculiarity of these sunglasses is that thanks to their unusual, but at the same time very versatile form, they fit almost any type of face, and also successfully fit into most looks.

They will become an indispensable accessory when creating an image in a rather popular retro style today. The most fashionable shades for the frames of such glasses in 2022-2023 will be beige and coral.

Ultra-Modern Triangle Glasses

For those who prefer the futuristic direction, they can safely choose large glasses in a massive triangular frame.

It is noteworthy that in terms of its external parameters, this model of glasses is something between butterfly and aviator glasses, however, in this case, the triangular shape is more pronounced, and the large frame creates a kind of three-dimensional effect.

Most fashion designers presented this model at their fashion shows and emphasized that this is a fairly new trend that will in no way be inferior to the same aviators or "kitties" in the 2022-2023 season.

They go well with evening wear, as well as with casual and even sporty looks, and the color of the frame can be absolutely anything.

Hit of the season - aviator glasses (drops)

Aviator glasses, sojust like “cats”, they have been an unchanged burning trend for quite a long time, and therefore, with each new season, they undergo the most diverse and sometimes unthinkable updates.

In the 2022-2023 season, many designers will focus not so much on lenses as on frames, it is noteworthy that the shape of lenses and frames, as well as their ratio, will remain classic.

Fashion aviators this year will have a pronounced contrast between the colors of the glasses themselves and their frames, that is, let's say the tone of the lenses will be reddish, and the tone of the frame will be purple and orange.

This way the classic model will get some futuristic treatment. Best of all, such hit aviators will fit into the images in the style of sport-chic or glamorous casual.

Extraordinary tishades

Tishade sunglasses, or as they are popularly called “lennons”, will become a real burning trend of the 2022-2023 season. However, it should be understood that such an unusual model with regular round glasses of small size is not suitable for every fashionista.

It is noteworthy that the direct stylistic design of such glasses can be quite diverse, since there are no established canons regarding them. The main rule is a small round lens and a thin metal frame.

Classic of the genre - wayfarer glasses

Waifarer glasses are a real classic of the genre, as they move from one fashion trend to another from year to year, slightly modifying their appearance. Initially, men's sunglasses gradually and very successfully migrated to women's fashion over time.

The main characteristic feature of this model is trapezoidal lenses, the size and location of which may vary. The frame of such glasses can be of any shade, however, like the glasses themselves.

Concise rectangular frames

Another newfangled trend of sunglasses 2022-2023 is discreet, concise models with rectangular frames. They will be incredibly relevant this season due to their great resemblance to the famous butterfly glasses in terms of design, but due to a slightly different shape, they fit much more easily into the usual casual and street style.

It is typical that the shade of the lenses and frames should be the same, preferably black, coral or dark brown, but the thickness of the frame and the density of its environment may be different.

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